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  • Mud!

    5/27/2017 10:20:09 AM, by AMYBFITNESS

    So last night on our way to a graduation party we foll... Read more

  • Prepared for Monday

    5/22/2017 11:16:33 AM, by MINTTEAINIOWA

    I feel prepared for the work part of my day. This is something I haven't been bothering to do lately- getting prepared for eating healthy at wor... Read more

  • Childhood Vs. Adulthood

    5/21/2017 12:12:03 AM, by MINTTEAINIOWA

    Some of my favorite childhood memories are about food. At my Dad's house, I was introduced to the deliciousness of Morton Light Salt on home mad... Read more

  • I want to challenge you...

    5/16/2017 1:23:12 PM, by MINTTEAINIOWA

    ... to leave me a comment with the first positive thing about YOURSELF that comes to mind. No negatives. Just positives.... Read more

  • The {snacking} Struggle is Real

    5/12/2017 10:02:29 AM, by AMYBFITNESS

    Good morning friends. So last night I stayed away from all munchies...except a handful of baby carrots and water and it was NOT EASY!! I hadn't... Read more

  • Running mojo

    3/21/2017 8:47:31 PM, by AMYBFITNESS

    I feel like I finally got my running mojo back!! I ran 3 miles today and it felt so good. I made it 1.8 miles before I had to walk a little. ... Read more

  • Back to running

    3/18/2017 9:56:57 PM, by AMYBFITNESS

    So today I ran the St Patrick's Day 5K I. Davenport, IA and it really sparked my interest in running again! I run slow but I love it and I hadn't... Read more

  • Finding out Calories in favorite foods

    3/17/2017 8:51:27 PM, by AMYBFITNESS

    So today we helped a friend move, and they got pizza from Costco for everyone. I've eaten those pizzas lots without tracking them or giving them... Read more

  • Cheat night

    3/16/2017 1:27:37 PM, by AMYBFITNESS

    So last night my daughter had a sleepover (she's 15) so we had a house full of junk food! I mean, I am not going to make the girls eat carrots a... Read more

  • Starting Over & Determined

    3/14/2017 6:25:25 PM, by AMYBFITNESS

    Good evening Sparkers! My name is Amy and this is my first blog with my new SP account. I have used SP off and on for years. The program reall... Read more

  • The Frustrating Little Voice

    1/9/2017 3:56:15 PM, by MINTTEAINIOWA

    As someone who has hypothyroidism, weight loss is a BIG struggle. Here and there, I can lose a little weight, but without fail, I always gain th... Read more

  • How do I get rid of meal plan?

    1/8/2017 3:47:13 PM, by BUGME2LOSE

    I added it by mistake.... Read more

  • Stupid Thyroid!!

    10/30/2016 3:19:30 PM, by HAPPPY2BFIT

    My problems with my weight began 16 years ago. I was ... Read more

  • Challange

    8/28/2016 2:40:23 PM, by BUGME2LOSE

    I purchased healthy cottage cheese whole wheat crackers and yougurt today for snacks and stuck to it.... Read more

  • Do I really look like that?

    8/11/2016 12:31:07 PM, by NIGHTSKYLOVER

    My little family and I went to our local amusement park on Tuesday. We took lots of pictures. Normally, I refuse to have my picture taken, but ... Read more

  • Every Day I Begin Again

    8/6/2016 10:15:24 AM, by NIGHTSKYLOVER

    Every day I begin again, but don't we all! Every moment is a choice. All the little pictures make up a big picture. Some of those little pictu... Read more

  • Day 1

    7/5/2016 10:59:05 PM, by FFXMOMMY

    Okay, I'm all green for day 1! I boosted my activity ... Read more

  • 100 day fitness challenge

    7/5/2016 4:26:39 PM, by FFXMOMMY

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon, both with blogging and with 100 day challenges! My 100 day challenge is going to follow my Fitbit.... Read more

  • Newbie

    6/24/2016 7:51:51 AM, by LORIANNO24

    New to this site at least. Been following Atkins since Aug. 3, 2015. Down almost 90 lbs and feeling great. 80 lbs more to goal of 160. I've been ... Read more

  • 206 to 138 in 5 years = turtle wins the race

    6/13/2016 8:14:27 PM, by HNRUNYAN

    Recently I came across this picture and had to pause to look at the person I use to be. Read more

  • Whoot whoot

    5/11/2016 8:35:28 PM, by TSAMAMAD

    Was prepared today to accept a small weight gain. Wedding weekend for my son, was crazy nuts with the brides mom being a momzilla,and then missin... Read more

  • Not as easy as I thought..

    5/11/2016 1:42:17 PM, by TWILFORD

    I thought it would be so easy to jump back on the wagon after my few days off, but it has been less of a jump and more of a climb. I figured I co... Read more

  • 3 days!

    5/9/2016 10:23:16 AM, by TWILFORD

    The last 3 days i didnt log a single thing I ate. This in the first time in 2 months I havent religiously tracked my meals... but I have an excus... Read more

  • Hit first goal

    5/4/2016 3:57:57 PM, by TSAMAMAD

    Down one today, that puts me at 30# gone. Whoot whoot! Now, this weekend is going to be a challenge. Son getting married, so rehersal dinner, we... Read more

  • Continuing

    4/27/2016 10:20:28 PM, by TSAMAMAD

    Down another 4...am now at 29! My first goal is 30 by vacation, which is 3 weeks away. Feeling good about myself and love the way I am making bet... Read more

  • My life

    4/27/2016 10:21:34 AM, by TWILFORD

    This is my life. Making the decision to start caring for my body the way it deserves to be cared for wasn't a decision I made just because I want... Read more

  • Stop

    4/25/2016 11:24:42 PM, by TWILFORD

    The last 3 days my calorie intake has been over 2000. This is not okay and I have to stop giving in and reign it in right away! Healthier eating ... Read more

  • Long road...

    4/19/2016 12:42:04 PM, by TWILFORD

    Well, it has been 4 weeks since I started spark. I weighed today and am down about 5 lbs now, which is great, but I can't help feeling a little d... Read more

  • Tuesday April 19 2016 7:30 a.m.

    4/19/2016 8:26:40 AM, by MARCYJO28

    Today is the day I put my foot down for a change. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves what's using my life. One of the things that we know about l... Read more

  • Way too Easy.

    4/16/2016 1:36:28 AM, by MARCYJO28

    It's so easy but yet so hard. I work at Taco John's! And it is way too easy for me to just eat and keep working or eat go back office. And to top... Read more

  • Smoothies

    4/15/2016 11:15:27 AM, by MARCYJO28

    I love smoothies so much but I'm searching for some new smoothies recipes. If you have one you would like to share post it and I'll give it a try... Read more

  • Non scale victories

    4/12/2016 12:49:32 PM, by TSAMAMAD

    On Fridays we are able to wear jeans in the office. Love that! Last Friday, I had to actually go over lunch and purchase a belt! Have not worn on... Read more

  • Feeling proud!

    4/10/2016 1:58:44 PM, by TWILFORD

    So, last weekend and the beginning of the week was rough... but this week I only had 3 drinks all week, have been ON TOP of my clean eating, gett... Read more

  • Loss

    4/6/2016 1:53:01 PM, by TSAMAMAD

    Today am down another 4. Was not able to weigh last week as I was out of town. Have made 22 now. While I still do not move enough, I am making wi... Read more

  • Just... ugh!

    4/6/2016 7:06:20 AM, by TWILFORD

    Well, I guess the weekend wasn't the only thing that was rough.. The last two days haven't gone so well either. This is typical for me. Do amazin... Read more

  • Rough weekend

    4/4/2016 7:06:02 AM, by TWILFORD

    My eating and drinking was out of control this weekend. Friends wanting to bar hop, birthday celebrations, the husband bringing home donuts... I ... Read more

  • My big accomplishment today

    4/3/2016 8:33:57 PM, by MOLEVINSON

    I was very busy running errands. But, I got to the track to do some walking. Go me!... Read more

  • New Improvements

    4/2/2016 6:46:59 PM, by MOLEVINSON

    Since starting, I've been making drinking water a priority. I consider calories before deciding whether i'll have the drink or snack. 10 minutes ... Read more

  • Today's 5 Words

    4/1/2016 11:05:58 PM, by MOLEVINSON

    Challenged daily but an overcome.... Read more

  • 10 days

    3/31/2016 9:57:52 AM, by TWILFORD

    I have been working my plan for 10 days now, and I honestly feel so good! The first few days I felt terrible. Headache, achy body, exhausted and ... Read more

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