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  • a busy day

    10/24/2016 4:04:15 PM, by MOMMY445

    i ended up rescheduling the first interview and the company was gracious enough to agree to the rescheduling. i had a second interview today. if ... Read more

  • Mindfulness

    10/24/2016 2:51:49 PM, by RUBYREDIVY1

    Going to try mindfulness from now on. 1. Spot habit trigger 2. Be mindful and curious of it 3. Let it go with joy It's not a big uncontrollable... Read more

  • Seeing the bright side

    10/24/2016 10:22:37 AM, by RUBYREDIVY1

    I haven't been able to get back into the rhythm of weight loss. ..food wise nor exercise wise....but thankfully I haven't gained any significant ... Read more

  • voting today for early voting

    10/24/2016 9:07:50 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; Had a wonderful time with grandkids this weekend. My grand son is at the age where he is so much fun. My Grand daughter is like a... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/23/16

    10/23/2016 4:16:51 PM, by PDSLIM

    Cole loves a walk www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    72V60ic2kYs Read more

  • it's sunday

    10/23/2016 4:02:22 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great day yesterday! my daughter and i really enjoyed the movie yesterday morning. in the afternoon, i met up with a good friend of mine ... Read more

  • what a morning! Grandkids here for a sleep over

    10/23/2016 8:46:34 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; GD & GS here all weekend. We are having a grand time. Boy do they keep you busy. My GS who just turned two a month ago is talki... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 10/22/16 w great news f\or elephants

    10/22/2016 11:59:59 PM, by PDSLIM

    IUCN Sept 2016 resolution info links follow - news it... Read more

  • it's saturday

    10/22/2016 7:53:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    there are some free movies playing at the movie theatres here today. it's called community day. i'll go there first with my daughter, then i will... Read more

  • Cats & Dogs ;-) 10/21/16

    10/21/2016 9:40:33 PM, by PDSLIM

    Love at first sight www.onegreenplanet.org/n
    -at-first-sight/ ... Read more

  • it is friday

    10/21/2016 11:09:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to reflect and relax for me today. my daughter says hi. i have a chance at a few jobs today. my asthma and allergies are flaring up a bit j... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 10/20/16

    10/20/2016 11:28:45 PM, by PDSLIM

    Best friends cheezburger.com/247559/v
    utm_... Read more

  • a mostly rainy day

    10/20/2016 10:12:53 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is supposed to rain on and off all day here today. it is even calling for some rain to start the day tomorrow. although it is not too warm out... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/19/16

    10/19/2016 3:31:47 PM, by PDSLIM

    Baby sitting www.rickey.org/captivati
    d-a-baby-girl-video/297424/ Reminds me of pictures a... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    10/19/2016 1:22:07 PM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful,sunny, not too warm a day here today. i have not yet heard back from the place i went for an interview the other day. i will keep on ... Read more

  • Horses ;-) 10/18/16

    10/18/2016 6:16:40 PM, by PDSLIM

    Sable Island www.ba-bamail.com/conten
    t.aspx?emailid=21602 Beautiful. I'd like to visit. Read more

  • a nice day

    10/18/2016 8:13:16 AM, by MOMMY445

    i have a job interview today, for a full time job. i will try my best. if i get the job, great. if not, that is okay with me. my daughter says hi... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 10/17/16

    10/17/2016 11:40:09 PM, by PDSLIM

    Crazy Russian Guy tests Dog Gadgets cheezburger.com/81418241
    t-so-you-do... Read more

  • Wonderful morning!!!

    10/17/2016 12:29:07 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; yesterday I had a very hard work out. I do not think my body was ready for it. I decided to take care of myself. DH was having s... Read more

  • a mild fall day

    10/17/2016 8:42:48 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week has begun. it will be a full week for me this week. today, i have a follow up doctor's appointment in the afternoon. i am doing some m... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/16/16

    10/17/2016 12:00:08 AM, by PDSLIM

    Sound Sleeper cheezburger.com/79583745
    lit... Read more

  • I have a lot of work to do weight wise

    10/16/2016 10:11:48 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS36

    I weighed on last Wednesday afternoon and I weighed in at 404 lbs. I have a lot of decisions to make about my health and they start now. I am not... Read more

  • it's sunday

    10/16/2016 8:22:29 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week has started. let's see what the week brings for me this week. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it is raining her... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 10/15/16

    10/15/2016 3:15:03 PM, by PDSLIM

    Funnymals www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    fmx6JPiaFKI Read more

  • received a package from in-laws with a guilt ridden note

    10/15/2016 9:36:03 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; DH & I are doing quite well. But DH received a note with a package of old Christmas ornaments that his mother wanted us to have. ... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 10/14/16

    10/14/2016 3:32:30 PM, by PDSLIM

    Mini Pumpkin vs Pup www.viralnova.com/pumpki
    l&utm_campaign=ViralNova%2<... Read more

  • a windy day

    10/14/2016 12:34:04 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day to relax and not do too much for me today. i had to picxk up some clothes i had put in to the cleaners a few days ago, this morning. that w... Read more

  • I am over jet lag

    10/14/2016 8:25:18 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning, it is amazing how good you feel when you finally get over jet lag. I am most proud of how I handled this jet lag. Normally, I get... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/13/16

    10/13/2016 5:01:07 PM, by PDSLIM

    How Cats Say "I Love You" www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    RtWw3OtdBkw Each of my cats had their own subset of these. Smokey sta... Read more

  • a beautiful fall day

    10/13/2016 11:49:00 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi! i am catching up on my online course homework today. on the weekend, i am taking it easy. i may help a good friend or two ou... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    10/12/2016 1:25:00 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter says hi to all! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i find out this week if i got any of the jobs i went for interviews on last week. i... Read more

  • A guess this jet lag is taking a toll

    10/12/2016 8:50:27 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; woke up and feeling great. Took my BP - WOW it was so high. It has to be this crazy sleeping pattern. It is not food. I am get... Read more

  • Feathers ;-) 10/11/16

    10/11/2016 11:50:28 PM, by PDSLIM

    This funny cartoon inspired me to do a blog on birds ... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    10/11/2016 11:23:20 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is sunny and not too warm here today. my daughter says hi. i have some errands to run and then i have left the rest of my day open. i do have ... Read more

  • Doing well - jet lag still part of my challenge

    10/11/2016 4:09:05 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I just decided to go with the flow and not fighting the irregular sleeping patterns. I have lost more weight. I think because I a... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 10/10/16

    10/10/2016 11:09:33 PM, by PDSLIM

    Long Distance Hero www.viralnova.com/blood-
    ail&utm_campaign=ViralNovaRead more

  • happy thanksgiving!

    10/10/2016 3:32:12 PM, by MOMMY445

    to all who celebrate it, happy thanksgiving! hope that everyone has an incredible day! my daughter says hi to all. all of the birds say cheep,che... Read more

  • spent the evening with grandkids

    10/10/2016 9:33:02 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    good Morning; feeling tired this morning still b/c of jet lag. Grand kids missed us so much. Grandson had a temperature. He saw us and really... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/9/16

    10/9/2016 10:55:23 PM, by PDSLIM

    Self aware Cat www.trendingly.com/cat-p
    oses-in-mirror Several of my cats knew themselves. & would turn around if I came... Read more

  • Cats & Dogs ;-) 10/8/16

    10/8/2016 10:42:43 PM, by PDSLIM

    Happy ever after for all www.onegreenplanet.org/n
    e-mama-cat-and-her-kittens/ Read more

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