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  • Day 4 - Low Carb

    6/3/2016 12:41:50 PM, by AMYSUE04

    So today is Friday...yay! I realized after I ate my breakfast and drank some water that I hadn't weighed myself. So I weighed myself after and ... Read more

  • Day 3 - Low Carb

    6/2/2016 5:25:26 PM, by AMYSUE04

    So I decided to try the low carb diet / ketogenic diet. I used to eat really crappy food lots of bread and cheese and sweets. I hated veggies so ... Read more

  • Whole 30 Report Week 3

    6/1/2016 6:14:52 PM, by AHALTOM

    Over halfway done!!! I made it through the Memorial Day weekend. Friday was a little rough. It was the beginning of the 3 day holiday weeken... Read more

  • First Blog Post: Progress So Far

    5/31/2016 8:29:37 PM, by KSPARK25

    The last day of the month is always super busy at work. I am really tired right now, but I wanted to check in for the 21 day new member challenge... Read more

  • Up In The Gym

    5/31/2016 2:08:05 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    "I be up the in the gym just working on my fitness!" You didn't just read that, you sang it. Am I right or am I right? Haha! Well, an... Read more

  • 194.4

    5/29/2016 12:35:49 PM, by GALROCKER

    So, I've lost a bit of weight. I'm down to 194.4. Although, I'm doing something probably not recommended. I'm trying to eat a bit of food and kee... Read more

  • Goodbye Muffin Top - Don't come back

    5/26/2016 4:59:11 PM, by MLUDKE22

    It happened, the one thing I told my (future at the time) husband I didn't want to do. That's right I gained 20lbs in the first year of marriage.... Read more

  • Phew

    5/26/2016 12:44:25 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, I did my first 30-minute boot camp class today! I think I did really well! I didn't realize it was an hour long class (I don't know how t... Read more

  • Whole 30 Report Week 2

    5/25/2016 5:39:52 PM, by AHALTOM

    Day 10!!! I am proud to say that I have not cheated once. I will admit the weekend was rough. I was low on energy and moody. I was never tem... Read more

  • Boot Camp

    5/25/2016 11:40:04 AM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I really believe I need to change up my exercise routine yet again. My heart rate isn't going up as much as it used to and the workouts seem eas... Read more

  • Stupid scale.

    5/24/2016 7:02:56 AM, by IZZYSTEVENS

    For the past couple of weeks I absolutely cannot get the stupid scale to budge. Like, to the tenth of a pound!! I know that it's partiall... Read more

  • Keep Working

    5/23/2016 12:20:18 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, I did not stay within my calorie range for a full week. It's obvious that weekends are my downfall. I talked to my husband and he's going... Read more

  • Pizza Is Life

    5/18/2016 6:07:50 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE PIZZA! And that my friends, is an understatement, lol! Well, now that I have declared my love for pizza, let me just... Read more

  • Whole 30 Report Week 1

    5/18/2016 6:02:37 PM, by AHALTOM

    I started the Whole 30 this week. In case you don't know. The Whole 30 is a 30 day detox by cutting out gluten, grains, legumes, sugar, dairy and... Read more

  • Sweat, Huff and Puff, Git R Done

    5/18/2016 12:11:05 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Today at the gym is the first time I've felt that I was being "judged". It's more of a mental thing I believe. Never have I been bothered or ev... Read more

  • Ridiculous meltdown

    5/17/2016 9:23:27 AM, by IZZYSTEVENS

    One of the things that I have really struggled with as I am losing weight is my wardrobe, and it shows up in a bunch of different ways. At first... Read more

  • Sick Yet Festive Weekend

    5/16/2016 2:41:00 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    After skipping Thursday, Friday, and all weekend, I finally got back to the gym this morning. And let's just say I AM EXHAUSTED! Obviously I'm ... Read more

  • The good and the bad - scattered thoughts

    5/16/2016 12:20:49 PM, by IZZYSTEVENS

    This weekend was amazing. Got together to go camping with some old friends and laughed so hard I might've bruised a rib or two :) I was als... Read more

  • Today, I did up my bra: Success!

    5/15/2016 10:02:08 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    Today I did up my bra. For the longest time, I've been using a bra extender to help with my back pain and because I'm clearly a larger pers... Read more

  • The Booby-Belly Test

    5/13/2016 1:09:24 AM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    An old friend told me about this test and it made me feel a little better about myself at the time, but now I'm actually using it as a measuremen... Read more

  • It's rough, but I'm doing it.

    5/12/2016 9:51:03 PM, by WHYNOTSOON

    It's not exactly the best time in my life right now. I've been unable to find work for 5 months and I sit around at home all alone. I would say I... Read more

  • Honor Your Body

    5/12/2016 5:10:04 PM, by AHALTOM

    A concept that keeps me committed to living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the process is simply "because I can." I have the privilege to be in... Read more

  • Scale Accuracy

    5/12/2016 12:07:55 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, yesterday I went to the gym for my "post fit assessment". Long story short, I signed up for a 90 day program there and had a pre fitness t... Read more

  • Pushing forward

    5/11/2016 8:37:16 PM, by BRENTICUS

    So I have been really busy lately, focusing on a huge project at work, getting my daughter to softball 4 nights a week and staying awake for my s... Read more

  • Walk Yoga Walk repeat

    5/11/2016 9:58:48 AM, by BONNIEBELLE

    Feeling better after a quick 30 minute walk with my dog this morning. I've been going to vinyasa flow yoga once a week, and loving it, but need ... Read more

  • Fail to prepare = prepare to fail.

    5/11/2016 9:40:38 AM, by IZZYSTEVENS

    Sigh. Today is not starting off well. I was out late last night watching playoff hockey and overindulged in junk food and alcohol. Decided tha... Read more

  • Another important exercise as I enter midlife

    5/10/2016 10:29:14 AM, by CAPRICAMAY

    Kegels (pronounced like bagels) are an exercise I've done sporadically over the years, but I'm just finding out that I've not been doing them as ... Read more

  • Wedding dress blues

    5/9/2016 6:45:47 PM, by KAH0988

    So this past Wednesday I picked up my wedding dress. I should be over the top excited right? Nope. It didn't fit. Like 2 inch gap didn't fit. ... Read more

  • Epic weekend

    5/9/2016 11:44:45 AM, by IZZYSTEVENS

    This weekend was amazing. Had a great time with the fam. Gave myself a weekend free of tracking. Did pretty well Saturday, overdid it a little... Read more

  • Almost 12 inches lost!

    5/7/2016 4:31:51 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    I went to visit Doctor Pretty last week (That's not her actual name, but that's what I'm calling her) for a simple prescription. Unfortunat... Read more

  • Measurements

    5/4/2016 7:19:09 PM, by WHYNOTSOON

    I went to the weight loss center today and I lost two pounds this week. In the last month I've lost an inch in my hips and half an inch in my abd... Read more

  • 199.6 on 4/4/16

    5/4/2016 12:16:26 PM, by GALROCKER

    Yikes! Almost at the 200lb mark. I did a teensy bit of exercise yesterday. Ate too many sweets.... Read more

  • So Here I Am

    5/3/2016 8:58:34 AM, by BEAUTIFLYHEALTH

    Once again, I'm torn into pieces. Well, more like I'm at the beginning again. Don't feel too bad for me-- I don't. I think I've learned enough ab... Read more

  • 25 lbs Lost

    5/3/2016 8:48:31 AM, by WHYNOTSOON

    I made it to my first milestone. I've now lost 25 lbs. I'm excited but not nearly as excited as I'm g... Read more

  • Struggling with everything

    5/2/2016 2:03:05 PM, by BUUKWORM14

    I joined this community almost 10 years ago, shortly before graduating from college. Once I joined the "real world" I found my motivation and lo... Read more

  • NSV: The Shirt

    5/2/2016 11:50:56 AM, by WHYNOTSOON

    It's been a miserable week since it keeps raining all day, every day. Which freaks out the dogs. Which makes me nervous since the attack. Oy. But... Read more

  • Life

    5/1/2016 10:19:04 AM, by WHYNOTSOON

    Two Thursdays ago I came home to a terrible thing. For some reason, my parents' big dog was trying to kill my small dog. I drove her to the anima... Read more

  • Fiber

    4/28/2016 4:27:32 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I've been keeping an eye on my fiber intake and I seem to never get in the range listed on SP. Good days and bad days alike. I'm not worried as... Read more

  • P90X2 Update

    4/27/2016 6:20:54 PM, by AHALTOM

    I'm four weeks into the P90X2 program, and I have never felt stronger in my life. I'm progressing at exercises that scared the Hell out of ... Read more

  • Six inches in a month!

    4/26/2016 4:38:28 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    Since the boys broke the scale (I wrote about it a couple of blogs ago - but the boys are my husband and our best friend, J), I've resigned mysel... Read more

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