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  • Hay Fever & Injury Update

    7/28/2016 1:47:03 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    My Hay Fever is getting better had the peak of it on Tuesday nite but still dealing with my temp going up and down faster more than normal. My ea... Read more

  • Thursday afternoon

    7/28/2016 1:38:27 PM, by PICKIE98

    An actual normal day for the first time this month. We went to the library book sale at 8 am, then on to haircuts, then to doctor's office to dr... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought

    7/28/2016 12:12:12 PM, by TWEETYKC00

    "Those who excel in virtue have the best right of all to rebel, but then they are of all men the least inclined to do so. " Aristotle... Read more

  • Wednesday

    7/27/2016 6:22:39 PM, by PICKIE98

    Another day of running errands, mailing thank you cards, getting more stamps, sent daughter to workplace to tell them to put me back on the sched... Read more

  • Hump Day Happies

    7/27/2016 4:57:16 PM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • a new day

    7/27/2016 4:10:49 PM, by JENNY421

    i had my annual checkup the other day. my weight has indeed gone up since the checkup i had last year. i am taking steps to get back into shape,... Read more

  • "that" talk

    7/27/2016 3:08:56 PM, by ROCHELLEHANSON

    I just had "that" talk with my rheumatologist. The pain levels, the weight gain (dang medicines), the energy levels. All boiled down to one thi... Read more

  • Made it home from Wisconsin

    7/26/2016 5:10:40 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I am home. I've been home since Sunday night about 9pm. It was a great trip but I could of done without all of the shopping at Door County.... Read more

  • Tuesday afternoon

    7/26/2016 3:35:46 PM, by PICKIE98

    My doctor hooked me up with a medrol pack, some powerful cream and I will go there and fill out a form for the handicap placard. When I was in c... Read more

  • OMG One Thing After Another I Swear!!!!

    7/26/2016 3:35:17 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Hi Yall, Well as it turns out I ended up hurting myself thinking putting tiger balm on and somewhat wrapping my ankles somewhat tightly then pu... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday

    7/26/2016 2:12:11 PM, by SANDY1380

    Morning all just popping in to say hi. Been doing good with tracking and drinking water and being active. From house cleaning every day to walkin... Read more

  • Tuesdays Tickle

    7/26/2016 11:13:30 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Monday's Funny

    7/25/2016 10:57:12 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Monday morning

    7/25/2016 8:20:51 AM, by PICKIE98

    I slept well, am just waking up,, but I need to wait for the doctor's office to open to call for an appointment. It seems like only yesterday th... Read more

  • An update 7/24

    7/24/2016 3:04:40 PM, by SANDY1380

    Well I do want to apologize for not logging in every day. I just been busy with the kids and hubby that I just use the spark app. to log my foods... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/24/2016 2:49:26 PM, by PICKIE98

    I took two benadryl last night, no drowsiness, then took two more plus two extra strength acetaminophen at bedtime after slathering myself with h... Read more

  • Sunday's Thought

    7/24/2016 11:34:13 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Saturday's Silly

    7/23/2016 5:59:31 PM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Saturday morning

    7/23/2016 7:59:46 AM, by PICKIE98

    A long day at the funeral home yesterday, this morning is the funeral. I did not sleep, due to this severe case of poison whatever it is, all ov... Read more

  • Made it to Wisconsin

    7/22/2016 10:53:29 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, made it to Wisconsin okay. Went to Lambeau Field when we got there. Talk about being in heaven. Went on the tour and had a blast. Got to go... Read more

  • Friday's Funny

    7/22/2016 10:01:01 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Thursday

    7/21/2016 1:39:39 PM, by PICKIE98

    Today is a sizzler, severe thunderstorm warnings here for the whole day. When they tell us that, on Lake Huron, we listen. Everybody can tell w... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought

    7/21/2016 11:09:18 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    "All men are by nature equal, made all of the same earth by one Workman; and however we deceive ourselves, as dear unto God is the poor peasant a... Read more

  • Wednesday

    7/20/2016 12:07:31 PM, by PICKIE98

    Blessings come in strange packages. Our dryer was delivered this morning by two great guys. Sears contracts these men out with trucks to just ... Read more

  • Hump Day Happy

    7/20/2016 11:33:02 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    ... Read more

  • Busy Tuesday

    7/19/2016 3:15:21 PM, by PICKIE98

    Today was a slow day for errands. DD and I went to buy some clothing for the funeral. We needed freshening up, and we have some new garment... Read more

  • Feeling the love

    7/19/2016 10:03:19 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    It has been a long couple of weeks and I need some sanity. Thank you all for the love, there is nothing like spark friends. I will be very busy, ... Read more

  • Monday

    7/18/2016 8:43:55 PM, by PICKIE98

    DD came home this morning and we hit the pavement running to do more funeral arrangements. I made a few phone calls, then we went to church to ... Read more

  • Home Again

    7/18/2016 7:54:32 PM, by TWEETYKC00

    Back home after a loooong weekend. It is good to be back in a way, still plenty to do for the funeral.... Read more

  • How fast they grow

    7/17/2016 3:21:33 PM, by SANDY1380

    I remember when they're all were babies and look a... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/17/2016 12:30:41 PM, by PICKIE98

    I just read the obituary in today's newspaper and it is wrong. I called after Dave faxed me a copy on Friday, asked him to insert the word "past... Read more

  • Lost another pound plus trip is getting close

    7/17/2016 8:12:01 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I've lost about 4 pounds this past week but lost a pound since yesterday. At the beginning of last week I was 186 pounds. I went down a pou... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/16/2016 1:56:05 PM, by PICKIE98

    I got some much-needed sleep last night after a hard week. I am here alone, as DD is with her Dad. She is helping him and his wife prepare for ... Read more

  • An extra-challenging week!

    7/16/2016 11:52:40 AM, by FITKAT62

    We are cat-sitting for 5 days and staying in a highrise apartment. There is not a lot of spare room in the refrigerator so we will be eating out ... Read more

  • STOP IT!!

    7/15/2016 3:40:37 PM, by ROCHELLEHANSON

    Stop being a stress eater! Now if only it were that simple. Sadly today was that day for me. I royally screwed up lunch. Time for some grapes... Read more

  • Death in family

    7/15/2016 4:25:50 AM, by PICKIE98

    My mom died yesterday. She turned 90 Monday, had a stroke that morning. Kristy left to take care of her dad, whose cancer has returned(he is 8... Read more

  • Frustrated

    7/14/2016 3:23:05 PM, by AMY5556

    Well here I am again. On medication that causes weight... Read more

  • Out of town

    7/14/2016 10:30:28 AM, by TWEETYKC00

    I'll be going to be with my dad today. My grandma is stable now and so I hope she will be ok until I get back. Hoping all goes well for my sister... Read more

  • sleep

    7/14/2016 8:56:47 AM, by PICKIE98

    I actually slept last night, rested. Back to the un-routine today.... Read more

  • checking in

    7/13/2016 1:39:59 PM, by TWEETYKC00

    Lots going on here, waiting for info is the biggest thing. Hoping everyone can enjoy themselves her. Hugs to all. I will try to get updates out w... Read more

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