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  • Getting ready for the farmers market

    5/27/2016 11:22:12 PM, by MSLZZY

    We have 45 bags of various types of lettuce, 9 bags of spinach and 4 pounds of extra asparagus and DH pulled some rhubarb to take along with ... Read more

  • Quick blog before the day gets away from me

    5/26/2016 4:52:56 PM, by MSLZZY

    College DS and fiancé came for dinner last night and we had a lovely time catching up on their lives while they enjoyed pork steak, mashed po... Read more

  • In the middle of a thunderstorm

    5/25/2016 10:22:41 PM, by MSLZZY

    The rain just started a few minutes ago and Molly is parked behind the concrete bathrooms across the street in the park. I parked as close as... Read more

  • New mower-lovely lawn

    5/24/2016 11:08:39 PM, by MSLZZY

    I went to the lumberyard to take possession of our new lawn mower. I drove it home after work, walked back to get my car and made serious pla... Read more

  • I made progress

    5/23/2016 8:51:59 PM, by MSLZZY

    No gardening today after 3/4 inch of rain early this morning. That gave DH a break so he could catch up on washing and candling eggs and free... Read more

  • Hungry sort of day....

    5/23/2016 6:40:14 PM, by ATHOMAS0925

    I woke up hungry. All day I've been hungry. And I'm staying within my numbers. It's been an uphill battle today where I've worked extremely hard ... Read more

  • My Saturday project-in the rain

    5/22/2016 8:33:06 PM, by MSLZZY

    Before After Read more

  • Just a few pictures

    5/21/2016 11:34:54 AM, by MSLZZY

    For those who asked-these are my daisy beds. Read more

  • A visit from DS and wife

    5/20/2016 11:38:06 PM, by MSLZZY

    Our second son and his wife traveled down to acquire a new puppy from a local farm family who raises Welsh Corgis. Her name is Daphne Sue a... Read more

  • You mean to say I can eat what I want?!

    5/20/2016 8:41:47 PM, by ATHOMAS0925

    Two weeks ago I came across a crazy lifestyle idea that suggests you can eat whatever you want, and still lose weight. Needless to say I was skep... Read more

  • Another night free

    5/19/2016 9:16:29 PM, by MSLZZY

    DH took MIL to a memorial service for one of the cousins that I met years ago and haven't seen since. He had mental issues but died of a sudd... Read more

  • I gave up Sparking

    5/18/2016 11:19:26 PM, by MSLZZY

    to watch the Survivor finale. So I will not regale you with details of my day. I will just tell you that it was so much fun to immerse myse... Read more

  • Dinner guests

    5/17/2016 11:26:56 PM, by MSLZZY

    College DS and his fiancé arrived in town about 5 and we all had dinner together. They were off to see the minister for marriage classes an... Read more

  • What to do when DH is gone

    5/16/2016 8:37:18 PM, by MSLZZY

    All the things that I want to do and how I want to do it. He left to take GD to children's choir while I was in the barn milking. He had want... Read more

  • Much needed rest day

    5/15/2016 9:17:57 PM, by MSLZZY

    Sundays should always be a day of rest and so it was today. Church, coffee time, a light lunch (pizza-a treat we have maybe 2 times a year)... Read more

  • Getting it all done today

    5/14/2016 11:14:41 PM, by MSLZZY

    The day started with DH packing up the eggs for the farmers market just before we went to the café for breakfast, a once a month ritual. ... Read more

  • Not much down time today

    5/13/2016 11:17:34 PM, by MSLZZY

    Not much time to Spark this morning and making up for lost time tonight. SIL and I worked hard all day and it showed. I didn't leave the o... Read more

  • Marathon harvesting

    5/12/2016 9:07:15 PM, by MSLZZY

    I cut another 10-12 pounds of asparagus tonight and cut the first bib lettuce. The lettuce will go to the café and the asparagus will be shar... Read more

  • My other agent kept me hopping

    5/11/2016 10:14:23 PM, by MSLZZY

    SIL wasn't in the office but the other agent had a stream of clients in and out, phone calls to return and copies to be made. In between thos... Read more

  • Not so quiet today

    5/10/2016 11:03:35 PM, by MSLZZY

    Lots to do but suddenly SIL's scanner is not talking to my computer so I am not able to do the things I need to do. He tried reinstalling i... Read more

  • Merry Monday

    5/9/2016 11:07:12 PM, by MSLZZY

    I had the office to myself all day and kept ahead of the immediate items and did get working on the new list of things to do before SIL com... Read more

  • A lovely Mother's Day

    5/8/2016 10:53:47 PM, by MSLZZY

    Church and a quick coffee time, then off to meet MIL for lunch. It was a buffet of ham, beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, taco salad, macar... Read more

  • Whew! I am ready for a break.

    5/7/2016 10:15:47 PM, by MSLZZY

    I did all the laundry today after helping DH load up all the eggs for the farmers market. A young dad came to buy some chickens for his so... Read more

  • DS is much better

    5/6/2016 11:58:27 PM, by MSLZZY

    DS went to his part-time job this morning and then went home. I don't think he went to sleep right away but did sleep most of the day. He w... Read more

  • Not the kind of day I was expecting

    5/5/2016 10:53:13 PM, by MSLZZY

    The morning was moving along quite nicely and I was down to ONE task on my new program and intended to finish right after lunch. At 12:21, ... Read more

  • Time to clear out the basement

    5/4/2016 10:50:45 PM, by MSLZZY

    Guess that won't happen for some time. The neighbor hatched some of our eggs and we have 42 new baby chicks with more to come. He had too m... Read more

  • Tip Top Tuesday

    5/3/2016 10:52:49 PM, by MSLZZY

    I was at the top of my game today. SIL was at an all day meeting but texted me and called twice so we stayed in touch just fine. I attacke... Read more

  • Having a Senior Moment

    5/2/2016 11:08:03 PM, by MSLZZY

    I knew the café would be closed today so the owners could go to a family funeral. But I headed uptown at 6 am, realized what day it was and p... Read more

  • Happy May Day!

    5/1/2016 10:23:30 PM, by MSLZZY

    The rain finally moved away late this morning and we are all ready for sunshine and drier conditions. The goat lot is a very muddy mess and... Read more

  • "Jam" session with the GC

    4/30/2016 6:41:47 PM, by MSLZZY

    All the GC arrived about 10 am and we got into making jelly and jam. First was grape jelly made with juice from our own Concorde grapes. Af... Read more

  • Preparing for another rainy day

    4/29/2016 9:17:12 PM, by MSLZZY

    If the forecast is to be believed, we are in for another 1-2 inches of rain. Much luckier than our neighbors to the south in Nebraska and eve... Read more

  • Struggling

    4/29/2016 2:31:08 AM, by EHERATH

    Well, Monday is almost here. I'm excited and nervous for it, but I'm starting to get cold feet. Is weight loss surgery the route I really want to... Read more

  • Another missed blog

    4/28/2016 9:49:57 PM, by MSLZZY

    Not sure where my mind was last night but I must have been really tired because I did not think to blog. SIL and I have really been workin... Read more

  • Weigh In

    4/28/2016 12:37:57 PM, by MOSTEDGAARD

    I need to back up to Tuesday night in order to tell this story properly. Tuesday I had a great day tracking everything I ate and I was 57 calori... Read more

  • All the young talent came out tonight

    4/26/2016 10:07:28 PM, by MSLZZY

    I am very partial to trombone players and tonight's first selection by the young band members would have made DS so proud. The very first sel... Read more

  • A splendid spring concert for the GC

    4/25/2016 10:54:46 PM, by MSLZZY

    It was fun to watch the young children sing and play their band instruments with such enthusiasm. Aaron was a handful but even he got into ... Read more

  • Band concerts are officially over

    4/24/2016 9:57:12 PM, by MSLZZY

    The symphonic and concert bands put on a rousing concert this afternoon. DS is relieved and in celebration, we went out for ice cream. As w... Read more

  • Awesome day!

    4/23/2016 11:35:54 PM, by MSLZZY

    DD and I put our heads together with the help of GD and off to shopping we went. We stopped at the bridal shop to get color swatches and went... Read more

  • And now to bed

    4/22/2016 10:42:26 PM, by MSLZZY

    Since neither of my agents were in the office until later this afternoon, I was able to work on a few projects so when they did arrive, it wo... Read more

  • The rain has moved away

    4/21/2016 11:21:04 PM, by MSLZZY

    Since the weatherman had indicated only a few hundredths of rain, it was very odd to check out the rain gauge to find well over an inch of ... Read more

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