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  • 4/25/15 - Bedtime

    4/25/2015 11:37:36 PM, by GORDON66

    It's been raining most of the day, so I'm thankful for the gym and fitness center. I ran into a neighbor at the gym, and we had a nice cha... Read more

  • Increased my step goal yesterday to challenge myself

    4/25/2015 11:35:10 PM, by GRATEFUL_DAWN

    I restarted SparkCoach from the beginning to Spark Diet a few days ago so that I could get back to basics. I remember how excited I was when I fi... Read more

  • Rainy Stormy Day....

    4/25/2015 3:02:22 PM, by ROBBIEY

    Good thing that I planned for lots of physical fitness this weekend with gym classes, Zumbathons; etc., because it is a stormy rainy day. I feel... Read more

  • 4/24/15

    4/24/2015 11:55:25 PM, by GORDON66

    I signed up for my first 5K of the season. Between the leg presses and deadlifts, my legs are already feeling a bit sore. Oh well - I worke... Read more

  • 4/23/15 - Bedtime

    4/23/2015 11:20:35 PM, by GORDON66

    Don't tell anyone, but this evening's team training session was free!!! Got in a nice long outdoor walk. Althou... Read more

  • The weekend is near

    4/23/2015 10:48:35 PM, by ROBBIEY

    Looking forward to the weekend so that I can get some much needed rest. I haven't been sleeping well and I just need some down time.... Read more

  • Hanging in there

    4/22/2015 11:53:29 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I am hanging in there and trying not to overeat and snack too much because I feel awful about my friend. It has been hard to get up and get moti... Read more

  • 4/22/15 - Bedtime

    4/22/2015 11:06:50 PM, by GORDON66

    Although it was rather chilly, I spent a good part of the evening clearing a flower bed. The very fresh air was invigorating. I opened the ... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    4/22/2015 9:42:11 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015 ... Read more

  • Tremendous Tuesday

    4/21/2015 10:51:18 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 ... Read more

  • 4/21/15 - Bedtime

    4/21/2015 10:50:04 PM, by GORDON66

    When I got home from the gym, I found a box with the coneflowers and geraniums I ordered. I hope I can get them all in the ground ... Read more

  • Life is short.....

    4/21/2015 8:52:33 AM, by ROBBIEY

    A good friend past suddenly last night and we are all devastated by the loss. It reminds me that you have to enjoy life while you can and make t... Read more

  • 4/20/15 - Bedtime

    4/20/2015 10:45:15 PM, by GORDON66

    Since I was feeling sorry for myself and needed to prove a point, I took two strength training classes yesterday morning. I'll gladly admit that... Read more

  • Happy Monday!!!

    4/20/2015 8:55:33 AM, by ROBBIEY

    It is going to be a great day today!!! I am so looking forward to my Zumba Class today after work. It is so much fun, but a lot of work at the ... Read more

  • Week ending 3/19/15

    4/19/2015 7:35:32 PM, by EFDUNCAN

    Good week. Only missed one day of workouts but not so good with my diet. I'm taking a staycation this week and plan to work out each morning. Tak... Read more

  • Planning

    4/19/2015 7:18:42 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I spent today preparing for the week ahead. I am planning my meals and my fitness. It helps me stay on task and keep my goals. A plan for me i... Read more

  • Special Sunday

    4/19/2015 12:33:44 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Sunday, April 19, 2015 ... Read more

  • 4/18/15 - Bedtime

    4/19/2015 12:08:14 AM, by GORDON66

    For the first time this season, I mowed the lawn. Freshly cut grass smells terrific!!!! I'm thankful that I have the mobility, energy, ... Read more

  • Entering Races

    4/18/2015 7:57:17 PM, by ROBBIEY

    All my friends are entering 5K, 10 K etc. runs and they want me to do it with them. I run about 25 miles per week on my treadmill. It is hard t... Read more

  • 4/17/15 - Bedtime

    4/18/2015 12:02:38 AM, by GORDON66

    Completed a 110-pound deadlift. Completed a set of 140-pound let presses. This evening it was warm enough that ... Read more

  • Not a bad day!!!

    4/17/2015 11:57:31 PM, by ROBBIEY

    Today was not such a bad day. I did ok, but I was hungry all day. Have a great weekend!!!... Read more

  • 4/16/15 - Bedtime

    4/16/2015 10:53:49 PM, by GORDON66

    I held a plank for three minutes. My goal is five minutes, so I'm getting closer. My clothes in the spring colors are getting clo... Read more

  • Today is hectic....

    4/16/2015 2:30:13 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I keep running and running, but not getting anywhere.... Read more

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

    4/16/2015 10:16:33 AM, by GORDON66

    "Don't be afraid of change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better." I binge to fill an unnamed void. Although I'v... Read more

  • 4/15/15 - Bedtime

    4/15/2015 11:28:56 PM, by GORDON66

    Talking to an objective person about my weight issues is very helpful. I stopped at the gym to take advantage of the Tax Day Special and use... Read more

  • Waking up thin

    4/15/2015 10:15:37 AM, by GORDON66

    Whenever I get a chance to wish upon a star, I make a wish to be thin. I've thought how wonderful it would be to get out of bed with my nightgow... Read more

  • Hump Day; Tax Day ....

    4/15/2015 8:57:22 AM, by ROBBIEY

    The good news is that it is Hump day and all is well. The bad thing is that taxes are due and done. It has been a slow steady week, but I am ge... Read more

  • 4/14/15 - Bedtime

    4/14/2015 11:09:51 PM, by GORDON66

    I filed my IL state taxes, and I'm getting a refund. Tomorrow is the gym's tax day sale on personal training. I bought a fair n... Read more

  • When food means love

    4/14/2015 10:32:00 AM, by GORDON66

    It's called a journey, a change in lifestyle, love of self, etc. Journeys and changes come with highs and lows, but self-love is a completely di... Read more

  • Energized today....

    4/14/2015 9:09:14 AM, by ROBBIEY

    I had such an awesome Zumba class yesterday. It went and extra 15 minutes because everyone was really into it. It left me feeling energized and... Read more

  • 4/13/15 - Bedtime

    4/13/2015 10:31:40 PM, by GORDON66

    Finally finished my federal taxes. I shouldn't have waited until the last minute, because I'm getting a return! ... Read more

  • Restless Night...

    4/13/2015 8:45:36 AM, by ROBBIEY

    I had a restless night and did not sleep well. I worked out and felt great, but I just could not help but toss and turn all night. I woke up b... Read more

  • Week ending 4/12/15

    4/12/2015 6:46:33 PM, by EFDUNCAN

    Good week all in all. I am eating out lunch more now with the new job and have to start making better choices. Good week work outs and logged abo... Read more

  • Getting back on the wagon today....

    4/12/2015 4:09:36 PM, by ROBBIEY

    I took the day off yesterday and today I feel lazy and don't want to get moving and to continue my eat anything I want mode.. This is not going ... Read more

  • 4/11/15 - Bedtime

    4/11/2015 11:39:54 PM, by GORDON66

    It was a lovely morning so I was able to walk outside. For the first time this year, I opened my car's sunroof. Since the t... Read more

  • Just Chilling today...

    4/11/2015 10:01:19 PM, by ROBBIEY

    A totally no stress day. I took the day off and did not do much of anything and it felt great. I ate too much pizza, but I am not sweating it t... Read more

  • 4/10/15 - Bedtime

    4/10/2015 11:58:35 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm thinking it's about time to store my flannel top away for the winter. The strawberries I bought this evening look good. I... Read more

  • Be grateful

    4/10/2015 10:11:44 AM, by GORDON66

    I live in the Midwestern area of the US. It's spring, so it's the season for volatile weather. Over the last several days, it had been predicte... Read more

  • Ready for the weekend

    4/10/2015 8:13:19 AM, by ROBBIEY

    I am so ready for the weekend. It has been a long busy week and I just want to sit and unwind. It has been a pretty good week. I have done wel... Read more

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