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  • Stationary bike and water

    1/24/2016 8:54:58 PM, by MISTYDP

    I have started every time I feel hungry out of bored I drink a little bit of water and ride my stationary bike for a few seconds at a time. Soon... Read more

  • The waits

    1/23/2016 2:45:49 PM, by MISTYDP

    In severe weather, the gym can wait (you can exercise at home), the job can wait, family can wait unless its an emergency, exercising outside-why... Read more

  • Please read PSA

    1/23/2016 2:25:18 PM, by MISTYDP

    If you live in area that got hit with snow, please for the love of %%%%%%% stay home where you are safer and less at risk of harm. If you don't ... Read more

  • walking

    1/22/2016 6:06:42 PM, by MISTYDP

    I'm glad that I can walk in the hall of the apt building I live as the weather has turned frightful to be polite about it. The time I get over t... Read more

  • Dispite the cold and snow.

    1/21/2016 7:48:02 PM, by MISTYDP

    I was able to get exercise outside today. True it was to the local Family Dollar and 20 minutes (not the usual 1/8 the town roughly and 40 35-40... Read more

  • exercise and weight loss

    1/19/2016 7:11:03 PM, by MISTYDP

    I know I shouldn't be doing this to spite someone, but I am also losing weight for my ex/roommate to prove that I was losing weight so we could h... Read more

  • 1.5 hours today

    1/18/2016 11:10:52 PM, by MISTYDP

    Thanks to working closer to home today and no buses today, i walked to and from work today. You guys know how it is with the cold and bladder. ... Read more

  • Warm enough today

    1/16/2016 8:22:03 PM, by MISTYDP

    I walked over an hour today, but caused my roommate to be sore today which i feel bad about in a way. I am working on showing that exercise is g... Read more

  • its showing itself

    1/15/2016 6:59:37 PM, by MISTYDP

    Well the not walking is showing, I'm gaining weight and i'm hating it. I really need to start walking again and I will be getting up early to wa... Read more

  • that 4 letter word

    1/14/2016 8:02:29 PM, by MISTYDP

    I am like a lot of people that walk outside and live "up north" and got "it". I can't stand not being able to walk outside and not risk getting ... Read more

  • Walked part way to convience store

    1/13/2016 3:59:25 PM, by MISTYDP

    I did keep looking for a bus to get to where I needed where I needed to go so I only walked part way. I got my exercise by cleaning today in my ... Read more

  • safe day

    1/12/2016 10:09:50 PM, by MISTYDP

    I walked down to the Intermodal today (where I would have caught the bus for work) even though I really shouldn't have with the snow on the side ... Read more

  • exercise bike

    1/10/2016 8:47:13 PM, by MISTYDP

    Good thing for exercise bikes....I forgot I have arthritis and thanks to what my body took as a severe pressure change made my left hip flare up ... Read more

  • walking

    1/9/2016 10:47:10 PM, by MISTYDP

    Walking today before going to work actually helped me feel better. That is an added benefit of exercise that i love. I needed the fresh air mor... Read more

  • staying in

    1/7/2016 7:30:59 AM, by MISTYDP

    I did what I shouldn't have done and did it where I have bronchitis again. No surprise. I'm staying home today and relaxing. I needed a day wi... Read more

  • 50 minutes today.

    1/6/2016 6:42:51 PM, by MISTYDP

    I walked 50 minutes today and enjoyed it. If I didn't have house worked that needed to be done, I would have walked along the bike trail today a... Read more

  • super cold today

    1/5/2016 7:00:46 PM, by MISTYDP

    I didn't walk as much as I wanted as it 12 degrees when I was out. I didn't want to get hypothermia, but I still wanted to move. I walked 38 mi... Read more

  • some motivational blogs.

    1/4/2016 5:30:43 PM, by MISTYDP

    I have read some blogs on here that really motivated me to keep on trekking and not give up. Of course they've have been working on getting on w... Read more

  • walked 55 min today

    1/4/2016 2:53:49 PM, by MISTYDP

    I walked 55 minutes today that I did have timed. I didn't feel like timing the rest of it so I know i walked over an hour today. I'm tired of t... Read more

  • walked today outside

    1/3/2016 11:07:04 AM, by MISTYDP

    I walked for 47 minutes outside today but was outside for over an hour. Just wish when I posted it on here, there was an option of putting that ... Read more

  • exercise outside+cold=tired tonight

    1/2/2016 10:19:26 PM, by MISTYDP

    I can tell it was colder outside today while I was outside. I am tired tonight. The cold zapped my energy. I'm not going to let it stop me tho... Read more

  • spark team

    1/1/2016 6:26:01 PM, by MISTYDP

    I started a team for those in the Ohio valley that would like to join. So that way we could know how many are on here.... Read more

  • goals

    1/1/2016 2:39:00 PM, by MISTYDP

    My goals are small, just a few minutes a day for the first quarter of the year. A pound a week. Only to weigh myself once a week. Not be judgm... Read more

  • head pain

    12/28/2015 5:55:04 PM, by MISTYDP

    I had a headache today that is painful enough even with pain meds that I just did what I needed to for exercise. I didn't push myself and I'm gl... Read more

  • weight loss

    12/23/2015 7:31:05 PM, by MISTYDP

    I lost 3 lbs by the doc scale in 22 days! I walk about 2 miles give or take that includes hills and I do exercise at home, when I'm home i add t... Read more

  • skin abcess

    12/23/2015 6:45:46 PM, by MISTYDP

    The only thing I do not like about my skin is I have a hole in it on my chest. Even though I do what I need to do to keep that area clean, I bas... Read more

  • walked to bus and got cans today

    12/21/2015 6:48:26 PM, by MISTYDP

    When I walked for my bus to work today, i combined it to get cans, yes i could have been lazy and waited for a bus to get to where I needed to ge... Read more

  • med tired

    12/20/2015 2:23:30 PM, by MISTYDP

    I wish the meds most of us are on didn't have the side effect of making us tired. Moving around helps, but not alot, I do have to depend on caff... Read more

  • exercise.

    12/19/2015 8:10:03 PM, by MISTYDP

    I'm starting up small but will be doing more. Since I am loving the little bit I am doing now, the more I do later on I will love as well.... Read more

  • calorie wise

    12/19/2015 7:54:03 PM, by MISTYDP

    I burned more calories today being in the cold than actually moving. I had to do some volunteering for my apt (over for the month by 2,5 hours s... Read more

  • calories on foods I do have that the list for

    12/18/2015 9:03:53 PM, by MISTYDP

    When I do have foods that the calorie count for, I do the fat (9 per gram) carb and protein (4 per gram each) so I know the exact calorie count. ... Read more

  • Eating feelings.

    9/29/2013 8:04:40 AM, by IVYRAYNE

    This week has been pretty bad for the diet. I am having a few domestic pro... Read more

  • A healthier desert

    9/26/2013 8:36:05 AM, by IVYRAYNE

    I have been having the worst cravings the last few days! All my mind is s... Read more

  • A moment's clarity

    9/24/2013 9:15:13 AM, by IVYRAYNE

    Sometimes, life is just random, don't you think? And sometimes I am just ... Read more

  • Blessed Mabon All

    9/21/2013 5:06:54 PM, by IVYRAYNE

    Winter is coming and summer has gone. It is time for Summer to sleep, and... Read more

  • One week in......

    9/16/2013 3:17:52 PM, by IVYRAYNE

    It is a good day today. Yesterday I really in a lot of pain. My hip was ... Read more

  • A difficult day

    9/14/2013 5:03:24 PM, by IVYRAYNE

    Today was a very difficult day. I have been craving so bad all day! I am ... Read more

  • Half way

    9/13/2013 3:37:33 PM, by IVYRAYNE

    ME NOW I am half way through the 10 day boost. I weighed in and have so ... Read more

  • Day 2

    9/10/2013 3:45:26 AM, by IVYRAYNE

    Well, day 2 of my 10 day weight boost. So far it is going good. I am finding the little and often hard to stomach, eating 5 times a day when I ... Read more

  • Turbo Jam Beginner Schedule

    6/30/2013 4:29:18 AM, by AGERRLE_ISNOWON

    Posting this here so I can keep track of it! "Beginner Rotation" Week 1 Monday - Learn & Burn Tuesday - Learn & Burn Wednesda... Read more

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