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  • Day 54: Uncharted Territory

    2/22/2017 5:48:17 PM, by ERIN1128

    So, another terrible morning...so we asked Kate if she wants us to talk to the principal about independent study and she said yes. She doesn't l... Read more

  • Day 52: Hanging In

    2/21/2017 5:04:58 PM, by ERIN1128

    Well, Kate did so much better this weekend, so I have some hope that the meds really are going to help once they kick in fully and she's on a ful... Read more

  • Monday- well monday of this short week.

    2/21/2017 12:11:05 PM, by NWILKER

    Woot - i haven't had president day off in probably 10 years, so this we a treat! Saturday we got in a snow shoe adventure - had a travel zoo... Read more

  • Day 50 Bonus Blog: Some Fave CL Recipes

    2/19/2017 8:15:16 PM, by ERIN1128

    My husband and I make a weekly dinner menu plan every weekend, generally on Saturday morning. We map out our week to figure out if there are any... Read more

  • Day 50: Never Regret that Workout

    2/19/2017 3:48:27 PM, by ERIN1128

    Slept in today, which was lovely, but then I just didn't want to get out of bed to do anything! But it wasn't raining at that point, and I knew ... Read more

  • Day 49: Happy Saturday!

    2/18/2017 4:47:08 PM, by ERIN1128

    Just got home from a very successful shopping trip - how often do you manage to get everything you planned to, in one trip? ... Read more

  • Day 48: TGIF

    2/17/2017 6:53:43 PM, by ERIN1128

    It was raining steadily when the alarm went off this morning, ugh, but I hadn't exercised in two days and I was desperate to MOVE! And Bam-Bam e... Read more

  • Friday

    2/17/2017 12:40:29 PM, by NWILKER

    Ooofa - finally! And do you know how excited i am to have Monday off! Gotta say it's probably been 10 years since I've had President's day off! ... Read more

  • Day 48: The Latest

    2/16/2017 12:45:23 PM, by ERIN1128

    Thank you all so much for your comments and support...this situation with Kate is uncharted territory, but we're taking it one day at a time. ... Read more

  • Thursday again!

    2/16/2017 11:54:50 AM, by NWILKER

    Birthday went well! Definitely enjoyed some mexican beer, but too much talking to get much food in me! Still working through the bday cake (... Read more

  • Day 47: What's Going On With Me

    2/15/2017 3:44:45 PM, by ERIN1128

    I'm pretty slammed at work this week and never had time to blog yesterday, and I was out most of the morning today dealing with Kate. We are kin... Read more

  • Day 45: Trying to Get Back to Running

    2/13/2017 7:27:20 PM, by ERIN1128

    I dragged myself out the door to run today, with not-great results. I've been terrible about running lately, hadn't done any in a couple weeks, ... Read more

  • Day 44: Sunshine!

    2/12/2017 2:17:59 PM, by ERIN1128

    Hubby and I just finished doing a once-over on the garage...somehow, every few months we seem to get to the point where we can barely walk in the... Read more

  • Day 43: Water, Water, Everywhere

    2/11/2017 5:45:53 PM, by ERIN1128

    OMG, my legs are TIRED! LOL! I went for a 10.7-bike ride this morning, and I was fighting the wind for a lot of it. I had really wanted to get... Read more

  • Day 42: Stress

    2/10/2017 6:55:02 PM, by ERIN1128

    No workout today...when I woke up, I could just hear the rain coming down and I said forget it - rolled over and went back to sleep! The good ne... Read more

  • Day 41: Bowling

    2/9/2017 12:38:04 PM, by ERIN1128

    Had a blast at legislative bowling night last night. I actually got to bowl this year - we had seven of us bowling in four slots, so we just too... Read more

  • Thursday!

    2/9/2017 12:34:59 PM, by NWILKER

    Happy Thursday! Where did this week go! Ramping into a birthday weekend for the hubby. It's a 0 year. We won't say which, since i'm older! ... Read more

  • Day 40: Rain, Rain, Go Away

    2/8/2017 12:26:51 PM, by ERIN1128

    Yes, I am happy that California appears to be exiting the drought, but geez, enough already! I am soooo tired of being rained on, walking throug... Read more

  • Day 39: Anxiety...

    2/7/2017 3:22:37 PM, by ERIN1128

    Crazy rain and wind most of the night, and it was still blustery and wet this morning so I opted to stay inside and do weights. The rain is supp... Read more

  • Day 38: Monday Monday

    2/6/2017 7:55:22 PM, by ERIN1128

    Still seem to be fighting, or recovering from, the damn bug...the bike ride yesterday COMPLETELY wiped me out for the rest of the day, and I slep... Read more

  • Monday!

    2/6/2017 2:34:43 PM, by NWILKER

    Hello there! Making more of an effort to get my butt onto my blog and confirm accountability! A new goal for the houshold is to only ea... Read more

  • Day 37: Great Weekend

    2/5/2017 5:55:38 PM, by ERIN1128

    Well, don't worry, I won't whine in my blog today! Feeling a lot better. Amazing what a couple days off having fun can do. ;-) Last night... Read more

  • Day 35: Staying Upright

    2/4/2017 12:13:38 PM, by ERIN1128

    Well, I'm still feeling pretty crappy but I'm still upright. Didn't exercise Thurs or Fri, but I just took Bam-Bam out for a couple-mile walk be... Read more

  • TGIF

    2/3/2017 11:56:11 AM, by NWILKER

    Where does the time go! I spent a week at the office and then a week at the client site and then the hubby joined me for the weekend... but ... Read more

  • Day 33: Tired of Feeling Like Crap

    2/2/2017 12:16:53 PM, by ERIN1128

    Tired of feeling like crap, ugh, but I will try not to whine too much about it. I slept in this morning in hopes that it would help - plus the r... Read more

  • Day 32: Tired of Fighting the Bug

    2/1/2017 6:32:16 PM, by ERIN1128

    Geez, it's 3:30 and I still haven't blogged today! I usually jump on in the morning but it's been a busy day at work. And I'm feeling like crap... Read more

  • Day 31: Time to Buckle Down

    1/31/2017 12:16:36 PM, by ERIN1128

    Wow, January is already over! How'd that happen? I was feeling frustrated yesterday because I'm up a couple pounds, after ... Read more

  • Day 30: Opt Outside!

    1/30/2017 1:17:35 PM, by ERIN1128

    I didn't really get outside at all yesterday, though I enjoyed the sunshine coming through the windows! I was reflecting yesterday on why I was ... Read more

  • Day 29: Fighting Off the Crud

    1/29/2017 2:15:15 PM, by ERIN1128

    Thankfully I'm feeling better today - I felt kind of crappy all afternoon yesterday, so I was really afraid I was going down for the count with t... Read more

  • Day 28: Amazing What a Good Workout Can Do for You

    1/28/2017 1:16:57 PM, by ERIN1128

    I just got back from a 9-mile bike ride, and man, it really gave me a boost! I'm tired, don't get me wrong, and my legs are feeling a little jel... Read more

  • Day 27: Tickly Nose

    1/27/2017 12:30:10 PM, by ERIN1128

    Ugh, I have a tickle in my nose this morning that's driving me NUTS! I think it's just allergies...I hope!!! Half my office is down with the ho... Read more

  • Day 26:

    1/26/2017 1:22:09 PM, by ERIN1128

    I'm fighting a crappy mood today, sigh. Sooooo tired, and tired of being in pain, and tired of fighting to get the kid out of bed and out of the... Read more

  • Day 25: Crazy Day

    1/25/2017 3:41:47 PM, by ERIN1128

    Lordy, what a morning. I scheduled a doctor appt for 10:20 because for a couple of weeks now, I've been having all this junk in my nostrils and ... Read more

  • Day 24: Atonement

    1/24/2017 12:37:22 PM, by ERIN1128

    So, I wasn't going to admit in today's blog what I did yesterday...but then I thought, that's stupid, not talking about it doesn't mean it didn't... Read more

  • Day 23: Uno, Duo, Tre...

    1/23/2017 12:40:50 PM, by ERIN1128

    Well, I got some running in this morning - not as much as I would have liked, but I just didn't have much oomph today. But I did manage to get i... Read more

  • Day 22: May You Live in Interesting Times

    1/22/2017 4:57:29 PM, by ERIN1128

    Well, I have to say, I had my doubts about the effectiveness of mass demonstrations the day after the inauguration....but WOW! Thousands and tho... Read more

  • Day 21: Tired Legs

    1/21/2017 1:12:07 PM, by ERIN1128

    Took another nice long bike ride today, I'm beat! I was feeling smug the first part of the ride because it was feeling pretty easy...then I chan... Read more

  • Day 20: Stormin'

    1/20/2017 12:42:08 PM, by ERIN1128

    Ugh, storming again - Paul and I both got woken up by it around 4am and never really got back to sleep. Every time I'd start to doze off, a big ... Read more

  • Day 19: More Rain...

    1/19/2017 12:07:31 PM, by ERIN1128

    Whew, this weather is crazy. Major rain and wind yesterday! Our Italian class is in a very old building (community center) with single pane win... Read more

  • Day 18: Remembering Mom Today

    1/18/2017 12:54:35 PM, by ERIN1128

    I'm a little sad because it would have been my mom's 80th birthday today - she passed away almost three years ago. Time really does fly. <... Read more

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