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Don't even know where to start...
7/6/2014 11:09:05 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I'm embarrassed to tell you, but I have been away so long, it took me quite a while to figure out how to enter a blog. My last blog was April 30th. I...  Read more


14 Days until the Big Day!
5/23/2014 10:19:55 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Who's excited? THIS GIRL 224 Final payment made for the reception, now all that's left is to get groomsman's gifts, Kyle's parent's gift, and t...  Read more


oh so long!
5/18/2014 4:39:09 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It has been insanely long since I have been on spark! No internet and I get online maybe once every two weeks and that;s mostly to pay bills and order...  Read more


Almost lost another month...
4/30/2014 3:23:45 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I just checked my last blog & it was on April 1st...what a FOOL I was to not continue blogging. I don't want to bore anyone with all the blessed detai...  Read more


Skinned Knees and Elbows
4/25/2014 10:26:29 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Soccer went terrible last night to say the least. The ref was awful, the other team ran up the score and kept fouling us because they knew they wouldn...  Read more


"I'm More Excited to Be Married than to Get Married"
4/24/2014 10:51:38 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So last night I was still feeling a little down because we're still missing so many reply cards from Kyle's side of the family. If you haven't noticed...  Read more


Today, I shall be a grump!
4/23/2014 9:36:04 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Kyle took his big test today and passed! So proud of him 41 As for me, today, I shall be grumpy. Let's be real here. I have no motivation to w...  Read more


House Hunting!
4/22/2014 1:05:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Kyle finally moved in with his friends Ben and Travis last night. They are living in a cute little house right on the bay about 20 miles from base. Th...  Read more


4/21/2014 11:15:44 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Easter dinner was great! We had ham, pineapple stuffing, corn, and mashed potatoes. The "Easter Bunny" brought me Peeps, a Snickers bunny, and Cadbury...  Read more


Watch out for those bunnies...
4/21/2014 10:45:53 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Just wanted to state publicly that today will end as follows: Frank: 1; ChocoBunny: 0. You see, every day that I don't sneak a bite or two from my dau...  Read more


51 Days - Eek!
4/16/2014 11:11:42 AM,  0 COMMENTS

So a lot has been going on since my last blog! I won't have time to update on everything, so I'll just pick a few things. 1 - My wedding is in 51...  Read more


"Hoisting" Furniture Like a Pro
4/7/2014 1:26:32 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I have a joy to report, people... While I did not resort back to good old days of hoisting large hunks of furniture over the shoulders, I did man...  Read more


Breaking My Rules...
4/1/2014 10:37:31 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Here it is past 10:30 P.M. & I decided to get on my laptop real rule is to be OFF the laptop by 9:00, to improve my chances of getting to s...  Read more


Let Sunday be a Day of Rest...
3/30/2014 11:55:09 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I am getting tired of resting, but I am still having some problems with my I will continue to rest...but I am tracking & weighing. Thank Hea...  Read more


Home Alone...
3/29/2014 10:29:41 PM,  6 COMMENTS

HEY EVERYONE...haven't been blogging much, but I have been tracking my food & weighing in. I am still having trouble with my back & don't feel able to...  Read more


Eff' da Pizza
3/26/2014 2:32:59 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I have noticed that it is becoming easier and easier to consume massive amounts of calories in very little time, with very little thought, and usually...  Read more


Where Do I Start...
3/26/2014 10:13:53 AM,  13 COMMENTS

I am back AGAIN...Lord, I hate saying that...I started SP way back in Dec. 2011 & I lost 35 lbs. in about an 8 month period...felt better, looked bett...  Read more


3/10/2014 9:46:18 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Just enough time to get a quick blog in before my meeting starts. Last night was an odd night for sleeping. I couldn't fall asleep right away, so...  Read more


Sushi Friday!
3/7/2014 10:55:18 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with a couple friends for sushi. I am SO excited :D Because the world knows it my favorite thing to eat. And, it is Fr...  Read more


3/6/2014 9:28:50 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am super hungry. I was really craving a breakfast sandwich this morning, but needed to refrain from eating it. I could probably eat a whole house ri...  Read more


3/5/2014 9:52:58 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I love when I get the error message "No HTML please" when I go to enter a blog, and Spark deletes my whole entry instead of just going back to let me...  Read more


3/4/2014 12:07:56 PM,  1 COMMENTS

The most evil number, as I cannot get my scale to read less than that! I blame it all on the bad weather and my being stuck at home, not being able to...  Read more


Feeling a certain kinda way...
3/4/2014 7:57:31 AM,  1 COMMENTS

This morning I do not know what I feel, but I think I know why I feel it. I missed two days in a row at the gym, which has left me feeling defla...  Read more


Time for the next move...
3/2/2014 11:34:33 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I have been stalling in the 230-range for about six months now. I realize that this site is about so much more than weight loss, and actually, I am pr...  Read more


Car Battery Blues
2/27/2014 10:27:38 AM,  2 COMMENTS

So to make a long story short, I somehow left my lights on in my Jeep yesterday when I got to work, and therefore came out to a dead battery after wor...  Read more


Criminal Minds!
2/26/2014 1:31:35 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today is Wednesday, and that means one thing; I need to hurry my tush up at the gym because its CRIMINALS MINDS NIGHT!!! Ahhh!!!! Love love love that...  Read more


Oatmeal Squares
2/24/2014 8:57:52 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Dad got this new cereal from Quaker called Oatmeal Square. They have a hint of brown sugar in them, and they are amazing. The perfect compliment to my...  Read more


Up early on the "day off"
2/24/2014 8:35:42 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Feel good about getting up at 5:15 on my "day off" to get a head start on a project I have been pushing toward completion at the office. Taking the da...  Read more


Oh, I just do not know...
2/21/2014 9:57:37 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, I am definitely improving along this life quest for better health, but I still have a lot of learning and reteaching to do. While I did no...  Read more


I love hamburgers. And Valentine's Day.
2/19/2014 2:34:59 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Finally have a chance to blog, yay! Valentine's Day. was. AWESOME. Kyle got me a heart tin full of Ghiradelli caramel chocolates, a stuffed Snoop...  Read more


2/19/2014 12:15:37 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The past few days have been pretty hard on me. Sometimes living with depression can be really tough. My roommate is pregnant and having a rough time...  Read more


Six months worth of oatmeal...
2/17/2014 8:44:27 AM,  2 COMMENTS

This probably does not represent a news flash, and the subject matter might be a bit of a bore, so you may want to tune out early. For what it's worth...  Read more


Recycling the chocolate...
2/16/2014 9:06:32 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Ok, so here's the scoop. My wife and I never quite know what the heck to get one another for Valentine's Day and as such we usually just wind up cooki...  Read more


Human plow pushes 56 inches pain free...
2/14/2014 10:04:12 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Hey, folks. Well, call me crazy but I like all the shoveling lately here in snowy Jersey. Ok, that's an understatement. It's been a snowpocalypse, but...  Read more


More snow...
2/11/2014 3:43:05 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Not doing too hot with my workouts, thanks to all this snow! I get in the mood to bake, and then I eat half of the sweets! Oi vey! We are getting anot...  Read more


Fat, Fit and Fabulous!! 2014
2/9/2014 1:07:09 AM,  1 COMMENTS

OK, today is the 8th of February. Many folks who started out with a bang working out the first of the year have now fizzled out. Is that you? Well,...  Read more


Suited up at the gym...
2/8/2014 7:56:47 AM,  3 COMMENTS

A funny thing happened on the way to the gym yesterday. Actually, I never got there. First, some background. Every minute of every morning count...  Read more


A Pre-emptive Strike
2/6/2014 2:09:15 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Just blogging briefly to report herein that I enjoyed my reasonable lunch very much, thank you, and am now moving on to other things that do not invol...  Read more


A Poor Food Choice & A Reminder
2/5/2014 7:41:18 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Yesterday evening, tired and a bit disheveled, I caved to some organic, sea salt caramels. They were in one of those clear, clam shell type containers...  Read more


Relaxing Weekend :)
2/4/2014 11:49:38 AM,  0 COMMENTS

This past weekend with Kyle was great! We spent time together just relaxing around the house watching movies and cuddling. It was great :) He is not u...  Read more


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