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    6/22/2017 8:51:58 PM, by MSROZZIE

    Unless I accept my virtues, I most certainly will be overwhelmed by my faults. - Robert G. Coleman - For many shame-based reasons, it is ... Read more

  • oh well

    6/22/2017 10:12:51 AM, by TERISTICH

    Oh well looks like the losing party is over. I knew it wouldn't last. Same weight this week as last. So now the tough stuff starts. I'll give it ... Read more

  • 6-21-17

    6/22/2017 2:45:55 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    First day of summer and it's a scorcher. Over 90 degrees for the second day in a row. It does wear me out and I'm not doing anything. Tomorrow pr... Read more

  • Dream On

    6/21/2017 9:29:16 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Didn't make it to finals, but had a good run. Visi... Read more

  • 6-20-17

    6/21/2017 2:59:15 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    The appraiser came by. She took pictures, but the kitchen picture didn't come out, so she needs to come back. I need to find mt OPM letter and ma... Read more

  • Laps

    6/20/2017 10:35:05 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Found a track behind the school, so we walked wh... Read more

  • 6-19-17

    6/20/2017 1:57:13 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Hot sort of day, but the night is coolish. I still need to open the window in my bedroom. Book club today. I still need to finish the book. Got a... Read more

  • Moving Forward

    6/19/2017 8:48:50 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Got through 4 rounds of competition today. Enjoyed... Read more

  • Moving Forward

    6/19/2017 8:48:49 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Got through 4 rounds of competition today. Enjoyed... Read more

  • 6-18-17

    6/19/2017 2:46:44 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Happy Father's Day. Book club tomorrow. I need to finish the book.... Read more

  • And So It Begins

    6/18/2017 9:38:55 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Read more

  • 6-17-17

    6/18/2017 3:44:34 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    I am finding I have to remind myself what day it is more than once a day. I don;t mean the date. That doesn't come up too often. I mean if it's F... Read more

  • Uneventful

    6/17/2017 10:45:08 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    In the car for most of the day. Negotiated for fre... Read more

  • 6-16-17

    6/17/2017 1:53:33 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    I am not used to the heat. Summer's 90+ degrees are more than I want to deal with. They make me so tired, and yet don't let me sleep. Birthday is... Read more

  • See You Later

    6/17/2017 12:01:23 AM, by WALLAHALLA

    Finding an ATM on the Yellow Brick Road is oz-some.... Read more

  • My Own Worst Enemy...

    6/16/2017 10:55:11 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Ah, summer! (Well, ALMOST summer!) 100+ degree days are quickly approaching. UGH! Every year I SAY I'm going to get in shape so I can wea... Read more

  • In the middle of the night...

    6/16/2017 7:58:41 AM, by TERISTICH

    So in the case when one of those nights happen, where one is not sleeping well, tossing and turning then staring at the ceiling. When one finally... Read more

  • 6-15-17

    6/16/2017 2:28:00 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Time to get back to cleaning. I have an appraiser coming in 5 days. The house needs to be somewhat presentable by then. Or at least clean.... Read more

  • Is this the real life?

    6/15/2017 11:08:36 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Fanta Sea Last night I decided to push mow the f... Read more

  • Well

    6/15/2017 2:45:07 PM, by TERISTICH

    Sometimes there is just nothing to say ... Read more

  • 6-14-17

    6/15/2017 2:52:11 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    I am still tired from all the running around I did Monday and Tuesday. Actually slept less last night. Must have gotten overtired. There just is ... Read more

  • Procrastination Perfection

    6/14/2017 9:00:35 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Cutting pork. According to Flylady, procrastinat... Read more

  • Hmmm

    6/14/2017 8:11:51 AM, by TERISTICH

    Well there was something I wanted to blog about today but for the life of me I can't remember! LOL Oh well I guess I'll do it another day. hahaha... Read more

  • 6-13-17

    6/14/2017 3:33:41 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Finally finished my errands. I mailed the box to Crystal. I will stay out of the thrift stores for the rest of the month. My INR core was 2.2. I ... Read more

  • No Negativity Allowed

    6/13/2017 9:18:55 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Eye'll just toss this out there. We are soon goi... Read more

  • Timing

    6/13/2017 2:57:13 PM, by TERISTICH

    I have been back here for one week now. No accolades been here before LOL. Anyway, I took a look back over my food journal and came to a conclusi... Read more

  • 6-12-17

    6/13/2017 2:26:55 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Took a load of VHS tapes to the thrift store. It was very hot outside. I need to bring up some more boxes, but I won't be doing that tomorrow. I ... Read more

  • Tackling More Goals

    6/12/2017 7:52:36 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Ewe have goat to be kidding me. Whata ya mean ewe d... Read more

  • Monday and feeling good

    6/12/2017 7:53:06 AM, by TERISTICH

    What a fun weekend! Got to watch my grandson's Black Belt Ceremony on Saturday. And he is only ten!! What an amazing child he is. Out to dinner w... Read more

  • Matching colors

    6/12/2017 7:29:33 AM, by JENARUL

    I didn't know what to put in my salad today so I did this. Started with green, what color goes well with green? Orange. What color goes well with... Read more

  • 6-11-17

    6/12/2017 2:26:39 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Going in for my INR blood test tomorrow. There are 5 boxes of VHS tapes to put in the trunk before I leave. I have a box to mail to Crystal, all ... Read more

  • Just Maybe...

    6/11/2017 7:04:20 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Faux dough. After church, we wen... Read more

  • 6-10-17

    6/11/2017 3:53:48 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    I took a load of vhs tapes to the thrift store today. I hate it, but I have to do it. I pretty much have given up on catching up with my emails. ... Read more

  • Rest and Relaxation

    6/11/2017 12:04:57 AM, by WALLAHALLA

    Frankly, there's nothing gnu on the menu. Today ... Read more

  • WDW Day 4

    6/10/2017 9:13:07 PM, by JVANAM

    Four more days at WDW. Some of my kids (& G-kids) leave tomorrow. The other Kids, G-Kids & GG-Kids will stay on with me till Wed. Tuesday ends my... Read more

  • 6-9-17

    6/10/2017 2:31:05 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Kim came down and boxes up the VHS tapes. It is too hot to take all the boxes upstairs so I will have to deal with them as I take them away. That... Read more

  • Feng Shui

    6/9/2017 9:32:54 PM, by WALLAHALLA

    Everybody Feng Shui tonight. Does Feng Shui work... Read more

  • For a good cause

    6/9/2017 8:39:32 AM, by JENARUL

    ...I ate something called a floedbolle today. It's a classic treat in Denmark, loved by all ages from 1 to 110 (even younger if they get their ha... Read more

  • New Discovery

    6/9/2017 7:51:07 AM, by TERISTICH

    I belonged to Weight Watchers a while back. Found a great deal on a three month membership. I truly enjoyed going to the meetings and tracking my... Read more

  • 6-8-17

    6/9/2017 3:55:02 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Started on the laundry. It looks like a three day job, if I include the sheets and blankets. It's time to change over to the summer sheets. Why c... Read more

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