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  • Today

    8/17/2017 12:56:37 AM, by CPCONE

    So tired. No real motivation... Read more

  • Six years later

    8/14/2017 3:29:42 PM, by CPCONE

    Welp apparently its been 6 years since I was on here. I have given birth to four beautiful children and have only the two of my girls. I now h... Read more

  • Life is (really) not a linear process

    5/19/2017 10:59:57 AM, by MISSCATY

    For the past couple months, I have been going up and down the same 10-12 pounds. Yes, this is frustrating BUT it is a reflection of how I... Read more

  • Dealing with "Not Good"

    3/9/2017 12:51:58 PM, by MISSCATY

    We all have those times in our lives.....stressed out, tired out, and attacked by the screaming foodies. I am sitting in the middle of one of t... Read more

  • I tend not to check in...but back at it

    2/24/2017 11:25:40 AM, by MISSCATY

    Having to go through a second biometric assessment (the first one has not yet posted for the "points" to get a discount on my health insurance) h... Read more

  • End of Month Check-In

    1/31/2017 8:54:44 AM, by KIRBY1999

    Well today is the end of the month. One of my goals is to check-in the last day of the month to see if I've met my goals, and to measure. Today... Read more

  • Finally Connected!

    1/19/2017 12:16:43 AM, by KIRBY1999

    I finally reconnected my Viviofit to my new phone, and connected it to SparkPeople. Not sure if there is a delay or not with updating through th... Read more

  • Week 2 Weigh-in

    1/11/2017 8:59:23 AM, by KIRBY1999

    Down another 4.4! Whoop, whoop! It's very exciting especially since I felt bloated from drinking so much water.... Read more

  • GoNoodle

    1/10/2017 7:10:49 PM, by KIRBY1999

    I'm committed to doing these brain breaks with my students. I always tell them if I can do it, you can too! What I'm really thinking is if my f... Read more

  • Water Woes

    1/10/2017 7:02:40 PM, by KIRBY1999

    I'm not for certain, but I think drinking so much water is making me feel bloated. I've lost 2.8 lbs at the last weigh-in, but I just feel ugh..... Read more

  • Whoop whoop, added 5 min!

    1/7/2017 11:49:24 AM, by KIRBY1999

    Added 5 minutes to my exercise on the bike today. Trying to not hurt my knee anymore than it is. I've got 10 more minutes to do today (somethin... Read more

  • Progress

    1/4/2017 7:11:42 AM, by KIRBY1999

    I'm so glad to see a little progress this morning. Down 1.2 lbs since Saturday. Today starts our official Weigh-in Wednesdays. Back to work to... Read more

  • Water worries

    1/2/2017 4:56:14 PM, by KIRBY1999

    We'll today I successfully drank 6 glasses of water before lunch. I've spent most of the afternoon running to the bathroom! I know this will no... Read more

  • New approach

    11/27/2016 12:55:28 PM, by LUV2NOU2

    It's been a long while since I've been on this site. How to begin. I was assigned work out of the country for two (2) years and found myself ga... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 8 November 2016

    11/9/2016 11:19:47 AM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Well, according to the TOPS scale I lost 1/2 a pound. Not much, but at least it's a loss. I'm not surprised. Seems like a familiar pattern to ... Read more

  • Seattle Sutton 3 Weeks And Counting

    11/8/2016 4:46:29 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Well, it's been three weeks going into week four and still going strong. I can't say enough about how good the food is. One of my favorites was... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 1 Nov 2016

    11/2/2016 10:41:24 AM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    It's great to walk into to my TOPS meeting and not feel intimidated by having to get on the scale. Me and Seattle lost another 4 pounds this wee... Read more

  • How Do You Like Your French Toast?

    11/1/2016 2:27:14 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Breakfast this morning was cinnamon French toast made with whole wheat bread. The topping was spiced peaches with blueberries and walnuts. I pu... Read more

  • Seattle Sutton Two Weeks In

    11/1/2016 2:06:20 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    My third week with Seattle Sutton began with dinner last night. The second week has been great. I lost 5 more pounds according to my home scale... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 25 October 2016

    10/26/2016 5:59:28 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Me and Seattle lost 5.2 pounds this week. We're off to a good start. Now I just have to be consistent and keep on track. The food has be... Read more

  • Seattle Sutton; One Week In

    10/24/2016 10:45:09 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    One week ago today I started with the Seattle Sutton meal plan. So far, so good. According to my home scale I've lost 5 pounds this week. It w... Read more

  • It's Go Time

    10/17/2016 8:01:18 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    I am so disappointed in myself. I keep gaining and losing the same 10 pounds. I get motivated and do well for a few weeks, then the motivation ... Read more

  • New week

    10/3/2016 3:35:28 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So last week sucked. Ate bad, didn't feel good, didn't workout. Bad week . Today is Monday. It's a new week and I'm gonna do my best to stay on t... Read more

  • past few days

    9/29/2016 9:23:30 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Last few days I've been sick and have had my period needless to say I have been eating junk food lol. I havent worked out since sunday. As soon a... Read more

  • Binging

    9/25/2016 11:41:33 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Have been binge eating ALL day.. McDonald's, two tacos for dinner, 3 string cheese, a fiber one brownie, grapes, taco shell with sour cream and s... Read more

  • Hungry

    9/25/2016 11:14:44 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So had to go in to work today for a meeting and I've been starving all morning so I am in the McDonald's drive thru (which I NEVER do) I ordered ... Read more

  • Good?

    9/24/2016 11:47:49 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So everytime I go to dollar general I end up crap food .. cookies, ice-cream so this time I made a point to NOT buy anything. I did however buy s... Read more

  • Ice-cream is a bad habit

    9/24/2016 3:08:06 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So everytime I get paid I buy ice-cream. It's not that I want it, it's just I buy the same things everytime. I don't even have a craving for it, ... Read more

  • Food shopping

    9/23/2016 5:59:50 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So went food shopping and got tons of fruit- grapes, bananas, apples. NO beefaroni, tuna mix. Also got some string cheese. I did buy my usual pop... Read more

  • Yesterday

    9/22/2016 5:10:58 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So yesterday I ordered a sub for dinner along with a one liter of Pepsi didn't finish the pop. My brothers birthday was yesterday so I had a slic... Read more

  • Grocery shopping.

    9/19/2016 3:37:54 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I go food shopping Thursday when I get paid. I've decided to revamp my eating. Getting rid of everything heavy on carbs like the canned beefaroni... Read more

  • Binge eating/mindlessly eating

    9/19/2016 3:34:55 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Since Friday after work I have just been binge eating mindlessly. While I have at times been hungry, I have been eating double the portions, co... Read more

  • calories.

    9/16/2016 10:30:29 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    so I reset my calories for 1800. I have been doing pretty well.. I'm not hitting the 1800 mark, I'm exceeding it.. by ALOT.. TOO MUCH in fact. ... Read more

  • So..clothes are looser.

    9/10/2016 9:20:44 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    A couple of my shirts I usually wear are getting to be loose, this IS awesome!! I haven't seen evidence of actual weight loss in a very long time... Read more

  • So ashamed

    9/9/2016 11:02:26 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I bought a digiorno stuffed crust pizza yesterday. Just ate it.. ALL of it. I was only going to eat 4 slices. I didn't want the rest.. it was jus... Read more

  • Actually ate under in NY calories today!

    9/7/2016 10:48:10 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Actually didn't eat ALL my calories and then some. Ate 1,290. =) made ramen noodles for lunch didn't even eat half. Yucky stuff. Just had chicken... Read more

  • Actual normal meal

    9/5/2016 5:47:54 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Woke up at 4 (I work days but go to bed between 1-4 am) and usually I make carb foods .. ramen noodles, chef boyardee etc today I made 4 scramble... Read more

  • It's gotta go.

    9/3/2016 4:45:47 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So I have this bad bad habit. I don't eat dinner like normal people and eat at a decent time. I wait till about 2-4 am and then eat a HUGE meal a... Read more

  • Double workout.

    9/2/2016 9:52:27 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Yesterday I did Jessica Smith's abs, buns and thighs video on YouTube then later took my dogs for a 45 minute walk. Today I'm resting but I'll be... Read more

  • Yay.

    9/2/2016 9:50:28 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Went to bed at 2 am, didn't eat anything before bed. I did drink a can of Dr.pepper cherry. I am trying to make this a habit-not eating before be... Read more

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