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  • waiting all day for the handyman

    10/20/2014 4:28:41 PM, by USMAWIFE

    it is now 424 pm on Monday afternoon the handyman was again to be here at 1 and did not show up. the glass company did not call either. So... Read more

  • It's Sunday night

    10/19/2014 9:10:57 PM, by USMAWIFE

    hubby got the window in the attic tape up this afternoon and removed the huge piece of glass which was left hanging. you can see some shatter... Read more

  • Abba, I belong to You!

    10/19/2014 12:15:11 PM, by YELLOWROSE2013

    Abba, I need Your help. You know my heart and the turmoil my mind is going through. You know that I want to heal, even when I don't want to ge... Read more

  • the broken glass incident continues

    10/18/2014 9:50:13 PM, by USMAWIFE

    last night hubby came home and drove around to the front to see if he could figure where the glass came from turns out it was from the circl... Read more

  • Friday

    10/17/2014 2:36:48 PM, by USMAWIFE

    today is just one of those days I want to go to bed and stay there all day last night my friend and I figured out which casino should be boo... Read more

  • Thursday

    10/16/2014 3:49:27 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Was a rough night last night. If I am lucky I got 3 hours of sleep. was awake at 3 am, alarm clock went off at 430 and I stayed up until 7 and ... Read more

  • wednesday

    10/15/2014 4:22:13 PM, by USMAWIFE

    I finally admitted to myself I can no longer go on like this and asked my doctor to please put me on something for anxiety/depression it is ... Read more

  • tuesday

    10/14/2014 3:49:13 PM, by USMAWIFE

    right now we are under a tornado watch. we have been under one since 8 this morning and it continues to 10 pm tonight. for about an hour this m... Read more

  • thanks

    10/13/2014 11:46:23 PM, by USMAWIFE

    thanks to SMG You were the only person who wanted to know why I did some things in my past which are now affecting my present and future a... Read more

  • the return trip

    10/13/2014 2:48:42 PM, by USMAWIFE

    the return trip When I got to the airport and then the gate I now had over 3 hours until my flight left. So I took out the compu... Read more

  • Sunday

    10/13/2014 1:15:22 AM, by USMAWIFE

    home again. will update tomorrow... Read more

  • Umption

    10/12/2014 11:43:51 AM, by YELLOWROSE2013

    Father, my get up and go just got up and went. I can't seem to get the Umption to move. I don't know what happened, but my motivation is shot... Read more

  • saturday

    10/12/2014 12:49:13 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Now after midnight and I am still a bit hungover to be updated... Read more

  • A frustrating end to a bad week

    10/10/2014 10:04:01 PM, by ANDILH

    Several times a year I get a flare up in my back that Pilates just can't get rid of. This is one of those times. I haven't had an awful flare u... Read more

  • thursday

    10/10/2014 6:38:37 AM, by USMAWIFE

    incredibly long day went to bed at 1130 but was up at 130 and stayed up to 7 am, back to sleep for an hour and then off to do everything on ... Read more

  • Hump Day

    10/8/2014 8:44:39 PM, by USMAWIFE

    After a busy Tuesday, we did not end up going to bed until close to 130. I kept waking up to see if I could see the lunear eclipse. ... Read more

  • almost hump day

    10/7/2014 11:53:53 PM, by USMAWIFE

    right now it is eight minutes before midnight I am totally wiped out. Did laundry today instead of Thursday and made my list of things tha... Read more

  • Would you go to this event

    10/6/2014 7:08:18 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Some who read my blog know about me and the travel job I started. Well this is the flyer they in mailboxes in three subdivisins today ... Read more

  • Sunday

    10/6/2014 12:02:42 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Went to bed and had a hard time sleeping they were showing the house today from 1-3 pm and I had to be out by 1230. I had not eat... Read more

  • Saturday

    10/4/2014 11:11:42 PM, by USMAWIFE

    long day today. they are showing our house tomorrow. Usually they give a 1 hour appt range but this agent has scheduled it to a 2 hour bloc... Read more

  • What happened Thurs

    10/3/2014 6:45:31 PM, by USMAWIFE

    I said I would update what happened yesterday so here it comes Wednesday night the friend who is organizing the trip for next week to Biloxi... Read more

  • So mentally drained

    10/2/2014 11:29:11 PM, by USMAWIFE

    will post tomorrow... Read more

  • its over and I am SCREWED

    10/1/2014 6:23:43 PM, by USMAWIFE

    The person who was going to lend me my mortgage payment called his financial advisor last Friday. She finally got back to him today He was ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    10/1/2014 8:58:12 AM, by USMAWIFE

    Bad day..... Read more

  • Dreary Monday

    9/29/2014 12:39:30 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Right now it is dark and rainy outside even though it is only 1230 pm The outside does look like how I feel. I am constantly at the point ... Read more

  • No miracles for me

    9/28/2014 9:02:03 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Good things just do not happen to me Friend said they would loan me money last weekend and has not yet. I keep praying on it as well as... Read more

  • Saturday

    9/27/2014 7:26:26 PM, by USMAWIFE

    got a little bit of restless sleep last night but pushed myself out of the bed to get to the bank to fax the paper off to the mortgage company a... Read more

  • The drama continues

    9/26/2014 11:33:14 PM, by USMAWIFE

    this morning I was awake from 330 and finally got up at 440 to get coffee from hubby and to put his meals together for the weekend I act... Read more

  • Insanity continues

    9/25/2014 9:25:41 PM, by USMAWIFE

    After I post last nights blog, I talked to two friends who calmed me down a bit. Woke up at 430 to get hubby coffee and ready to start the ... Read more

  • fricking disgusted now

    9/24/2014 7:54:11 PM, by USMAWIFE

    since I joined this travel group in August I have been trying to get my first sales but still have not My husbands best friend was and still... Read more

  • Tuesday

    9/23/2014 11:37:19 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Still dealing with my fourth round of corrections for the mortgage company I am so fed up... Read more

  • Pondering Life

    9/22/2014 10:42:46 PM, by USMAWIFE

    I have been doing a lot of thinking and going over all the good and bad decisions I have had in my life Not sure anymore if I truly like the... Read more

  • the mini reunion ended way to early

    9/21/2014 6:30:14 PM, by USMAWIFE

    I learned just like in college I should never drink Bahama mamas we call got back together about 9 pm, and started drinking and eating. sle... Read more

  • Saturday reunion day 2

    9/20/2014 9:03:50 PM, by USMAWIFE

    everything I going great. love these ladies... Read more

  • Lessons in Surprising Places

    9/19/2014 11:29:35 AM, by ANDILH

    Sometimes the lessons we have in life don't appear to us immediately. It's happened to me recently. I realized that the time I spent with sever... Read more

  • mini reunion day

    9/19/2014 9:30:09 AM, by USMAWIFE

    this morning I was up at 5 with hubby within 3 minutes of him closing the side door, thunder and lightening and the dog was a quivering pers... Read more

  • thursday

    9/18/2014 5:48:38 PM, by USMAWIFE

    this morning got up early as hubby went into work when I got up I knew I had a lot to do today went to the grocery store got gas ... Read more

  • Fell but, I'm getting back up!

    9/18/2014 9:43:24 AM, by YELLOWROSE2013

    Abba, please forgive me for giving into the self-mind mode. You know what is best for my life. I must CONSTANTLY keep my mind on YOU. You cr... Read more

  • hump day

    9/17/2014 10:58:20 PM, by USMAWIFE

    well I am on countdown. at approximately 4 pm on Friday I am having dinner with my friend from college and can't wait this is going to be o... Read more

  • Tuesday

    9/16/2014 7:03:28 PM, by USMAWIFE

    Last night I got a message to make a phone call for my home business. Normally I dislike them especially at 930 pm but figured go for it. thi... Read more

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