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Summer 2014
7/11/2014 10:47:17 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Good Morning! I was reading some of my old blogs andrealize that I haven't been very good about consistently writing about what's happening or no...  Read more


Putting it out there for everyone to see
7/10/2014 1:17:03 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Did you all notice that I changed my tracker? It used to be the one that tracked my fitness minutes and it really helped to motivate me. Because I am...  Read more


No mentor
7/3/2014 1:32:43 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm a shy person, so it's difficult for me to approach anyone. My husband is trying to get healthier too, so at least I have him to turn to....  Read more


Thirty-One Day Streak
7/1/2014 8:03:09 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It may not sound like much, but considering the past year, a thirty-one day streak is awesome. No, I haven't blogged, I have logged in every day, and...  Read more


Right Brain and Left Brain Make July Plans (well, LB does, anyway)
7/1/2014 7:09:44 AM,  14 COMMENTS

It's that time again - time to make my monthly resolutions. I'm pretty durn tired after the push of the past few weeks and the days at work in summert...  Read more


Race Report: Pride and Remembrance 5K
6/28/2014 8:41:43 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Hello! I ran in a 5K race today. It was for AIDS and LGBT charities and it was extra-festive this year because World Pride is here this year. 36...  Read more


raw vegan running heroes!
6/12/2014 8:47:46 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I met Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray last night! I've been hearing about them in the veg community for awhile...they're in their 60s an...  Read more


Itty Bitty Update on those Itty Bitty Bites
6/11/2014 6:46:11 AM,  18 COMMENTS

I've been at this project, trying to eat EVERYTHING, meals AND snacks, using itty bitty bites, for 15 days now. At first I did it with gritted determi...  Read more


June Resolutions and the Itty Bitty Bite Report (with pictures)
6/1/2014 12:44:09 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Oh la - June already. I want to shout "WAIT! STOP! I'm not done with May yet!" Only we don't get that chance. And it's not that I am not...  Read more


The buck stopped here
5/31/2014 12:34:53 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Literally! During my glorious walk this morning I detoured through a wooded meadow and almost ran into a buck. He didn't seem very afraid of me and...  Read more


Blog posts I want to read
5/31/2014 3:05:37 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Itís the final day of blog week! I wrote the kind of blog posts that I want to read, posts that examine oneís own behavior with an eye toward identif...  Read more


Check yourself
5/30/2014 1:15:04 AM,  7 COMMENTS

When we feel tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed, we try to push ourselves just a little harder so that we can finish, with the hope of alleviating our...  Read more


until further notice: CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!
5/29/2014 10:53:06 AM,  8 COMMENTS

...  Read more


No such thing as a little ice cream
5/29/2014 2:06:22 AM,  9 COMMENTS

When people stop smoking or stop drinking alcohol, their success is measured by the fact that they have ceased to use those substances. If they smoke...  Read more


Exercise like your life depends on it
5/28/2014 1:25:44 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Itís Day 4 of Blog Week and my first day back at work, creating a constraint on the time available to compose my thoughts. Iíd guess that most p...  Read more


Derailed? How can you tell?
5/27/2014 5:14:21 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Hereís how you can tell if I am derailed from my healthy living habits Ö.. you donít see or hear from me much. I fade away into the woodwork, I doní...  Read more


Itty Bitty Steps
5/27/2014 6:55:27 AM,  120 COMMENTS

Whew. What a sweet long weekend of rest and sunshine, conversations and peacefulness. And indulgences. The scale is my friend this morning,...  Read more


A cookbook for the stuff in my kitchen
5/26/2014 11:43:34 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I canít say enough good things about a book I borrowed from the library, The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, by Barbara Rolls (2012). I picked it up becaus...  Read more


Bike to Work Day
5/26/2014 9:34:51 AM,  3 COMMENTS

It's Bike to Work Day! I joined one of the group rides down to City Hall for breakfast, speeches and a bike fair. I feel so safe and visible riding in...  Read more


Gym rat?
5/25/2014 10:31:51 PM,  4 COMMENTS

When it comes to increasing my physical activity, one of the things Iíve discovered about myself is that I prefer precise information about what I am...  Read more


Hunkering down for a plateau
5/25/2014 1:08:45 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Itís officialówhen I weighed in this morning, I reached my 5% weight loss goal for the Spring 5% challenge! While I could optimistically pat mys...  Read more


Why I Read Your Blog
5/24/2014 8:47:09 AM,  59 COMMENTS

The BACK STORY: A year ago I reached my goal weight and weighed in at my Weight Watcher meeting within the goal range (2 lbs) for 9 fabulous mont...  Read more


minimalist running shoes?
5/22/2014 10:23:06 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Hello! I "need" new running shoes because my two beloved pair of New Balance shoes have really been working hard! I took a chance on buying these...  Read more


Let's streak!
5/21/2014 4:07:46 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Finally starting a decent streak going. I have logged in 10 days in a row. First time in a long time. It helps I can do it from my phone. I have a hea...  Read more


Race Report: Sporting Life 10K
5/20/2014 8:57:17 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Hello! This race was last weekend. I didn't train properly. I was surprised when I started running, and throughout the race, at how great I felt! I fe...  Read more


Sailing on The Rivah
5/19/2014 6:33:28 AM,  21 COMMENTS

That's how it's pronounced down here - and in this part of Virginia, that usually means the Rappahannock River. Rappahannock is an old Powhatan word t...  Read more


Been busy!!!
5/14/2014 10:04:56 AM,  6 COMMENTS

So yeah, it's been a while. Things have been slightly crazy, especially since I've kicked up the writing so much. I feel like I don't have time for ev...  Read more


Don't ya love it?
5/9/2014 8:44:18 PM,  3 COMMENTS

When you take Friday off, and it feels like Saturday, and you still have Saturday? When you think of an idea, but cannot execute it, and know tha...  Read more


Yesterday, I did something I never thought I would be able to do, and now I want more...
5/8/2014 11:45:33 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I modify a handstand push up. Handstand push ups look like this: I modify them and attempt to look like this: My feet are usua...  Read more


Got it - Gizmos, Gadgets, and Whatnots
5/7/2014 6:59:55 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I figured out how to sync my fitbit with Sparkpeople. I do it from the online Sparkpeople fitness page, it gives me the option to sync my fitbit with...  Read more


Fitness Test
5/6/2014 10:31:26 PM,  2 COMMENTS



BLC 25 Fitness Test
5/5/2014 9:02:33 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I did the BLC fitness test today. I'm so out of shape. I really need to work on strength training and endurance. It is a good jumping off point and...  Read more


Werk and Play - Plerk?
5/5/2014 8:39:00 AM,  18 COMMENTS

My May resolution is to practice drawing, but all werk and no play is not such a great idea. Here is some art play - and some kitchen play too - makin...  Read more


Why Bother?
5/3/2014 7:54:44 AM,  10 COMMENTS

If chances of permanent success are slim (pardon the pun), why bother trying? Wouldn't you hate to work that hard, and then find yourself right back w...  Read more


No news is no news
5/2/2014 8:57:24 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, after calling the doctor repeatedly this week, trying to get results, and no explanation of the message left on my machine, I have been told tha...  Read more


Tra La, It's May Resolution Time
5/1/2014 7:43:09 AM,  9 COMMENTS

YOU must wake and call me early, call me early, mother dear; To-morrow íll be the happiest time of all the glad new-year,ó Of all the glad new-y...  Read more


results and not quite results
4/30/2014 7:51:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I walked two miles, two stores. Over 5,000 steps. I balanced the checkbooks and paid a couple bills. We got the headlight changed free that was ou...  Read more


Fed Up (documentary film)
4/30/2014 9:37:20 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Hello! I went to the HotDocs film festival last night to see a new documentary called Fed Up. It's having a cinematic release in May and will be avail...  Read more


4/28/2014 7:11:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Looking for my mojo. I have a five day log in streak going, and 5 out of 7 days I have logged my food on here. I do have a three week walking goal s...  Read more


Question for Fitbit Flex users
4/26/2014 8:40:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I just went to the SparkPeople page to sync my Fitbit flex with Spark People. I saw some notes that the food doesn't register. Any idea if it works? I...  Read more


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