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  • I Guess I'm At A Plateau

    6/29/2016 10:44:28 AM, by TWITCHYMURDOCH

    For the last few months, I've gone up and down from 47lbs lost to 53lbs, which puts me frustratingly rolling around the 200lb mark. Every time I... Read more

  • How a trip overseas is changing the way I eat

    6/28/2016 5:09:29 PM, by MOCHAPUPPY

    I have stomach problems and I have had them for quite a while. I recently went to China and all of the food that I ate there caused very few stom... Read more

  • Camping again- Summer!

    6/28/2016 10:54:58 AM, by DANIELLESAUTUMN

    Well unfortunately I havent been able to get over my camping weight from 2 weeks ago. This morning when I weighed I was .3lb below what I was 2 w... Read more

  • Engagement Pix!

    6/27/2016 1:58:15 PM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    Feeding the stalkers out there... jk jk Pictures are a really tough thing for me. I am extremely critical of myself. I was dreading this who... Read more

  • Undoing the damage

    6/27/2016 12:12:35 PM, by SNOWKC

    I made great progress and met goals in the last week: 1) I officially un-did the damage from my vacation! Two weeks to put it on, two weeks ... Read more

  • 6/27/16

    6/27/2016 11:53:13 AM, by KNUCHI

    I was not on point this weekend. I made some pretty dumb choices, both food and activity wise. I just needed a rules free weekend. I didn't bi... Read more

  • Personal Fitness Test - Updated

    6/26/2016 5:19:03 PM, by TIGGER33079

    Run/Walk 1 mile: 12.09 Full push up: 0 Knee push up: 12 Squats: 53 Plank: 30 sec Sit and reach: -6.5 inches I suck at flexibility!... Read more

  • Music on the Mountain

    6/26/2016 12:55:15 PM, by MAESTRACH

    Got to go to a concert last night at Mt. St. Helens' Johnston Ridge Observatory. DH and I went on a nice half mile hike before. I'll add photos w... Read more

  • Wednesday already?

    6/22/2016 4:58:54 PM, by RAYMONDSGIRL80

    So I gained 2lbs this week. The good news is I passed up the free ice cream they are having down in the lobby because I WANTED to, not because I ... Read more

  • 6/22/16

    6/22/2016 12:35:37 PM, by KNUCHI

    Good Day All! Hope everyone is having a super cool awesome day! I know I am. I've been spending a lot of time these last few days focu... Read more

  • Got advice? (Please!)

    6/22/2016 10:58:50 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    We all know stress has effects on the body. Right now I am the walking example of this. Some of my personal ones: - Headaches - Can't slee... Read more

  • Nobody's perfect

    6/21/2016 1:17:25 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Yesterday I was exhausted. I stayed up too late on Sunday night because I wanted to spend time with DH before I left for the week and he had work... Read more

  • Starting AGAIN

    6/20/2016 10:35:29 PM, by BRINCOY

    I can't believe the amount of times that I have "dieted." Seriously. I've been overweight my entire life and it has always been a dream of mine t... Read more

  • Awesome weekend, need to do well this week!

    6/20/2016 12:38:26 PM, by DANIELLESAUTUMN

    This morning it was SO hard to peel myself out of bed. A long weekend of camping really takes it out of me these days. But oh man it was a good t... Read more

  • 6/20/16

    6/20/2016 8:57:50 AM, by KNUCHI

    Picnics are so hard!!!!!!!! We had two picnics this weekend and I feel like I got completely thrown off my schedule. I think I did okay mak... Read more

  • Feeling strong, inching toward achieving goals!

    6/19/2016 10:50:13 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Tomorrow begins a new week, one in which I'll be up north for work so I'll have to work hard to make sure I meet my goals. Sometimes it feels har... Read more

  • Progress! Healthy habits actually becoming habits

    6/19/2016 9:53:43 AM, by MARIESEIZE

    Yesterday I didn't track because I had my cousin's graduation party. I found myself wanting to choose healthier options - and also cooler options... Read more

  • Respark

    6/17/2016 3:21:18 PM, by MAESTRACH

    Back at it starting today. Goal 15 minutes or more of walking each night. Hoping to do a weekly 3k by August... Read more

  • 6/17/16

    6/17/2016 8:54:25 AM, by KNUCHI

    Good morning everyone! I FINALLY did my grocery shopping for the week (really the last two weeks). OMG there were white peaches!!! I'm com... Read more

  • Not going to lie, not doing so well...

    6/15/2016 4:08:43 PM, by RAYMONDSGIRL80

    So I have not exactly been on program lately. My fitbit zip battery died but luckily I still have my Smart Watch to keep me in check. LOL. I have... Read more

  • Camping POA, Having a good week so far

    6/15/2016 10:36:19 AM, by DANIELLESAUTUMN

    OO I am cranky today! It's right before sharks, I get a little testy. It's been a really good week so far. I've lost a pound every day lol,... Read more

  • 6/15/16

    6/15/2016 8:38:50 AM, by KNUCHI

    Good morning! I'm just writing out some thoughts and feelings for the day, just so that they're out and I don't have to fret about them anym... Read more

  • Whoa, where did that week go?

    6/14/2016 9:19:26 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Last week was rough, but the weekend was so busy! I didn't even have time to sit down and write. Well, I probably could have made time, but I was... Read more

  • Reboot time!

    6/14/2016 5:55:13 PM, by SNOWKC

    I just got back from an amazing trip to Hawaii! We met our new little nephew and relaxed and had a wonderful time! I always struggle a little on ... Read more

  • Time to forget the first journey.

    6/13/2016 3:06:36 PM, by DANIELLESAUTUMN

    At one point in my life I had lost 95lbs. It was an incredible journey that I believe led me to finding my husband and becoming the happy woman I... Read more

  • Weekend blues

    6/11/2016 11:55:22 PM, by MRS2MUMSY

    It was so hot and humid today. I didnt do the ealk at the track that i had planned, so i did a small workout in the house, even though i just wan... Read more

  • Well, this week was rough...

    6/10/2016 3:04:31 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Observations: This week my allergies really kicked my butt. At least I'm pretty sure it's allergies. I was achy last night but I think that just ... Read more

  • Day 4 A Brand New Day

    6/9/2016 7:19:28 AM, by MSSYMPHONY

    Being disciplined is extremely hard at times. However... Read more

  • Day 3- My Why

    6/8/2016 7:55:11 PM, by MSSYMPHONY

    I am on this journey for me. Yes I want to be sexy fo... Read more

  • Reverting back to old behavior

    6/8/2016 6:20:40 PM, by RAYMONDSGIRL80

    Happy Hump Day!!! So, I am completely recovered from my recent tummy troubles and moderate depression and the reason I know this... I am eating l... Read more

  • 6/7/16

    6/7/2016 8:12:52 AM, by KNUCHI

    Well, I'm not dead! I was just completely lost. There have been so many changes happening in my life that I just could not focus on much of any... Read more

  • A New Day..Day 2 Choices

    6/7/2016 8:04:41 AM, by MSSYMPHONY

    I am thankful to God for HIS blessings on this day. One day at a time is my motto for this journey. I must get out and move more today. At least ... Read more

  • #Stressed

    6/6/2016 4:43:44 PM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    Hallo! It seems like this year is going to be one of tests for me, in a few ways. I took a look at my Spark projected weight loss line ... Read more

  • Feeling good - and next week's plan of attack!

    6/5/2016 4:26:29 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Observations: Tracking really isn't that hard, is it? It's just a matter of being in the habit. There are so many tools to help us. I like using ... Read more

  • Better next week

    6/5/2016 2:31:39 AM, by MRS2MUMSY

    This week i didnt lose even half a lb. I was a little discouraged because i didnt snack and met my #fitbit goals most days, i had cravibgs but di... Read more

  • Judgy inlaws are fast approaching.

    6/4/2016 10:51:47 PM, by MARXELLA

    Inlaws will be showing up at the end of the month and in an attempt not to get judged by them, I am now on a heightened diet and moderate exercis... Read more

  • So far, so good...

    6/4/2016 10:17:47 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Observations: Now that I'm home from that visit to the in-laws', I'm ready to start this in earnest. I finished week one of Couch to 5K today wit... Read more

  • Day 1 (again)

    6/4/2016 3:41:34 AM, by HAWKINS324

    I've been cutting back for days now. Officially tracking again. Hoping to lose 20 pounds this summer and I want to lose a total of 50 by my birth... Read more

  • Settling into depression

    6/1/2016 3:58:58 PM, by RAYMONDSGIRL80

    This is a very good thing for my weight loss efforts but a very bad thing for my emotional state. I am going through a really tough time right no... Read more

  • RESET!

    6/1/2016 2:45:54 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Observations: Wow, it's been a little while. I'm hitting reset. This winter/spring have had their challenges, including some depression and (curr... Read more

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