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  • North Star and a Cookie Bender

    1/24/2015 3:09:47 PM, by CBRECK77

    Feel like I'm lacking a North Star lately. I've gotten a bit off track, o... Read more

  • Jungle Tigers: Week 2 PAWSE

    1/24/2015 1:43:57 PM, by LOSINGIN2015

    Plan: We have 2 dinners this weekend. The first one will be Omni friendly so I shouldn't have any problems at all staying within my calories. ... Read more

  • Day 24.. Hooray!

    1/24/2015 12:16:41 PM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    19 years ago I gave birth to my princess. Celebrating this will have to wait until next weekend due to payday and other commitments. I envision... Read more

  • it's friday

    1/23/2015 9:15:58 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! another week of work will be completed today. i am happy to have a job. my daughter says hi! all the birds say hi,t... Read more

  • Day 19: Punishment

    1/23/2015 2:54:43 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I don't know why I feel so run-down! I feel even worse than I did last night. Maybe it is because I didn't do a second workout yesterday, but I a... Read more

  • Today was better day.

    1/22/2015 4:53:26 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    1/22/2015 10:03:11 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. i will make sure to get outdoors for a while and enjoy it. my daughter is doing well and says hi! all of the bi... Read more

  • Day 18

    1/22/2015 2:08:35 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    Today started out with a great 3 mile outdoor walk with my BFFs! It was nice to walk outside again...it has been awhile. We also planned an indoo... Read more

  • Not A Great Day

    1/21/2015 11:40:57 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    Today wasn't a good day. I didn't eat as well as I had hoped for & I had way more sweets than I should have. Oh, well tomorrow is another day.... Read more

  • Day 21... begining to build consistency.

    1/21/2015 10:45:19 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    Yesterday was a travel day, and while I did SPARK on my phone, was not able to blog. Today, I am catching up with some Spark time before I get a... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/21/2015 9:13:25 AM, by MOMMY445

    another day of work. my daughter sends hugs to all. all the birds are doing well. I am doing alright and keeping up with my exercise, healthy eat... Read more

  • Day 17

    1/21/2015 1:43:15 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I didn't wake up early again, of course. So I left the house dreading a big workout later in the evening, and came home feeling guilty for the po... Read more

  • 1/20

    1/20/2015 9:01:17 PM, by MMADAMS2

    Worked out at the gym after work today- definitely needed it after feeling stressed all day. Met my nutrition goals also!... Read more

  • because...

    1/20/2015 8:56:14 PM, by PEANUTSMOM96

    ... Read more

  • Painting is a workout.

    1/20/2015 6:59:48 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    OMG, I spent 5 hours painting. I'm so tired & now my arms hurt from reaching,my legs hurt from squatting, guess I got my workout in for the day.... Read more

  • Embrace your inner Yoda, not your inner Gollum

    1/20/2015 12:54:46 PM, by CBRECK77

    This is an interesting idea I think. I've been experimenting a lot with th... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    1/20/2015 11:07:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    i made it through a week of work. i am now into my second week of work. so far, i am really enjoying it. my daughter says hi! all of the birds ar... Read more

  • Day 16: Take that, Monday!

    1/20/2015 2:39:11 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I didn't get up early today, but when I finally did get up about 10:30, I felt GREAT! I busted out 2 miles of Walk Blasters, 1 Mega Mile with Spe... Read more

  • Late Night Snacks

    1/19/2015 11:57:24 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    Late night snack attacks are the worst. I go all day doing the right thing & then ever evening about 10pm (my witching hour) I get an nagging n... Read more

  • 1/16, 1/17, 1/18, 1/19

    1/19/2015 11:16:47 PM, by MMADAMS2

    So even though I haven't posted for a few days - I have still been tracking, working out and taking photos. Here are my photos: 1/16: Read more

  • A Good Day

    1/19/2015 9:15:50 PM, by SEXYNARCI

    I exercised 30 minutes today & started the No"S" Diet . Thanks LYNMEINDERS for the share.... Read more

  • Cleaning My Closet.

    1/19/2015 6:37:58 PM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    My closet is huge. It's the size of a small bedroom. It has two closet rods. and that's it. My husband has a 4 drawer dresser. I make do with pla... Read more

  • Still in a Slump

    1/19/2015 12:51:25 PM, by NUTKINNB

    As the title says, I'm still in a slump; I think it's emotional this time though. I had planned to get organized and back on track yesterday, but... Read more

  • Day 19 or 2....

    1/19/2015 9:46:22 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    Today, I logged in, and spon the wheeel... Each time I fall down, and get back up again, I learn something. Last night, I re-learn... Read more

  • Day 15: Rest

    1/19/2015 3:21:17 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I finally let myself have a day of rest! It was much needed too. I woke up this AM and my ribs and abs are SO sore! Apparently that core workout ... Read more

  • ReBooting my reboot... Day 1.

    1/18/2015 11:44:10 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    So It should be day 18, instead It's day 1, again. I fell off program last Saturday. I got into my head, thinking about what I woul... Read more

  • Day 14

    1/18/2015 2:10:03 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    Well today was an awesome end to a great week for me! I stepped it up late in the week and managed to beat my goal for the week by 2 miles. Break... Read more

  • Fasten Your Seatbelts...

    1/17/2015 6:12:38 PM, by BANANAMAG

    So I just noticed that I seem to get the desire to write a blog about once a month. So here's your monthly update on my life, haha. During ... Read more

  • Rewriting our future

    1/17/2015 5:57:55 PM, by CBRECK77

    I post that quote after having not made the best choices last night. Inste... Read more

  • Day 13: Yesterday

    1/17/2015 5:15:08 PM, by MAMAMOJO3

    Yesterday I got up early again and did a 2 mile Heart Healthy Walk. I felt great for the rest of the day and didn't have much of an appetite agai... Read more

  • Day 16 of 10,000 Step Streak

    1/16/2015 8:21:06 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We are in Palm Springs for January and February. Having this getaway makes it easier to get back on track with the daily steps. I am tired today ... Read more

  • A truth to ponder!

    1/16/2015 7:52:08 PM, by IMAVISION

    252 Aim at per... Read more

  • January Mid-month Check In

    1/16/2015 12:44:10 PM, by NUTKINNB

    So it's been a little over a week since my last post...in that time I did try to get out for short walks and did one 15min "Walk Away the Pounds"... Read more

  • Jungle Tigers: Week 1 PAWSE

    1/16/2015 11:36:36 AM, by LOSINGIN2015

    Plan: Groceries are purchased. Meals are calculated and are within my calorie range including snacks for each day! Kevin's b-day is this week ... Read more

  • Hello!

    1/16/2015 7:15:08 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Hope anyone reading this is doing well. I've been trying, doing my challenges, and yet, have gained weight. Don't know why. Biggest ... Read more

  • Day 12: Two-a-days!

    1/15/2015 11:33:37 PM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I finally managed to get up early enough to get a workout in this morning before we took off for the day. It felt great! And it really SPARKED my... Read more

  • Hungry

    1/15/2015 9:58:06 PM, by MMADAMS2

    Today I did well at work - someone brought in super delicious cake and I was able to eat just 1 piece. After work I went straight to the gym and ... Read more

  • A bit of progress...

    1/15/2015 4:41:00 PM, by ALLYOOPCAT

    I am happy to see that I have lost some lbs and hopefully that will continue. I just have to watch my weekends! I love eating and having a good ... Read more

  • What I deserve

    1/15/2015 1:24:45 PM, by CBRECK77

    "But I deserve it!" Have you ever said this to yourself or thought it? I find that when I say this (and it's usually accompanied by an imag... Read more

  • Day 11: OMG...I'm normal!

    1/15/2015 1:26:41 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    That was my 1st thought when I read the lab results. Then I screamed! My A1C is 5.9, and all other labs were NORMAL! I knew it though. That's ok ... Read more

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