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  • Baby Steps Days 19-26

    7/30/2015 2:26:06 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Today is day 26 of my journey. I just gt back from a trip to Arizona to take care of some family business. It's always hard to exercise and eat... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 18

    7/22/2015 9:50:35 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Okay, the mystery extra 2 pounds disappeared by this morning, but I am still not showing as big of a loss as I would have expected by now. The s... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 16 & 17

    7/21/2015 11:56:49 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Yesterday, I managed to get a couple miles in between regular errands and taking a walk around the block. My weight in the morning completely re... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 14 & 15

    7/20/2015 2:54:18 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Yesterday I went on a beautiful hike to a waterfall. Fitbit said that 3 mile hike was equivalent to 60 flights of stairs. Today I walked/jo... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 11, 12 & 13

    7/17/2015 2:08:22 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Wow! I've been busy! Still here and still chugging along. I have been keeping calories in check for the most part. I am still averaging an ov... Read more

  • Day 10: Check In

    7/14/2015 9:05:56 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Went on a two mile hike. The first half was all uphill and counted as 32 flights of stairs on my fitbit. ... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 10

    7/14/2015 12:27:49 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Now we're talking. Having walked two days in a row, I am now starting to feel the benefits of moving my body. I woke up after the first day... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 8 & 9

    7/13/2015 7:01:42 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Apparently, I didn't check in yesterday. That's because I was a little busy... walking! I went out to explore a trail near my house. I ended u... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 7

    7/12/2015 2:05:18 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Yesterday I did talk to NordicTrack Support. I have to buy a circuit tester to see if there is a bad wire leading from the resistance motor to t... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 6

    7/10/2015 3:28:18 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    If ever there was a reason to grab a pint of Ben and Jerry's today is the day. Suffice it to say that certain people need to be loved from a dis... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 5

    7/9/2015 6:23:47 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    I got to the store the other day, and my daughter helped to make a great low-cal taco soup recipe that has lasted me several days now. I am back... Read more

  • Baby Steps Day 3 & 4

    7/8/2015 11:04:40 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Day 3 I did a decent job on food. I went slightly over my calorie range (60 calories), but unfortunately, I did not move my body. I was in a fo... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 2

    7/6/2015 1:35:24 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Yesterday, on my walk I felt uncomfortable, in pain and large. When I got home I felt accomplished, warmed up and in control. My first goal for... Read more

  • Day 1: Check In

    7/6/2015 1:20:22 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Walked 1.26 miles in 28 minutes. Stretched afterward. Possible goal additions for tomorrow: * drink water * move for 30 minutes * ea... Read more

  • Baby Steps: Day 1

    7/5/2015 6:11:57 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    I'm not going to wax on about much in this entry. The Cliff Notes version is that I was doing well in February, but slipped back to unhealthy ha... Read more

  • Never good bye, just see you later

    5/7/2015 10:58:05 AM, by OFFWERUN

    It's time for me to step away from SparkPeople--SparkPeople gave me some incredible tools and more importantly some incredible friends to carry m... Read more

  • safe place to spill

    4/29/2015 3:20:17 PM, by CANNIE50

    I've been thinking a lot about friendship lately. I am a person blessed with good friendships, both here and in my daily life. At some point in m... Read more

  • Hawaii 2-oh- two

    4/22/2015 7:02:47 PM, by CANNIE50

    My husband's old friend is getting married in Hawaii, in June, and he booked us a trip (and then told me about it but that is a different story, ... Read more

  • stress and chaos

    4/2/2015 10:57:35 PM, by CANNIE50

    I still meet with a therapist but only every few weeks now. At our last session, my kind and empathetic therapist said something that really stru... Read more

  • big fat truths

    3/30/2015 4:49:35 PM, by CANNIE50

    The truth is, I am feeling big and fat and very uncomfortable. The truth is, I am tired of telling you this, Sparkly people. The truth... Read more

  • It All Started with a Game

    2/5/2015 12:03:09 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    It was Superbowl Sunday. I had managed to squeeze in a 3-miler before kickoff, narrowly avoiding a delay helping an elderly gentleman find his w... Read more

  • Muscle Memory

    1/29/2015 12:52:28 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Muscle memory as it pertains to strength training, according to wikipedia, is when "fibers maintain an elevated number of nuclei that might provi... Read more

  • Not easy, but worth it.

    1/22/2015 4:16:53 PM, by CANNIE50

    "I did not tell you it would be easy, I told you it would be worth it." Russell Wilson Okay, non football fans, Russell Wilson just happens ... Read more

  • Locus of Control

    1/20/2015 5:11:39 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    I hear a lot of weight loss pundits, gurus, authors, trainers, fitness experts, what have you, preach to obese individuals about how they must hi... Read more

  • Knee Update and Success to Share

    1/18/2015 12:51:44 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Knee Update Saw the sports medicine doc about my knee. He took a complete set of x-rays on my knees. I was right. I have awesome knees! ... Read more

  • Big messes and little miracles

    1/8/2015 5:41:10 PM, by CANNIE50

    Hi Sparklers. I have missed you. I was feeling too much unwillingness around eating well (I was eating like the proverbial hungry goat trapped in... Read more

  • Knee Pain

    1/6/2015 1:28:10 AM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    This is a first for me. I am experiencing numbness on the outside of my right knee. A few weeks ago, when climbing into bed, I'd tuck my ... Read more

  • precious

    11/7/2014 12:03:28 PM, by CANNIE50

    Precious:a resource of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly. I have a challenge for you, and myself. Each time you think abou... Read more

  • It's been awhile

    10/15/2014 4:21:55 PM, by CANNIE50

    This is a long blog so if you don't know me, feel free to skip it, but I have the urge to reconnect with my Sparkly friends. I have not Sparked f... Read more

  • I feel 10 pounds better

    9/10/2014 1:30:59 PM, by CANNIE50

    I noticed something today, as I was on a trail walk with one of my dogs (the crazy lab puppy ) We were walking up an incline and I r... Read more

  • I got my body into this...

    8/19/2014 2:46:54 PM, by CANNIE50

    so it is my job and my obligation to get my body out of this. That is the thought I had when encountering altitude sickness while climbing Grouse... Read more

  • Well, that was humbling...

    8/18/2014 3:46:17 PM, by CANNIE50

    This past Friday morning, I headed up to beautiful Vancouver, BC with some good friends, to tackle Grouse Mountain, the infamous (and rightly so)... Read more

  • You just have to adapt

    7/31/2014 5:04:35 PM, by CANNIE50

    I was talking with my sweet 10 year old son, P. He was telling me about football practice. He described a drill where they run and various coache... Read more

  • Fighting for her life

    7/22/2014 2:00:59 PM, by CANNIE50

    I began today at the gym with my best friend. We were doing circuit training. The last circuit was a boxing workout. I punched first, she held th... Read more

  • Fighting for her life

    7/22/2014 2:00:59 PM, by CANNIE50

    I began today at the gym with my best friend. We were doing circuit training. The last circuit was a boxing workout. I punched first, she held th... Read more

  • To Boot Camp or not to Boot Camp...

    7/18/2014 1:33:27 PM, by CANNIE50

    that was the question. I previously blogged about swearing off Boot Camps because I honestly feel I had basically aged out of them. Then, my best... Read more

  • I'm on to my self

    7/9/2014 11:26:31 PM, by CANNIE50

    A few months ago, I promised, via a blog, to share some lessons learned from my visits to a very helpful therapist. This is a therapist who has r... Read more

  • vintage WHINE

    7/5/2014 5:54:34 PM, by CANNIE50

    "I don't want to restrict my food, give up sugary foods, pizza, etc etc etc because I already don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes - I don't w... Read more

  • First double digit run

    6/21/2014 12:21:32 PM, by RUNNERGIRLKIM

    Today was my first double digit run of this cycle of marathon training. I ran ten miles along the Blackwater Creek bikeway. It was not my best ru... Read more

  • Trail Running

    6/13/2014 9:35:38 AM, by RUNNERGIRLKIM

    Recently I've discovered trail running! I've run on trails a few times before, but that was a year and a half ago, and I've stayed on roads and p... Read more

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