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  • Tough Night

    7/21/2017 3:43:18 PM, by COOP9002

    our personnel meeting had the expected result last night. After over a year-and-a-half of dealing with our staff members disruptive and bizzare b... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/21/2017 9:49:00 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi to all of mommy's many spark friends. it is another warm and humid day here today. we are both keeping cool and well hydrated... Read more

  • it's thursday

    7/20/2017 10:31:37 AM, by MOMMY445

    i will know tomorrow whether or not i got the job where i did the phone interview for the other day. i heard from yet another place regarding a d... Read more

  • Working Through the Mess

    7/20/2017 9:56:09 AM, by COOP9002

    thank you for your prayers for our church, personnel team, and staff member. please remember him in prayer over the next couple of days as he tri... Read more

  • Here We Go

    7/19/2017 3:36:24 PM, by COOP9002

    Getting ready for the meeting i discussed in my blog yesterday. Prayers appreciated and needed.... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    7/18/2017 2:38:23 PM, by MOMMY445

    i'm getting ready to go for a much needed long walk. my daughter says hi, she has her soccer game tonight and she is really looking forward to it... Read more

  • Next Steps

    7/18/2017 1:17:23 PM, by COOP9002

    thanks again for your prayers regarding our church staff situation. we will be meeting with this individual tomorrow and then have a follow-up me... Read more

  • it's monday

    7/17/2017 1:00:13 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is a beautiful and sunny day here today. my daughter is spending some time at the local park with her friends. later, the two of us will go fo... Read more

  • it's monday

    7/17/2017 1:00:12 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is a beautiful and sunny day here today. my daughter is spending some time at the local park with her friends. later, the two of us will go fo... Read more

  • Tough time

    7/17/2017 10:23:48 AM, by COOP9002

    hope your Monday is going well. please pray for our church family as we have a staff issue with which we are being forced to take action, and it ... Read more

  • 5 things I am thankful for

    7/16/2017 7:06:35 PM, by VENISEW1

    5 things I am thankful for 1) The opportunity to visi Dublin with my daughter 2) great food, never knew pigeon tasted like steak 3) great... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/16/2017 6:23:35 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your Sunday is going well. we had an exciting time of worship this morning. this is the closest thing that we have to a down week. Bles... Read more

  • Colorful!

    7/16/2017 10:35:24 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    This colorful salad was a great post-run snack today!... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/15/2017 2:01:56 PM, by COOP9002

    getting ready for a typically busy Sunday. hope your Saturday is going well. Blessings... Read more

  • Friday night

    7/14/2017 5:14:11 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your Friday is going well. looks like we may have a little rain tonight. Blssings... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/14/2017 12:11:17 PM, by MOMMY445

    it's a beautiful day here today! my daughter says hi! i am looking forward to a weekend where there is not much planned for me or for my daughter... Read more

  • Positive New Things

    7/14/2017 11:59:53 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    One of my recent disappointments is that our favorite produce market (for local people: the one on Hwy 98 and Clubhouse Road) went out of busines... Read more

  • Thursday

    7/13/2017 11:47:31 AM, by COOP9002

    so far we have been blessed with rain-free weather each evening for our soccer camp. tonight might be a little more challenging. hope you're... Read more

  • it's thursday

    7/13/2017 9:48:40 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi! she is enjoying the summer so far! i had a job interview yesterday afternoon for a full time job. i will know by early next ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    7/12/2017 11:18:38 AM, by COOP9002

    last night went well for our soccer camp. the rain held off, and we were able to get the children outside. hope your Wednesday is going wel... Read more

  • Tuesday

    7/11/2017 9:39:38 AM, by COOP9002

    our first evening of soccer camp went quite well. we have fewer kids this year, but hopefully the numbers will pick up throughout the week. those... Read more

  • Soccer Camp

    7/10/2017 9:34:21 AM, by COOP9002

    Whomever came up with the term "lazy days of Summer" has never served in a local church. we have another busy week as we will be offering a Socce... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/9/2017 9:00:07 PM, by COOP9002

    Enjoyed a beautiful day in the mid-Atlantic today. getting ready for a busy week. Blessings... Read more

  • Didn't Mean to Trick You

    7/9/2017 8:13:03 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    My last blog with the sunrise and sunset walk pictures were not taken in Florida. I was visiting my mom in Arizona. I purposely left out the moun... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/8/2017 8:15:00 PM, by COOP9002

    A busy Saturday is done.... Read more

  • Thank You

    7/7/2017 1:58:19 PM, by COOP9002

    i am truly grateful to those of you who shared words of encouragement and are praying for me as our church walks down this challenging road over ... Read more

  • Race Report - 4th of July 5 miler

    7/7/2017 12:43:22 PM, by PMRUNNER

    My wife's hometown has a 4th of July 5 mile running race every year. It is in Bay Village, a suburb of Cleveland. The course is flat and fast a... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/7/2017 10:49:34 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am keeping cool today and so is my daughter. it is calling for some rain, with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.that is okay with me. i... Read more

  • Walking

    7/7/2017 8:48:14 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    ... Read more

  • a beautiful warm and sunny day

    7/6/2017 11:35:34 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi! i am keeping well hydrated and cool with this very warm weather here today and so is my daughter. she had a great soccer gam... Read more

  • Disheartened

    7/6/2017 10:06:35 AM, by COOP9002

    I would truly appreciate your prayers today. I received some disheartening news from someone, who didn't realize that I was within earshot of the... Read more

  • Wednesday

    7/5/2017 10:10:19 AM, by COOP9002

    hope your Wednesday is going well. things are starting to get back to normal this week, before our soccer camp beginning next Monday. Enjoy ... Read more

  • July 4th

    7/4/2017 3:47:17 PM, by COOP9002

    thankful for all that this day means for our nation. still my heart is torn, by the unwillingness of many in our land to recognize where that fre... Read more

  • a new day

    7/4/2017 11:02:38 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new month is well underway. a great time to make a fresh start and to change up my exercise routines. on saturday, my daughter and i had some r... Read more

  • Monday

    7/3/2017 12:18:20 PM, by COOP9002

    hope you're having a good day before the fourth. we closed our church offices today to give some of our folks a little time off, with a busy week... Read more

  • 7/2/17 5 things I am thankful for today

    7/2/2017 9:49:00 PM, by VENISEW1

    1) For my husband who fixed my dryer & that he also made us dinner 2) I am thankful my daughter found a couple bikinis she liked & that I could... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/2/2017 9:16:02 PM, by COOP9002

    My wife and I traveled down to Harper's Ferry to see some things relating to our Civil War history. Hope you had a great Sunday... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/1/2017 3:28:36 PM, by COOP9002

    we finally got a little rain this afternoon, and now we're going to pay for it as the temps and the humidity start to climb. Have a great Sa... Read more

  • 2 Front Teeth

    6/30/2017 7:50:31 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Expecting the tooth fairy soon!... Read more

  • Friday

    6/30/2017 2:46:29 PM, by COOP9002

    it was rather warm and sultry when i headed out for my run this morning. didn't go as far as i wanted to, but didn't want to risk dehydration. ... Read more

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