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  • Saturday sunshine

    8/27/2016 3:48:45 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    Working today, in the sunshine. Started off on the big swinging ship ride, which is at the end of the park so I was opened early and then sat a... Read more

  • Attainable goals

    8/26/2016 11:00:51 PM, by GALAXYT

    I have improved greatly on all my behaviors and changes in the first recorded week of my new one year health plan. Getting up earlier, getting ou... Read more

  • 19,000 steps during a beautiful day, here in Cornwall

    8/26/2016 5:01:12 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    We have new wristband rules. Plain orange wristbands with nothing written on them are for disabled riders and their carers. Orange bands with a d... Read more

  • Less time working out this week

    8/25/2016 9:32:41 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    Due to increased pain, I've had to cut back a bit this week. Still walking more than 10,000 steps but not able to do much additional training r... Read more

  • Only 17,000 steps today. A slow work day :)

    8/25/2016 4:28:39 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    Back to work this morning. We had a false start as we got out of town and I realised that I had my white trainers on, instead of my black ones. U... Read more

  • Another one bites the dust

    8/25/2016 1:02:38 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I lost another lb, that's two this week. I could get used to this! My new diet is very satisfying, and I seem to be craving the veg more than I d... Read more


    8/25/2016 1:11:30 AM, by JOANN25

    What a great idea to write about our blessings. Here are my 3 for today: 1. Enjoyed my great granddaughter today. We had a great day. 2... Read more

  • Back again

    8/24/2016 3:51:17 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    My laptop died on me. It has been in the shop for over a week, cost me 120 which was all my bonus and some of my savings. Bloody thing. I have ... Read more

  • Thankful

    8/24/2016 3:09:24 PM, by SMB1976

    It's been a trying season in life and it's been easy for me to sink into depression and complacency. Thankfully I have some really awesome peopl... Read more

  • Weight Loss Struggles

    8/24/2016 11:35:05 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Well here I am again I got over that plateau but find myself stuck again but looking at it as a positive way and not as a frustration Depression ... Read more


    8/23/2016 11:38:14 PM, by JOANN25

    I decided last night to do better planning on my meals and my activities. No. 1: Made menu for 7 days; grocery shopped today to include ingredi... Read more

  • Keep it going

    8/23/2016 2:44:47 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Well my higher protein/veg diet, water versus diet soda and daily fit mins are working. I lost 1 lb since last week and I'm feeling hopeful that ... Read more

  • Working on Normal!

    8/21/2016 12:35:45 PM, by LSIG14

    e Really behind schedule on my day today! My body really wanted to catch up on much needed sleep so I slept 10 hours last night and now feel muc... Read more

  • Breaking the Overeating at Night Habit

    8/21/2016 1:38:53 AM, by GALAXYT

    Been on a binge for months and its going to take some effort to change my eating habits. I eat it all at night and then I am not hungry the next ... Read more

  • work out advice

    8/20/2016 2:10:46 PM, by KASSIEBROWN722

    im looking for cool healthy bevrages to drink... Read more


    8/19/2016 10:56:24 PM, by JOANN25

    This has been a week where I have had good days and bad days. My exercise has been down for the most part. I am still eating healthy and under ... Read more

  • Cleaning my back yard

    8/19/2016 2:51:10 PM, by STEPHANIE0131

    The family is going to help me clean up my back yard. It is looking awesome. I love them so much.... Read more

  • Over Plateau!

    8/19/2016 2:10:10 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    ~ UPDATE ~ From the last post one of my friends suggested switching it up and all so I went to indoor cycling last nite and man did Rich the c... Read more

  • Tracking my little victories

    8/19/2016 1:02:28 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I'm on day three of starting my mornings off with eggs. Seems to be making all of the difference in my morning energy/hunger. Boy is protein sati... Read more

  • Measurements

    8/19/2016 7:37:38 AM, by LAURELJ72

    I've kicked it into high gear this week and lost over 8 pounds. Utilizing a massive eating shift to "normal" portions and dancing every night has... Read more

  • Getting going

    8/18/2016 2:13:14 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I'm on the planning end of starting, once again, a new eating/exercising routine. I feel like I've learned so much over the years of what works a... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plateau Frustration Again

    8/18/2016 10:18:03 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    So it seems like ive hit yet another weight loss plateau again grrrrrr I really do believe that once I try something new my body may decide to dr... Read more

  • What to eat for breakfast...

    8/17/2016 12:22:47 PM, by GODWITHINME

    So... It seems the meal that I skip most often is breakfast. I know that is not the way to do things. It puts your body in starvation mode & hold... Read more

  • Accountability group

    8/16/2016 8:03:20 PM, by GODWITHINME

    I'm excited to join a couple of fellow actors that desire to get healthy & lose weight & we met for out first workout together. The time flew by ... Read more

  • InDoor Cycling

    8/16/2016 2:38:25 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    It never really dawn on me that my knee doc wanted me to ride my bike for therapy and well spinning / Indoor Cycling is just like that so I got r... Read more

  • One month later...

    8/15/2016 10:39:25 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I haven't blogged in a month. The first two weeks I was out of town and had a very challenging, but vert rewarding get away, We watch two of ou... Read more

  • I Felt Like I Was In A Soap-Opera!

    8/15/2016 10:41:30 AM, by LSIG14

    Took my sister to her doctor's appointment last Monday and they said one vertebrae was crushed so she needed it fixed and we got it scheduled for... Read more

  • Not a thing

    8/15/2016 7:51:39 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    This morning brings a blog not about my breakfast, which was sparse, not about how much exercise I'm getting or how active I am on the pages; ... Read more

  • Today...

    8/14/2016 3:57:26 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Today we celebrated the dedication of 4 babies in church.... and I am truly blessed, to now be healthy enough, strong enough and willing enough, ... Read more

  • #537: Doing It Our way

    8/13/2016 12:19:47 PM, by IUHRYTR

    When government does not work, we, the people need to do what has to be done. No, not talking about overthrowing the government, but something mu... Read more

  • Over again

    8/12/2016 9:11:45 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Found out today that my left calf muscles are pretty darned tight...so back to major stretching and walking is ramped up again! Is it obvious tha... Read more

  • Riding riding riding

    8/12/2016 6:06:20 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    Finally got out on our bikes last night. 8 and a bit miles just up to Nanstallon and back and then came home and watched the Track cycling at the... Read more

  • #536: Sometimes Things Work in Mysterious Ways

    8/12/2016 2:24:22 PM, by IUHRYTR

    Sometimes we are led into an unexpected situation for a reason. Last night I was going to gas up my car on the way to bowling leagu... Read more

  • Ugh!

    8/11/2016 8:41:26 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    An afternoon picnic brought difficulty with eating today; did enjoy an option to burger by way of veggie, and a fruit plate for dessert was most ... Read more


    8/10/2016 11:12:59 PM, by JOANN25

    My goal used to be 10000 steps per day. I missed more than I hit the goal and finally moved it back to 7500. Today I had a really busy da... Read more

  • Red Dragon

    8/10/2016 12:46:46 PM, by CRAZYCHICA1983

    This morning I got up and started my period, oh dang it i wish it would just go way. But I am not going to let this peiod to ruin my day. I am go... Read more

  • Good Day

    8/10/2016 11:04:32 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Things went very good last night, managed to do our DVD without being out of breath! Starting to feel better, ready to get it together for a bett... Read more

  • Thank you all

    8/9/2016 9:49:57 PM, by BACKTOBASICSTR

    Thank God and thank all of you for your prayers...my grandsons results came back...NO whooping cough...just a slight infection... Thank you all... Read more

  • I think I might have done more running about than ever before!

    8/9/2016 2:09:27 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    Today I worked on the carousel, which is our vintage ride, built in 1946. It needs a good old tarting up but it'll get a big refurb over the wint... Read more

  • The latest week

    8/9/2016 12:53:02 PM, by CRAZYCHICA1983

    Hi everyone, I hope your day is going good, please share with me your day. This morning, I was ready to start the day off with slimfast fust... Read more

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