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  • Mid-term election today in the United States

    11/4/2014 10:39:08 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I voted today. I was #143 at 9am. It is as important to vote today as it is in a presidential election year. This year many congress people ... Read more

  • Kale in the garden

    11/4/2014 5:44:01 AM, by JSTETSER

    My kale patch has been very good to me this year. I started picking the tender leaves in May, and am still picking in November. Fresh kale is m... Read more

  • back at the dr

    11/3/2014 7:12:04 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I got up this morning and had infection in my foot again! So went back to see my dr and I have 5 stitches now. Still draining and I am not suppos... Read more

  • Motivator of the Day.

    11/3/2014 10:08:43 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    Apparently I've been so motivational that, despite having my page become motivational over a year ago, I am also a motivational person of the day... Read more

  • Pumpkins

    11/3/2014 5:35:09 AM, by JSTETSER

    My grandchild Lina had a great time with pumpkins this year. Last year, she... Read more

  • Feeling Better

    11/2/2014 9:53:46 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    today I finally feel a bit better other than cold. I made chili yesterday and we have been eating that for 2 days. I also made homemade bread. Th... Read more

  • Amy's Weight Loss Journey And Success

    11/2/2014 7:13:10 PM, by ACJ1975

    My name is Amy and Iíve been going to Weight Watchers off and on since January of 2000 with the most recent time being March 1, 2012- Present. Si... Read more

  • Climbing up the Mountain

    11/2/2014 5:45:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes life is a struggle with so much work to do. Little disagreements, and details to tend to. That is when I remember that c... Read more

  • Peace

    11/1/2014 2:55:17 PM, by JSTETSER

    God's peace can keep our hearts and minds. Take time to find the place of peace today! Read more

  • trying to find motivation

    10/31/2014 11:18:14 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    Did you ever wake up and say I don't want to do anything today! Well that was my day yesterday. I didn't feel good and all I did was sleep. I wou... Read more

  • Exciting day

    10/31/2014 10:02:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    Halloween is a stressful day for a teacher. Costumes, snacks and excitement!!! Also, our pumpkin coloring contest. Read more

  • Time for renewal

    10/30/2014 10:28:49 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I can feel the tiredness of working long and hard at school and home. It is time for me to find renewal for my soul. Some days are just... Read more

  • Let go, move on , open up ...

    10/29/2014 7:29:13 PM, by SCARLETHIPPO

    At some point you have to let go, take one last look at all the things you are carrying around with you and just say í hey, I tried, they didn't ... Read more

  • Learning from my mistakes

    10/29/2014 11:30:25 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have been working with my students on safety. I used a recent hiking ac... Read more

  • Getting The Glow

    10/28/2014 10:36:35 PM, by SWEETLILCARRIE

    Today was Day 2 of my tank top arms challenge and holy pushups.. yea had to do a lot of pushups and let me just say this, I HATE PUSHUPS!! Not to... Read more

  • Ever growing woodpile!

    10/28/2014 1:48:39 PM, by JSTETSER

    We should all be like my wood pile: Growing a little more every day! ... Read more

  • TankTop Arms

    10/27/2014 10:47:33 PM, by SWEETLILCARRIE

    Long day again today.. I'm free to complain right? I mean, it is a Monday after all. Woke up this morning and could barely talk... Saying... Read more

  • White bread vs. Wheat bread

    10/27/2014 1:27:04 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    As you all may know I recently began living with picky teenagers. The last couple of weeks I have been buying my wheat bread and whi... Read more

  • Keep it positive!

    10/27/2014 10:04:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    Whenever possible, keep your attitude and conversation positive! We all need a little extra joy in our hearts! Read more

  • Sunday Funday

    10/26/2014 10:42:03 PM, by SWEETLILCARRIE

    Today was definitely an awesome day... well, other than the fact that I woke up feeling completely lousy and my throat was killing me and I felt ... Read more

  • Grocery Shopping!

    10/26/2014 4:06:29 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    As I have been checking out other people's blogs and collecting information I found a shopping template on SparkPeople. So I downloaded it and pl... Read more

  • Gingham jumper

    10/26/2014 8:49:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    I started in August buying the material and cutting out the pattern. When school started for me, the project took a back seat. I have worked on... Read more

  • Warmed twice

    10/25/2014 7:31:09 PM, by JSTETSER

    Today's workout = tomorrow's woood stove fire. ... Read more

  • Salt is the enemy.

    10/24/2014 9:37:05 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    Ok I have been trying and failing to get my salt intake down within normal range. It is a lot harder than it looks for me. I am living with teena... Read more

  • In everything give thanks,

    10/24/2014 10:10:36 AM, by JSTETSER

    No matter what happens today, we have many things to be thankful for. Just look around at the joy and love that can be found. I found some cr... Read more

  • Figuring myself out

    10/23/2014 12:13:28 PM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    Since the big revelation last week, I've been focusing on things that I've done that may not help me. I realize that I try to help other people o... Read more

  • Rain rain rain

    10/23/2014 9:57:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yep, it is raining outside. I have to remember that there is no such thing as bad weather! ... Read more

  • I may have a job!

    10/22/2014 11:05:44 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I just found out the job interview I had before I got sick is still waiting for me. Which has improved my mood and self-esteem tremendously. I h... Read more

  • Happy to serve others

    10/21/2014 1:16:13 PM, by JSTETSER

    One of my greatest joys in life is being able to help others through teaching. Every time I take time to really teach (not just going through t... Read more

  • Giving thanks

    10/20/2014 5:57:20 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I recently found out that I will be able to get a vehicle soon since mine was totalled. Also talked to doctors and my foot should be back to norm... Read more

  • Focus on the good and positive

    10/20/2014 4:57:22 PM, by JSTETSER

    Some days are a struggle. Some days people are not pleased with our decisio... Read more

  • Overboard!

    10/19/2014 5:44:21 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I went way over on my calories last night but it was my fault. I drank some beer and then got the munchies. I had been sick for so long that I wa... Read more

  • School Daze

    10/19/2014 8:00:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    I hope that all my friends are doing well. My commitments at school have kept me from blogging, but I have continued to hike and eat healthy. ... Read more

  • Weigh in!

    10/18/2014 10:14:00 AM, by DIANAPOST12

    I weighed myself this morning and I lost almost 10 pounds! Just by watching my food and sodium. I know I won't keep losing it that fast but it su... Read more

  • Dr.Checkup healing up

    10/17/2014 7:55:25 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    Saw the dr today and my foot is healing good. I still am on antibiotics and still have a hole in my foot but no infection. I did a few lunges tod... Read more

  • A better day

    10/16/2014 10:52:38 AM, by DIANAPOST12

    Hello everyone, today is a better day. I kept within my goals yesterday and did school work. My friend out of the hospital now and hope to be ok.... Read more

  • Finally! I know why I'm so weird.

    10/16/2014 10:17:17 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    As many of you may know, I've been going to a therapist for months now. Going back farther though, I have always been a little "different". My mo... Read more

  • trying to find the sunshine in my rainy day

    10/15/2014 2:57:05 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I only got 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night from me being stressed out, my foot hurts real bad from being on it all day yeasterday and I am doing ... Read more

  • not a good day

    10/14/2014 9:38:02 PM, by DIANAPOST12

    I started my day out good and then I got a phone call.I let my friend borrow my car to go look for a job and he was in an accident. My car is tot... Read more

  • Frustration = Not as good food choices.

    10/14/2014 11:08:24 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I have many things going on. Perhaps I'm making them bigger in my head than they really are, but this week is just getting to me. I tried to... Read more

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