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  • A bloody difficult day . . .

    9/23/2014 7:03:35 PM, by LAWANDMUSIC

    But fulfilling. I had a permanent custody to the state trial at 9 am. It ran until 12:30. Mom in prison until late 2014. Grandmother, former... Read more

  • No Sweets Revenge

    9/23/2014 6:15:58 PM, by MM11113

    I have had a couple of weeks of no real progress, but I believe I am on track. Most of my success hinges on some simple things, and it is all 'p... Read more

  • Daily Bible Verse 09/23/2014

    9/23/2014 2:58:53 PM, by PRINCESS1959

    Prov 22:4 New International Version Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life. King James Version "By humility an... Read more

  • Feeling blah.

    9/23/2014 12:57:06 PM, by SAABSTORY

    Ugh, I have a cold that is kicking my butt. Well actually it was kicking my butt. I am starting to feel like it is breaking up. Which means i... Read more

  • Bad News Made Good!

    9/23/2014 11:27:24 AM, by ECLIPSED

    I had my bloodwork done last month, and followed up with my family doctor. He tells me my thyroid levels are down, meaning my meds need increased... Read more

  • Here We Go Again

    9/23/2014 11:24:52 AM, by EBTBALD4

    I sound like a broken record, but I am trying this again. I will admit that my heart isn't in it fully, but my goal for now is to be honest and ... Read more

  • Thoughts DO become things!

    9/23/2014 10:26:16 AM, by MONTREALESTMOI

    Mid 30s: gained over 65 pounds, due to major NEGATIVE life transitions, affiliating with people who were not compatible with my value syste... Read more

  • Tuesdays with Morrie

    9/23/2014 7:10:53 AM, by BA5454

    Actually I don't know the gentleman's name, but I see him every Tuesday morning on the track. To start at the beginning, I take a spin clas... Read more

  • 100 Days of ST challenge

    9/22/2014 9:44:08 PM, by EMMACORY

    Today I completed a 100 days of doing ST for 10 minutes.. I had not been consistent in doing ST and so I thought this might be a good way to focu... Read more

  • Toward the end

    9/22/2014 7:12:02 PM, by MM11113

    I am now inside the last 10 days of full time employment. I am not crazy at this point. Today, I launched the social security side of things. ... Read more

  • Weekends are so hard..

    9/22/2014 1:22:10 PM, by AWARD1132

    I had every intention of counting and tracking every calorie this weekend. I really did. And then the weekend came... I was very busy this weeken... Read more

  • 11 pounds

    9/22/2014 1:09:21 PM, by LAWANDMUSIC

    are shed. never to return. ever. More will leave shortly. Good-bye, bad fat! ONWARD!!... Read more

  • The smile that wont fade

    9/22/2014 1:06:41 PM, by JAHAR929

    Ah, this weekend. Today, I am happy. The weather screams of fall: brisk, cool air. The smell of leaves changing. The feel of a dull sun on my lig... Read more

  • New Gym Report

    9/22/2014 11:33:09 AM, by SAABSTORY

    Well, it was quite a weekend. Had a great time with the kids, and my son actually came over for the weekend. I hadnít really seen him since Lab... Read more

  • Time Flies....

    9/22/2014 11:09:26 AM, by SILVER_WOLF1221

    So it seems to be a habit of writing a blog about once a month. I really need to get back into that habit, I do enjoy blogging and reading how ev... Read more

  • Can someone give insight

    9/22/2014 10:14:35 AM, by MIGHTYMOUSE215

    Can anybody who reads this and is successfully losing weight, please tell me what you're doing? Exercise, calories, etc. Greatly appreciated. Tha... Read more

  • I got to get Back

    9/22/2014 8:47:43 AM, by DONNA701

    A month ago I went to the Doctor and got on that scale.....I don't know if I wanted to slam the scale, slap the nurse, or kick my own FAT butt. ... Read more

  • The second week...

    9/22/2014 8:13:55 AM, by SYDNEYM3

    Monday Morning...Day 6 of my 100 day challenge... this week is the challenging one for me...who am I kidding...every day is sort of a challenge... Read more

  • Sometimes, you just gotta stop and say THANKS!

    9/22/2014 6:00:35 AM, by MONTREALESTMOI

    I've only been back on SP for a little under two months now. When I signed up this last time, I could not figure out EXACTLY how to gain positive... Read more

  • Why is this so hard to do?

    9/21/2014 10:26:56 PM, by LILLIANROSE2472

    I'm not sure how it is for others, but I have no friends. Don't get me wrong, on Facebook I have 'friends' and possibly on here I have 'friends'.... Read more

  • Mental sabotage is NOT ALLOWED!

    9/21/2014 10:14:59 PM, by MONTREALESTMOI

    Yeah, I see the looks. I hear the giggles. I listen to the 'why' questions and sarcastic comments that pertain to what I'm doing. But, you know w... Read more

  • Really need to step it up...

    9/21/2014 10:00:28 PM, by FITTERGIRL9

    I'm more frustrated than ever. I feel as if I'm not living. I was supposed to lose 20-25 pounds by October and I've barely lost a few pounds. I w... Read more

  • just updating and accounting.

    9/21/2014 9:49:00 PM, by SANDY1969

    I would have done really well today if it werent for all the FAT I ate today. Man I love cheese. Creamy Colby...mmmm. lol. Then we went out t... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Mandatory, Unedited hOOp Break

    9/21/2014 9:12:28 PM, by MOSTMOM1

    It really and truly did take a solid six months to recover from the Death By Bulldog Knee Sprain. I've been walking and stuff, but it's only been... Read more

  • Tracking? Your body knows

    9/21/2014 8:39:21 PM, by BA5454

    I try to track every day (emphasis on the 'try'), and do much better in terms of overall CICO when I do, but I find this statement to be incredib... Read more

  • Windy Sunday

    9/21/2014 8:19:46 PM, by MM11113

    I belong to the Shutterbug SparkTeam, and this evening I tried to take a photo for the challenge of the week. The wind was terrible, and I w... Read more

  • Totally Ashamed of myself

    9/21/2014 7:59:57 PM, by CIROHIO

    I have gained back 40 of the 45 pounds I lost. I have been using the excuse that I am on steroids, I depressed, I am tired, oh the list could go... Read more

  • Dear Everybody - I'm Scared

    9/21/2014 3:13:53 PM, by EUPHRATES

    First of all, for anyone who has sent me PMs or poked me here, thanks! There's no way I can go back and respond, because my sparkmail is packed a... Read more

  • Thank you, Benson!

    9/21/2014 1:56:33 PM, by LAWANDMUSIC

    For: Fuzzy body that you like sharing with us. Your love of being outside (that helps me to be outside and enjoy the weather - something I ra... Read more

  • NEWSTART ~ 8wk CHALLENGE Week #5

    9/20/2014 7:52:00 PM, by SMILES4383

    Week #5 FOCUS: TEMPERANCE: www.amazinghealthfacts.o
    _preview.pdf WEEK #5 GOALS: NUTR... Read more

  • Homecoming Dance

    9/20/2014 9:56:01 AM, by BECKYSFRIEND

    Tonight is my granddaughters first homecoming dance. She was diagnosed Monday with Bells Palsy. My daughter has been working with her practicing ... Read more

  • NEWSTART ~ 8wk CHALLENGE ~ END Week #4

    9/20/2014 8:59:20 AM, by SMILES4383

    End NEWSTART WK #4: ~ Increase variety of legumes ~ High Step Challenge / Cardio Fusion 4-10# **Walk outside in garage 3x/wk... Read more

  • plateau

    9/20/2014 7:14:58 AM, by ANGFAR

    I have been eating less and still exercising 5 to 6 days a week, I even started eating protein bars for breakfast thinking i wasn't getting enoug... Read more

  • Another Friday Night workout at Gym!

    9/20/2014 2:16:40 AM, by HELLOADDISON

    I did it again! Friday (which was about three hours ago) I went to the gym again! I did the 30 minute workout room.... Read more

  • Riddle me this....

    9/20/2014 12:34:29 AM, by MONTREALESTMOI

    What's a girl to do IF she orders some clothes online that are one size TOO SMALL? Well, she makes up in her mind to work her butt off to lose th... Read more

  • Trying a new gym!

    9/19/2014 1:52:08 PM, by SAABSTORY

    Well another week in the books and I am about to leave work. Which is super busy right now as we had someone get promoted and have not been able... Read more

  • Love/hate relationship with counting

    9/19/2014 12:21:09 PM, by AWARD1132

    Today is day 3 of counting calories (again!). It seems that the only way for me to stay on track and make good decisions is when I am faithfully ... Read more

  • -3 pounds!

    9/19/2014 8:38:26 AM, by SANDY1969

    Morning's weigh in 301. I cant believe it. I was at 304 yesterday just hoping for a 1 pound loss to count as a maintain for the week, since las... Read more

  • Cleared to run

    9/19/2014 7:43:14 AM, by BA5454

    At the end of the exam, my PT asked what my goals were now that the knee is doing tons better. Talk about a moment. Panicked because I really did... Read more

  • Sign a Digital Card for Leah and Devon Still

    9/19/2014 7:12:30 AM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone Thanks for your great response to my last blog about Leah and Devon Still! After writing the blog, I came up with an idea t... Read more

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