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Blogs by Members of SP Class of October 6-12, 2013

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  • Pour some color on ME!

    3/26/2017 8:45:43 PM, by NEPT45

    I ran my first color run with my sister on Saturday. ... Read more

  • push the THAT WAS EASY button

    3/16/2017 9:23:28 AM, by NEPT45

    When you do the right things the right things start to happen. Three days after removing sugar from my diet (white sugar) I am not craving it. ... Read more


    3/10/2017 9:36:19 AM, by NEPT45

    Sometimes I forget to be a smart person. I know the right choices to make in order to be healthy and I know that I can make them. I don't need ... Read more

  • arthritis or carpal tunnel

    3/7/2017 9:14:18 AM, by NEPT45

    The ring finger on my right hand has been out of sorts for a couple weeks. It hurts when I'm sleeping, is stiff in the morning and the place whe... Read more


    3/2/2017 8:07:01 AM, by NEPT45

    It started the day after Valentine's Day. The trigger was twofold; not hearing back from a job I applied for & clearance Valentine chocolate at ... Read more

  • The high price of EZEKIAL bread

    2/23/2017 8:20:24 AM, by NEPT45

    .A loaf of cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread at Whole foods was about $6-$7! I like this bread. I know it is healthy. But isn't that a bit expensi... Read more

  • Too Much Kale

    2/14/2017 8:13:50 AM, by NEPT45

    Everyone says kale is so great. Eat kale. Make kale chips. They're delicious. Well, I'm not so sure I agree. My coworker gave me a giant bag ... Read more


    2/9/2017 8:28:06 AM, by NEPT45

    I am realizing that in order to be successful at this, I really have to concentrate. Years ago, in a 4th grade classroom(I am a special ed assis... Read more

  • Get Low

    2/7/2017 8:12:04 AM, by NEPT45

    During my training last night when we were learning a new hold the instructor told us to remember to Get Low. The training was to learn defensive... Read more

  • Long Day Monday

    2/6/2017 8:00:28 AM, by NEPT45

    After work tonight I have to go to a training for another 3 hours. There's not really much time in between and I won't be home until 7:30 which ... Read more

  • Finding Friends

    2/5/2017 8:55:57 AM, by NEPT45

    I am so happy! Today I found many old WW friends' blogs here on Spark! Yay! I have my inspirations back to help me move forward. I have been ... Read more

  • It was meant to BE

    2/1/2017 8:09:49 AM, by NEPT45

    Thank you to TZAPP for sending me her blog everyday. I don't usually check it unless it is also on the facebook group but for some reason this m... Read more

  • Life Update

    12/28/2016 4:37:40 PM, by KATRICK528

    Back in late August and September, I was busy adjusting to my new apartment. In october, my uncle started to have health problems, and I mys... Read more

  • Impatience is a Virtue

    10/17/2016 8:51:14 AM, by NEPT45

    I just mean that wanting to make something happen is just as important as understanding it takes time to get there. I have been at a plateau for... Read more

  • (#smellthecookies) Here Goes Nothing!

    10/9/2016 11:30:47 AM, by NEPT45

    Finally I am making an attempt to blog here on Spark. I had been blogging on WW online for the last year and then they discontinued that part of... Read more

  • Apartment Rant

    8/16/2016 6:21:58 PM, by KATRICK528

    Ok, so those who have seen at least one message board post know I am not doing great… but no post actually has everything. I really need to vent ... Read more

  • Start of July and New Fitbook

    7/6/2016 10:19:50 AM, by KATRICK528

    First, I apologize for not being present on this site much. I have been busy. So a week ago, I looked at my journey. In February, I sta... Read more

  • Mid-June Update

    6/16/2016 2:06:12 PM, by KATRICK528

    I do not think my plan will work for me. First, I have stopped doing my 5-10 minute daily cleaning because of how tired I am whe... Read more

  • Conversations with my Niece

    6/6/2016 5:42:08 PM, by KATRICK528

    Granbury Texas has been getting a lot of rain, and has had some flooding, including my brother's house. To help them out, I watched my niece this... Read more

  • End of May

    5/31/2016 11:13:17 AM, by KATRICK528

    Another month has come and gone, and it is time for me to think about what works and does not work again. In the middle of the month, I chan... Read more

  • Renaissance

    5/22/2016 10:18:23 PM, by KATRICK528

    I(left) spent the day at Scarborough Faire Renaissanc... Read more

  • Long Day

    5/20/2016 10:09:56 AM, by KATRICK528

    Today is going to be a long day for me. First, I did not get to bed until 12:30am, but this is due to a change in my World of Warcraft Raidi... Read more

  • Gel Pens

    5/19/2016 3:39:57 PM, by KATRICK528

    I love pens. I love to write in multiple colors and o... Read more

  • Thoughts 5/12/16

    5/12/2016 11:55:24 AM, by KATRICK528

    There are a few topics that I have crossed my mind. Walking to Work and Doggy: I had to go get my dog from my mother (we share... Read more

  • Bang

    5/10/2016 1:01:39 AM, by CLOSEENCOUNTER

    Hit 18k steps today. 9 miles total. Not bad for only working 4 hours.... Read more

  • Getting married

    5/8/2016 12:00:41 AM, by CLOSEENCOUNTER

    Getting married sometime in November. Up until now losing weight was for myself. Now it seems I have a goal to work towards. Also because of the ... Read more

  • May Goals

    4/29/2016 12:05:09 PM, by KATRICK528

    In End of April, I wrote about what I was successful and what I was not successful with. I also had some thoughts on things to change, and what... Read more

  • 007 I5

    4/28/2016 1:12:39 AM, by CLOSEENCOUNTER

    Has anyone ever tried Fitbit off brands. My fiance and I just ordered something called a 007 I5 and a T5. 35 bucks on amazon and boasts to do jus... Read more

  • End of April

    4/27/2016 10:43:53 AM, by KATRICK528

    April is ending. It is time to start looking at how to proceed into May. I do not believe I was successful enough to add what I originally want... Read more

  • Ab challenge

    4/26/2016 10:54:05 PM, by CLOSEENCOUNTER

    Had a rough time this weekend trying to stay motivated to do it. But got it done. Then yesterday and today added in a little cardio before work.... Read more

  • Day 1

    4/22/2016 1:58:49 AM, by CLOSEENCOUNTER

    Had a hard time getting motivated to even do the ab workout. But tot it done. Felt good to start a day off that way then to hit work.... Read more

  • Here we go

    4/20/2016 4:37:41 PM, by CLOSEENCOUNTER

    Gonna try and do an ab regimine. 30 day ab challenge. Never did a challenge before but I'm gonna give this one a try. Gonna take a before pic ton... Read more

  • Mid-April Update

    4/19/2016 5:05:15 PM, by KATRICK528

    The first 2 weeks, I have not earned my reward, and I am past point of no return for this week. It is the same goals I am not succeeding at. ... Read more

  • My Reward System

    4/8/2016 11:41:54 AM, by KATRICK528

    Rewards can be a good motivator to keep you going. Even little rewards for small goals help. I have made up my mind on what to do for small ... Read more

  • Fitbook (and Reward Thoughts)

    4/4/2016 2:09:29 PM, by KATRICK528

    Last week, I was getting organized. I was putting together lists and charts. I was writing out a daily list on each day. After getting through ... Read more

  • April Goals

    4/1/2016 9:58:30 AM, by KATRICK528

    In a previous article, I talked about March and my ideas for April. Yesterday, I went through the "Other Goals" inside of SparkPeople and I ... Read more

  • Workout Backups??

    3/31/2016 3:11:33 PM, by KATRICK528

    This week, I have been doing 2 walks each day with my puppy; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday after work, the weather was... Read more

  • End of March

    3/29/2016 12:34:09 PM, by KATRICK528

    The end of March is approaching which means it is time to analyze if I succeeded in my March plans, and to put together plans for April. I h... Read more

  • Bras

    3/22/2016 6:11:17 PM, by KATRICK528

    I am a woman, which means I have breasts. Breasts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Because of my size, I have a hard time finding bras I... Read more

  • Work Cleaning Crew

    3/21/2016 11:49:06 AM, by KATRICK528

    Last Monday, I came into work and found 2 empty beer cans (I do not drink beer btw), and a brown paper bag on my desk. The brown paper bag had th... Read more

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