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Blogs by Members of SP Class of July 22-28, 2012

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  • What's the point ????

    5/25/2016 10:51:57 AM, by KRWILL

    Who cares??? After a few blogs...no response...echooooo. ..so what's the point I say. The point is to rant about stuff nobody really gives a care... Read more

  • Birthday...feeling disappointed

    5/25/2016 9:10:37 AM, by KRWILL

    Wow its my birthday same day every year. REALLY my family waits the night before to get a gift. My gift are cards but one has a gift card in it. ... Read more

  • 6 month plateau!!

    5/23/2016 3:53:58 PM, by INSANITY77

    I have been stuck for the past 6 mos at the same weight I know what I need to do- start tracking again and watch my nutrition and rev up my wo... Read more

  • the trouble with slip-ups

    5/16/2016 4:46:25 PM, by INSANITY77

    I was offered a Tim Hortons' Strawberry Shortcake donut today, and felt obligated to accept! :) That then turned into me getting Nutella cr... Read more

  • Wraps

    5/3/2016 8:14:30 AM, by MRSVANCE145

    Love these I use these too!!... Read more

  • Greens

    5/3/2016 8:13:15 AM, by MRSVANCE145

    Love these !!!!I take every day!!... Read more

  • 39

    5/1/2016 10:05:09 AM, by INSANITY77

    Today i turn 39 I wish for the feelings of hope and joy for myself I am tired of feeling alone and sad Just so tired I am looking at Jo... Read more

  • Big weekend

    4/22/2016 9:02:54 AM, by KRWILL

    Big day for my son who will be confirmed on Sunday. Stepping stones in our life.... Read more

  • Workouts

    4/8/2016 11:34:43 AM, by KRWILL

    Sad to say after weeks of a good workout routine I fell out of my routine because of family. Picking up my son after school than his track practi... Read more

  • Stay strong

    3/31/2016 9:13:43 AM, by KRWILL

    My promise to myself....continue to weigh my food and work out... Read more

  • I Can't Wait For...

    3/14/2016 2:24:21 PM, by CHIBIUSAGISAMA

    Hello Spark-tacular people! I just can't wait for spring to come. Spring and summer are the best time to go out and be active. Bad news... Read more

  • Potential

    3/13/2016 8:27:58 PM, by INSANITY77

    I feel as though i am not living up to my full potential I feel like i am not putting in the effort i need to in order to live my life with ... Read more

  • Beautiful weather!

    3/8/2016 10:48:27 PM, by INSANITY77

    I am loving the spring warm-up! Helps me feel optimistic about the future and more motivating to eat right and get out and exercise! T... Read more

  • Once Again I'm Back...For Good???

    3/4/2016 3:00:52 PM, by CHIBIUSAGISAMA

    Hello Spark peeps! It's me and I'm back once again after who knows how long, but I got to say I've fallen off the bandwagon bad, and it's be... Read more

  • ?

    3/2/2016 10:08:49 PM, by INSANITY77

    Why does love seem to elude me?... Read more

  • "Stress Eating"

    2/16/2016 8:01:40 PM, by INSANITY77

    you know how some people don't have much of an appetite if they are stressed out about something? I seem to have the reverse problem - eatin... Read more

  • Feeling discouraged

    2/15/2016 8:41:41 PM, by INSANITY77

    I have to attend a family event next week My clothes are so tight Tried on a bunch of dresses and nothing fit right What feels wo... Read more

  • Losing weight is hard

    2/4/2016 9:29:38 PM, by INSANITY77

    I put so much effort in But the results plateau Feels so discouraging I think i feel this way about life too Sometimes disa... Read more

  • rough start to 2016

    1/23/2016 5:51:55 PM, by INSANITY77

    I just haven't got my groove back with good nutrition this past month. I am overeating, and it's not kale that I'm overeating folks! I am ma... Read more

  • Plateau

    1/9/2016 10:25:27 PM, by INSANITY77

    I have hit a bit of a weight plateau over the past 3 weeks, largely because of poor nutrition choices over the holidays that i have not been able... Read more

  • Cheatin myself day

    1/4/2016 10:12:00 PM, by INSANITY77

    I am watching the biggest loser and having a hot fudge brownie sundae with whipped cream Hmmm.... Something about this picture is wrong ... Read more

  • The struggle is real!

    1/2/2016 9:50:21 PM, by INSANITY77

    I was reading an article that suggested that success is determined by what one is willing to struggle for. What am i willing to work for? ... Read more

  • Blessed

    12/31/2015 8:51:31 PM, by INSANITY77

    Through the ups and downs that life brings, keep the Faith. Know that God loves me as I am, without judgement or conditions. God help me do ... Read more

  • My grown up Christmas list- SP edition

    12/11/2015 8:39:30 PM, by INSANITY77

    This list comes after i have just had a sticky toffee pudding coma. This Christmas i want to 1. Recognize that cookies and chocolates are... Read more

  • unravelling

    11/1/2015 7:36:56 PM, by INSANITY77

    cheat day on Friday turned into cheat weekend what triggered some poor choices was some self-reflection lately, I've been feeling lone... Read more

  • How can i retrain my brain to not have an all or none diet mentality?

    10/11/2015 10:04:21 PM, by INSANITY77

    I really struggled this week with my nutrition It was my brother's birthday- so i ate lots of cake And it is thanksgiving - so i ate wa... Read more

  • rethinking food as a reward

    10/6/2015 9:04:51 PM, by INSANITY77

    I've been watching/tracking my nutrition carefully. today was a "cheat" day - that ended up being anticipated....we had a catered free lunc... Read more

  • i blew it!

    9/27/2015 2:41:05 PM, by INSANITY77

    I did my weekly weight-check today. I was expecting I would have lost about 2-3 pounds, since I've been doing well with my nutrition and wor... Read more

  • down 10 lbs

    9/20/2015 1:54:35 PM, by INSANITY77

    but before I get too excited, I really need to reflect on how hard it was to lose this weight I earned every single bit of this weight loss... Read more

  • Cheat day

    9/16/2015 9:08:03 PM, by INSANITY77

    Today i had an unplanned cheat day I cheated myself by eating honey cake and chocolate cookies I cheated my health Tomorrow is ... Read more

  • Losing weight is so hard

    9/6/2015 4:10:56 PM, by INSANITY77

    I have been really consistent with exercise and as diligent as possible with my nutrition. In short i feel as though i have been working har... Read more

  • Eating clean

    9/3/2015 9:38:26 PM, by INSANITY77

    I have been doing a reasonable job trying to eat nutritiously for the past few weeks Today i had a bit of a chocolate binge I feel gro... Read more

  • Health

    8/28/2015 7:35:10 PM, by INSANITY77

    So i felt incredibly humbled today I attended my 1st "body attack" class at the gym The class is meant for all fitness levels And ... Read more

  • dumb move

    8/25/2015 10:21:36 PM, by INSANITY77

    my evening got out of control with cookies what triggered the binge? my weight check at the gym I've gained weight - 1 pound to b... Read more

  • new exercise

    8/22/2015 4:59:05 PM, by W8TN4ZION

    I did a new yoga workout dvd with Jillian Michaels from 2009. KICKED MY BOOTY! I will definitely do it again! Burned approximately 225 cals in 3... Read more

  • day 2

    8/18/2015 10:41:10 PM, by W8TN4ZION

    So far so good. Logged my calories, need to work on my balancing carbs and fats. But that's okay. I also exercised both days. I call that a succe... Read more

  • Yes God I am listening

    8/15/2015 6:16:28 PM, by INSANITY77

    I joined the gym What a good experience so far I saw a blind man exercising and trying It was truly awe inspiring I am try... Read more

  • WTF!

    8/13/2015 7:37:40 PM, by INSANITY77

    WEIGHT REALITY. I joined Good Life Fitness today. My weight = 155 lbs. Major reality check. The number just HIT me. ... Read more

  • my so-called life

    8/10/2015 8:59:54 PM, by INSANITY77

    I feel like I am living my life in this constant state of mediocrity. Shouldn't I have passion for something? Some people are passionate... Read more

  • Another year, another round with SparkPeople!

    8/8/2015 4:30:10 PM, by GHOTIB

    So here I am again; about three years after I first joined SP. I've had several ups and downs, not only in my weight, but also in life. I guess t... Read more

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