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  • Look, Ma, no snow!

    12/4/2016 9:46:28 PM, by MSLZZY

    Gorgeous day with highs in the mid 40's. Maybe one last nice day tomorrow so I plan to enjoy it before the cold front moves in. Read more

  • College DS headed for graduation

    12/3/2016 11:39:36 PM, by MSLZZY

    After a tense week with 3 classes in question, DS was finally cleared to graduate. It took that long for a very committed admissions worker ... Read more

  • Fantastic Christmas Concert

    12/2/2016 11:08:11 PM, by MSLZZY

    As always, the K-6th grade students at school do a phenomenal job with music. From the band to the kindergarteners to the full 1st to 5th gra... Read more

  • Waiting for warmer weather

    11/30/2016 11:18:58 PM, by MSLZZY

    Maybe the weekend will be warmer but then sharply colder next week. Must be winter.... Read more

  • Another one bites the dust

    11/29/2016 10:24:45 PM, by MSLZZY

    But more on that later. Another barn-burner of a day. Some many seniors to talk to yet but thinking they may need to share some of their dr... Read more

  • An almost pain-free day

    11/28/2016 12:00:20 AM, by MSLZZY

    Mild discomfort this morning but no pain walking this afternoon so that was a plus. I hurried to put out the Christmas lights in the front ... Read more

  • One last nice day

    11/26/2016 10:55:27 PM, by MSLZZY

    It was a great day to clean house, do laundry and all of the outside chores before the next rain moves. DH and I have one last morning to ... Read more

  • Decorating at church

    11/25/2016 10:38:36 PM, by MSLZZY

    We had a wonderful time decorating at church. An extra couple showed up with their adjustable ladder and with our tall ladder there too, the ... Read more

  • HappyThanksgiving!

    11/24/2016 11:16:22 PM, by MSLZZY

    Hope you had a great day. I did! HUGS!... Read more

  • Never plan to leave the office early before a holiday

    11/24/2016 12:27:24 AM, by MSLZZY

    Totally bizarre day and so many things to do. Policy changes, phone calls, med lists, more changes. I was so hoping to leave before 4 but i... Read more

  • Sunday and Monday

    11/21/2016 10:50:01 PM, by MSLZZY

    We went to MIL's yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful supper of chicken noodle soup with sandwiches and pumpkin cake for dessert. Coll... Read more

  • And today, we had sunshine

    11/19/2016 11:28:05 PM, by MSLZZY

    Very nice day and not as cold as you would think with fresh snow on the ground. Great day to catch up on laundry, make 4 batches of noodles... Read more

  • Snow, power outages and trying to work

    11/18/2016 9:51:57 PM, by MSLZZY

    We had 4-6 inches of snow today, the first being wet and clinging to everything, snow after sunrise that cut visibility to almost zero, then ... Read more

  • My work space

    11/17/2016 3:13:10 PM, by MSLZZY

    As you can see, it is spread out quite a bit and encourages the " Get on your feet and get off your seat" mentality that you have to have in ... Read more

  • My kind of night

    11/16/2016 11:18:27 PM, by MSLZZY

    This is my night of the week to watch my favorite shows. First, Survivor, then Code Black. I record Designated Survivor for another night. My... Read more

  • New equipment

    11/15/2016 10:36:12 PM, by MSLZZY

    SIL has a lease agreement for the new printer, scanner, copier and fax machine for the office. I guess it was time. My older unit didn't work... Read more

  • Monday evening walk

    11/14/2016 11:30:44 PM, by MSLZZY

    Since DH was gone to Children's Choir and supper was going to be later, I decided to do two loads of laundry and then take a long walk. I wal... Read more

  • Skipped a meeting and baked bread instead

    11/13/2016 11:04:18 PM, by MSLZZY

    The meeting was only informational and not related to business so it was easy to skip attending. I chose to bake bread instead. DD will take ... Read more

  • Spare bedroom has been cleared

    11/12/2016 10:36:41 PM, by MSLZZY

    It was finally a Saturday when I could carry all of the boxed of books and extra clothing down from the spare bedroom and make a trip to Good... Read more

  • A quiet Veterans Day

    11/11/2016 10:59:51 PM, by MSLZZY

    A whole day to spend time with DH. He is just one of the many veterans in my life, from both my father and his, my brothers, uncles, cousins ... Read more

  • Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.

    11/10/2016 11:24:00 PM, by MSLZZY

    Please honor all veterans and thank them for their service. And remember those who are no longer with us. They deserve it- every one. HUGS!... Read more

  • And so today

    11/9/2016 11:08:30 PM, by MSLZZY

    The sun came up. Life went on. Read a book. Watch a movie. Move on. So glad the political ads are done.... Read more

  • Waiting on the outcome

    11/8/2016 10:28:07 PM, by MSLZZY

    but not waiting all night for the end result. I will wait until the morning light. No need to lose sleep over the election. What will be, w... Read more

  • Ready or not

    11/7/2016 11:07:15 PM, by MSLZZY

    Election day is almost here and no matter who we vote for tomorrow, there will be a new president. It will be up to us to let our voices be h... Read more

  • Time change changes everything

    11/6/2016 10:37:13 PM, by MSLZZY

    We are adjusting by making small changes to meal times For the next few days, we will eat a half hour later so that we can get into a new rou... Read more

  • Stick to the plan Saturday

    11/5/2016 9:09:25 PM, by MSLZZY

    I had planned my Saturday and stuck to the plan. Breakfast with friends, home to greet DD and family with fresh baked cinnamon rolls, check o... Read more

  • Thursday and Friday

    11/4/2016 10:38:44 PM, by MSLZZY

    I really tried to watch Game 7 of the World Series but couldn't stay awake through the rain delay so I just went to bed. A long day of workin... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    11/2/2016 11:21:50 PM, by MSLZZY

    After work I: Raked the lawn Loaded the twigs/branches on the pickup Took everything to the rubble site Made dinner Watched Survivor ... Read more

  • Getting DH through certification

    11/1/2016 11:34:27 PM, by MSLZZY

    DH is officially recertified for the Affordable Health Care site again this year. The website is a fright and Halloween is over. Couldn't bel... Read more

  • My, the backyard looks nice!

    10/31/2016 10:52:50 PM, by MSLZZY

    I spent almost an hour raking twigs and moving the slit wood into the back enclosure. This is really the dog pen but without a dog, it is jus... Read more

  • Woodworking

    10/30/2016 10:48:31 PM, by MSLZZY

    Now that the ash tree is all cut up, I have lots of twigs and small branches to rake and pick up. Plus I have a pile of smaller logs to pile ... Read more

  • Mini Donuts were a success

    10/29/2016 11:13:19 PM, by MSLZZY

    DH had a pretty good last day at farmers market. Very little left except potatoes and carrots so that was nice. The leftovers go to church to... Read more

  • A little experiment

    10/28/2016 11:46:01 PM, by MSLZZY

    I made a triple batch of mini donuts for the last farmers market tomorrow. If all goes well, I will keep this in mind for next year. Time to ... Read more

  • More work to be done

    10/27/2016 11:26:13 PM, by MSLZZY

    After I was voted off the board for the grocery store, I stepped back from timely commitments. Now I am on the board of the development com... Read more

  • Work it out Wednesday

    10/26/2016 9:55:58 PM, by MSLZZY

    SIL were trying to organize the office so the work flow with crop insurance moves more smoothly. After numerous starts and stops, I think we ... Read more

  • Toot your own horn Tuesday!

    10/25/2016 11:47:11 PM, by MSLZZY

    Celebrate success a little at a time. Count every non scale victory and pat yourself on the back for a job well done, Hope you had a grea... Read more

  • Missed blogging last night

    10/24/2016 7:28:23 PM, by MSLZZY

    So I will make this short and sweet. EMT online class in 30 minutes. Post more tomorrow.... Read more

  • My very special Saturday

    10/22/2016 9:34:45 PM, by MSLZZY

    People may think it odd that there is joy to be found in doing the mundane household chores like doing laundry, sweeping and mopping, washing... Read more

  • Big plans for the weekend

    10/22/2016 12:09:38 AM, by MSLZZY

    DH is gone to Minnesota with our neighbor to a very large poultry show. He comes home on Sunday. I have plans to contribute to a bake sale ... Read more

  • College DS makes the headlines

    10/20/2016 10:40:36 PM, by MSLZZY

    DS shows up to participate in a fundraising event for the local museum. We didn't know he was planning to play at the talent show but brought... Read more

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