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  • Here we go again...

    5/26/2015 10:39:56 PM, by BROOKE008

    Aaaaand I'm back. It's been a while. I gained 11 pounds. I lost energy. I gave up on myself and completely ditched my self confidence somewhere a... Read more

  • Special News

    5/26/2015 10:36:16 PM, by _LINDA

    My nephew's (26 years old) girlfriend is expecting! This will be my Mom's first great grandchild! Right now the poor woman has been ordered to... Read more

  • $5......$5 yoga...on Tuesday

    5/26/2015 10:31:36 PM, by CHRISSYMACD66

    (Admit it - you sang that LOL) So my local rec center has a $5 yoga class every Tuesday. I find it amusing that I will make sure I'm out of wo... Read more

  • Day 17: Lazy Days

    5/26/2015 10:24:21 PM, by GIR1ANACHRONI5M

    Today was kind of a lazy day for me comparativel... Read more

  • A BIG thanks to all of you!

    5/26/2015 10:17:24 PM, by NURSENIXON

    I just wanted to say thank you to all my sparks friend... Read more

  • Gardening and dare to lose

    5/26/2015 10:07:08 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Continued to work on the garden Transplanted tomatoes and marigolds. Weeded. Pulled spring garlic and cooked it for lunch with eggs Went t... Read more

  • Week 2 day 2

    5/26/2015 8:36:50 PM, by MNORWOOD23

    I know I've had a good workout when I am sore all over and sweaty.... Read more

  • Not a good day today....

    5/26/2015 8:04:45 PM, by RMAHAN6

    Don't know what happened....went to bed, slept well, woke up excited about weighing in after a week of walking 5 miles a day and eating healthful... Read more

  • Yaaaaaaay!!!!!

    5/26/2015 6:36:33 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    We're not sure that Miki is completely out of the woods yet, but............he ate his first meal in seven days this morning and even wagged his ... Read more

  • walking

    5/26/2015 6:13:11 PM, by KITTEN122KITTEN

    still trying to walk 20 mins a day chronic back pain limit what i can do still not sodas and staying on my diet thanks for everyo... Read more

  • Kale? Yes!

    5/26/2015 6:06:59 PM, by BA5454

    I was looking for a substitute for spinach--I can't ever eat all of the bagged spinach before it goes to the dark, slimy side. So the kale stuff ... Read more

  • Funk

    5/26/2015 6:02:52 PM, by MILRENOR

    I try not to belittle the feelings that I have, as they are still important no matter how you slice them. I keep referring to what I'm in right ... Read more

  • Looking for a walking partner in the Glen Ellyn Illinois area

    5/26/2015 5:23:48 PM, by FIGHTLIKEAGIRL2

    anyone close by that wants a walking partner? I really need a partner to keep me motivated!... Read more

  • Computer and Class Trouble and Overeating again

    5/26/2015 5:22:38 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    Well today I did not have supper yet and I only have 240 or 280 calories to go. I made a bad choice again when i went shopping. I had already bou... Read more

  • Week 5 in review - it could have been better

    5/26/2015 5:02:59 PM, by CHULSING

    At the end of week 4 I had a break through and hit a total of 22 pounds lost ( I know its a lot in one month, I'm pretty sure most of it was wate... Read more

  • TRE

    5/26/2015 4:54:47 PM, by ECONLADY

    I had heard about Tension Relieving Exercises by someone I trust. I bought and read the kindle book. At first when I tried the exercises I thou... Read more

  • Back to the gym!

    5/26/2015 4:25:10 PM, by DOLPHIN225

    I haven't been to the gym for almost a week so I will go back today and try to do 2 days of workouts as I can't workout tomorrow as I get my seco... Read more

  • Survived the Long Weekend!

    5/26/2015 4:16:52 PM, by BELLESMOM85

    I managed to get the same if not more exercise in each day of the long weekend and watched what I ate. I did have one day that we were out and ab... Read more

  • Monday Update 5/25

    5/26/2015 3:54:01 PM, by BMCC488

    California Goals: Monday: 1534 calories 9+ cups of water 36 minute walk outside (1.5+ miles) 1 coffee Yesterday started out pre... Read more

  • A Good Day!

    5/26/2015 3:25:23 PM, by TALULAX-

    I am doing good today. Made the fatal mistake of weighing myself…UGH! Despite being VERY active and eating properly I have yet to lose an... Read more

  • My Mama Always Said....

    5/26/2015 2:43:21 PM, by PAULAGRIFFITH75 never count your chickens before they hatch. I'm right back to hurting, and I think I am scientific proof that weather DOES affect arthriti... Read more

  • Changes becoming habit

    5/26/2015 2:32:29 PM, by RGOLDY

    I've only lost another 5 pounds these past 4 weeks. I am happy that some of the changes I have made are becoming habits that don't require much ... Read more

  • Motivation... or lack of

    5/26/2015 1:42:57 PM, by SKIPTONIUS

    Here I am in front of the computer, logging food and the small walk I took down the road to the dumpster, and I can't seem to get motivated enoug... Read more

  • First Steps

    5/26/2015 12:11:04 PM, by FLAXENAFFAIR

    While I write a lot, I've never really blogged before so bear with me. Three weeks ago I had my gallbladder removed and I just got home from... Read more

  • Making Progress

    5/26/2015 11:25:50 AM, by DYMONSMOM1

    Although it might look like my weight has only gone down a little but ive been tracking my measurements as well and those are going down too. I h... Read more

  • Bad and good news

    5/26/2015 11:08:55 AM, by TALLYN211

    Bad news: Went to the doc for a UTI. Good news: I have meds, will start taking them this evening, and that should take care of it!... Read more

  • Another sunshiny day on the Gulf Coast

    5/26/2015 10:45:47 AM, by DWROBERGE

    Exercises are going very well. Calories remain below 1300. Weight is steady. Trivia is up to 98%. Another great day on the Guff Coast. Keepi... Read more

  • Hm...

    5/26/2015 8:44:04 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Grandparents were up yesterday to look after DD while DH & myself had an evening to ourselves. I think DD was worn out b/c she slept early last ... Read more

  • In a better mood this morning

    5/26/2015 8:17:50 AM, by MAXIWILSON

    Replied to a comment on my previous blog post and had an "aha" moment. I think the reason I'm feeling stuck is I don't feel that I'm worthy of m... Read more

  • Good morning and good sleep

    5/26/2015 7:40:33 AM, by DSCROW

    Good morning I had a good night sleep and am feeling good this morning. I have the morning off to update my resume for a one day a week of... Read more

  • Tuesday's Tickle

    5/26/2015 6:29:50 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    While ice-skating, my friend had a nasty fall, sliding face-downward 20-feet across the ice. The rink doctor examined him and decided there was n... Read more

  • 35lb down

    5/26/2015 3:59:49 AM, by ODDLASS

    173lb 12st 5lb BMI 36.33 I have hit my mini target of 35lb down. So next one will be ,,, BMI under 36. I am not sure how many pounds that is... Read more

  • Fishing

    5/26/2015 1:37:24 AM, by SOMMERDC

    Today was quite a day. I made an oatmeal smoothie for the family then went for a one hour walk with my dog and husband. When we got home, I mad... Read more

  • Memorial Weekend 2015

    5/25/2015 11:50:40 PM, by AMMODEPEW

    So today we started off watching Saving Private Ryan. When I was stationed in Germany my family and I took a trip to France and visted many of th... Read more

  • Diet Needs Way More Planning

    5/25/2015 10:40:49 PM, by TOMMYUK1234

    I've been doing great keeping up both with my gym routine and recording what exercise I'm doing each day. The diet, however, remains a total mess... Read more

  • Tomorrowland

    5/25/2015 8:58:22 PM, by DSCROW

    Yes, we went to the movie and saw Tomorrowland today. It was good with a nice message about choice. Feed positive or negative in life. It was ... Read more

  • More Gardening

    5/25/2015 8:46:09 PM, by MCFITZ2

    Planted bubs. Put out some more garden decor. Enjoyed being outside. It was a beautiful day. Read more

  • Stuck

    5/25/2015 8:43:57 PM, by MAXIWILSON

    I feel stuck. I know what I need to do but I'm afraid of making the wrong choices. I've been going round and round with myself--should I join a... Read more

  • Being Honest With Myself and Others

    5/25/2015 8:20:50 PM, by MAKEITBETTER

    I need to be honest. I have almost 100 pounds to lose to be healthy. I have started a million times and given up. I make excuses. But the truth ... Read more

  • Starting with the Reality of it all

    5/25/2015 8:04:02 PM, by BEACHGIRL6522

    Before I start this new found exercise program, I want to be honest at the state of my health now. Despite having knees that hurt, insomnia, back... Read more

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