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  • Rest was what I needed

    12/18/2017 12:57:13 AM, by NASFKAB

    Needed that rest & have already done chair exercise for 20 minutes & will dance in a bit... Read more

  • Rest day

    12/17/2017 1:20:36 AM, by NASFKAB

    Took a rest day yesterday just did some stretching & waked a bit but did not track the walk as it was quite slow just to keep the engine running,... Read more

  • My last blog

    12/16/2017 5:19:04 AM, by NASFKAB

    In my last blog mentioned about cooking amaranth greens unsure if they are available in US or Canada where most Spark people come from but you mi... Read more

  • Cooking

    12/15/2017 12:51:22 AM, by NASFKAB

    Cooking up several vegetables amaranth greens, carrots with cumin & some potatoes... Read more

  • Funny story

    12/14/2017 1:45:44 AM, by NASFKAB

    Looking for funny stories always want to laugh at life not go sit quiet & moan about my many problems & also try to be active so feel healthy & t... Read more

  • Sad news

    12/13/2017 1:12:07 AM, by NASFKAB

    Had some sad news daughter's friend's husband away their youngest is 11 & a good friend of my granddaughter the 2 boys are older but still in Hig... Read more

  • Another Nutty--or is it naughty?--Bit of news...

    12/12/2017 6:43:20 PM, by I.M.MAGIC

    There is a strong possibility that I'll lose my internet connection this coming Friday, and I've no clue how long before I'll be able to post aga... Read more

  • Staying fit

    12/12/2017 1:22:35 AM, by NASFKAB

    So much to do to stay fir & healthy but there is no other way to go because otherwise how will I survive in this world?... Read more

  • dancing

    12/11/2017 1:44:10 AM, by NASFKAB

    enjoying dancing every day its great exercise & fun to do... Read more

  • Surgery today!

    12/10/2017 3:56:47 PM, by JOYLARK

    I have my hernia repair scheduled for later today ... just really hoping it will help and not cause more problems! Hopefully once it's done I'll ... Read more

  • Good way to go

    12/10/2017 1:11:46 AM, by NASFKAB

    Find that the sugar challenge is of so much use for me that this is the result of working hard at the sugar challenge... Read more

  • Great

    12/9/2017 12:50:56 AM, by NASFKAB

    Went for breakfast with daughter but no sweets not even it looked so tempting... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 9

    12/8/2017 1:08:56 AM, by NASFKAB

    This challenge worked much better this time it could be that I was more conscious of what I was doing this time or going on these challenges ever... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 8

    12/7/2017 12:52:35 AM, by NASFKAB

    Have to write why I want to cut down on sugar the usual diabetes reduction, weight loss etc but have found cant drink sweet tea any more & anothe... Read more

  • Vet visit

    12/6/2017 3:55:53 AM, by JOYLARK

    I had to take my dog to the vet last night for his annual vaccination. During the visit she did a thourough investigation and thinks he has a can... Read more

  • Timing of exercise

    12/6/2017 12:35:22 AM, by NASFKAB

    Find if I exercise early can do much more than if I wait till the later part of the day so Spark posts really work as they mention working out ea... Read more

  • Therapist

    12/5/2017 1:08:30 AM, by NASFKAB

    My therapist came to make me exercise even though she was feeling very sick sweet of her she thought I would need that exercise as she came last... Read more

  • Major Goal for December!

    12/4/2017 8:23:28 PM, by SKINNYSPEDTEACH

    I have to lose 6 lbs. Not want to - have to@! Have to get out of the 230's. Such a horrible number. My dad used to be 230 when he was heavy a... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 8

    12/4/2017 1:12:44 AM, by NASFKAB

    Find that am not craving any type of sugar though all these days have craved so much sugar I am not feeling any cravings... Read more

  • December's Goals

    12/3/2017 2:40:25 PM, by SKINNYSPEDTEACH

    A new month - a new set of goals. Some will be continuation, but all still needs to be written down. My goals are: 1. Exercise 3 days a ... Read more

  • Strength

    12/3/2017 10:07:20 AM, by NASFKAB

    Did a new strength workout today feeling good after it... Read more

  • Improvements

    12/2/2017 1:19:03 AM, by NASFKAB

    Feeling a lot better I find I can now climb 3 flights of stairs without wheezing have asthma but I enjoy not having to wheeze when I walk up my ... Read more

  • Concert

    12/1/2017 12:40:12 AM, by NASFKAB

    Went to a concert last night great music but the singers were out of tune at times but enjoyed the outing meeting others & not sitting at the lap... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 7

    11/30/2017 1:04:23 AM, by NASFKAB

    Do no not give in when I have a craving try to distract myself by thinking of how its becoming so much easier to do normal chores even or exercis... Read more

  • Progress

    11/29/2017 1:24:00 AM, by NASFKAB

    Just saw on Community Feed a post that if you are not there yet you are still progressing the effort to get healthy is so valuable & one should n... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 7

    11/28/2017 1:12:06 AM, by NASFKAB

    Find that eat chromium quite a bit as I have oatmeal every day then black pepper is part of my menu & other vegetables too... Read more

  • Immerse yourself in what you want

    11/27/2017 8:45:36 PM, by SKINNYSPEDTEACH

    Since last month after reading a book about getting your life together financially I have been reading more information, listening to podcasts an... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 6

    11/27/2017 6:16:46 AM, by NASFKAB

    thinking of a reward for not eating sugar thought of keeping a set of new clothes around 7 would only wear it when I cut down the sugar... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 5

    11/26/2017 7:31:45 AM, by NASFKAB

    Today they asked about keeping a substitute ready if I crave sugar well depending on the season keep frozen grapes in the summer & always keep fr... Read more

  • Brief update

    11/26/2017 7:26:44 AM, by JOYLARK

    It's been a very busy last week or so with lots going on. Winding things down at work currently which means things get busier for a bit firs... Read more

  • Cleaning - what a feeling!

    11/25/2017 7:58:59 PM, by SKINNYSPEDTEACH

    Ok, I admit I am not one to maintain these schedules of vacuuming one day, moping the next, dusting the following...never worked for me. I usual... Read more

  • Out

    11/25/2017 10:13:30 AM, by NASFKAB

    Went to a poetry session & there was a poet who spoke about T.S.Eliot & his life it was quite interesting as she spoke about how his family bulli... Read more

  • This month went to hell in a hand basket.

    11/24/2017 9:31:00 PM, by SKINNYSPEDTEACH

    I didn't make my goals for this month. I stink, I know. Plus, I am now pushing 240lbs and my clothing is getting tighter. I know if anythin... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 4

    11/24/2017 1:02:58 AM, by NASFKAB

    Find that have sugar cravings & when I see sweets want to reach out for a bit so I have now decided that I must not keep any sweets in the house... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 3

    11/23/2017 1:09:02 AM, by NASFKAB

    Funny how today was asked in Community Feed about what I ate last replied oatmeal whereas other times might have had jam or something with bread... Read more


    11/22/2017 12:14:54 PM, by I.M.MAGIC

    HEY, GIRL! I love that you mention processed cheese products... Velveeta melts wonderfully and tastes great, but it has 400+ gm of sodium, befo... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge 2

    11/22/2017 12:59:26 AM, by NASFKAB

    I am finding it a bit easier to do it this time as I think I am concentrating better... Read more

  • Exhausted

    11/21/2017 7:30:00 AM, by NASFKAB

    Overdid on my exercise yesterday I knew I was going out to places where I would be climbing several flights of stairs but I danced, walked & did ... Read more

  • Sugar cravings challenge

    11/20/2017 1:00:39 AM, by NASFKAB

    started this again as cant control my sugar cravings at times makes me so stressed so do this every few months to keep me conscious of my health... Read more

  • Trying new exercise

    11/19/2017 4:30:26 AM, by NASFKAB

    Could barely do it but it is a new way to improve my body & I am sure will be able to do more of it every day I do it... Read more

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