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Genesis 18 Rest here while I get you something to eat
7/13/2014 5:39:17 AM,  1 COMMENTS

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Rainy Day
7/12/2014 9:59:30 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today it was raining from at least eight in the morning until the early afternoon. Then it was really muggy outside like it could rain again at any mo...  Read more


Week 10 review. Week 11 plan
7/12/2014 6:12:04 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Wow, what a week. I began it realizing the old spend-too-much habit wasn't dead enough and it resurrected it's ugly little head in my life. Believe...  Read more


on way home
7/12/2014 1:40:18 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Saw this little guy on walk home from local arts festival....  Read more


Never be afraid...
7/12/2014 12:24:16 PM,  18 COMMENTS

...  Read more


It's Caturday!!!! Lap Cats
7/12/2014 6:44:15 AM,  19 COMMENTS

Little Fritzi loves her mommy's lap! When the weather is even a little bit chilly she curls up and stays in my lap for hours on end. Right now she's...  Read more


To Diet or Not to Diet?
7/12/2014 5:34:08 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I say a resounding NO! The simple word "DIET" has negative connotations in America today. One needs to have a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. If you think of it as...  Read more


Genesis 17 The covenant of circumcision
7/12/2014 4:19:06 AM,  0 COMMENTS

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n.html...  Read more


tractor pull
7/11/2014 11:20:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Friend of mine treated me to a night out. Had a blast at local county Fair! First time to a tractor pull and I LOVED it!!!...  Read more


The powerful space
7/11/2014 11:10:30 PM,  5 COMMENTS

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."...  Read more


The Joys of Joint Pain
7/11/2014 10:19:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I took my walk this morning, like I planned and also turned on the street I usually turn around at. This 4/10 of a mile stretch of road was even worse...  Read more


My current challenge with myself.
7/11/2014 8:27:24 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I was unsettled later on this morning. Earthquake 6.8 near the Fukishima nuclear power plant wasn't it..............talking to a new client about his...  Read more


Update on requested prayer blog of July 6th!
7/11/2014 5:26:56 PM,  16 COMMENTS

459 459 459 459 459 459 459 459 459 459 Natalie posted this a few minutes after 7:30pm on July 8th... The love of my life has entered He...  Read more


7/11/2014 3:11:06 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It is important to measure, as well as weigh... Since re-starting SP at the end of February, I've lost 16 lbs total...5.6 since starting the Summ...  Read more


Success Today - Down 5.8 Pounds
7/11/2014 1:57:59 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am happy to report today that after 4 days of a low carb diet, I am down 5.8 pounds today. I could not be more happy! I know a lot of this is wat...  Read more


PREP day
7/11/2014 11:44:59 AM,  25 COMMENTS

Today I must prep. I was lazy yesterday cooking wise. I should of made some food for today knowing I was going to run out. Today I must...  Read more


The Scale is Dropping!!!!!
7/11/2014 11:28:55 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I can relate to every woman who screams at her scale and wants to throw it out. And even though I'm still at the beginning of my journey; I'm CONVINC...  Read more


Obstacles -- this too shall pass
7/11/2014 10:17:34 AM,  41 COMMENTS

I found this very funny video about Cats and Dogs YOU SHALL NOT PASS (new version 2014) ...3:41 minutes ....enjo...  Read more


it's friday
7/11/2014 9:29:41 AM,  10 COMMENTS

the weekend is finally here! yay! other than my allergies flaring up this morning, i am doing alright. meeting up with a friend of mine later this aft...  Read more


What's really at stake when we succeed?
7/11/2014 7:07:00 AM,  12 COMMENTS

I'm watching a movie about Steve Jobs. You all know who Steve Jobs is, right? I'm not saying he's my Homeboy, but I find him remarkable. Totally fo...  Read more


What will I make of today?
7/11/2014 5:45:26 AM,  22 COMMENTS

Today will bring me many things, but what will I bring to today? I can bring joy and happiness to myself and to others. I can focus on the b...  Read more


Psalm 133 Living in unity is not the same as being together.
7/11/2014 3:52:02 AM,  0 COMMENTS

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So excited
7/10/2014 11:38:32 PM,  9 COMMENTS

We hired a new music director for our church today. I have a really good feeling about this....  Read more


Sometimes You Gotta Push Through
7/10/2014 11:21:26 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This morning I planned to walk 2+ miles and got up, but I felt tired and groggy. It took me over an hour and a half to get myself out the door. I dran...  Read more


Stretching Question
7/10/2014 11:19:58 PM,  1 COMMENTS

When stretching my arms for two minutes each should I count the time as two minute stretching or for minute stretches?...  Read more


When God...
7/10/2014 9:46:37 PM,  25 COMMENTS

...  Read more


All in a day in a life - mine.
7/10/2014 9:39:07 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Have you ever realized how much does indeed happen in a day? To you? It's mind boggling! I started my work day at 5:15. Cleaned the clinic whi...  Read more


calm dog
7/10/2014 9:18:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


A Fish Story
7/10/2014 8:09:23 PM,  26 COMMENTS

When I think about what my ultimate goal is.... it usually feels IMPOSSIBLE. But when I break it up into smaller milestones... it...  Read more


Wake-Up Call From My Body!
7/10/2014 3:18:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I've been wanting to write this blog post for quite awhile now. What's been holding me back, you might ask? Well, I really think it is a state of mi...  Read more


The Poopy Smoothie?
7/10/2014 3:00:51 PM,  2 COMMENTS

When I am done for the day, around 8:00 P.M. I sit back and enjoy what my daughter calls the Poopy Smoothie. Do not be distressed my fellow Sparks. I...  Read more


it's thursday
7/10/2014 10:51:54 AM,  7 COMMENTS

i will need to take a day off school to get the rest of some important errands done. i have applied to be a volunteer at a big event here next year an...  Read more


Easy Peasy Weight loss
7/10/2014 9:17:54 AM,  27 COMMENTS

274 Yesterday I made Corn Fritters, a recipe from Rawamazing. It wasn't so amazing. The texture and flavors were not right. But it was e...  Read more


7/10/2014 6:48:31 AM,  171 COMMENTS

I love a good inspirational anecdote and one that I have never forgotten is the story of the crabs in the bucket. When fishermen trap crabs, they...  Read more


Being a Light House instead of a light switch!
7/10/2014 6:34:29 AM,  18 COMMENTS

There are many a temptation in life to go back to our old ways of drifting - NOT living. Our "friends" our family, commercials, stresses, and sometim...  Read more


Generous Friends
7/10/2014 5:49:06 AM,  25 COMMENTS

Sometimes we all need to help, and other times, we need to be helped. This month, I needed both. My son needed a car. I willingly loaned my car, bu...  Read more


Psalm 132 A place for The Lord to abide
7/10/2014 4:24:17 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Content off site.!Psal
fr/3E7CB0E4-407C-434C-8787-A9CF3246001...  Read more


Do something today...
7/9/2014 11:10:15 PM,  9 COMMENTS

that your future self will thank you for....  Read more


7/9/2014 9:45:59 PM,  26 COMMENTS

...  Read more


The Blessing of Wonderful Weather
7/9/2014 8:19:06 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This morning was weigh-in. I'm down 1.6 pounds from last week, and a total of 15.8 pounds in the past six weeks, so exciting. I was expecting around t...  Read more


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