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  • And This is Why I Need to Track My Nutrition

    10/5/2015 11:53:36 PM, by SUBMOM2

    I'm participating in the Fall 5% Challenge and one of our tasks this week is to track our food. All of it. Each day. I really don't care to ... Read more

  • Just a thought

    9/20/2015 2:00:15 PM, by LUISE2512

    ... Read more

  • I am a Seenager

    9/11/2015 10:30:45 PM, by LUISE2512

    ... Read more

  • Starting over for the ?th time

    7/29/2015 7:04:04 PM, by ICANLOSETHIRTY

    I'm starting over... again! But I'm not upset about it. I'm not sad about how I gained all the weight back. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed gainin... Read more

  • One Step.

    7/23/2015 7:06:00 AM, by KATLEYLAND

    So this is my first blog post on here and I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and put my goals down in writing. I'm Kat, I... Read more

  • Don't Give Up!

    6/27/2015 5:03:34 PM, by SUBMOM2

    I've been struggling to keep the spark going the past few months. I've been pretty consistent with swimming, but I've slacked of... Read more

  • Dusting Myself Off...

    4/3/2015 2:10:02 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Well, March turned out to be an interesting month. The day I wrote my last post (3/8), I went to the beach with my family and I blew out my ankle... Read more

  • Time for an Adjustment

    3/8/2015 4:07:39 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Yesterday was the official end of the Winter 5% Challenge. How did it go? Overall, great! We had wonderful leaders with lots of good ideas to sha... Read more

  • New Start

    2/28/2015 11:58:49 AM, by SPARROW714

    I've been A only planned to be gone for the AWOL from here since 11/14. I only planned to be gone till 1/15 but my life was once again turned up... Read more

  • day 1- starting over -

    1/3/2015 12:46:42 AM, by RJMORNO

    It's a fresh new start to a new year, but I can't help feeling frustrated, angry, overwhelmed about having to start at the beginning ... Read more

  • Getting Caught Trying

    1/2/2015 12:54:34 PM, by COMMIT2BFIT4ME

    I have a cycle that I have gone through the last several years. I begin in January with these awesome goals of losing the weight and getting fi... Read more

  • Looking Back, Moving Forward

    12/29/2014 9:56:18 PM, by SUBMOM2

    It's that time of year...New Year's Resolutions. Everywhere we look, we see nifty ideas on getting fit or getting organized "once and for al... Read more

  • Thought for a week in November

    11/22/2014 4:04:52 PM, by LUISE2512

    We women are angels, but when someone breaks our wings we simply continue to fly...... .........on a broomstick... Read more

  • almost 40

    11/21/2014 8:59:22 AM, by CORALINE01

    I had wanted to be skinny by the time I was 40. I logged in this morning for the first time in almost a year. To my great surprise I have lost 6 ... Read more

  • May You Be Blessed Today...

    11/18/2014 2:59:16 PM, by SUBMOM2

    That's what a kind stranger told me today. I had held the door open for him. Then we were both on the elevator, on our way to our respective... Read more

  • Now retired: What have I learned so far

    11/7/2014 9:31:07 AM, by LUISE2512

    ~ I've learned that no matter what happens, or how it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow ~ I've learned that ma... Read more

  • No, thank you!

    11/6/2014 4:34:33 PM, by SUBMOM2

    My gym is undergoing renovations, so to keep us campers happy, they've been giving out freebies almost every day. Some days, it's tea and/o... Read more

  • I am a FULLTIME Retiree

    11/6/2014 1:19:48 PM, by LUISE2512

    Now it is fact. From the 1st of October I am a fulltime retiree. It is amazing. So far I haven't missed work at all. Twice a week I look aft... Read more

  • November

    11/3/2014 3:21:52 PM, by SUBMOM2

    My favorite thing to do on Spark is to read blog entries. I know, my favorite thing should be "trying new healthy recipes" or "doing a new workou... Read more

  • Checking In

    10/13/2014 12:20:17 AM, by SUBMOM2

    In my last blog, I wrote about how I wanted to make the time for some kind of creative outlet. So far so good! I've signed up for another cr... Read more

  • A tangled web

    10/6/2014 12:05:54 AM, by SUBMOM2

    My quest for the month of October is to re-locate my creativity. So far, so good! Yesterday, I went to a cooking class, which was quite insp... Read more

  • October

    10/3/2014 12:42:33 PM, by SUBMOM2

    I'm hooked again! Last night was the start of a crochet class at the rec. I've taken this class before, probably six months ago, and the tea... Read more

  • It's a TEAM challenge

    9/23/2014 2:36:40 PM, by 4KWALK

    Again I'm doing a 5% challenge. This is a wonderful way to join with others in this "Getting Healthier" journey. In previous challenges, I didn't... Read more

  • Goodbye Summer?

    9/19/2014 11:34:49 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Some people have a poor sense of direction. I have a poor sense of time. Where did Summer go? There's a pumpkin patch cropping up at a nearb... Read more

  • A kick in the pants

    8/24/2014 1:03:24 AM, by SUBMOM2

    Yesterday, I started lifting myself out of my foggy funk. Today, I read this great article which helped me keep rolling. If you need a boost, che... Read more

  • Today is Day 1

    8/21/2014 1:49:51 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Yesterday, my fitness streak ended. I had gotten up to 38 days of exercising for at least 10 minutes a day, but yesterday, it just didn't happen.... Read more

  • Why I am here.

    8/20/2014 10:49:16 PM, by HAPPYHEALTHYNIC

    I began gaining weight about 5 years ago due to becoming a reactive Hypoglycemic. I let food/sugar control my life due to that as well as using i... Read more

  • Faced the scale monster

    8/17/2014 11:12:35 AM, by KATYDID412

    I stepped on the scale this morning. 12 pounds up from the last time I weighed myself, which was March or April. Mad at myself for gaining the we... Read more

  • Slowly, slowly, restarting

    8/14/2014 8:46:19 PM, by KATYDID412

    So I have been pretty inactive on SP and in life for about four months. In that time I got a whole new kitchen and I would guess about 10 pounds.... Read more

  • Day 21

    8/2/2014 3:53:45 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Today is Day 21 of my exercise streak -- at least 10 minutes a day, every day. Most days I do more, but for me the point was to become consistent... Read more

  • Today is Day 14

    7/26/2014 11:47:39 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Inspired by various spark friends, from SparkGuy to Kpetsche (1,000 days!!) I decided to start my own streak. I've been doing a minimum of 10 min... Read more

  • Streaking

    7/14/2014 12:23:17 AM, by SUBMOM2

    I've been needing to shake things up a bit. So, inspired by Spark Guy (and all the other streakers out there), I want to start a streak of my own... Read more

  • On hols in Salzburg/Austria

    7/3/2014 3:43:30 PM, by LUISE2512

    We arrived in Salzburg today, beautiful town. I thought I might loose my activity streak. But.....didn't we do I wrong turn and believe it or ... Read more

  • Kicking it

    6/25/2014 8:25:15 AM, by GRANDMA12LVE

    Wow I am down 34 pounds. and feeling great , can't wait to lose more. but feeling good. I hope I can just keep it going, I have never gone this ... Read more

  • Gaining Insight...Maybe

    6/19/2014 10:27:04 PM, by SUBMOM2

    For the past month, most days, I have been spending a good deal of time at my parents', helping my Mom as she recovers from her second surgery in... Read more

  • Technical difficulties

    6/2/2014 10:50:43 AM, by NOLABUG79

    So for those of you who read my post from yesterday. Here is an update. My cousin emailed me later in the day saying "I have not heard back... Read more

  • June

    6/1/2014 11:50:41 PM, by SUBMOM2

    Well, I met some, but not all of my goals for May. I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks helping my Mom after her hip surgery. While I d... Read more

  • Why it's hard to like myself

    6/1/2014 3:05:44 PM, by NOLABUG79

    I am going to worn you ahead of time. This is going to be a depressing post. But I need to talk about it or my head might explode or my tear du... Read more

  • Challenges for June!

    6/1/2014 1:17:18 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Done Girls Biggest Loser June Challenge: Rules: 1. Complete all weekly tasks, (weekly tasks will be specific activities geared towards build... Read more

  • New day, new week, new month! New me!!

    6/1/2014 12:36:28 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    My first gain month this year. Need to correct that! I'll do measurements tomorrow. I will update my fitness goals , after I get th... Read more

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