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  • Stepping up my game!

    4/7/2016 2:57:18 PM, by FANTASIA1977

    So I've been slowly getting myself back into working out and changing my eating habits to the better. I just realized that I've been working out ... Read more

  • Beating Depression with Exercise

    3/27/2016 3:23:26 PM, by FANTASIA1977

    I noticed with me that I was in a dark place to the point that I would have a hard time talking myself into just getting into the shower. I spent... Read more

  • P90X Day 3

    2/7/2016 3:06:06 PM, by CARLEYDISNEY

    Day three! Almost as soon as I got out of bed this morning I put on my workout clothes and hopped to it. Today wasn't my best day, however. ... Read more

  • P90X Day 2

    2/6/2016 1:35:52 PM, by CARLEYDISNEY

    I'm very happy with myself today. Not only did I wa... Read more

  • P90X Day 1

    2/5/2016 5:08:14 PM, by CARLEYDISNEY

    Today I started P90X Lean. To be completely honest, I don't know the difference between this and the other programs - I just know that I want to ... Read more

  • 1/27/16 Check-in

    1/27/2016 11:59:21 AM, by LISA0517

    This past week has been pretty good. I am doing three challenges - BL Winter Challenge, the 5% Challenge, and the BLC30. I didn't post on the tea... Read more

  • Goals

    1/26/2016 3:57:14 PM, by LISA0517

    I am making the following goals for the BLC30 challenge, which runs from January 20 through May 3, 15 weeks. 1. Lose 25 pounds, from 225.0 p... Read more

  • I didn't have the time...

    12/2/2015 9:08:36 AM, by LISA0517

    ... Read more

  • Weird start

    12/1/2015 2:49:41 AM, by IMRAN99

    Weird start of the day. Horrible traffic in morning. Cancellation of two meeting. Not a very good negative wibe receptive ... Read more

  • Exercise not easy man

    11/30/2015 11:57:19 AM, by IMRAN99

    Sore with the office exercises alone. Is there something called over exercising? ... Read more

  • New office exercise program

    11/29/2015 6:00:18 AM, by IMRAN99

    I thought about this. How to keep metabolism high while I am awake. So I searched on spark people and no wonder there are office exercises. So I ... Read more

  • Goals

    11/28/2015 9:32:23 AM, by LISA0517

    I have joined the Biggest Loser Winter Challenge, and one of the activities for us is to set goals. I like these goals and want to put them here ... Read more

  • Finally weight moving again

    11/28/2015 2:52:45 AM, by IMRAN99

    Finally on my new machine the weight is starting to move down. Exercise does help. Doesn't it. ... Read more

  • Sad and tired

    11/26/2015 2:30:11 PM, by IMRAN99

    Feeling sad and tired today. Got hammered at work yesterday. Today was a better but trying to make things better is so exacting. Not to make thin... Read more

  • Tired today

    11/24/2015 1:39:19 PM, by IMRAN99

    Feeling very tired today don't feel like exercising at all. Looking for some motivation ... Read more

  • Freaked out

    11/23/2015 12:23:28 AM, by IMRAN99

    Got a new weight machine. The stupid thing is giving me a kilo higher. I know, I know, weight is relevant but I started with a target and this mo... Read more

  • Back on exercise

    11/22/2015 1:52:33 PM, by IMRAN99

    A friend on spark chat inspired me today. I lost rough... Read more

  • Regeneration

    11/18/2015 11:46:35 AM, by LISA0517

    I love fall. I especially love the trees of fall. I love watching the trees adorn themselves with the color of fire. Red, yellow... Read more

  • 2015 Summer Biggest Loser Challenge Blurb

    11/18/2015 11:17:35 AM, by LISA0517

    Although I didn't make it through the summer biggest loser challenge, I like what I wrote for my page for the challenge, about being like a Diamo... Read more

  • When do I do when I am sick

    11/13/2015 8:45:09 AM, by IMRAN99

    I get it that I have to follow my diet. But what do I do when I am sick and feeling down. Usually it's the food that makes me feel good but now i... Read more

  • happy happy

    8/4/2015 11:57:56 AM, by STEPPYWOOWOO

    Since February, I have been getting on the treadmill every day and doing weight training alternate days (using youtube fitness blender each time ... Read more

  • Healthy Habits Day 2

    5/30/2015 9:46:27 AM, by LISA0517

    Making a plan to accomplish my goal. My goal: I will intentionally feel good about one thing every day, and I will write it down. I w... Read more

  • Healthy Habits Reset, Day 1

    5/29/2015 9:51:49 AM, by LISA0517

    Goals, goals, goals. Goal setting. Reach for your goals. Set your goals high. Keep moving towards your goals. Exercise more, eat less, lose weigh... Read more

  • Thursday March 12th, 2015..........

    3/12/2015 1:35:45 AM, by SKALSCHEU

    Well not sure where but my boyfriend's family and I have to be out of the place that we are living in on sunday the 15th by midnight. we aren't ... Read more

  • I'm finally back.

    2/22/2015 4:26:07 AM, by LPWELLS

    I don't even know where to start, except to maybe say how ashamed I am. I was almost too embarrassed to come back here, and it has taken me seve... Read more

  • Weekly Weigh-In

    2/7/2015 7:14:05 AM, by JEN812

    Down .2 this week! 39 to go! Very excited, especially it was since I was on my monthly! I usually gain while on it!... Read more

  • Friday weigh-in!

    1/30/2015 9:01:35 AM, by JEN812

    I'm going to blog every Friday with my weigh in! This week I lost 1.3lbs!! I have 39.2 to go! I'm proud of my self for fighting through major tem... Read more

  • Runaway girl is back !

    1/26/2015 9:49:43 AM, by JEN812

    I cannot believe it has been over a year since I have been on here! Since then, I have gained 1.5lbs, which isn't terribly bad. However, it means... Read more

  • Pedaling Up (And Backsliding Down) That Mountain

    12/17/2014 7:14:31 PM, by MELISSV01

    (Apologies for the cycling metaphors - I've actually made it to spinning this week so it's on my mind!) Houston, we have a problem: and it's... Read more

  • Tuesday

    12/10/2014 5:03:26 PM, by MELISSV01

    Quick entry for a busy day. Yesterday was very similar to Monday, yet I'm filing it at a 6. I could have (and should have) made some better ... Read more

  • Day 1 of the Climb

    12/9/2014 3:31:22 PM, by MELISSV01

    Yesterday went pretty well. On the 1-10 scale, I'm torn between a 6 and a 7 - but since it's early, I'm ranking it as a 7 (pretty good) day. As I... Read more

  • Greetings From Off The Wagon

    12/8/2014 10:35:34 AM, by MELISSV01

    Well, no-excuses November was great in theory. And I did pretty well the first half of the month. Then life got in the way. Nothing huge: work go... Read more

  • Starting isn't Easy to Do

    11/24/2014 12:17:42 PM, by HOPERUSSELL74

    This week has been a challenge, to say the least. I thought that not buying & eating garbage was a pretty modest goal to start with. I thought I ... Read more

  • In My Own Way

    11/17/2014 12:05:36 PM, by HOPERUSSELL74

    I keep trying to change my world all at once, doing everything I'm supposed to do and it doesn't work. A couple times I've tried changing one thi... Read more


    11/10/2014 2:49:47 PM, by TMHKRC

    Hi my name is Trisha :) I am starting my journ and taking the big step. I had a sweet baby girl back in May. Prior to that I was overweight to be... Read more

  • November Week 1: Mostly Good, Some Bad

    11/10/2014 11:43:12 AM, by MELISSV01

    Well I've survived my first week of November challenge. There were a lot of positives: I made it to three spin classes and didn't die, got my str... Read more

  • Getting Back On The Wagon

    11/3/2014 10:36:09 AM, by MELISSV01

    Well I've officially gone from bride-to-be to Mrs. And as amazing as that transition has been, I fear I'm becoming that bad newlywed statistic, b... Read more

  • :)

    9/14/2014 10:05:07 PM, by STEPPYWOOWOO

    it's almost 3 months after having baby, and I have lost 43 lbs. I have 35 to go to be back to where I was before becoming pregnant. Then I will ... Read more

  • It Just Got Real

    8/7/2014 4:20:22 PM, by MELISSV01

    My dress arrived! I had my first fitting about a week ago. And despite anxiety on my end (that the dress might be too big or that I would be "for... Read more

  • Baby is one month old today

    7/26/2014 8:52:46 PM, by STEPPYWOOWOO

    I got back on the treadmill and started lifting my kettle bell weights this week. I feel good, and I really hope the motivation lasts for a whil... Read more

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