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Blogs by Members of SP Class of April 22-28, 2012

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  • The end of March nears and it is snowing again!!!!!

    3/28/2015 10:01:31 AM, by SPERRIN2012

    I had blogged that I wanted as much snow as possible at the beginning of the season but now that we're in the Spring I'd like to see the flowers ... Read more

  • Has it really been 5 months?!

    3/22/2015 9:49:19 PM, by NFSISTER

    I knew I hadn't been keeping up with making blog entries, but wow! Anyway, a lot has happened since October. I have a new computer so I feel... Read more

  • Shenanigans

    3/19/2015 1:34:25 AM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    I am actually feeling quite content right now. Not a feeling that I get to have often. I'm watching Doctor Who again and I always feel good when ... Read more

  • er visit

    3/17/2015 11:06:30 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    Had to go to the er last night... I was having unbelievably horrible cramps. The doctor thinks I may have pcos, but I have to see a regular docto... Read more

  • Recently

    3/16/2015 9:02:02 AM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    Lately I've been struggling with exhaustion and monthly problems. My cycles have always been complicated, but the one I am on now has been awful,... Read more

  • Spring 5% challenge

    3/16/2015 3:46:10 AM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    I weigh 254, and to lose 5%, I would need to be at 241.3 at the end. wish me luck.... Read more

  • Don't give up! It's not over.

    3/4/2015 1:49:53 PM, by CHRISBEM

    Don't give up! It's not over. The universe is balanced. Every set-back bears with it the seeds of a come-back. Dr. Steve Maraboli... Read more

  • Not sure what to call this one

    2/28/2015 4:49:06 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    Ok, I have problems.. granted everyone has problems... to be honest, i haven't wanted to get on sparkpeople, and i haven't wanted to weigh in....... Read more

  • Last day of February already??

    2/28/2015 9:30:22 AM, by SPERRIN2012

    So I'm wondering where this month went as we're counting down the last hours of the snowiest February in the history of the state of Massachusett... Read more

  • Meal ideas from Spark Coach

    2/19/2015 7:35:54 PM, by CHRISBEM

    Here are some easy 7-minute meal ideas: Can of tuna, drained + chopped celery + pickle relish + mayo. Serve with whole-wheat crackers, carrot s... Read more

  • beat the 10 mark!

    2/18/2015 9:26:03 PM, by CHRISBEM

    I finally got to past the 10 pounds lost mark! Have dropped 11.6 pounds. Now to keep it up.... Read more

  • beat the 10 mark!

    2/18/2015 9:26:01 PM, by CHRISBEM

    I finally got to past the 10 pounds lost mark! Have dropped 11.6 pounds. Now to keep it up.... Read more

  • The only thing I hate more than lying...

    2/17/2015 7:39:23 PM, by CHRISBEM

    is skim milk. It's water lying about being milk. Feeling frustrated today... know I need to switch to some more "healthier options", but ca... Read more

  • My visit to OBGYN

    2/15/2015 1:36:11 PM, by RACHAELANN810

    True story. I am 53 and came down with mastitis in one breast. Went to my OBGYN (who is a new Doc to me ) to get antibiotic. She was taken abac... Read more

  • safety belts

    2/11/2015 8:15:05 PM, by CHRISBEM

    So... I just read one of the motivational stories on SparkPeople. It really struck a chord with me. The woman in the story lost 117 pounds afte... Read more

  • It's called a diet...

    2/3/2015 3:31:40 PM, by CHRISBEM

    because all the other four letter words are taken. Totally describing how I am feeling today! I have been trying and am not seeing the scale go... Read more

  • Not many friends.

    2/2/2015 9:16:00 PM, by SALONAS

    The spark coach says to write about whether my friends are a positive or negative influence on my goals. I really don't have a bunch of friends. ... Read more

  • moving along

    2/2/2015 8:33:24 PM, by JLG603

    Well, I have been sticking to the PTF (personal trainer food) program though sometimes I have been making my own food along program lines rather ... Read more

  • I found a new way to be healthy

    1/30/2015 12:23:24 PM, by ONIQUEKA

    recently i started my own business. I now have my very own Tupperware Business. In the midst of owning my own business i learned a few things. Fi... Read more

  • Last Night

    1/27/2015 10:01:40 AM, by JLG603

    Some nights I work at a part-time job I have so I go from my day job right to an evening one. It interrupts my regular schedule for eating which... Read more

  • If you dream it, it will come true

    1/26/2015 11:40:24 AM, by MISSYSIMPSON1

    If you dream it, it will come true.... "People with goals succeed because they know where they are going...It's as simple as that." Earl Ni... Read more

  • Life,food,depression and beauty

    1/24/2015 8:58:09 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    I know that I've been having issues with food and money... I believe I have figured out something that can work... at least for now. I can't wait... Read more

  • another day down

    1/24/2015 8:23:19 PM, by JLG603

    Well, I was successful today in resisting temptation at lunch. I had originally made plans to meet at a certain restaurant in an outdoor mall in... Read more

  • Seeking: Consistency

    1/23/2015 10:19:32 AM, by JLG603

    I have started back trying to follow a healthy eating plan. It's only been a couple of days. I ate so poorly the past several months. I was an... Read more

  • Because I am fat

    1/22/2015 4:16:50 PM, by MISSYSIMPSON1

    For so long I have identified myself with my weight. It has been my security blanket, excuse and reason for everything. I am not teaching be... Read more

  • Conundrum

    1/20/2015 11:10:25 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    I am at a rock and a hard place. It seems like we can't get enough healthy food to last the whole month. It leads me to believe that I have to bu... Read more

  • 1000 days on SparkPeople!!!

    1/20/2015 8:17:56 PM, by SPERRIN2012

    While I was tracking my points today I noticed down below that today was my 1000th day as a member of the SparkPeople community. I certainly look... Read more

  • Budgeting

    1/10/2015 2:57:05 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    I'm trying to figure out what kinds of foods to buy for two people on $40 a week. I mainly want to buy fruits and vegetables, no meat. It is chea... Read more

  • Ordered my Fitbit!

    1/6/2015 11:06:03 AM, by TIGRKITTN

    I've had one on my Christmas list for two years running and nobody got it for me, so I finally bought one for myself! It arrives tomorrow! Since ... Read more

  • Beyond cliche!

    1/5/2015 3:19:28 PM, by TIGRKITTN

    I didn't realize until I got here that the last time I posted an entry was a year ago. "New year resolutions", hahaha! Well, here I am again, and... Read more

  • My Ferris Wheel

    1/4/2015 4:52:36 PM, by RACHAELANN810

    A long while back I had a dream, one of those that were definitely of the "message" nature. The kind you wake up from and say "wow" the kind you... Read more

  • New challenge to start off the new year

    1/3/2015 6:11:00 AM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    I've joined another 5% challenge. I can't wait to start it, but i'm already starting to get into the exercise groove again. Who wants to join me... Read more

  • The New Year

    1/1/2015 2:27:08 AM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    Lets make this the best year ever! I am getting rid of all negativity that I can find in my life and making a fresh path. I have my main goal to ... Read more

  • Been quite some time

    12/17/2014 11:25:13 PM, by ARIEL102190

    It has been quite some time since my last post. I am getting married in June of next year. I want to drop at least 50 lbs before my wedding. I ne... Read more

  • Birthday wishes

    12/11/2014 12:50:19 AM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    Hi, my name is Stephanie. I weigh 248 pounds, and as of midnight, I am now 24 years old. I am making vow here and now to myself, that I wil... Read more

  • I'm Back

    12/2/2014 10:54:04 PM, by WANONANANCE

    I fizzled out rather quickly after joining SparkPeople. I gained weight. Then on June 23, 2014, weighing in at 290.6 (my heaviest weight was 29... Read more

  • A very poignant dream..

    12/1/2014 3:50:05 AM, by RACHAELANN810

    I had been going thru some changes a really rough patch.. but now in a new career, life is picking up and getting more positive but not yet set ... Read more

  • that time of year

    11/28/2014 9:19:27 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    No, I'm not talking about the holidays, even though that is coming.... I'm talking about my birthday! I've never really had a good one.. I've bee... Read more

  • stuff

    11/24/2014 1:47:45 PM, by LOVELYMERMAID

    Hopefully in a year or two, I can have enough money to move. I need to find a job but also focus on getting healthy. It's hard, but I may have to... Read more

  • Setback :(

    11/18/2014 9:22:56 AM, by CREDWARDS48

    Well...on Saturday, November 8th I fell and sprained my ankle. Long story short - I forgot that I was standing on a step, I turned to run after ... Read more

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