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  • here we go (grow?) again....

    3/29/2015 6:02:00 PM, by CURLYCURLY62

    ok...it's been a year of me trying something new - HFLC diet. I am no further ahead. Ok, well the only interesting thing is that I don't think ab... Read more

  • Everything coming up Kira!

    3/13/2015 11:36:04 PM, by KIKKI-G

    Wow....I am in a whirlwind of good fortune...well I worked for all of it but still. It feels good when things just all fall together. I came... Read more

  • Healthy Habits Reset Challenge - Day 1

    3/12/2015 2:04:26 PM, by MAGNOLIA416

    Iím doing the Healthy Habits Reset Challenge! Itís a spring challenge to re-prioritize our goals. Iíve actually been pretty motivated and f... Read more

  • International Women's Day!

    3/8/2015 2:05:38 PM, by MAGNOLIA416

    There's still so much work to be done for gender equality....but let's talk about the good stuff. Tell me about a woman you adore, or an accompli... Read more

  • Out & About

    3/1/2015 8:38:44 PM, by KIKKI-G

    Wow, prepping for this blog really made me realize that i've done alot of fun things this month despite some darker times. For some reason a c... Read more

  • he lived long, he prospered

    2/27/2015 12:36:18 PM, by MAGNOLIA416

    RIP Leonard Nimoy Here's a vintage interview with Nimoy by the broadcaster I work for, in which he gives a thoughtful perspective on violenc... Read more

  • Starting Fitness

    2/25/2015 9:31:45 AM, by JAY-NINE2

    I started with baby steps. On Monday, I did the 12 Minute chair fitness routine. On Tuesday I did the 11 minute chair aerobics routine. I am so o... Read more

  • Feeling Different

    2/18/2015 11:48:57 AM, by LADYBUG546

    I can feel my body feeling more able to do things. I can move and not feel old and crippled. I really noticed this morning in the subway statio... Read more

  • Update

    2/17/2015 12:14:26 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Well I had a good weekend hibernating. It was very frosty here. I managed to hit the gym in our condo where all the treadmills are now broken o... Read more

  • I'm Back and Need to be Back

    2/16/2015 2:40:46 PM, by JAY-NINE2

    On New Year's Eve I experienced the worst pain of my life. I was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed with and Aortic Aneurysm. Since the hospita... Read more

  • A little skinnier

    2/14/2015 8:58:52 AM, by LADYBUG546

    The scale was my friend this morning I weighed in down .8lbs and I am happy with this. I was in a rush this morning but I measured and I was dow... Read more

  • Too Quiet in the House now

    2/12/2015 7:39:15 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Well the company is gone and it is so quiet in our condo. The dog is doing her lab pout and well we are kind of lost. I got to the gym af... Read more

  • Exhausted

    2/11/2015 8:59:20 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Somedays I just feel so tired at 2pm on. I am just wiped. I have grand plans of the gym after work and so forth but I just can not get myself t... Read more

  • Gym funny

    2/10/2015 11:43:11 AM, by LADYBUG546

    The gym was very busy last night in our condo we all decided to go at once lol. I started on the Elliptical for 10 minutes. The e... Read more

  • In need of spring

    2/9/2015 8:46:28 AM, by LADYBUG546

    SO this slushy snow and raining sleet needs to bugger off now lol. So indian style cream of wheat is got tumeric in it, onion, potatoes, g... Read more

  • Low-carb fun and games

    2/8/2015 9:30:35 PM, by SBIRD4

    So long since I wrote. I have a new job and am happier in my work than ever before in my life. Meanwhile, over a month ago, I started the Atkins ... Read more

  • Catching up

    2/8/2015 12:56:55 PM, by LADYBUG546

    I feel like I have not been on here since early last week. I have though just minimal and part of the reason was it was chaotic at work. I... Read more

  • One obstacle down! come at me bro!

    2/7/2015 12:47:44 AM, by KIKKI-G

    Hiya! Well I have not been consistent on here & for that I apologize...it will change I promise. Things just got a little crazy the past c... Read more

  • Snowing/Sleet again uggh

    2/4/2015 1:39:04 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Well it is snowing/sleet again today. We got about a foot the other day and now today this. It is a soupy mess out there. I have to drive toda... Read more

  • Snowing

    2/2/2015 12:08:18 PM, by LADYBUG546

    We are in the winter storm warning and the snow is definitely accumulating. Glad I live in a condo and don't have to shovel lol. I have bee... Read more

  • FitBit year in review - 2014 (finally!)

    1/30/2015 8:55:56 AM, by MAGNOLIA416

    Just this morning I got my 2014 FitBit year in review....it's pretty cool! I set mine up with Metric but the review shows miles...that's 370... Read more

  • Long day

    1/29/2015 10:07:58 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Today started out as a long day and it hadnt even started that is what I felt like when I woke up. I dreaded the day from the beginning. I knew... Read more

  • Blisters and me oh my

    1/28/2015 5:05:31 PM, by LADYBUG546

    I got a huge bloister on my foot yesterday while I was at the gym...I had my shoes I always wear on ....grr. so frustrating and when I say huge I... Read more

  • Tired and glad I don't work tonight

    1/27/2015 9:21:14 AM, by LADYBUG546

    I have been exhausted since the weekend but I will survive. I enjoyed badminton last night with my DH talking smack and my keeping up with him h... Read more

  • Monday Blah's

    1/26/2015 8:28:28 AM, by LADYBUG546

    I am still feeling tired. It is Monday and who wants to be back at work ...not I ...lol. I can share that I am excited for badminton tonight. I ... Read more


    1/25/2015 8:49:17 PM, by INSANITY77

    SO I know I have this dysfunctional behaviour in that if I buy a pack of cookies- I eat the whole pack in one night...if I buy a tub of ice cream... Read more

  • Weigh in sucked

    1/24/2015 9:59:51 AM, by LADYBUG546

    Well today started off bad with a weigh in that didnt change from last week. I made it to the gym downstairs for it to be packed. I wanted to r... Read more

  • Cranky Pants day

    1/23/2015 10:19:31 AM, by LADYBUG546

    I am having a cranky pants day...DO NOT CROSS ME TODAY...you may end up with an earful and then some lol. My DH pissed me off this morning as he... Read more

  • treadmill and strength training in

    1/22/2015 5:47:32 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Today has been better. I got a workout in some strength training and treadmill workout in for a total of 40 minutes. ... Read more

  • Ouch

    1/21/2015 1:40:57 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Well yesterday afternoon and work I banged just below my elbow really hard against my desk. I literally seen stars It... Read more

  • Doctor's Appointment

    1/20/2015 8:46:46 AM, by LADYBUG546

    Yesterday was a great day. I went to the doctor and BP is down where the doctor is happy. I do not have to be on the second medication. So hap... Read more

  • Limiting Bread Products

    1/19/2015 8:48:07 AM, by LADYBUG546

    After this weekend I have realized bread is an enemy of mine. If I have one piece then I want the whole bag or bunch. Uggh ....feeling bloated... Read more

  • Update and plan for today

    1/18/2015 12:29:04 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Yesterday was an active day. I did my workout first thing in the morning and then my DH and I ran for groceries. We then came back had lunch/br... Read more

  • Friday Finally been a LONG Week

    1/16/2015 8:43:25 AM, by LADYBUG546

    The Hindu Festival we celebrate involved a prayer and giving of sweets and I received some money from my inlaws. It was not much just small but ... Read more

  • Plan of Action for Today

    1/15/2015 8:28:57 AM, by LADYBUG546

    Today I have to eat veg as my mother in law wants to give me a gift for a hindu festival today. I am interested to experience this when I get ho... Read more

  • 5k on treadmill

    1/14/2015 5:34:00 PM, by LADYBUG546

    I walk/ran a 5k on the treadmill today. I completed in 45:04 minutes. I am happy with my workout. My knee is aching so I have placed some ice ... Read more

  • Thank you Thank you

    1/13/2015 11:49:13 AM, by LADYBUG546

    Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on here yesterday. I loved your messages and goodies. I had an amazing day. I got a ne... Read more

  • 30 Minutes done

    1/11/2015 11:16:35 AM, by LADYBUG546

    I have hit the gym for 20 minutes and did 10 flights of stairs back to our condo. I almost died but I did it. I got a mile done in 14:20 and I ... Read more

  • Hit the Gym

    1/10/2015 7:33:57 PM, by LADYBUG546

    I got back yesterday from vacation at my moms the drive back was hell on a skating rink. I went to the gym today and did 20 minutes on the ... Read more

  • "Slim By Design"

    1/9/2015 2:16:28 PM, by MAGNOLIA416

    Here are "6 kitchen hacks to help you shed pounds" by Brian Wansink. He wrote a book called Slim By Design: www.cbc.ca/books/2015/01... Read more

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