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Blogs by Members of SP Class of January 15-21, 2012

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  • Healthy, wealthy & wise #5

    1/28/2015 12:57:16 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    Healthy & Wealthy (like money in the bank baby!!!) - on the menu.... Soft... Read more

  • This is me - and I can write dirty.

    1/27/2015 10:09:44 AM, by EMILY0709

    Okay, so I like to blog. I have one already going if you are interested and weird like me. Let me know if you'd like the link. I am uncensored... Read more

  • Grandkids and Great Grandkids

    1/24/2015 11:50:16 PM, by CINDYM55

    I have 12 grandchildren arranging in age from 5 to 25 and 6 great grandchildrens.My Great Grandchildren call me GiGi. This week will be busy my... Read more

  • Healthy, wealthy & wise #4

    1/22/2015 5:39:44 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    On the Menu - It has been a challenging few days, waiting to get to the de... Read more

  • Happy day

    1/22/2015 11:42:40 AM, by JBRANDEN1

    Today was the evaluation with my trainer and all my measurements have gone down I have lost 2.25 pounds in the last month. I have gotten over my ... Read more

  • Stress

    1/19/2015 1:34:31 PM, by JBRANDEN1

    I have found that I blow my top a little more than I should. Especially since my stress level should have gone down when I graduated with my mast... Read more

  • Worried, scared, but trying to make a difference.

    1/18/2015 10:06:16 PM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    So mum has successfully completed her chemo (December 18th) and we have a surgery date set for January 27th. I will be flying out the 26th and s... Read more

  • Any ideas?

    1/18/2015 8:21:28 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Oh well. Anyone who consistently reads my posts would be disappointed in me. I honestly don't know how to feel. Maybe how I feel doesn't matter. ... Read more

  • Headaches

    1/14/2015 8:21:20 PM, by JBRANDEN1

    I have had a lot of headaches lately. I don't know what is wrong. It has motivated me to look at what I am eating a little closer. I have had way... Read more

  • Healthy, wealthy & wise #3

    1/14/2015 4:48:57 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    Healthy - On the Menu - I have a dentist appointment on Friday and have pu... Read more

  • Healthy, wealthy & wise #2

    1/13/2015 5:52:06 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    I've been looking for a good quick way to track my day to day Spark journey for a while. I am going to use this format with the intention of sti... Read more

  • Jan 12th: A New Week

    1/12/2015 10:43:33 AM, by JBRANDEN1

    This week began not so great. Great in the fact that I woke up and still exist, but bad in the part where I had to go out in the cold rain. I am ... Read more

  • 2015 Goals ...... To reingite enjoyable time in life !

    1/11/2015 9:59:48 AM, by JENNYLANT

    2015 Goal : To consciously reignite exercise throughout each week. Exercise in daily tasks , walking dog more, working on projects around the hou... Read more

  • Saturday

    1/10/2015 10:59:00 PM, by JBRANDEN1

    Today has been an off day. I haven't really felt motivated and the bad part was I ate off as well. I ate too many calories and worked out too lit... Read more

  • Healthy, wealthy & wise #1

    1/9/2015 3:51:46 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    I've been looking for a good quick way to track my day to day Spark journey for a while. I am going to try this format with the intention of sti... Read more

  • 9th of Jan

    1/9/2015 11:25:22 AM, by JBRANDEN1

    Oh man I am on a roll two days in a row. Today I have over committed my calories. I had to run my sisters wallet to my sister and made the goof o... Read more

  • Winter fitness minute pictures...

    1/8/2015 12:47:32 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    My winter fitness minutes in a blog. Here are two before pictures. My Spring garden and front porch area. Read more

  • 8th Of Jan 2015

    1/8/2015 9:52:34 AM, by JBRANDEN1

    So cold today. I stepped into the break room to get coffee to warm up from the crazy weather and they had lost the coffee. No big I was just bein... Read more

  • Winter 5 % Challenge Pictures

    1/7/2015 5:53:14 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    Are you waking up from a winter's nap like we are?! Our Winter 5% challenge starts soon. No better way to stay warm in the winter! Woo HOO! I ... Read more

  • First full week of 2015 is under way

    1/5/2015 10:17:45 PM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    Well it was a Monday for sure...wasn't feeling work, felt tired, lazy, etc. Even with all the I do not want to, I did make myself go for my even... Read more

  • A New Year

    1/5/2015 1:17:32 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    DH suggested on New Year's Day that we work on our goals for the next week and then come together to meld our plans for 2015. We then will creat... Read more

  • Happy New Year + 1

    1/2/2015 5:44:09 AM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Hey there! Just logging in that I've lost 4 pounds this week, probably due to water mostly since I'm just starting back after several weeks. I'm ... Read more

  • Hello 2015

    1/1/2015 11:54:57 AM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    Well 2015 is officially here. It's a chilly rainy day in Dallas. Spent the evening at home with the hubby and a couple of good friends, just en... Read more

  • 2014 is coming to end and 2015 is a year of health!

    12/30/2014 7:28:11 AM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    I've decided that 2015 needs to be a year of health. I do OK with a lot of my health decisions than I used to, but I'm still not quite there. W... Read more

  • Not every day is a holiday!

    12/27/2014 3:11:20 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Trying to remind myself not to indulge everyday between Christmas and New Years. We had a great celebration with the family on Christmas Day and ... Read more

  • Whoa!

    12/26/2014 10:18:30 AM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Blew it big-time over the holidays. Starting over. Anyone out there relating? Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah!... Read more

  • long term goals

    12/21/2014 6:52:43 PM, by GAL2202

    1.. Keep believing in the Lord. 2. Keep going to church. 3. Keep my weight down. 4. Keep walking 5. Maybe go back to college and get ... Read more

  • Checking in...accountable!

    12/18/2014 7:13:17 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Yup at 118 today. Very high end of weight range. But not surprised I have been eating pretty much whatever I wanted since Saturday when my friend... Read more

  • Day 2

    12/18/2014 8:36:47 AM, by JBRANDEN1

    Not really a good blog title. This is the second day I have been active with the site since I have returned. I hope to post everyday, but the hol... Read more

  • Back again

    12/17/2014 9:16:04 AM, by JBRANDEN1

    I have been away from the site and had some success and realized I kept putting off marking down my food and actually being responsible. I hired ... Read more

  • 3 Things I have accomplished

    12/15/2014 5:41:32 PM, by GAL2202

    1. I have lost around 100 pounds. 2. Took a 45 minute walk today. 3. Getting more of my Christmas Shopping done today. 4. Keep... Read more

  • Trying to find balance...

    12/9/2014 8:59:11 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Saturday we had my niece's bday party. I had too much wine. Sunday I ended up not working out. My husband is on work trip this week so even harde... Read more

  • Slow Down Eating

    12/6/2014 10:34:55 AM, by GAL2202

    Sparkpeople is so right. You should slow down eating habits. Usually I take my time eating and usually my family is done before me. It really ... Read more

  • Just 3 more sessions mom....we can do this!

    12/4/2014 7:10:55 AM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    Today will be one of the 3 last chemo sessions for my mom. She is so worn out and so tired, she doesn't even want to get out of bed. I do not b... Read more

  • Day 3...

    12/2/2014 5:56:38 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Feeling sluggish. Tired. Did not make it to workout last night and highly unlikely that I will motivate to run tonight. Work has been really stre... Read more

  • Day 2...

    12/1/2014 7:22:34 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Keep me honest spark! Easy to stay off of alcohol during work hours ha! Unfortunately brownies still made their way in to my day. Cut out the mid... Read more

  • Thanksgiving...recovery Day 1!

    11/30/2014 3:51:13 PM, by WANABHOT2

    What a great time with the family. Always a little stressful having our families over for a soirée. But in the end - had a great time. Trying to ... Read more

  • initative eating

    11/29/2014 5:32:37 PM, by GAL2202

    Today I did not realize I went a little overboard. I have lost over 90 pounds and I am about 105 pounds. I watch everything I eat. It makes me... Read more

  • Break

    11/25/2014 3:47:25 AM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Taking a break is okay .. unless you're a sugar addict. Giving myself permission to eat as I wanted turned out to be a huge mistake. It has regi... Read more

  • Cancer Updates and goals

    11/12/2014 7:10:56 AM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    Mom is still fighting, she is the most amazing woman I know. I swear she is super woman. She is 68 years old and fighting cancer like someone i... Read more

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