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  • Give Me Back My Spark!

    4/7/2014 11:39:58 PM, by KITHKINCAID

    I now know why this site is called SparkPeople. It's because when it's working and you're successfully achieving goals and losing weight, you've ... Read more

  • The unknown

    4/7/2014 8:46:40 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    The last few weeks have been feeling like the unknown is coming. Friday I photographed my first wedding. I feel like it went much better than I t... Read more

  • If I wake up, I wake up

    4/3/2014 8:35:18 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I feel like when I lay my clothes out and set my alarm for 5 am fitness classes I jinx myself. So now I tell myself that if I wake up, I wake up.... Read more

  • Meddling Rant

    4/2/2014 8:49:22 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I am one of these ppl who doesn't really get mad immediately. It takes me a few days to look back on what happened and really get mad. I was vagu... Read more

  • Day 3 of starving to death

    3/31/2014 8:22:53 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I read online to just keep food with u and eat every 2 hours. Attempting to not listen to my stomach 24/7 or I would be eating all day long. Thi... Read more

  • Job is over!!!

    3/30/2014 10:07:18 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I knew Friday would be long and yep it sure was. Also on the way to the job, my car started making an awful sound. Made it back ok and it sounds ... Read more

  • Brace yourself for generaliziations

    3/28/2014 7:16:57 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I haven't written lately cuz I can't write about what is going on right now. It seems everything has been affected by that. Work, friends, eating... Read more

  • Long week

    3/23/2014 11:16:17 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    The week really didn't get much better. I swear everyday at this job I feel like I was in a wresting scene where someone beat me with a chair. I ... Read more

  • Life Happens!

    3/20/2014 12:49:15 PM, by KITHKINCAID

    Hi Sparkies! I'm BAAAACCCKKK! Be honest - you missed me, right? :) This is just a quick note to tell you the reasons that I have return... Read more

  • Complaining, ignore me

    3/20/2014 6:32:26 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I am on day 2 of the week again at the photo job, Yesterday I called my manager and put in my two weeks. Not a minute too soon. The woman I work... Read more

  • Things are changing around

    3/17/2014 3:02:19 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    Finally feeling better which is great! Saturday I met up with my friend Ty and we walked for 90 mins! She's the woman I know from the gym who has... Read more

  • Mexican Lasagna is the way to a man's heart

    3/15/2014 10:23:36 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    It is the simple meals that make men happy. Probably much like children, stop trying so hard. All they want is something gross and simple like ma... Read more

  • Must.Slow.Down!

    3/11/2014 8:24:51 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I have been sick with a cold for 5 days now. Silly me still trying to workout and not take it easy. Yesterday was my worst day, yet I somehow got... Read more

  • Walk it out

    3/9/2014 9:16:28 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    As I was falling asleep last night, I found this story in my FB feed. www.npr.org/2014/03/08/2
    nning-... Read more

  • Hit the gym twice in 1 day

    3/7/2014 8:20:13 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    Yeah that sounds obsessive. I went yesterday morning to dance out the sweat. Then I went back that evening to lift with my friend. I also took my... Read more

  • Early Morning Wakey!

    3/6/2014 8:35:49 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I have been regularly waking up at 4:30 lately. I can usually go back to bed but I figured it was a good sign to hit the gym. So I am already si... Read more

  • Emily, Calzones, Winter Coats

    3/5/2014 8:43:15 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    Emily ended up being ok! $220 dollars later and she had some kind of an infection that was treatable! So happy because Mauri was so heart broken.... Read more

  • Quieter Week

    3/4/2014 9:15:22 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I felt like I was recovering all weekend and then Monday I got my butt kicked again at work, or felt that way. Last season was so much easier, th... Read more

  • 10 MPH to 90 MPH

    2/28/2014 9:41:32 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I wrote a long blog yesterday and then spark went on repair and I lost the whole thing. Life has just been really busy, I am back at my photo job... Read more

  • Temps going up up up

    2/19/2014 1:14:01 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I feel like I have been telling myself this a lot lately. But finally things... Read more

  • This ..... is Bananas

    2/14/2014 10:13:30 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    B A N A N A S....some reason gwen has been coming up a lot this week. Highlights of the week. Took my car in, they said the issue was with m... Read more

  • More shooting less eating

    2/11/2014 5:07:15 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    My new bread of the week was Orange Cranberry Broa, it's a cornmeal based bread. Week 46 countdown and today I was not lazy and took out my real ... Read more

  • Get a grip!

    2/9/2014 10:08:37 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I started writing a blog earlier this week but I figured no one wanted to hear how depressed I was about being cooped up in the house. But here I... Read more

  • Present

    1/29/2014 11:28:27 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    Still battling the boil. It's doing much better though and decreasing in size. I miss going to water aerobics. Since this thing is icky and could... Read more

  • Ups and downs

    1/25/2014 6:04:46 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I did good for 2-3 days and then I started doing bad again. Today has been good to far. I had a girls night last night so yeah that was kinda rou... Read more

  • Back to basics Monday

    1/20/2014 8:43:30 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    Today is the day that I take charge again and stop logging looslie! today is the day! I haven't been a very good friend to me lately. Gotta stop ... Read more

  • Walking in circles

    1/19/2014 10:19:39 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I started writing my mom the email and then quit. I did message her the other day and told her about the urn. She seemed really happy and surpris... Read more

  • Personal rant (not weight loss related)

    1/13/2014 7:04:22 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    This isn't about weightloss, so if that's what you came for, feel free to close out. I crab about everything here because every emotion tends to ... Read more

  • Struggling with food

    1/12/2014 10:59:17 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I am still in a rough patch from the holiday. I keep getting freshly expired nut butters from work, those can't be helping. One was a 12 dollar ... Read more

  • Here comes work

    1/9/2014 2:08:10 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I have pretty much been off work besides 2 days a week since December 1st. This week I am taking care of my bosses elderly kitties 3 times a day.... Read more

  • Stuck inside exerciseless

    1/7/2014 9:24:28 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    We got our big storm two days ago, 9 inches of snow (drifting) and -13 to -17 temps. Sunday I kinda gave into it, didn't do much. What is the har... Read more

  • Diet and Exercise Season

    1/1/2014 9:16:47 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I love this time of year. Gym parking lot fills up with cars, which is cool gives me more exercise to walk inside. Everyone flocks back to the di... Read more

  • Vegetarian Win!

    12/29/2013 11:15:45 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I have been going to my Husbands family holiday dinners for 9 years and I am usually the one who eats the least meat. At one point I was a vegeta... Read more

  • Six Years on Spark and Saying Goodbye

    12/26/2013 10:21:53 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    This marks 6 years on spark, consistently logging my food, getting my butt exercising 4-6 days a week, taking care of myself. I am proud to still... Read more

  • Finality

    12/17/2013 8:58:21 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I have had Rosalie, my dad's cat a little over two months. Friday the basement where she's hiding got too cold for her so she started coming upst... Read more

  • People be sending articles

    12/10/2013 8:51:32 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    My mom sent me an article last week about exercising too much can make it harder to get pregnant... Seriously? I am not a gymnast who has so litt... Read more

  • Down time

    12/4/2013 9:06:03 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I am in a lull from one of my jobs until January so that makes me a professional house wife! Despite one job I do 15 hours a week. Yesterday I fi... Read more

  • Hello Holidays!

    12/2/2013 8:33:12 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    I kicked some ass this cooking weekend and not the good kind. I made everything from scratch, good and bad. We invited my mother in law over for ... Read more

  • A little better

    11/20/2013 8:56:06 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    After I wrote that blog, my aunt died. Her funeral is a three day event and it starts tomorrow. We are just going for 1 day to pay respects. It's... Read more

  • Bad feelings

    11/13/2013 10:43:41 AM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    It's been a rough week. The good news is I can get pregnant, the bad news is I lost it already. I was so terrified of losing it but tried to stay... Read more

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