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  • A New Me Journey Day 2

    1/2/2017 7:35:09 PM, by DONDAIN

    I went to work today and after work I swam for a quarter mile. I really did not want to do it but I did it anyway. I am proud of myself for actua... Read more

  • A New Year

    1/1/2017 10:12:24 AM, by DONDAIN

    I am looking forward to the new year. This past year has been a year of ups and downs but the ups have been really good. I started working at our... Read more

  • Time Out!

    12/23/2016 3:24:40 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    I have a free day (for the most part), so I am taking a me day! Yesterday, I took my pup Pippa to the vet. She has an ear infection, so today we... Read more

  • Where Does The Time Go?

    12/21/2016 12:48:42 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    Aside from being ready for the holidays to be done and over with things have been going pretty well! Not only have I maintained my weight since... Read more

  • Renewed Energy!

    12/19/2016 9:28:36 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    Things have been hectic lately. There have been days that I've struggled especially when the scale didn't move or it was creeping slowly. I stepp... Read more

  • Time to Tackle Tofu!

    12/17/2016 8:41:11 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I've never attempted preparing Tofu before, but I guess there is a first time for everything! I picked some up at the store last night and I'm go... Read more

  • I Have Missed Being Around!

    12/15/2016 1:06:31 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    I have been M.I.A. lately, although I've been logging. I've been helping care for my Granddad, so I've been a little busy. I have missed keeping ... Read more

  • I'm baaaaack!

    12/9/2016 11:27:42 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    My Granddad made it home from the hospital, thank you for all of the well wishes! As you can imagine I've been getting some steps in, but the a... Read more

  • Football

    12/8/2016 8:34:06 PM, by DONDAIN

    I really love watching NFL Football and my favorite team is the NY Giants. Last year for Christmas it was a NY Christmas for me. My husband got m... Read more

  • I'm Back

    12/6/2016 8:11:56 PM, by DONDAIN

    I've been sick and busy but I'm back.... Read more

  • Got Food?

    12/6/2016 11:04:43 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like you can't get enough to eat? I've eaten a nice healthy meal, but I just feel like I... Read more

  • Waiting Is The Hardest Part

    12/5/2016 9:33:36 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    Today we are waiting on test results for Granddad to see what they are going to do next. So we are playing hurry up and wait, a game I'm not very... Read more

  • Hard To Get Up This Morning!

    12/4/2016 11:43:09 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I am still lounging in bed catching up with you Sparke... Read more

  • Give Me A Positive!

    12/3/2016 6:32:30 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    We all have ups and downs on this journey and we tend to be really hard on ourselves when we have a down day, so in the comment section be good t... Read more

  • It Pays to Plan Ahead

    12/2/2016 4:28:02 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    As I blogged earlier in the week I told you I was going to take my bum in the kitchen and do some bulk cooking for the week so I would have meals... Read more

  • Had VSG surgery on Monday

    12/2/2016 6:12:39 AM, by GOLDIEFOXX

    On Monday (November 28th) I had Vertical Sleeve Gastr... Read more

  • Ready For A Day Off!

    12/1/2016 4:48:29 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    This is the last 4 a.m. day, and my hubby is about to have a staycation. We both need it. Both of us are ready for some much needed rest. It's b... Read more

  • After the First Day of Using the Jawbone Up3

    11/30/2016 9:10:26 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    Ok, I thought I would let you know how the first day of using my fitness tracker went. This is the only one I've ever used so I can't compare th... Read more

  • Let's Talk About Fitness Trackers!

    11/29/2016 5:25:00 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I got a holiday deal on a Jawbone Up3 fitness tracker. It came in yesterday evening! Last night I charged it, and I just finished setting it up.... Read more

  • Sleep

    11/28/2016 2:04:57 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    Sleep is being elusive tonight. I fell asleep a short time then it was over. I have to be up in a couple of hours, so it's going to be interrupte... Read more

  • Tomorrow I'm cooking! (Yes, you read that right)

    11/27/2016 9:31:49 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    Today has been super busy, so I'm just getting to settle in! I found a few vegan recipes that looked really good. Tonight I went shopping so my ... Read more

  • Today I Cried (Happy Tears)

    11/26/2016 12:29:50 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    169.5 That’s what the scale said when I stepped on this morning. I couldn't quite believe it. Maybe my foot was hanging off a little... I stepped... Read more

  • I've Got That Zombie Feelin'

    11/25/2016 8:18:04 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I didn't overindulge yesterday, or even come close. However, I do feel like everyone's food coma was contagious, because I can not get it togeth... Read more

  • A Little Thanksgiving Humor

    11/24/2016 6:01:06 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! My pl... Read more

  • I'm Not Tooting My Own Horn But...

    11/23/2016 8:02:15 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I FREAKING ROCK!!!! OK, maybe I'm tooting it a little bit. I woke up after a pretty decent night sleep. I got up cleaned up the house, had my pro... Read more

  • I Didn't Eat The Pizza!

    11/22/2016 10:35:16 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I resisted temptation yesterday when everyone ordered a big pizza with everything on it. I have to admit it looked pretty good! I ordered out l... Read more

  • Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore !

    11/21/2016 6:08:44 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I've been up since 3 a.m. It is cold and the wind outside has not let up all night...I feel like one of the little pigs and the big bad wolf is o... Read more

  • Time For A Me Day!

    11/20/2016 3:17:26 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    It is time to take a break from Project House Purge, or at least slow down a little. I went at it all day yesterday and even though to look at y... Read more

  • The Purge Continues!

    11/19/2016 6:29:19 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I am still working on the great house purge. I manage... Read more

  • Just A Little Longer!

    11/18/2016 5:49:47 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I woke up a little too early this morning, way before I had enough hours in. Who's going to get a few extra zzz's this morning? That's right...t... Read more

  • Busy, Busy, Busy!

    11/17/2016 10:26:56 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    That day when you have more to do than you realized! LOL Have a great day! Read more

  • Short Term Goals

    11/16/2016 8:17:26 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    My short term goals for the rest of the year: 1. D... Read more

  • A Little Love Today

    11/15/2016 7:26:37 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    ... Read more

  • Still Pushing!

    11/14/2016 9:07:47 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    Must be the change in the weather, or maybe I've been driving a little over my limitations over the past weeks, but it seems like this pain and f... Read more

  • I Need A Push Today

    11/13/2016 6:29:22 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    I am really fatigued today with a ton of muscle and joint pain. I feel like I could easily go to sleep right now. I'm trying to push myself tha... Read more

  • Dollywood

    11/13/2016 6:10:02 PM, by DONDAIN

    I did not post anything yesterday because I spent the day at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. We had a good time. We did not see any shows but we w... Read more

  • Best. Night. Ever.

    11/12/2016 8:10:57 AM, by CIDPGIRL

    I haven't been sleeping well at all. If I get to sleep I wake up frequently, this has been a rough week in Snooze Land. Last night was beautiful... Read more

  • Veteran's Day

    11/11/2016 5:18:24 PM, by DONDAIN

    Today is Veteran's Day. My husband is a military veteran from the Navy as a corpsman attached to the Marines. I had a good day at work. Payroll i... Read more

  • Using Pinterest and Available Resources

    11/11/2016 12:03:28 PM, by CIDPGIRL

    Stuck on what to pack for lunch? What can I eat for a healthy snack? I need more sources of protein! I really need cardio ideas! We all know tha... Read more

  • Thursday

    11/10/2016 9:16:25 PM, by DONDAIN

    Today I woke up nauseous. Spent most of the morning in bed. I went into work today at 1 and stayed until 6. A member told me that he really likes... Read more

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