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Blogs by Members of SP Class of April 29- May 5, 2012

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  • OK, Something is Moving

    2/8/2017 7:34:49 PM, by ANJEACOOK

    Yep, something is moving and its not just the unwanted bits. Rearranging is hard, refocusing is hard, not eating that whole CHOCOLATE CAKE (just... Read more

  • Progress after 30 days of yoga

    2/6/2017 4:07:42 PM, by NETSUE64

    I was very excited after yoga class last week! We were getting ready to do a boat pose (where you lay on your stomach, bend your knees so your f... Read more

  • Spark Summary Averages

    1/27/2017 8:01:47 AM, by NETSUE64

    I just found the Spark Summary Calendar. I love the gold stars! My weight has been holding steady at 184.5 or so. I calculated my calori... Read more

  • Day 12 Review

    1/23/2017 11:13:26 AM, by DAYSPRING-STAR

    So today is the twelfth day since my SparkPeople "refresh." My weight loss so far feels good and that is what I am really after... Read more

  • Yoga continued...

    1/19/2017 8:09:00 AM, by NETSUE64

    We continue to go to yoga when we can work it into our schedule. We have taken 4 classes so far. Last Friday we tried a Yin Yoga class, which i... Read more

  • Starting again....

    1/16/2017 10:49:12 AM, by MESPARZA66

    After the holidays and though I didn't do too bad I need to remember to begin again. Start from beginning and keep going. That's all I can do.... Read more

  • Where, Oh Where, is My Magnesium?

    1/15/2017 4:19:49 PM, by DAYSPRING-STAR

    Day 4 and I've been noticing on my daily nutrition reports that one of the nutrients I'm falling behind in is magnesium. Ever notice how once yo... Read more

  • Step One Complete

    1/13/2017 4:29:27 PM, by ANJEACOOK

    Whelp, I bit the bullet ... gathered some courage and did it. I had been away from the gym for so long and I just couldn't procrastinate any lon... Read more

  • SparkMatch "Dot Com"... Well Kind Of!

    1/12/2017 9:12:14 PM, by DAYSPRING-STAR

    Yes, I assure you, I am happily married to the love of my life. So it's not about that! But I am a returning Sparkie looking fo... Read more

  • Some Habits Are Hard to Change

    1/11/2017 2:46:51 PM, by ANJEACOOK

    Back at square one. Nothing much else to say. Had a broken leg, then tummy troubles and the ever busy life and I lost focus. So, I guess 2017 i... Read more

  • Our First Yoga Class

    1/10/2017 8:49:51 AM, by NETSUE64

    I am getting older, and along with that I am less flexible and not as strong as I used to be. I hate the feeling of the stiffness and have thoug... Read more

  • Starting Line

    1/8/2017 1:47:44 AM, by KBARBOUR8

    I can't say that I've ever been at the starting line of a foot race, but I have been at the starting line of a few difficult things in my 23 year... Read more

  • 11 months

    10/3/2016 3:35:02 AM, by MNO201

    Tomorrow i am going to the swimming pool for 5.30am when it opens for a 45 minute swim and then after that on to the gym for a 90 minute workout.... Read more

  • 2 years 5 months (127 weeks) week 1 of 127 and 46 weeks

    10/2/2016 7:27:36 AM, by MNO201

    Im starting at the gym and swimming tomorrow i was doing a 45 minutes swim every day and spending 1 hour in the gym and i was losing 1 kilo a wee... Read more

  • changes

    9/23/2016 10:41:59 AM, by GLENDAK72

    So yesterday I decided to go back to my point system to track my food with instead of calories. I feel it is a change I needed to make for myself... Read more

  • losing myself

    9/13/2016 5:16:42 PM, by GLENDAK72

    here I am again just 2 weeks into my weightloss and what do you think I did...yep I have went over on my calories everyday this past week...howe... Read more

  • Holidays

    8/31/2016 8:48:27 AM, by GLENDAK72

    This year has flown by, it seems like we just started 2016 but we are coming up on the holidays again. This has me nervous and I am now frantical... Read more

  • tracking

    8/29/2016 10:57:19 AM, by GLENDAK72

    well I weighed in 2 days ago at 366.5 and my last WI was 8/17 at 373 as I looked back over my journey I thought what have I been doing this time ... Read more

  • Homemade Lean Cuisines

    8/22/2016 3:50:27 PM, by SASSYJK

    I've decided to stop spending my money on lean cuisines and make my own that have less preservatives and are cheaper! I didn't get very creative ... Read more

  • wow...

    8/11/2016 1:21:57 PM, by GLENDAK72

    so I don't usually get on the computer to get on my spark people I usually just do it on my phone app, but yesterday I got on the computer and I ... Read more

  • starting today

    8/10/2016 2:45:01 AM, by MNO201

    i weighed myself this afternoon 109.4 kilo or 241.2 lb I am starting again today i have been trying a long time to lose weight but not getting an... Read more


    8/9/2016 8:27:52 AM, by GLENDAK72

    well I have done well reaching my step goals of 1000, actually have went over not a lot but over is over! I know that doesn't sound like a lot bu... Read more

  • awwww!!!

    8/8/2016 11:52:53 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so yeah, it's Monday new week new goals, did pretty good last week I'm trying to stay off the scale for a bit because I want to feel better and w... Read more

  • not smoking (agian)

    8/3/2016 4:24:24 PM, by GLENDAK72

    so am trying to stop smoking I have done really good today, even though I have had the urge to eat everything I have not done it!! I bought me so... Read more

  • I can't seem to stick with it...

    8/2/2016 4:15:35 PM, by SASSYJK

    Well after my last restart, my camping trip completely derailed me and I've been eating like crap. I gained back 5 of the 10lbs I lost. Time to s... Read more

  • fun fun fun

    7/30/2016 10:15:20 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so yeah I'm determined to be successful in my journey. I have laid out my new journey and it's going to be fun fun fun I have drafted my sister ... Read more

  • next goal

    7/29/2016 10:56:08 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so on 8/1/16 I will be starting my next goal! I am now... Read more

  • new change

    7/28/2016 7:09:00 AM, by GLENDAK72

    so I am contemplating doing a low carb change I have been following a WW plan and I'm doing ok on it I am losing but a few of my friends have bee... Read more

  • Good sunny day

    7/27/2016 1:08:06 PM, by LOSEAGAIN2

    Feel good when the sun is shining. Eating is going well. Getting in to the exercise routine and feeling better for it.... Read more

  • Small goals

    7/26/2016 2:05:57 PM, by TRACEEE24

    Each month, I try to write out 10 goals and at the end of the month I can hold myself accountable if I do or don't meet those goals. This month ... Read more

  • when is enough enough

    7/24/2016 12:48:41 PM, by GLENDAK72

    I am 43 and almost 400 pounds I have been going from 389 down to 370 for over a year just bounce back and forth !! I have set down later out a pl... Read more

  • Watching the lbs melt away...

    7/18/2016 2:38:14 PM, by SASSYJK

    I dropped 8lbs in a week! It's the week 1 (restart) success. I'm sure this week won't be as big, but I'm still happy. This will have its challeng... Read more

  • Slacker

    7/15/2016 9:55:37 AM, by TRACEEE24

    I'll be the first to admit that I have been a slacker lately. I've been very lethargic and tired so I've been making excuses not to get up and ta... Read more

  • Time to start over again

    7/14/2016 12:42:40 PM, by SASSYJK

    In the past 3 months I've managed to put on 20lbs....granted in this time I was doing 2 people's jobs for 6 weeks of it, and we unexpectedly sold... Read more

  • Inspiration

    7/1/2016 9:29:39 AM, by TRACEEE24

    I applied to be a Humana Vitality coach a couple of weeks ago. To apply, we had to write a short essay on how the program has helped me and if I... Read more


    6/30/2016 9:46:19 AM, by TRACEEE24

    Hey Everyone!! It's been a while. So let's recap on all of the great things I did this month. I FLEW on a PLANE for the first time ever AND I d... Read more

  • Feeling fat

    6/24/2016 12:04:38 PM, by NETSUE64

    I feel so terrible and so fat! I am so disappointed in myself today. Usually I can pull up my britches and say "just do what you did before, yo... Read more

  • List of non-scale victories

    6/15/2016 12:21:21 PM, by NETSUE64

    I have joined the plateau busting challenge as a way to try to get myself back in control. Too much snacking and too little exercise has the wei... Read more

  • Month End

    5/31/2016 4:22:06 PM, by TRACEEE24

    Month end used to be a time that was EXTREMELY stressful for me at work. We had numbers we had to hit and worked long hours to make sure we hit ... Read more

  • May Progress

    5/25/2016 9:07:02 AM, by TRACEEE24

    Good Morning Everyone!! It's a beautiful day here in Cincy and even though it's beautiful, it's hot. It's hard to push myself to walk in the mid... Read more

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