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Blogs by Members of SP Class of December 4-10, 2011

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  • Away for the weekend

    5/21/2015 8:20:07 AM, by STEN2791

    Izzy and I will be spending the weekend at my Dad's house since Kyle will be away on TDY . Poo We will miss him! But, Izzy-Monster ... Read more

  • Back again...

    4/26/2015 10:01:27 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    My last blog was Dec. 17, 2014, so I guess that you could say...I am OFF the wagon. Fortunately my wonderful daughter, Jan-Marie, helps me keep t... Read more

  • Day 3, Meat free!

    4/15/2015 4:14:30 PM, by STEN2791

    So I decided to challenge myself to not eating meat for a whole week. By meat, I am talking about beef, pork, and chicken; I'm still game for tho... Read more

  • Common Denominators of Why I Hate Running Outside & Why I Love the Gym

    3/31/2015 8:48:28 AM, by STEN2791

    So yesterday I took my first trip of the spring to the gym. Despite it being really nice outside, I really had no motivation to run outside as I ... Read more

  • Quick Updates!

    3/23/2015 12:18:29 PM, by STEN2791

    Spring is here and I'm back in the business of working out! Going to start doing a lot of biking with Kyle, getting back into running outsid... Read more

  • The Delight of Reading

    2/3/2015 10:26:44 AM, by STEN2791

    As I mentioned in a past blog, my resolution for 2015 is to read 100 books by the end of the year. I'm currently in the middle of books 19 and 20... Read more

  • What a day already!

    1/29/2015 10:35:57 AM, by STEN2791

    So today is our annual Chili Cookoff at work! I slaved away for over 2 hours last night making my delicious Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chili, and of co... Read more

  • Brrrrrr

    1/28/2015 8:41:41 AM, by STEN2791

    Although we didn't get much snow here in the DMV area, it's still very frigid! Unfortunately that effect have caused Kyle and I to not want to do... Read more

  • New Year, New Me

    1/20/2015 10:38:00 AM, by STEN2791

    So, it's my first blog of the year! A little late, I know, but I have to start somewhere! And, that is exactly what this blog is about! So I... Read more

  • feeling very defeated

    1/14/2015 5:01:05 PM, by TINAPOO

    My worst enemy seems to be no motivation, I an tired all the time, I have a headache every single day all day long it don't go away. My dr. presc... Read more

  • Worst post-workout binge ever...

    1/3/2015 8:26:00 PM, by FFUSCO

    Well, I did it again. And this time I am writing so as to remember exactly how physically awful I feel right now after over-eating for no good re... Read more

  • health

    12/30/2014 11:39:22 AM, by MAGONIA62

    To me health means being comfortable in your skin... Read more

  • Clothes Shopping

    12/28/2014 12:20:09 PM, by MAGONIA62

    Going clothes shopping makes me feel deffeated! I hate looking at the sizes and not finding anything that fits comfortably :(... Read more

  • My abs hurt, ugh

    12/19/2014 9:46:15 AM, by STEN2791

    Returning to the gym has begun! Kyle had a basketball game on Tuesday night, so while he played with his buddies, I went for a nice run on t... Read more

  • It is really Wed. now...

    12/17/2014 5:13:04 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Yesterday's blog was after midnight, so I guess that it was posted as today...oh well. I slept well last night & the scale smiled at me...two lbs... Read more

  • Started out strong...

    12/17/2014 12:26:45 AM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I said started...Yesterday, Monday was not a great day...I DID walk for almost 30 min. & I DID weigh in & I DID drink lots of water, but I didn't... Read more

  • I Got Nothing...

    12/14/2014 11:03:49 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    My last blog was Sept. 29th...not proud of's just a fact. It has been almost 3 months since I checked in. My daughter was engaged for a... Read more

  • Handling Holidays with Aplomb

    11/29/2014 7:38:52 AM, by FFUSCO

    Greetings, Sparkers. It's been a hot minute since my last blog, but please trust that I have been taking at least fairly decent care of mys... Read more

  • I know, I know ...

    11/25/2014 3:34:04 AM, by SUPAVILLAIN999

    I'm back again after a long time away. This is getting to be a habit; I start 'dieting' stay for a few weeks then slope off with my tail between... Read more

  • Gonna take a hammer to this computer!!

    11/21/2014 1:04:15 AM, by HEATHERFREE

    I just busted out a mind blowing super long blog and was literally one word away from finishing....and the computer shuts down with absolutely ze... Read more

  • Pre long blog

    11/19/2014 8:35:13 PM, by HEATHERFREE

    Hey there sparkys! I have missed you all. I have Internet again.......for a while anyway! I was planning on a long blog but I'm so exausted I wil... Read more

  • Grocery shopping sends me broke!

    11/18/2014 11:44:18 AM, by STEN2791

    Not really, but kind of Our total was $314 last night. Yikes! We didn't even get everything we needed and will still need to return ... Read more

  • So sleepy...

    11/17/2014 3:39:48 PM, by STEN2791

    There's approx. 1 hr left in the work day, and I could honestly just fall asleep right now. I am so tired, but I have so many things I'd like to ... Read more

  • Preparing for the Holidays

    11/13/2014 10:29:22 AM, by STEN2791

    It's getting to be that time of year! The time of year that the Xmas tree goes up, the decorations come out, and the of course, the planning for ... Read more

  • Dinner with an old friend

    10/29/2014 3:50:21 PM, by STEN2791

    Tonight I'm going out for happy hour/dinner with an old friend from high school who lives in the area. I haven't seen her since my freshman year ... Read more

  • I love fall!

    10/21/2014 12:28:57 PM, by STEN2791

    The leaves are turning and falling here in our nation's capitol! Everything looks so beautiful here right now! Also, I'm craving everything pumpk... Read more

  • It's a dog's life!

    10/20/2014 11:14:35 AM, by STEN2791

    Crazy, busy, and eventful weekend. To start, we got a new puppy! She is a boxer named Izzy. She's absolutely adorable, but I'm still getting used... Read more

  • Changes, Changes, Changes!

    10/17/2014 11:16:34 AM, by STEN2791

    It's been a month since my last blog, so we've got tons to cover! First, I got a new job! Which means... I finally moved down to the DC area... Read more

  • Darn near 4 weeks later...

    9/29/2014 10:30:38 AM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I am so out of sorts...I have not been binging, etc. I just have not been making my SP check in a serious priority...Hope to do better...weighed ... Read more

  • It's good to be an injured loser today!

    9/27/2014 9:34:54 AM, by FFUSCO

    Greetings, Sparkers! It's been far too long since my last entry, but rest assured I have been tuning into many of your inspiring stories all... Read more

  • Frustrations, But Positive Notes!

    9/17/2014 10:46:46 AM, by STEN2791

    As far as the job search goes, it was a good week this week (for both agency offers and offers I got on my own). Monday one of the guys fro... Read more

  • Starting the Countdown...

    8/30/2014 5:35:36 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    My daughter, Jan-Marie is getting married in Nov. but starts a new job in Michigan on Sept. 8th & will be moving there this Friday. I haven't che... Read more

  • day of rest...

    8/24/2014 4:52:01 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Did not get my bike ride in this morning but did make it to church. Had a healthy breakfast & lunch...Going to a comedy club this eve. at 7:30 & ... Read more

  • Delayed post...

    8/22/2014 11:29:45 AM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I forgot to blog yesterday but I did get some exercise in...8.2 miles on my bike. I was bummed by my scale, but literally MOVED on with my day...... Read more

  • Still not back in the Groove on my bike...

    8/20/2014 3:53:16 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Had a good day yesterday, tracking & blogging but no exercise. My husband & I are active members of the BFD Auxiliary. We go to fire scenes & sup... Read more

  • Off my Game a little...

    8/19/2014 1:18:55 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Not sure why, but I slept well, but too late. I did not get a ride in yet but still hope to. The temps are rising & I have to take a neighbor to ... Read more

  • Survived another picnic...

    8/18/2014 1:41:50 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday. My husband & I went to a picnic. I made it a point to eat a very large & healthy lunch before going. Once ... Read more

  • Big Ten...

    8/16/2014 12:48:24 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Happy to have completed 10.2 miles on my bike, tracked my food & got almost 8 hrs. of sleep...I feel focused & excited to be moving in the right ... Read more

  • A busy day...

    8/15/2014 9:16:59 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Up early & off on my bike...rode 4.71 miles...cut my ride short because I wanted to eat a healthy "brunch" before heading to the Sr. Ctr. to play... Read more

  • Said Yes to the Dress...

    8/14/2014 8:17:07 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Good news...Jan-Marie met me after work & we went shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress for me. We found a beautiful long, royal blue dress wi... Read more

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