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  • 6/29/15 - Bedtime

    6/29/2015 11:04:52 PM, by GORDON66

    Here's a novel concept. I walked to the gym this morning. It's a 1.7 mile one-way trip and takes about 30 minutes. This is the first Monday mo... Read more

  • Marvelous Monday

    6/29/2015 9:34:22 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Monday, June 29, 2015 ... Read more

  • No Zumba today - Opted out...

    6/29/2015 8:51:08 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I love my Zumba class and I hate to miss it because it is only one day a week. I opted out today because the location was changed from the gym t... Read more

  • 6/28/15 - Bedtime

    6/28/2015 11:46:46 PM, by GORDON66

    With my cousin in tow, I drove out to see my aunt, the retired nun. I enjoyed our visit very much. She shared with us that her doctor is concer... Read more

  • Week ending 6/28/15

    6/28/2015 6:37:27 PM, by EFDUNCAN

    Not much to say for the week. Working 12 hour days and falling more behind. I hope to get everything under control this week.... Read more

  • Relaxation Sunday....

    6/28/2015 4:48:13 PM, by ROBBIEY

    Just relaxing today, plan on going for a long run tonight to start my week off right. I am trying to recoup from a horrible eating day yesterday... Read more

  • 6/27/15 - Bedtime

    6/27/2015 11:57:14 PM, by GORDON66

    It was another lovely day in the Chicago area. My vegetable garden is looking terrific. Even the pepper plants are doing well. I planted t... Read more

  • Moving on to the next day....

    6/27/2015 9:37:36 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I ate too much junk food today. I was doing so well and then today happened. I had so much junk and very little food. I am looking forward to r... Read more

  • 6/26/15 - Bedtime

    6/26/2015 11:57:50 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm thankful I live in a town that has a really nice fitness center. The classes that are offered are varied, and all I have to do is show up wi... Read more

  • Long Day...time to unwind

    6/26/2015 9:21:56 PM, by ROBBIEY

    This has been a long busy day. I am so glad that the weekend is here so that I can relax a little. I am in desperate need of a long run to clea... Read more

  • 6/25/15 - Bedtime

    6/25/2015 11:39:54 PM, by GORDON66

    There are times I can't believe the level of wackiness my job involves. If I told my boss what his carrier planned to do with his auto insurance... Read more

  • Making the most of the day.....

    6/25/2015 9:01:34 AM, by ROBBIEY

    I am trying to make the most of the day and get things done. I have a lot on my plate, but I know that I can do it.... I plan on taking a long r... Read more

  • Rest day....

    6/24/2015 11:14:42 PM, by ROBBIEY

    Today, I took as a rest day to regroup and get organized. Things this week somehow have gotten off track and I need a day to pull it back in. H... Read more

  • 6/24/15 - Bedtime

    6/24/2015 11:14:04 PM, by GORDON66

    It was another gorgeous day, and I spent a good deal of it outside. I cleared more weeds out of spacers, so I'm almost done. ACE is suppose... Read more

  • 6/23/15 - Bedtime

    6/23/2015 11:23:02 PM, by GORDON66

    Oh my gosh!! It was such a beautiful day - sunny, pleasant, and low humidity! Went into work today. Sat in my office, got a lo... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday!!!

    6/23/2015 4:09:14 PM, by ROBBIEY

    Tuesday is moving right along. Feeling a little more rested. Trying to stay focused in this extremely hot weather and drinks lots of water. I a... Read more

  • 6/22/15 - Bedtime

    6/22/2015 10:58:22 PM, by GORDON66

    Having finally kicked my soap opera addiction, I went through the recordings on my DVR and was vicious with the delete button. Now I have plenty... Read more

  • Starting the day off tired...

    6/22/2015 12:57:01 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I am starting the today sluggish and tired. I went to bed at a decent hour, but for some reason I did not sleep well. My Zumba class is cancell... Read more

  • 6/21/15 - Bedtime

    6/21/2015 11:56:47 PM, by GORDON66

    My father had a collection of records that were 78s, and then he started to buy albums. He liked country and western music, so I heard a lot of ... Read more

  • Special Sunday

    6/21/2015 10:32:49 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Sunday, June 21, 2015 ... Read more

  • Week ending 6/21/15

    6/21/2015 7:50:53 PM, by EFDUNCAN

    Tough work week and worked 17 hours OT. The moneys is great but it really cuts into my exercise. Have another busy week coming up but I hope it w... Read more

  • But Its Not A DIET

    6/21/2015 6:47:43 PM, by NEWVINE

    Yearly doctor appointment were always stressful because of my weight. Joining Spark People has made it easier until last week. I was in shock... Read more

  • I can't .....

    6/21/2015 5:26:56 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I am so exhausted from the weekend that I can't even relax today. I have things to catch up on and things to do to prep for this week. I have t... Read more

  • 6/20/15 - Bedtime

    6/20/2015 11:44:07 PM, by GORDON66

    This evening it rained. There was thunder but we didn't have a downpour. We got moisture without destruction. It was a bright... Read more

  • Busy Saturday - No time to Relax

    6/20/2015 9:00:19 PM, by ROBBIEY

    The best made plans can easily be broken. My plans to relax ended extremely early. No time for that. On the run all day with friends and famil... Read more

  • 6/19/15 - Bedtime

    6/19/2015 11:52:33 PM, by GORDON66

    I weeded a really large flower bed. My brother trimmed the branches on one of the silver maple trees. After my session with... Read more

  • Fantastic Friday

    6/19/2015 7:59:04 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Friday, June 19, 2015 ... Read more

  • Time to Relax....

    6/19/2015 5:27:08 PM, by ROBBIEY

    The heat index will be over 105 in my area this weekend; in fact it has been that way all week. Therefore, this weekend I plan to do nothing but... Read more

  • Motivational fitness quote

    6/19/2015 2:42:28 PM, by GORDON66

    Squat like Channing Tatum is watching. Leslie XXXOOOXXX... Read more

  • Restarting MF

    6/19/2015 1:27:35 AM, by BARGAINSHPR

    Tomorrow is Day 1 with MF... Read more

  • 6/18/15 - Bedtime

    6/18/2015 11:33:05 PM, by GORDON66

    After a very humid morning, the temperature is now at a much more pleasant level. At the gym, I ran into a couple of people I hadn't seen ... Read more

  • The beat goes on...

    6/18/2015 9:00:49 PM, by ROBBIEY

    The beat goes on and I continue this healthy and wellness journey. I am reflecting on this week; it has been a good one. My goals have been in l... Read more

  • 6/18/2015 - Exercise Video of the Day

    6/18/2015 1:19:06 PM, by AY_BEAUTIFUL89

    Here's a fun, short strength workout for the whole body! Hope you enjoy it!! #FitnessBlenderWorkouts
    h?v=yLN... Read more

  • Week Off

    6/18/2015 9:03:45 AM, by PSYCHOTAZ

    I decided to take this week off from Cardio to try to get my Planters Fasciitis under control. I still went to my House of Pain class on Tuesday... Read more

  • 6/17/15 - Bedtime

    6/17/2015 10:53:24 PM, by GORDON66

    I had an I-am-woman moment today. I took a hammer and pounded the gutter downspout so I could add more length. Water was collecting too close t... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    6/17/2015 10:28:18 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Wednesday, April 17, 2015 ... Read more

  • I woke up like this...

    6/17/2015 9:01:16 AM, by ROBBIEY

    I woke this morning feeling really great. I tried a 10 minute HITT full body workout that I found online and it really put my body and lungs to ... Read more

  • 6/16/15 - Bedtime

    6/16/2015 11:38:53 PM, by GORDON66

    It was a wonderful day today. There was no rain, the humidity was low, it was sunny, and the temperatures were in the 70's. A perfect day to be... Read more

  • Motivational Tuesday....

    6/16/2015 8:45:03 AM, by ROBBIEY

    I have to motivate myself today to keep moving forward!!! I am getting lazy with this hot weather and I must remain focused on my health and wel... Read more

  • 6/15/15 - Bedtime

    6/15/2015 11:05:24 PM, by GORDON66

    It's been over two months since I took my last TRX class, and I really enjoyed myself today. The rain has finally stopped, and... Read more

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