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Blogs by Members of SP Class of December 30- January 5, 2013

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  • Exercises, Exercises, We Must Do Our Exercises!

    1/12/2017 9:05:18 AM, by SUGARPLANK

    This second day of my morning exercise, I've come to realize that I don't remember how my body responds to food, or a lack thereof. I used to be ... Read more

  • Creeping Back to Health

    1/7/2017 5:39:51 PM, by SUGARPLANK

    Today, for the first time in at least 4 months, I started eating healthy again. My excuse for eating whatever is college stress. ...What do you ... Read more

  • Mini trainer.

    1/7/2017 8:09:52 AM, by DEBIDEAR1

    So I didn't journal yesterday but my seven year old future trainer made sure that I did what I could to get healthy. Pushing and encouraging me a... Read more

  • Already?

    1/4/2017 8:49:13 AM, by DEBIDEAR1

    Today I feel discouraged. Three days in and I have zero motivation to do anything. Not a good start. But I have to remind myself that this chan... Read more

  • Day one

    1/3/2017 7:50:21 AM, by DEBIDEAR1

    Starting out on this process has been interesting. Spent yesterday planning. Downloaded a program to track my steps. Bought myself a new water b... Read more

  • The realization

    1/2/2017 9:10:05 AM, by DEBIDEAR1

    Yesterday, at a New Year's party, I was enjoying myself with friends and family when I had a life changing experience. A three year old made me ... Read more

  • My Goals for 2017

    1/1/2017 12:02:11 PM, by CLASCOTT

    This is the first year I can remember that I didn't make a resolution at the start of the new year. Instead, I made goals for myself. My goals ... Read more

  • Working in exercise

    12/18/2016 10:40:24 AM, by ARRO-YO

    I am doing better this weekend with exercise. The Find 10 Challenge has got me thinking about moving more while going about my day. I alway... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Day

    11/24/2016 8:59:17 PM, by 2LOSE2DAY

    Well today was not a very good day. Did not feel well but I did cook dinner. Turkey breast came out perfect. I was able to eat a couple of oun... Read more

  • I ACCOMPLISHED MY GOAL!!! And, now I have set a new one.

    11/24/2016 12:36:23 PM, by CLASCOTT

    I did it! I finished my 5k!!! I wasn't able to run (jog) the whole thing, but I finished! That was my goal. My new goal is to be able to run ... Read more

  • My weight loss journey

    11/22/2016 2:54:34 PM, by 2LOSE2DAY

    I weighed 303 in July of this year when I found out my hips, knees and spine were deterioting from my excess weight. I went to an orthopedic s... Read more

  • Three Days and Counting!!!

    11/21/2016 3:57:16 PM, by CLASCOTT

    I am three days away from my first 5k. I feel ready. I feel strong. I have watched the numbers on the stopwatch decrease just like I have watc... Read more

  • One Week and Counting

    11/18/2016 8:56:23 AM, by CLASCOTT

    In September, I let my daughter talk me into entering a 5k race on Thanksgiving Day. When I registered, I was sure I wouldn't be able to run the... Read more

  • Simple Isn't Easy

    11/13/2016 11:09:00 AM, by ARRO-YO

    I just read an article on simifying one's life style... Read more

  • Restart

    11/5/2016 11:17:51 PM, by 2LOSE2DAY

    Hi, I recently had bariatric surgery in order to lose 100+ lbs as I have been on steroids for 16+ years and now I need a hip replacement. My hip... Read more

  • This Week's Challenges

    10/24/2016 7:22:50 AM, by IVANHOE64

    Last week, after beginning the 5K Challenge, I had to put it on hold (for a few different reasons that aren't terribly interesting - even to me).... Read more

  • 5K Challenge

    10/17/2016 9:24:45 PM, by IVANHOE64

    Yesterday I was inspired when I read the story of a fellow Sparker who had dropped a bunch of weight and then competed in a 5K. My main exercise... Read more

  • Squash Seeds

    10/16/2016 8:14:23 AM, by IVANHOE64

    A couple of nights ago, I made the Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash for supper. (Look it up in SparkRecipes - easy, tasty, and very healthy.) After r... Read more

  • New Cookies at Subway

    10/15/2016 9:24:31 AM, by IVANHOE64

    I went to Subway for lunch a couple of days ago and ordered a club sandwich (on wheat, with mustard). I got to the register and saw a couple of ... Read more

  • An Open Letter to the Denizens of Onederland

    10/13/2016 6:44:24 AM, by IVANHOE64

    Dear Denizens of Onederland: Most of you probably don't remember me because I've been away from there for many years. However, since joinin... Read more

  • Oh No!! What have I done!!

    9/20/2016 11:33:13 AM, by CLASCOTT

    Well folks, I did it. I registered for a 5k race on Thanksgiving day. My daughter has been pushing for me to do it, and I haven't had the confi... Read more

  • Stuck

    9/12/2016 4:10:02 PM, by MHAGLER1

    I have been stuck for a while now. I have been trying everything that I can to lose weight. I have lost a total of 28 lbs. I have fel... Read more

  • 8/16/16-part 2

    8/16/2016 9:25:17 PM, by VIOLAG14

    PS: MY GOAL IS TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT IN ONE YEAR OR LESS AND KEEP IT OFF....... From August 1, 2016-August 1, 20... Read more

  • 8/16/16

    8/16/2016 8:51:05 PM, by VIOLAG14

    Hello, How is everyone doing? Wow! I started back on here after a year and I have not posted on my blog in two years! No wonder I have gain so m... Read more

  • Treadmill

    7/27/2016 11:00:31 PM, by KAYLABGAME

    Finally got my treadmill set up for easy access again. Got on it and did 2.2 miles. I forgot how much I hated the treadmill though lol! I feel li... Read more

  • I'm Back!!

    7/24/2016 11:37:12 AM, by MOMMAP676

    Hey there everyone! I hope you have all been doing well. I am back on track and feeling good about it! I was in a tailspin for about a month but... Read more

  • Fitbit and tired

    7/16/2016 6:35:23 PM, by KAYLABGAME

    I got my Fitbit going again. Wore it to bed last night and I slept so horribly that it didn't even track it. This explains why I am so tired! I ... Read more

  • I'm back!

    7/13/2016 9:13:41 PM, by KAYLABGAME

    Sorta lol. Now to get my Fitbit working right again. ... Read more

  • Get it done

    6/26/2016 11:13:32 AM, by MPAL71

    Breakfast done, grand babies napping done, time for nana to work out. Need the steps... Read more

  • Get it done

    6/26/2016 11:12:58 AM, by MPAL71

    Breakfast done, grand babies napping done, time for nana to work out. Need the steps... Read more

  • My New Normal

    6/26/2016 10:43:27 AM, by CLASCOTT

    April 19, 2016 was an eye opening day for me. I have struggled with my weight and depression for most of my life. For me, as with many others, ... Read more

  • HMMMMM...

    6/14/2016 10:46:13 AM, by MOMMAP676

    So, in the last week (or so) I have had the opportunity to do some different types of fitness activities and I am realizing that I am more "natur... Read more

  • Off The Wagon

    6/8/2016 1:03:10 AM, by MOMMAP676

    The last few days have been terrible!!! I haven't been staying in my calorie range. I've hardly excersized. I have barely consumed enough water.... Read more

  • Rollin...again...

    5/29/2016 12:07:11 PM, by MOMMAP676

    It's Sunday morning and I am working...I usually work weekends. Who am I kidding...I work every day. I am greatful for it, it means I can feed my... Read more

  • Stuck in first gear

    5/27/2016 2:31:29 PM, by MOMMAP676

    I have been having an up and down week... I have been good for a day and then not good at all...then, I feel guilty so I do really great for a co... Read more

  • Rollin'

    5/22/2016 12:26:18 PM, by MOMMAP676

    I am gettin' back in the groove!! My allergies are kickin' but I am ready for my gym time today! I joined Planet Fitness (since May 2) and, for... Read more

  • First gear

    5/21/2016 10:28:48 PM, by MOMMAP676

    I have used Sparks a couple of times and I have always liked the results that I've had. I know that the trackers are super helpful and the first ... Read more

  • Anxiety control

    5/18/2016 11:37:01 AM, by ARRO-YO

    This, here, now -not- that, there, then. Staying... Read more

  • Day 3 -- First Monday at work

    4/4/2016 8:27:20 PM, by MAEBABY20

    So today is the first day at work with this whole eating better thing! Ugh -- No one at work eats healthy, well some do! Someone ordered pizza an... Read more

  • My Weight loss Journal

    4/3/2016 12:35:49 PM, by MAEBABY20

    First entry 04/02/2016. Taking a hot bath, as I normally do… It dawned on me, I will be 40 frickin’ years old in 9 months! I am not who I wa... Read more

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