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  • Sunday

    5/29/2016 3:03:54 PM, by COOP9002

    the holiday weekend will begin after evening worship for us. hope you've been enjoying your weekend thus far. Blessings... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/28/2016 2:29:19 PM, by COOP9002

    this afternoon i am officiating a wedding ceremony for a young couple in our church. they are actually already married, but the bride wanted to h... Read more

  • Friday

    5/27/2016 1:45:01 PM, by COOP9002

    i am thankful for a safe flight back to KCI last night, and a safe drive home this morning. this evening i have a wedding rehearsal and then a we... Read more

  • Thursday

    5/26/2016 8:17:45 AM, by COOP9002

    Yesterday was an interesting day. I saw things that I had only seen in pictures and movies, as well as enjoying some time with some gracious peop... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/25/2016 7:52:01 AM, by COOP9002

    After a safe trip in last night, I was able to meet and have supper with four of the members of the committee. It was an enjoyable time. Today we... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/24/2016 4:35:42 PM, by COOP9002

    I'm on the plane and heading off to Alexandria . Prayers appreciated... Read more

  • And so it begins...

    5/23/2016 2:26:57 PM, by COOP9002

    today is the final day before our family takes the next step in what could be a life-changing step in our journey. I will travel to Washington DC... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/22/2016 9:46:25 PM, by COOP9002

    We had a great weekend and our youngest daughter enjoyed some time with her sister at Comicon in KC. now it's time to focus on a busy and p... Read more

  • Anniversary weekend

    5/21/2016 8:35:10 PM, by COOP9002

    Hanging out with my bride as she shops... Read more

  • Johns acceptance of BAD NEWS.

    5/21/2016 3:27:56 PM, by SMIDGON

    John realizes that Chemo is his only option. He talks freely of death and Heaven. There are places he wants to see and places to eat. ... Read more

  • Fun weekend

    5/20/2016 11:34:31 AM, by COOP9002

    We're heading out to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this weekend, while our oldest daughter and her husband take Olivia to Comicon... Read more

  • Bye-Bye Middle School

    5/19/2016 11:15:55 AM, by COOP9002

    tonight is eighth grade "graduation". it is the end of the middle school era in our youngest daughter's life we are so proud of ... Read more

  • BAD NEWS !

    5/18/2016 4:41:26 PM, by SMIDGON

    The bottom fell out of our world this afternoon. John is now STAGE 4 All three suspicious spots on his liver are cancerous. He wi... Read more

  • Class Picnic

    5/18/2016 11:06:44 AM, by COOP9002

    most of you who are parents and have survived middle school can relate to the angst that our family is feeling. our youngest daughter has not had... Read more

  • 30 Years!!!

    5/17/2016 10:32:38 AM, by COOP9002

    Thirty years ago today, a couple of kids stood before two ministers and pledged their love for one another and began this amazing journey of life... Read more

  • Monday

    5/16/2016 12:52:18 PM, by COOP9002

    Thirty years ago, i was eagerly anticipating beginning a new life with the woman who truly completes me. We are looking forward to getting away t... Read more

  • Graduation Day

    5/15/2016 6:01:02 PM, by COOP9002

    today is high school graduation. we were able to recognize several of our graduates this morning and then join them for their commencement exerci... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/14/2016 1:13:13 PM, by COOP9002

    our oldest daughter and her husband came in last night. it's been great to see them for a little while this weekend. she's picking up her best fr... Read more

  • NEWS

    5/13/2016 3:02:31 PM, by SMIDGON

    I thank you all for your prayers. we got a call that John goes back to the oncologist next Wednesday for the result of the last testing. He... Read more

  • Friday

    5/13/2016 3:00:20 PM, by COOP9002

    enjoying a beautiful day in mid-Mo, but this evening could be a little dicey with severe weather being a strong possibility. hope things are... Read more

  • Thursday

    5/12/2016 12:01:02 PM, by COOP9002

    we were blessed with a wonderful evening here at FBCC. we have a lot going on in our little community this week. graduation is Sunday afternoon, ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/11/2016 4:03:23 PM, by COOP9002

    getting ready for a busy evening. hope your Wednesday is going well.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/10/2016 11:42:26 AM, by COOP9002

    today offers a respite from the rain. i may try to get my yard mowed this afternoon since i have an appointment this evening.... Read more

  • Monday

    5/9/2016 3:27:25 PM, by COOP9002

    It's a rainy day here in Mid-mo. Our internet is not working too well, so I will keep this short. Blessings ... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/8/2016 3:30:51 PM, by COOP9002

    getting ready to head out to baccalaureate for our high school. Our youth minister is speaking, so it should be an encouraging and uplifting time... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/7/2016 6:56:59 PM, by COOP9002

    we survived the Middle School dance. Olivia would never tell us whether or not she had a good time. she is recovering from all her social activit... Read more

  • She's growing up

    5/6/2016 4:40:00 PM, by COOP9002

    our baby girl is growing up. she decided last night to go the 8th grade dance with some of her friends. her and her mom went out last night and b... Read more

  • Thursday

    5/5/2016 11:12:35 AM, by COOP9002

    It's another amazingly beautiful Spring day here in mid-Mo. Hope you're enjoying your Thursday wherever you might be. Blessings... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/4/2016 11:57:59 AM, by COOP9002

    it's Wednesday, which means it will get rather busy around here this afternoon and evening. hope your day is going well.... Read more

  • ~May goals~

    5/3/2016 8:21:40 PM, by -SUGARKISSES-

    Ten health goals to accomplish this month: 1. Go to the YMCA for swimming at least 3 times a week 2. Track my Food and exercise 3.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/3/2016 10:54:05 AM, by COOP9002

    getting ready for deacons meeting tonight. hopefully it will be short like last month's meeting was. we don't have much we need to focus upon. ... Read more

  • biopsy

    5/3/2016 6:19:11 AM, by SMIDGON

    Johns biopsy is next week. We got a call from our youngest late afternoon yesterday Hubby's B-i -L passed away. He was near 80 (same age a... Read more

  • Big Decision

    5/2/2016 11:11:25 AM, by COOP9002

    our family covets your prayers as we enter an exciting and stressful chapter of our life. a church in another state is flying me in later this mo... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/1/2016 1:38:55 PM, by COOP9002

    Our children's drama & choir ministry, Rock the House, led us in worship this morning. Now I've got a little down time before heading back for a ... Read more

  • Saturday

    4/30/2016 4:46:40 PM, by COOP9002

    Our youngest daughter is with a friend for a birthday party, while our oldest daughter and her husband are hanging out with us for a while before... Read more

  • Taking the next step

    4/29/2016 5:08:01 PM, by COOP9002

    our family may have some major decisions to make soon. I will be traveling in a few weeks to meet with a church in another state. we will wa... Read more

  • Thursday

    4/28/2016 10:51:58 AM, by COOP9002

    thanks to all of you who read and commented on my post yesterday. it seems that we have come to an understanding regarding the dress code fiasco.... Read more


    4/28/2016 6:11:45 AM, by SMIDGON

    Well, we took John to the oncologist yesterday afternoon. There was some areas, but, the oncologist felt they were scar tissue and such. He... Read more

  • frustrated

    4/27/2016 11:38:45 AM, by COOP9002

    our daughter's middle school did not handle a dress code mess very well yesterday, and now our family is having to deal with it. our daughter was... Read more


    4/27/2016 9:57:47 AM, by SMIDGON

    Yesterday when Hubby took John to the urologist. The urologist said, depending on the report today from the oncologist, then he would decide o... Read more

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