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  • Possibilities

    6/5/2013 3:19:18 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    There's a part-time position open at the Central Library for a YA librarian. Pros: It's more money. 30 hours a week instead of 40 might all... Read more

  • Forward

    6/4/2013 1:00:09 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    I'm still moving forward. I did really, really terribly yesterday, coming in at 2300 calories eaten. But I'm on track today and I spent 30 minu... Read more

  • Starting Out

    6/3/2013 11:04:47 AM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    It's the new week and a new day. I slept really well, though that meant getting up a little later than expected. My iPod's been at work all wee... Read more

  • Weigh-In

    6/2/2013 8:23:29 AM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    So I weighed in this morning. Last time I'd weighed in was back in April and I was 162. This morning, I was 164. I'm pleased with this, honest... Read more

  • D&D and Indian Food

    6/1/2013 10:18:26 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    I made black lentils and kidney beans for dinner tonight. Complete and utter success. Taste was out of this world, even if the sodium was kind ... Read more

  • Impossible?

    5/31/2013 9:51:26 AM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    It's been really hit and miss for me since the beginning of the year. I like to say it's just a day or just a rough week, but it's really been a... Read more

  • Hoping

    5/3/2013 12:46:08 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    My aunt is supposed to come visit tonight, but has so far gotten turned around on a cloverleaf and may not make it now. I'm on pins and needles,... Read more

  • Rough Day...again

    5/1/2013 3:17:26 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    Just found out that all the things I need for a paper due on the 14th aren't readily accessible. I'm really stressed about trying to find source... Read more

  • Day One Redux

    4/30/2013 6:23:46 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    I've logged in. I've posted to SparkGroups. I've answered trivia. I'm writing my blog entry. I'm back. I had an appointment with m... Read more

  • The SparkWagon

    4/29/2013 3:11:11 PM, by KIJIPEOPLE

    I'm determined to get back on the SparkWagon. I fell off pretty hard in the last few months, especially during my bronchitis about a month ago. ... Read more

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