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  • 7/27/17 - Bedtime

    7/27/2017 11:52:57 PM, by GORDON66

    Gave my neighbor some grape tomatoes and a cucumber for her salad. The humidity is much lower than yesterday. Shimmering in sweat is overra... Read more

  • 7/26/17 - Bedtime

    7/26/2017 10:14:38 PM, by GORDON66

    I got a call from my friend Kevin, and he told me he's buying a horse. I'm so happy for him. Oh my gosh! I've already got a ton of cucumbe... Read more

  • 7/25/17 - Bedtime

    7/25/2017 11:56:43 PM, by GORDON66

    Gosh - it's been a while. I was having Internet connection issues, so I couldn't log into SP or anything else. That's not exactly true. I coul... Read more

  • 7/6/17 - Bedtime

    7/6/2017 11:48:40 PM, by GORDON66

    It's supposed to rain overnight, but you never know for sure. To be on the safe side, I watered the garden - quickly. I didn't want to be bitte... Read more

  • 7/5/17 - Bedtime

    7/5/2017 10:52:22 PM, by GORDON66

    After a very long weekend, it was back to work today. When dealing with the "boys", I find it helpful to repeat "patience is a virtue" until my ... Read more

  • 7/4/17 - Bedtime

    7/4/2017 11:02:40 PM, by GORDON66

    Went to a friend's house for a 4th of July barbecue. I brought the fruit salad. The kitties have found the quietest spot in the house and a... Read more

  • 7/3/17 - Bedtime

    7/4/2017 12:03:05 AM, by GORDON66

    It rained early this evening, but stopped in plenty of time to avoid spoiling the fireworks. Since I cleaned out the gutters last weekend, ... Read more

  • 7/2/17 - Bedtime

    7/2/2017 11:39:46 PM, by GORDON66

    I called my aunt, the retired nun, and she sounds great! She will be 89 in December. I got to the hardware store about three minutes before... Read more

  • 7/1/17 - Bedtime

    7/2/2017 12:01:48 AM, by GORDON66

    I'm happy to have a comfortable couch that's perfect for napping with my kitties. I'm happy that the cucumber plants are looking like they w... Read more

  • 6/30/17 - Bedtime

    6/30/2017 11:44:29 PM, by GORDON66

    The office is closed on 7/3 and 7/4, so I'm looking forward to enjoying four more office-free days. I survived my TRX class and personal tra... Read more

  • 6/24/17 - Bedtime

    6/24/2017 11:38:06 PM, by GORDON66

    I needed sand for the patio spacers, so I went to the hardware store. The bags are outside, so I grabbed one to pay for it. An employee stopped... Read more

  • 6/23/17 - Bedtime

    6/23/2017 11:56:24 PM, by GORDON66

    The heat and humidity have moved out of the area and has been replaced by cool breezes. What a wonderful day!!! There's nothing like being ... Read more

  • 6/22/17 - Bedtime

    6/22/2017 11:32:14 PM, by GORDON66

    I don't have to go into work tomorrow! It's hot and humid again, so I'm glad I turned on the A/C before I left for work this mor... Read more

  • 6/21/17 - Bedtime

    6/21/2017 11:06:03 PM, by GORDON66

    I have an Internet connection! Yippee!!! I don't know if the problem is the modem, Comcast, or a combination thereof. I also have Vista. In a... Read more

  • 6/17/17 - Bedtime

    6/17/2017 10:19:39 PM, by GORDON66

    What is it about cats and computers? Sami made herself comfortable curling up between my monitor and keyboard. I'm just going to believe that s... Read more

  • 6/16/17 - Bedtime

    6/16/2017 11:50:35 PM, by GORDON66

    As I was pulling some weeds this evening, I sat back and enjoyed watching the lightning bugs flickering in the twilight. The new Internet cr... Read more

  • 6/14/17 - Bedtime

    6/14/2017 10:09:02 PM, by GORDON66

    Not that I would ever wait until the last minute to do something, but now I have a bright, shiny, new city sticker on the lower right hand corner... Read more

  • 6/13/17 - Bedtime

    6/13/2017 11:26:20 PM, by GORDON66

    Before heading to bed last evening, I sat down to post my blog, but the Internet connection took the night off. I had to settle for about a half... Read more

  • Learning about the Magic of Gratitude

    6/7/2017 1:10:46 PM, by GRATEFUL_DAWN

    I recently picked up a book from the library called "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. It is a 28-day program about being grateful each day. From the f... Read more

  • 5/31/17 - Bedtime

    5/31/2017 10:57:52 PM, by GORDON66

    The neighbors bought a trampoline, and it's fun watching their girls have such a good time. When I woke up this morning, little Sami girl wa... Read more

  • 5/30/17 - Bedtime

    5/30/2017 10:53:09 PM, by GORDON66

    It's been a while since I've posted a blog. My yard is outrageous, so I've been spending a lot of time planting, mowing, digging, and weeding. ... Read more

  • 5/21/17 - Bedtime

    5/21/2017 11:08:24 PM, by GORDON66

    While I was taking my shower, little Sami girl decided to lay on the bath mat. When you have a cat, you are never alone. It was cloudy and ... Read more

  • 5/20/17 - Bedtime

    5/20/2017 11:05:40 PM, by GORDON66

    This morning in Kristin's strength we did skull crushers. They're all called French curls, but there's just something about say "skull crusher" ... Read more

  • 5/19/17 - Bedtime

    5/19/2017 11:56:43 PM, by GORDON66

    It was cold and damp today, so my knees hurt. I was really, really glad to make it through my TRX class. The upside to the rainy conditions... Read more

  • 5/18/17 - Bedtime

    5/18/2017 11:20:02 PM, by GORDON66

    It's been very windy, and it rained last night. I've got two silver maples in the front yard, so there were helicopter seeds all over the place.... Read more

  • 5/14/17 - Bedtime

    5/14/2017 7:58:11 PM, by GORDON66

    It took me forever, but I got the lawn cut. It was nice to sleep with the windows open. Although I have no chi... Read more

  • 5/13/17 - Bedtime

    5/13/2017 10:42:33 PM, by GORDON66

    Dragged myself out of bed early this morning to head over to the hardware store's annual spring plant sale. I bought four flats of annuals (48 p... Read more

  • 5/12/17 - Bedtime

    5/12/2017 10:48:53 PM, by GORDON66

    It actually felt like spring today! Since I've been staying so late at work, I've been too tired to get to gym, so it felt good ... Read more

  • 5/11/17 - Bedtime

    5/11/2017 10:52:09 PM, by GORDON66

    My new driver's license came in the mail today, so I can throw out paper one that I got at the DMV. I had to wait because the licenses have been... Read more

  • 5/10/17 - Bedtime

    5/10/2017 10:39:14 PM, by GORDON66

    When I got up this morning, I found that one of the kitties had been playing roller derby, and EJ was taking flying leaps into the pile of toilet... Read more

  • 5/9/17 - Bedtime

    5/9/2017 11:28:33 PM, by GORDON66

    I got in the office at just before 7:30 AM and left around 6:45 PM. It was a long day, and I was glad to get home. On both trips, the train... Read more

  • 5/8/17 - Bedtime

    5/8/2017 10:55:25 PM, by GORDON66

    Got a birthday call from my friend Kevin. Talking to him is always so much fun! It was been decided that I can't be out of the office two d... Read more

  • 5/7/17 - Bedtime

    5/7/2017 10:59:07 PM, by GORDON66

    Another trip to a restaurant, another birthday dinner, and another great time! I spent more time mowing the lawn and digging up dandelions. ... Read more

  • 5/6/17 - Bedtime

    5/6/2017 10:40:27 PM, by GORDON66

    Had dinner at a restaurant with the family. I have two brothers, and we were born almost exactly one year apart. In fact, two of us share the s... Read more

  • 5/5/17 - Bedtime

    5/5/2017 10:22:34 PM, by GORDON66

    It's Cinco De Mayo!!! I went to a restaurant for dinner with my friends, and we shared a pitcher of Margaritas. I'm not above using obscure Mex... Read more

  • 5/4/17 - Bedtime

    5/5/2017 12:04:15 AM, by GORDON66

    Michele is retiring on Friday, so the entire office was taken to a very nice restaurant for lunch. It was great! The grass is so long it's ... Read more

  • 5/2/17 - Bedtime

    5/2/2017 11:03:58 PM, by GORDON66

    With the help of my new glasses, I passed the vision test and got my driver's license renewed. It's still chilly, but the rain h... Read more

  • 5/1/17 - Bedtime

    5/1/2017 10:55:18 PM, by GORDON66

    Today I made Double Barley Posole. Along with pearl barley, the recipe included a bottle of beer. To be specific, it is a pilsner. Cremini mus... Read more

  • 4/30/17 - Bedtime

    4/30/2017 11:39:08 PM, by GORDON66

    For a bit, I was cutting the grass between the raindrops; then it started coming down heavier. When it comes to mowing the lawn, tomorrow is ano... Read more

  • 4/28/17 - Bedtime

    4/28/2017 11:45:45 PM, by GORDON66

    I put out some peanuts, and a chipmunk took them all. My Internet connection was down for most of the day, so I'm happy that I'm... Read more

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