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  • Positives?

    6/22/2017 8:58:13 PM, by JUSTA123

    Dragged all day today, these bones can't do no sleep, and I've a few more hours to go before this head hits a pillow. Not a healthy way to spend ... Read more

  • Summer..

    6/21/2017 6:02:04 PM, by JUSTA123

    So , this morning I did 2 miles with Lesilie, because the weather is so humid , took my shower and was energized for the day. Tonight is fi... Read more

  • Greyness...

    6/20/2017 7:57:30 PM, by JUSTA123

    Well, today is still grey, but no rain, got my mile in and have eaten healthy all day, got my water in also. Did my mile as soon as I got up, the... Read more

  • Monday!

    6/19/2017 8:58:08 PM, by JUSTA123

    Today wasn't a good day for me , partially because it was so grey, needless to say I was lax I'm not worried about it because I did ... Read more

  • Father's Day

    6/18/2017 7:47:21 PM, by JUSTA123

    Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day! We barbecue it's traditional, and we laughed remembering the dad's no longer with us, and making memories ... Read more

  • a Good day

    6/17/2017 8:19:18 PM, by JUSTA123

    So today started with cleaning up the pool, and making sure it was ready for the week, then off to the dentist, who was running behind so I had t... Read more

  • Some Friday humor!

    6/16/2017 10:27:59 AM, by JUSTA123

    ... Read more

  • Thursday!

    6/15/2017 10:44:59 PM, by JUSTA123

    So they started the roof today, at about 11:30. and the noise didn't stop till around 8, they will be back I'm sure and it will probably be early... Read more

  • Wednesday

    6/14/2017 8:30:19 PM, by JUSTA123

    If it doesn't stop raining they are never going to get my roof done, the stuff is up there just waiting for someone to lay, Oh well as long as th... Read more

  • Tuesday!

    6/13/2017 5:45:11 PM, by JUSTA123

    So today in spite of the rain, turned productive, and since SIL had off I also was able to get my hair permed since it was raining I... Read more

  • Better!

    6/12/2017 1:52:57 PM, by JUSTA123

    So thankfully , I woke up feeling good, thank goodness had a dental apt today and will be seeing them regularly for the next few weeks, need a n... Read more

  • wasted day

    6/11/2017 8:43:52 PM, by JUSTA123

    Don't know what hit me last night, but I have been in bed most of the day, hope it's just a 24 hour thing.... Read more

  • Saturday

    6/10/2017 8:51:09 PM, by JUSTA123

    Back from a walk , to burn some calories from dinner the kids made homemade pizza, they were delicious and the giggles were even better, feel go... Read more

  • Putzing around..

    6/9/2017 6:03:35 PM, by JUSTA123

    Finally taking a break, from putzing around the house, cleaned out a dresser and have a bag of stuff for goodwill and one for garbage, we have su... Read more

  • End of day..

    6/8/2017 9:19:20 PM, by JUSTA123

    So today's goals are met and it's still a bit wet out, hoping tomorrow will be sunny, but if it's not I'll make do , can't control mother nature ... Read more

  • Rainy days

    6/7/2017 9:52:54 AM, by JUSTA123

    So Wednesday brings us more clouds and rain, kids are all still sleeping so I put Lesilie in and did a mile with her, feeling energized in spite ... Read more

  • Find the way seeing the good..

    6/6/2017 1:28:30 PM, by JUSTA123

    So today is a lets be very creative t o get our mile in, I have walked the house back and forth intentionally, Nessa is making a gam... Read more

  • grey skies..

    6/5/2017 3:59:54 PM, by JUSTA123

    So it's Monday and while I got my exercise in yesterday, I was pretty bad food wise, but I had a really nice day, and today I'm back eating healt... Read more

  • Sunday!

    6/4/2017 11:40:27 AM, by JUSTA123

    Cloudy and rainy here to day, so some plans to finish a project for house will be side lined , must be Mother natures way of telling us to take a... Read more

  • lemons

    6/3/2017 1:16:25 PM, by JUSTA123

    Lord don't know what's wrong with me today, one of the force myself to move days, memories are floating in and out, good and sad ones. Oh well th... Read more

  • Friday!

    6/2/2017 9:43:30 AM, by JUSTA123

    So , I'm sitting here enjoying the peace and quit, everyone is sleeping , need to stop at lab today and get blood work done, then gi... Read more

  • Early start.

    6/1/2017 8:34:38 AM, by JUSTA123

    Well, I'm up even though I'd rather be in bed asleep, but for some reason the little one was awake at 6, only her so it's not to bad ... Read more

  • cracking the whip..not really lol

    5/31/2017 11:09:05 AM, by JUSTA123

    So the girls decided that it was alright to be loud and crazy at 3 am, this was the middle one and her friend, problem was they were so loud they... Read more

  • Time..

    5/30/2017 8:37:10 PM, by JUSTA123

    Finally had a few minutes to spark, the day went pretty well, everyone seemed to e pooped form the weekend So they were all pretty q... Read more

  • Monday..

    5/29/2017 11:00:09 AM, by JUSTA123

    So today is going to be very hot again, looks like exercise will be in the pool , made some goals for the next 30 days , that don't ... Read more

  • Sunday!

    5/28/2017 10:25:30 AM, by JUSTA123

    Took the last pill in the cycle the Dr. gave me for my pain, still have some but it's dull, still need to rest it, but thankfully the severe pain... Read more

  • Morning!

    5/27/2017 8:58:38 AM, by JUSTA123

    Good Morning! Enjoy the holiday weekend, and please take a moment to remember why. Stay positive!... Read more

  • Positive..

    5/26/2017 9:29:41 AM, by JUSTA123

    So excited house will probably be finished with the painting today and I have booked some one to do a new roof, going to be like living in a new ... Read more

  • End of school.

    5/25/2017 7:41:31 AM, by JUSTA123

    Thursday last day of school for all the girls, and it's a half day with one having an awards ceremony, school will be out here until Augs, positi... Read more

  • Day was pretty good.

    5/24/2017 9:33:29 PM, by JUSTA123

    Well, today was really windy and stormy, managed to get my goals in, even though I didn't have much sleep last night, hopefully tonight will be b... Read more

  • Good news

    5/23/2017 11:11:52 AM, by JUSTA123

    Back from the Dr. and apparently I have a pulled muscle thought I would cry when he found it, giving me some meds for it, and if that doesn't wor... Read more

  • Monday

    5/22/2017 7:16:20 PM, by JUSTA123

    It was a struggle , but I got my mile in and I've stayed the course, tomorrow the Dr. hopefully I can find out about this pain, T... Read more

  • Sunday!

    5/21/2017 9:11:05 AM, by JUSTA123

    Sunday, bad nights sleep last night, but I'm slowly perking up, didn't get up early enough to get that mile in, because the outside temp is alrea... Read more

  • Aamzing...

    5/20/2017 9:49:31 AM, by JUSTA123

    Woke up feeling a bit down since I haven't been able to walk with much comfort and while I'm getting the goal I set for myself in it's done in sp... Read more

  • Busy

    5/19/2017 11:11:24 PM, by JUSTA123

    Such a busy Friday, little ones graduation, it was so cute, they sang songs , and had a carnival they love it. Back to eye dr. for the dilation, ... Read more

  • Terrific Thursday!

    5/18/2017 11:05:54 AM, by JUSTA123

    Good Morning, hope everyone is having a fabulous morning, I am back from a trip to Sam's and then a quick walk over to Wal-Mart, I also changed a... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/17/2017 2:00:36 PM, by JUSTA123

    Getting new glasses, don't have any insurance so am stuck with a bill, but hey a girls gotta see. Going to have to ease up for awhi... Read more

  • Tuesday!

    5/16/2017 7:41:57 AM, by JUSTA123

    Managed to get the goals I set for myself in yesterday, but not much more , today looks to be much of the same , but I will push on. ... Read more

  • Errands, pain, life.

    5/15/2017 2:17:42 PM, by JUSTA123

    Got a lot done today needed the car services, and there was nothing unexpected They had to order a small part, which I'll have to g... Read more

  • Rest

    5/14/2017 10:35:29 AM, by JUSTA123

    Planning on just enjoying today, I'm going to take a rest day , because I want to, and I usully don't do what I want Have a grea... Read more

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