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Blogs by Members of SP Class of December 25-31, 2011

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  • April 26, 2015

    4/26/2015 7:59:43 PM, by RAME123

    Still on the journey...... Me and the girls are at it again. I have made it through a week and have lost 7 pounds. Summer is coming and I hope ... Read more

  • Decision tracking 150421

    4/22/2015 11:18:01 AM, by ROSIESNOW

    Yesterday - Exercise - none. Bad. Food - Breakfast - good. Lunch - pizza, but no chips - good. Dinner - shrimp - good Wine - onl... Read more

  • New.

    4/20/2015 11:34:38 PM, by TUNAOX

    . If you don't set a baseline standard for what you'll accept in your life, you'll find it's easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quali... Read more

  • starting to lose

    4/12/2015 11:12:45 AM, by LYNNA1968

    Lost 4.5lbs finally going the right direction! Thank you spark people and fit... Read more

  • I DID IT!

    4/8/2015 2:02:31 PM, by MARBELLA008

    It has been THREE years since my last blog. About time I got back into the saddle. Since I was last here on SparkPeople, I have gained 20 pound... Read more

  • stalker stopped by

    3/11/2015 7:42:39 PM, by LYNNA1968

    Honest title. A man that befriended me on fb dropped by my office unannounced! I was a little stressed coming to work this am & I'm ashamed t... Read more

  • feeling absolutely disgusted

    2/23/2015 7:55:55 PM, by LYNNA1968

    With myself. I weighed myself and I've gained 7 Lbs! I worked so hard to lose the 100lbs & now its coming back. I'm going shopping tomorrow ... Read more

  • Walk/Jog

    2/14/2015 12:16:00 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of Walk/Jog intervals on the treadmil... Read more

  • Another Good Workout!

    2/12/2015 12:46:24 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    The cold outside made for a pretty crowded gym this morning. All the treadmills were in use so I did 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Then I did ... Read more

  • blood work & working out

    2/11/2015 10:40:50 AM, by LYNNA1968

    Getting blood work & iv treatment today. Coughing is minimal. So my plans are: Get new heart rate/calorie burner monitor treatment shopping (mor... Read more

  • My Everest: Chocolate

    2/7/2015 10:19:18 PM, by MOOSERAMBLINGS

    February was supposed to be my no-chocolate month. After all, I did so well not drinking and doing daily exercise in January I thought this would... Read more

  • Faster Treadmill Time

    2/6/2015 12:33:06 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    I got to the gym to do my 2 miles on the treadmill this morning. I pushed my speed up to 3.9 for several minutes. This resulted in getting my 2 m... Read more

  • Full Workout!

    2/5/2015 12:59:39 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Yesterday was another day of being snowed in. Today it is still very cold outside but the sun is out and the plows and sanders have made the stre... Read more

  • Snow Days

    2/3/2015 12:08:38 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Yesterday the schools were closed due to the heavy snow. They needed to work on the roads to make it safe for the buses to run. I did make it to ... Read more

  • being told to eat "unhealthy"

    2/1/2015 10:28:45 AM, by LYNNA1968

    So dr's office called with blood work results. My sodium is way to low. So now I have to eat high sodium foods. I also have to take sodium pil... Read more

  • Starting Over... Again

    2/1/2015 10:25:58 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    Well, I am starting over again beginning today. I got in a real fitness slump after being sick for almost 3 weeks. I got discouraged about my fit... Read more

  • Putting myself first

    1/28/2015 11:45:17 PM, by MOOSERAMBLINGS

    It's funny how the last blog post was about losing weight for a family reunion (which I didn't go to because I was so embarrassed), and now, two ... Read more

  • Slow Impovements

    1/24/2015 12:10:14 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    The weather is beautiful this morning. It is about 35 (f) and sunny. Once the morning had warmed above freezing I took Lily out for a slow walk. ... Read more

  • Slow Road Ahead

    1/23/2015 11:35:35 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    Well - the Cold Bug really got to me. I have been ill for a couple of weeks with the respiratory virus and asthma complications. I have missed wo... Read more

  • 89 days till Disney vacation. Striving for 1 pound down by 1/24/15.

    1/20/2015 6:17:53 PM, by CAPE2ISLAND

    Small, manageable, realistic goal. Here is to 1 pound. Busy day, but ate well. Just need to be in control from 6 PM to 10PM, the deadly hours!... Read more

  • Count down to vacation 90 days, maybe the goal is too much

    1/19/2015 6:22:11 PM, by CAPE2ISLAND

    I really want to loose 20 more pounds before vacation. That may be unrealistic. But I think I will stick with that goal. Eating good tod... Read more

  • Getting it...

    1/18/2015 12:47:02 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    Maintenance is not as easy as it sounds, but I am only fluctuating within a 4 pound range. Well, that's not too bad! So far, I am keeping my we... Read more

  • Plateau --- Or, is it me?

    1/17/2015 7:54:04 AM, by CAPE2ISLAND

    So, my history is that I started this weight loss, health improvement journey in July 2014, and by Dec 2014 lost 30 pounds, lowered blood pressur... Read more

  • Not giving up!

    1/14/2015 2:13:22 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    I entered the race quite some time ago, spent years struggling to keep up, fell behind, even fell to the ground a few, but I have pulled to the f... Read more

  • 364.4

    1/11/2015 7:30:43 PM, by JENNIEONFIRE

    364.4. That number will forever haunt me as I stare down at the scale to reveal the truth. I have no recollection as to how I have allowed my bo... Read more

  • No time for this...

    1/9/2015 5:32:19 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    I checked my calendar & it seems that a cold is not on it. Can someone please tell my body that I don't have time for this right now? Why oh wh... Read more

  • Caught by a Winter Cold

    1/9/2015 11:15:40 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    Well, the old Cold Bug has caught me. I am taking a rest day. I don't feel bad enough to call and ask for time off from work - but I am definitel... Read more

  • Small Spark Steps

    1/8/2015 11:59:51 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    The weather continues to be brutally cold. Schools were closed yesterday due to the extreme cold, but are open today so I will need to go into wo... Read more

  • Coming around!

    1/7/2015 5:05:02 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    Last Saturday was supposed to be our family gathering. I was the only one who showed. Told my Mom that the 10th would be better, that my husban... Read more

  • Cold Monday

    1/5/2015 11:27:43 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    I did not do so well on my goals yesterday. A major temperature change hit the area and my knees reacted badly. I also didn't do so well on my di... Read more

  • A new and better year

    1/5/2015 12:24:28 AM, by NOMORESHMOO

    The new year is here, live in the present & look forward to the future, don't focus or regret the past. Accept the things you can not change. ... Read more

  • 2015 --- Continue the walk

    1/4/2015 12:58:15 PM, by CAPE2ISLAND

    Since July 2014, 30 pounds have been lost. In 2015 I want to achieve the final 20 pound weight loss and along with that loss, have cholesterol, ... Read more

  • Venting...

    1/3/2015 9:07:50 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    Sometimes they just don't understand the harm they do. As most people view this as a weight issue, sometimes it is so much more than that. My ... Read more


    1/3/2015 12:05:00 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Busy Saturday today. I need to go to the grocery store for some healthy food! Good walk with Lily again this morning - about 1.82 miles on the Sp... Read more

  • Resolutions

    1/3/2015 9:50:55 AM, by SHENELLCOLLIER

    I did not make any resolutions, but I did vow to make some changes in my diet. I'm going to try and go with chicken and fish mainly and turkey b... Read more

  • Friday!

    1/2/2015 12:47:34 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    I enjoyed going to see the Hobbit movie as my New Years treat yesterday. I avoided getting any popcorn, soda or candy at the movie. I took a bott... Read more

  • New Year, Fresh Start

    1/2/2015 12:30:50 AM, by KALEWINE

    So, I'm starting over... again. I gained 5 pounds over Christmas break, bringing my grand total gain since starting SP to 20 pounds. So I'm sta... Read more


    1/1/2015 1:37:44 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Well - the Turkey Day to New Years Day Spark Streak Challenge is done. For the most part I did track food every day. I did make it to the gym 3 t... Read more

  • 2015 Resolutions

    12/31/2014 1:05:43 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    In my early life, I made and focused on New Year Resolutions. As I have gotten older, I have realized that I fail at them and why. Why do I fai... Read more

  • Old Habits Attack

    12/30/2014 1:18:46 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    I was kind of disgusted with myself last night when I found myself mindlessly snacking in the evening. I certainly exceeded my calorie limit for ... Read more

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