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Blogs by Members of SP Class of April 22-28, 2012

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  • Lenten sacrifices (or, um, goals)

    2/14/2018 11:02:32 AM, by CHRISBEM

    So, I was raised Catholic, but as an adult, I'm not the biggest adherent to all the practices. Once I stopped going to a Catholic grade school, ... Read more

  • Ready to track

    2/1/2018 9:43:27 PM, by LAKEMERMAID86

    I have resisted the tracking for a long time...I was always too busy, and felt that it didn't work. I had tried Weight Watchers, which required s... Read more


    1/1/2018 7:25:57 AM, by PETITEME1

    So my belly is swollen, and sore. I have a 45” waist and nothing fits. I lost 10 lbs last year but by December I’m up 15. What is going on? F... Read more

  • When was the last time?.....

    12/27/2017 10:00:22 AM, by SWEETEYES0601

    I find I have not blogged in years. When was the last time? My journey's pursuit has been a lot of the two steps forward, one step back, one st... Read more

  • Getting younger

    9/30/2017 4:12:28 PM, by PETITEME1

    The healthier I am, the younger I feel. I'm losing weight.....very slowly, but I can feel the difference 10 pounds makes. It feels good. My clot... Read more

  • Starting again!

    9/18/2017 9:33:53 PM, by SPICYLIONESS

    I have been overweight for so long that I cannot remember when I wasn't. I know I looked a hell of a lot better when I got married and that was 2... Read more

  • Patience and persistence

    9/10/2017 7:28:59 AM, by PETITEME1

    This used to be easier. In my twenties I would crash diet and drop a few pounds to fit into a special outfit for the weekend. In my thirties it... Read more

  • Triggers

    7/18/2017 9:32:48 PM, by TLC0169

    Yesterday I recognized a trigger. One of my good friends called who has been dealing with some overwhelming life events and she is in a dark plac... Read more

  • If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel.

    5/4/2017 3:36:52 PM, by CHRISBEM

    So...I have a lot of stress in my life right now. I was laid off about 6 months. I have had a ton of interviews, but haven't gotten any of the ... Read more

  • Addiction

    5/1/2017 3:34:35 PM, by CHRISBEM

    Addiction...It's a demon that you don't see sneaking up on you and wrapping its spectral tendrils around you. It distorts your perceptions and c... Read more

  • I need a yes

    2/11/2017 1:37:02 AM, by CHRISBEM

    Have you ever been told no so many times that it just really starts f ing with your head? That's where I'm at today. I lost my job 3 months ago... Read more

  • The man at the bus stop

    1/24/2017 12:16:53 PM, by SLENDERMAMA1

    There is a large traffic intersection about 10 minutes from my house that I pass by in the mornings. There is a bus stand on one side of it, whe... Read more

  • Back After Baby

    1/10/2017 12:51:12 AM, by TAYLORLANEY3

    It's time to get back into the groove again! I just had sweet baby #2 and I'm ready to get moving! I don't have doc's approval just yet, but bein... Read more

  • First day is in the bag

    1/9/2017 11:40:57 PM, by FATNETTE1

    So I have started my weight-loss goals again. It's been a long long road but I'm going to get to the end this time. I don't want to have my 7 yea... Read more

  • ...a teacher will appear

    1/3/2017 12:21:13 PM, by PETITEME1

    For the past six months I kept running into vegans who exemplified good health. I have been fighting bloating, bowel issues, nausea, and pain for... Read more

  • No smoking

    12/17/2016 10:38:07 AM, by PETITEME1

    I feel so much better six months smoke free. I thought I would have oodles of energy but that needs to be fed more exercise and activity! Baby ... Read more

  • When life kicks your a**

    12/1/2016 3:00:59 AM, by RACHIE810

    Its 11:05 pacific time. I am siting here in absolute quiet, hot cup of chamomile in hand. I'm renting on five acres of land. There are No coyote... Read more

  • Family Weight Challenge

    10/17/2016 11:44:18 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    I know I have not been on in a while. Found out about a week ago my son is pre diabetic. Got him started on here. We are having a challenge with ... Read more

  • Reminding myself of why I started

    10/7/2016 12:46:17 PM, by CHRISBEM

    I'm really struggling with trying to lose weight and to stay motivated. I kind of started this to help get my PCOS under control and to be at a ... Read more

  • No one is the same

    9/7/2016 1:40:44 PM, by CHRISBEM

    One of my biggest hurdles in losing weight are people who don't recognize that losing weight does not have a one size fits all approach. Everyon... Read more

  • I am back

    8/26/2016 10:36:08 PM, by YOUTHFULLGIRL

    I am back! I never have time to read or focus on my weight or apply what I read. now I am going to make the time to read, make time for myself a... Read more

  • Thoughts on my fitness journey from 2012 to 2016

    6/28/2016 9:19:50 AM, by CHOCOFFEE

    I can lose weight and achieve my fitness goals w... Read more

  • Another New Beginning

    6/22/2016 9:18:21 AM, by CREDWARDS48

    The Summer 5% challenge begins this Saturday and I am ready! I have started doing evening workouts and I intend to work this challenge to the ma... Read more

  • Productive

    6/12/2016 10:44:54 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Moms kitchen is clean again, squares done, more gardening done, lawn finally cut......Feels good to know how much I got done today. With the help... Read more

  • Hot!

    6/11/2016 9:28:26 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Today it was a High of 94 degrees F. That was a record broke in my area. I hate when it is this hot makes me not want to do anything. But I force... Read more

  • My Birthday!

    6/10/2016 9:58:21 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Well it is my birthday today. Another year older and it's passing by like any normal day but with birthday wishes on Facebook from friends and fa... Read more

  • Summer

    6/9/2016 9:35:03 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    My favorite seasons are spring and fall because of the cooler weather for exercising. But I do have to say that Summer is my next favorite becaus... Read more

  • I did it - completed my first 5K!

    5/1/2016 2:45:12 PM, by JACKSON1224

    I did it. I was able to complete my first 5K - the Bubble Run. It was so much fun running through the bubbles like a child. Ever since I... Read more

  • Back & Back

    4/18/2016 8:38:00 AM, by THERESE131

    I just came back to Spark and then my Back went out. It hurts and I have never felt this type of pain. I really want to backslide right now but ... Read more

  • 3/27/16

    3/27/2016 11:43:42 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Happy Easter everyone! Tonight is going to be short because there are some sever storms outside and I have to use my sons iPad. ... Read more

  • 3/26/16

    3/26/2016 10:40:49 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Well today was weigh in day. I didn't even lose a full pound. It was a little frustrating. But based on the fact that it is the end of the month ... Read more

  • 3/25/16

    3/25/2016 10:48:11 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Back to moms getting ready for Easter. When I got home for being at my moms a week ago I became a little frustrated because I am on a fixed ... Read more

  • Insane Inflatable 5K

    3/19/2016 11:10:51 PM, by CATHERINEH89

    I did it! And it was awesome!!! I cannot wait to see what pictures they got. My friend and I took selfies at the beginning and when we finished, ... Read more

  • So Cofunsed

    3/17/2016 10:38:57 PM, by NFSISTER

    Today I went for my first pulmonary function test. I was diagnosed with asthma 20 years ago and have been on various medications off and on sinc... Read more

  • 3/16/16

    3/16/2016 10:42:32 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Today was a great day! I had so much energy compared to most days. My workouts consisted of a 30 min dance video, 47 calf raises, a small walk an... Read more

  • A day of Work

    3/16/2016 12:00:23 AM, by CSEGUIN2

    I did a total of 49 mins of working out and walking today. Started 2 new challenges and completed 1 step of one of my challenges with out even kn... Read more

  • Building a Better Me

    3/15/2016 2:23:47 PM, by JAIRIE813

    Ok, so the last week of this journey hasn't been quite what I wanted it to be. I would beat myself up for it, but that is really not productive a... Read more

  • Day of Fun and Exercise!

    3/14/2016 11:13:14 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Today was the day I went Colasanti's Greenhouse with my son and my mother. My son and I played 18 holes of mini golf . Then we play... Read more

  • Rainy Rest Day

    3/13/2016 11:23:25 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Rain, rain go a way! It has been raining all day. So I decided since it was raining and I was going to visit with a fa... Read more

  • Beautiful Day

    3/12/2016 11:36:27 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    It was such a beautiful day outside today. Cleaned part of my moms house, played with the dog outside for a few minutes since she is ... Read more

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