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  • 11/19/17 - Bedtime

    11/19/2017 10:00:59 PM, by GORDON66

    After raining yesterday, it was dry and windy today, so raking the leaves wasn't nearly so big a project. I even finished long before the sun we... Read more

  • 11/18/17 - Bedtime

    11/18/2017 11:09:23 PM, by GORDON66

    When I got out of the gym, it was snowing. Yikes!!! It was really wet, so it melted as it hit the ground. It still was a bit startling. ... Read more

  • 11/17/17 - Bedtime

    11/17/2017 11:17:32 PM, by GORDON66

    I found a Subway gift card that I had been given last Christmas and had a sandwich for lunch. It was the turkey carver. Pretty good! I rea... Read more

  • 11/15/17 - Bedtime

    11/15/2017 10:29:24 PM, by GORDON66

    I'd been putting off changing out the back door's storm door. It was nearly 50 degrees, so I pulled down the screen and lifted up the window. I... Read more

  • 11/14/17 - Bedtime

    11/14/2017 11:37:09 PM, by GORDON66

    It has warmed up a bit, so walking to and from the "L" was rather pleasant. I didn't leave the office until 6, so it was just nice to get ho... Read more

  • 11/12/17 - Bedtime

    11/12/2017 10:42:42 PM, by GORDON66

    We had light rain most of the day. It didn't quit until almost 4 PM, but I was determined to get the leaves racked. It took me two hours. Towa... Read more

  • 11/11/17 - Bedtime

    11/11/2017 10:44:49 PM, by GORDON66

    Vegetarian Chili Ole is in the crock pot in the refrigerator ready to start tomorrow morning. The Ole part is because the recipe includes an oun... Read more

  • 11/10/17 - Bedtime

    11/10/2017 10:26:21 PM, by GORDON66

    My temporary crown cracked on Wednesday, so I was very happy to get the call from the dentist's office that the permanent crown was ready. G... Read more

  • 11/8/17 - Bedtime

    11/8/2017 10:36:15 PM, by GORDON66

    Finally got the peony bush transplanted. Now that my sciatic nerve feels so much better, I'm doing step ups again. Have I ever ... Read more

  • 11/7/17 - Bedtime

    11/7/2017 10:11:11 PM, by GORDON66

    My sciatic nerve feels much better, so I'm back to walking up the three flights of stairs to the "L" platform. I was the first one to get to... Read more

  • 11/5/17 - Bedtime

    11/5/2017 7:17:32 PM, by GORDON66

    Since we fell behind at 2 AM, I used the extra hour to go to the gym. That's a habit I need to reintroduce to my schedule. On Sunday mornings, ... Read more

  • 11/4/17 - Bedtime

    11/4/2017 8:17:23 PM, by GORDON66

    There were 24 participants in Bodypump this morning. The more the merrier!!! For lunch, I had leftovers from last evening's dinner. It was... Read more

  • Transformations

    11/2/2017 2:39:10 PM, by GORDON66

    "I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question getting tired of their own BS." Elizabeth Gilbert ... Read more

  • 11/1/17 - Bedtime

    11/1/2017 10:42:44 PM, by GORDON66

    I overdosed on cable news today. Blinders are great, but knowledge truly is power. Before I go to bed, I make sure the bird feeder is full.... Read more

  • 10/31/17 - Bedtime

    10/31/2017 11:20:21 PM, by GORDON66

    I worked today and didn't get back home until after 6:30. I have two bags of candy and no kids trick or treating. The candy will go to the offi... Read more

  • 10/29/17 - Bedtime

    10/29/2017 10:54:42 PM, by GORDON66

    It's National Cat Day!!! There's either a poltergeist upstairs or the kitties are celebrating. =^..^= =^..^= Pulled out as many tomat... Read more

  • 10/28/17 - Bedtime

    10/28/2017 11:17:16 PM, by GORDON66

    As I was pulling out plants, I found some green peppers I had missed. I cut them up and put them in the freezer. They keep nicely and are ready... Read more

  • 10/27/17 - Bedtime

    10/27/2017 11:40:53 PM, by GORDON66

    It's National Black Cat Day!!! Trainer Nick is in New York, so I took a Bodypump class in place of my personal training session.... Read more

  • More energy to garden is my goal.

    10/26/2017 8:29:25 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    I really want to be in shape so when I move in about... Read more

  • 10/25/17 - Bedtime

    10/25/2017 10:53:22 PM, by GORDON66

    Summer is officially over. I took down the rabbit fence. I went through the garden and found some green peppers. I also picked a bunch of ... Read more

  • 10/24/17 - Bedtime

    10/25/2017 12:02:05 AM, by GORDON66

    The heat in the house came on!! It's officially cold. It was rainy and chilly today, so I'm glad I wore my red quilted jacket to work. ... Read more

  • Healthy plans.

    10/24/2017 12:59:41 PM, by GLOYNBYW

    I have a Halloween party to go to this Saturday and w... Read more

  • 10/22/17 - Bedtime

    10/22/2017 11:12:31 PM, by GORDON66

    I got the leaves raked before it started raining. Of course, the rain caused more leaves to fall on the ground. Such is life. As he was dr... Read more

  • Weekend.

    10/22/2017 7:55:18 PM, by GLOYNBYW

    I spent Saturday at a pirate festival with my daught... Read more

  • 10/21/17 - Bedtime

    10/21/2017 11:06:19 PM, by GORDON66

    Transplanting the irises was a bigger chore than I expected, but it is done. After putting it off for about a year, I had my fir... Read more

  • Good Morning.

    10/19/2017 10:32:04 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    I love when people admire my plants. I love gardenin... Read more

  • 10/18/17 - Bedtime

    10/18/2017 10:31:19 PM, by GORDON66

    Although they were very young kittens when I adopted them, I can't say that Sami and EJ are a bonded pair. In fact, I don't think Sami would min... Read more

  • Rough day.

    10/18/2017 10:59:14 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    Not sure why but so sore today that I just want to go... Read more

  • Great walk this morning.

    10/17/2017 9:06:08 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    I did my weigh in last night ,3 pounds down. I stru... Read more

  • 10/16/17 - Bedtime

    10/16/2017 10:52:50 PM, by GORDON66

    It may be really late in the season, but the tomatoes from my garden still taste good!!! I'm waiting until the last possible minute to pick ... Read more

  • 10/15/17 - Bedtime

    10/15/2017 11:00:54 PM, by GORDON66

    After having no rain for weeks, we had four inches yesterday. Since it had been so dry, the garden wasn't muddy, but pulling annuals was really ... Read more

  • Going to be a rough day.

    10/15/2017 10:18:35 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    Yet another Sunday and I sit home alone while my hus... Read more

  • 10/14/17 - Bedtime

    10/14/2017 11:18:43 PM, by GORDON66

    We got a lot of rain, but I won't complain. We don't get hurricanes in Chicago. The fitness center rolled out Bodypump 103, and it's a lot ... Read more

  • Weekend.

    10/14/2017 9:52:38 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    I plan on working on small things this weekend. So h... Read more

  • 10/13/17 - Bedtime

    10/13/2017 11:28:27 PM, by GORDON66

    I was up late last night, because the baseball game lasted 4 hours and 37 minutes. It was wacky, but the Cubs won!!! When I got up this mor... Read more

  • I miss it.

    10/12/2017 10:30:17 AM, by GLOYNBYW

    This was my spot. It was cooler even on the hotte... Read more

  • 10/11/17 - Bedtime

    10/11/2017 11:04:07 PM, by GORDON66

    A missing sock miraculously reappeared. I washed my denim shorts to put them away for the year. I did that last month too, and ... Read more

  • Working for me

    10/11/2017 4:40:00 PM, by GLOYNBYW

    I feel so down about gaining weight back but seems s... Read more

  • 10/10/17 - Bedtime

    10/10/2017 11:42:29 PM, by GORDON66

    I wore a flannel blouse to work today, and I was glad to have it. It was overcast, so the sun couldn't warm up my office. My hoodie also came i... Read more

  • 10/9/17 - Bedtime

    10/9/2017 10:53:56 PM, by GORDON66

    The sciatic nerve pain is finally beginning to get a lot better. It's been almost four weeks, and that's how long it usually takes for the pain ... Read more

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