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  • Thursday....

    12/18/2014 11:21:13 AM, by KATZEYEZ

    back at work...not a bad day on the whole...few bits and pieces to do, but got them done and almost up to date now. Seems my other senior is tak... Read more

  • Vacation over....

    12/17/2014 12:51:14 PM, by KATZEYEZ

    Going back to work tomorrow...not ready for it in the least...I know that vacation always whistles past, but these last three days have been balm... Read more

  • Monday!

    12/15/2014 11:16:00 AM, by KATZEYEZ

    Happy Day! I actually managed to color my hair! Not what I had in mind, but it certainly made me feel a lot better! Also, I couldn't believe my ... Read more

  • Feeling my way...

    12/13/2014 12:51:40 PM, by KATZEYEZ

    ..back to the straight and narrow road of losing those kilos! It has really gone far enough and now is the time to get serious. I am sick and tir... Read more

  • Thought of the day 11.27.14

    11/27/2014 7:08:15 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    So today is thanksgiving. You have probably already posted how you over ate and how you are now regretting it and yada yada The other day I ... Read more

  • Thought of the day 11.20.14

    11/20/2014 9:10:56 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    In a week we celebrate Thanksgiving. Before you go to your Thanksgiving event recite Chris 'macca' McCormack's words (Macca is two times ir... Read more

  • Life is beautiful

    10/14/2014 8:18:27 AM, by HOLLYT55

    I am slowly getting back to working out. I still am watching pushing to hard due to being on warfarin. My doctor told me yesterday that stretchin... Read more

  • New book

    10/4/2014 5:30:49 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    Those of you who have known me a while, will have heard me talk about Cindi from Indi. Cindi is a remarkable person, who was an aspiring olympian... Read more

  • Reno Heart Association Walk

    9/9/2014 8:19:40 AM, by HOLLYT55

    September 22nd is the walk/fundraiser at Scheels in Reno. I am not ready to walk to mile so going to volunteer at the kidzone. I am sure that fe... Read more

  • Loved all the time (happy birthday dad)

    9/5/2014 8:10:26 AM, by HOLLYT55

    I heard a song on UP tv to be loved by God as I am right now. I prefer loved as I am now, loved as I work towards healthier me, loved when I am s... Read more

  • Thoughts of the day 9.3.14

    9/3/2014 5:10:54 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    Interesting study published in Annals of Internal Medicine today. Hopefully it not only will make a mainstream medical journal - but also the ma... Read more

  • Good Week

    8/30/2014 10:57:58 AM, by HOLLYT55

    I walked twice from my office this week. I kept food journal for few days. I am eating healthier but realizing that I cant do well with daily sal... Read more

  • Walked and kept food journal!!!!!

    8/25/2014 11:33:18 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I seem to start over a lot but I am realizing each day has it own success stories. I am thankful that I ate healthier most of day and walked at w... Read more

  • Thought of the day 8.23.14

    8/24/2014 10:16:45 AM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    So, I went for a bike ride yesterday. Not unusual - but what is a little more unusual I haven't been on my bike for a while and BAM I went out an... Read more

  • CT Scan

    8/15/2014 11:52:44 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I was not so nervous maybe it was more excitement to see what is in my lung. They did fax the results to my doctor. I hope to hear by Tuesday. H... Read more

  • Thought of the day 8.15.14

    8/15/2014 7:21:13 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    I have had some issues with my glutes and my hamstring as of late. For a long time i felt one of my glute muscles was a cable. Yes, quite uncomfo... Read more

  • Thinking about options after my lung scan

    8/11/2014 3:14:17 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I have been eating better and working out some. Last night I thought of more involved lung surgery. I came to conclusion that I would work throug... Read more

  • Understanding Control

    8/6/2014 12:46:02 AM, by HOLLYT55

    I have been thinking about Control. It has been a little easier dealing with being sick because I gave up some of control for awhile to different... Read more

  • Struggling to catch my breath again

    8/3/2014 12:06:26 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I had another shortness of breath/heart epicode. I tried to go urgent care but advise nurse said NO. HE explained why. I am taking it easy and re... Read more

  • Meeting my goal for two weeks now!

    7/31/2014 11:20:37 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I am glad that I reset my goals. It is still hard to work out in heat and when I am in pain. I know that I have made great progress. Last year I ... Read more

  • Good Suggestions

    7/24/2014 12:09:04 AM, by HOLLYT55

    Another spark friend suggested to be honest take one day at time. If i eat nutter butter just write it down but if i walk write it down. I do fee... Read more

  • Setting small goals

    7/21/2014 10:38:08 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I set small goals. I am going to try for three miles a week(eliptical or walking), and less calories. Coumadin clinic recommends to work out but ... Read more

  • 30 Minutes on eleptical yeahhh

    7/13/2014 7:59:45 PM, by HOLLYT55

    Today I worked outside cleaning up sticker bushes. It is hard thing to do and not get cut. I decided to try to double my times on the eleptical w... Read more

  • No more days to count

    7/13/2014 6:14:30 PM, by MODERATION4ME

    My last status update occurred 98 days ago. Counting the days is weighing me down, not encouraging me. So, I am not going to do it any more. I... Read more

  • Good bye to wonderful friend.

    7/13/2014 12:35:53 AM, by HOLLYT55

    7 year ago you came into my life, snuggling in my lap. Giving me tons of kissing on my nose, toes, ears, arms over all the years etc. You have be... Read more

  • Thought of the day 7.12.14

    7/12/2014 4:20:39 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    What has happened. I went through all my spark friends and noticed none seem to update their status any more. Does that mean that they just don't... Read more

  • Walked a mile/ Cancer Support Group

    7/10/2014 10:37:52 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I read article about finding support group for post cancer on line. They suggested that it is hard to attend meetings when you work full time, fe... Read more

  • Navigating through more challenges but not giving up

    7/9/2014 11:24:38 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I have had few times in past couple of weeks with 10 out 10 for pain but feeling better. I am seeing doctor for post gallbladder and got meds whi... Read more

  • Yoga

    6/24/2014 9:29:14 PM, by PRAYINGHANDS35

    I have been doing a yoga challenge. I am loving yoga. This is the challen... Read more

  • Slow and Steady

    6/14/2014 12:02:55 PM, by HOLLYT55

    I walked four times this last week. Tuesday started off fine but ended with terrible pain. It felt good just to cry because the pain. I went to e... Read more

  • Lucky and blessed

    6/7/2014 12:54:03 PM, by HOLLYT55

    Last saturday, I had trouble breathing, dizzy and chest pain so I went to emergency. At first I thought darn made mistake by coming. All my vital... Read more

  • Thought of the day 5.27.14

    5/27/2014 9:15:08 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    It is with heavy heart I am writing this. Last night my (our time) passed away. She was 58. A week ago she was admitted with an intracrania... Read more

  • Ooops! There goes another one... (short rant)

    5/27/2014 8:55:58 AM, by MEMARE

    Well, there went my 80+ day spin the wheel streak...I really don't think that spinning the wheel should count toward a "log in streak". Sparkpeop... Read more

  • Thought of the day 5.18.14 (half marathon)

    5/18/2014 1:04:19 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    Another half marathon is now in the books. I ran Cleveland again. Done it a number of times, but this year was different ... This is my fir... Read more

  • Thought of the day 5.17.14

    5/17/2014 5:38:05 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    Tomorrow is the Cleveland marathon and half marathon, and I am running it. I am actually looking forward to run. This will be my last longer run ... Read more

  • No more signs of cancer!

    5/15/2014 9:14:50 AM, by HOLLYT55

    I just got back my breast MRI. No more signs of malignancy. I am so relieved. I will still keep following up with three month check ups, mamogram... Read more

  • Thought of the day 5/10/14

    5/10/2014 4:23:52 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. Quot... Read more

  • Less Fear

    5/10/2014 11:45:02 AM, by HOLLYT55

    Monday was my first time in emergency in month plus. I had terrible stomache pain. They did ultra sound of my lower abdomen then hide a scan. My ... Read more

  • Day 376

    5/5/2014 9:42:32 AM, by MODERATION4ME

    This weekend was full of treats I adore. I chose not to overeat. I did have a piece of cake at the wedding Saturday. Sunday, I brought a choco... Read more

  • Thought of the day 5.4.14

    5/4/2014 9:19:47 PM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    I came across a blog talking about 'getting motivation back' and gave it some thought. My weight has not changed that much over the last fe... Read more

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