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  • My Leaf is Here!

    10/6/2015 9:37:48 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    I finally received my Leaf by Bellabeat - I was so excited, I couldn't wait! I'm so glad it's here. It seemed to work pretty well recording my sl... Read more

  • Taking stuff to the Op Shop

    10/6/2015 6:51:00 PM, by WASTEOFAWAIST

    I just got rid of a whole lot of clothes. There are... Read more

  • Feeling overwhelmed

    10/5/2015 12:52:55 PM, by CANES4EVER63

    Not just about food, but about everything. Food is definitely contributing to my mood right now, but so is the stress of school and all of this i... Read more

  • Day 1: First days thoughts (some of them)

    10/5/2015 9:30:09 AM, by WASTEOFAWAIST

    Today I decided that I don't need 2 grilled cheese sandwiches a day. I enjoy them, but I don't think they have much nutritional value and 2 is ei... Read more

  • A bit of my story

    10/4/2015 6:47:15 PM, by WASTEOFAWAIST

    My name is Stephanie and I am coming up to 26yrs old (my birthday is in 8 days). My all time highest weight was 125kg which made me morbidly obes... Read more

  • Getting focus

    10/3/2015 6:35:20 PM, by H0N3Y3736

    Back to Sparkspeople. I love this site. So inspirational. Going to try to log on a few times a week. ... Read more

  • New game plan

    10/2/2015 4:02:00 AM, by CANES4EVER63

    So recovering from the binge and this is what I'm thinking. 1. Eat more carbs. I think if I were to do so then the strong cravings wouldn't ... Read more

  • Binging

    10/1/2015 6:38:32 AM, by CANES4EVER63

    This binge is over, thank goodness. It has not been nice to me. Rephrase, I shouldn't have done it to myself? Now I feel like crap. The positive?... Read more

  • Being Small

    9/27/2015 12:16:05 PM, by LILLIPUTIANNA

    How can we become something greater, when all we can think about is becoming smaller? Who wants to be small? Who doesn't want to be sma... Read more

  • day 3

    9/27/2015 8:33:04 AM, by GONE-BIKING

    It's only been two days of cutting out sweets and I'm already a mental case! Man that sugar is evil! I want it so bad and yet I know if I gave i... Read more

  • Week One - Affirmation

    9/26/2015 12:42:01 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    ... Read more

  • Rory is Better!

    9/26/2015 10:11:23 AM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Thanks so much for the comments on my last blog, and for all of you concerned about Rory (my Japanese Chin) - he is doing good! He was completely... Read more

  • Running, I hate thee

    9/26/2015 5:12:34 AM, by CANES4EVER63

    So I use to be an avid runner. This was at the peak of my weight loss about 2.5 years ago. I started from not being able to run a mile to running... Read more

  • Sick as a Dog

    9/25/2015 6:44:38 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    My poor, sweet, little puppy is not feeling well. The past few days he has been pooping a bunch more than usual and he also threw up a few times.... Read more

  • Had my school induction today

    9/24/2015 1:23:25 PM, by CANES4EVER63

    Which for those who aren't familiar with the term, it's pretty much my orientation. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm overwhelmed, I'm scared. There ... Read more

  • Black Eye

    9/24/2015 11:24:14 AM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    I don't really have a black eye, but I do have a bruise on my eyelid, just below my eyebrow. A testament to the danger in doing everyday tasks at... Read more

  • Redo

    9/24/2015 1:49:52 AM, by RW1647

    Had a rough couple days. I worked a 14 hour shift on Tuesday, on very little sleep, leaving minimal time for exercise and good food choices... S... Read more

  • Rediscovering Jeans

    9/23/2015 11:32:45 AM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    I haven't worn jeans in ages. I have two pairs that I kept, one a little bit too snug, the other a little more too snug. But, basically for the l... Read more

  • Good Day

    9/22/2015 11:49:54 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Today was a good day. I got up early and had a good amount of energy. I was able to get in my 10 min cardio kickboxing video and 40 min on the bi... Read more

  • I'm not sure what to think or how to feel

    9/22/2015 4:34:19 AM, by CANES4EVER63

    So my mind is sending me mixed messages and I'm torn between the two signals that I'm getting. One side is going "you shouldn't have eaten that s... Read more

  • I'm A Cloverleaf!

    9/21/2015 10:41:11 AM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Yay! I'm so excited about being invited to the Cloverleafs team for the Fall 5% Challenge! We are gonna kick some butt!!! ... Read more

  • Water Water Water

    9/20/2015 7:17:17 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    I'm feeling better today, though still unusually tired. The Fit & Fun Fall Challenge started today and I am really focused on getting my water in... Read more

  • A commitment to monitor myself

    9/20/2015 7:36:07 AM, by CANES4EVER63

    I can feel myself slipping back into my old over restrictive eating habits and I will not let myself get to the point where I was a few years ago... Read more

  • Glumfish

    9/19/2015 11:46:12 AM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    I have a case of the grumps today. I feel tired and out of it. We have been invited over to our friend's house for the day and I am so not in the... Read more

  • Fall Plant Arrangement

    9/18/2015 11:52:24 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    My mom took me to a gardening workshop where we put together a pot of "frost-hardy" plants that should last through the fall. It was lots of fun ... Read more

  • Frosted

    9/17/2015 1:09:58 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Ick, frost on the grass and cars this morning. It's definitely not summer here anymore. I like the fall a lot but I know it won't be long before ... Read more

  • Things are starting to look up, I hope!

    9/17/2015 11:46:53 AM, by CANES4EVER63

    I'm started to get settled in my new country and it looks like things are going to go pretty smoothly. I'm registered for classes (except for my ... Read more

  • Closet Shopping & Donations

    9/15/2015 9:43:23 AM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time going through my clothes (and purses) to donate. I came up with about 1.5 garbage bags of stuff. Also I di... Read more

  • 10 Reasons

    9/14/2015 2:36:59 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    These are the 10 Reasons I Want To Lose Weight, from the Fall 5% Challenge Assignment. 1. To live a long and healthy life 2. To dress base... Read more

  • Taking it Easy

    9/13/2015 3:18:38 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Low-key day today, which is just what DH & I need right now. I have been feeling really run-down the last few days like I might be coming down wi... Read more

  • Busy Day

    9/10/2015 10:51:43 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Such a busy day at work today. We have a big event this weekend and it's stressing me out. But I think I got everything done that I needed to. To... Read more

  • Uncooperative Scale

    9/9/2015 1:21:03 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    So the scale jumped up recently and hasn’t gone back down. I ate a bit more than usual on the weekend, and a couple foods snuck into our diet w... Read more

  • Soy Week

    9/8/2015 11:17:09 PM, by SCRIPTEDFLIGHT

    Today is day 2 of soy, but yesterday we only had a really small amount. I'm feeling a bit bloated, but that could just be because my fibre intake... Read more

  • Day 21: Happy Labor Day!

    9/7/2015 8:48:18 AM, by PRANA_DANCER

    Normally I have a pretty hard and fast rule about weighing in during that time of the month but when I'm only weighing in once a week it kind of ... Read more

  • The Downward Spiral

    9/5/2015 4:14:25 PM, by LILLIPUTIANNA

    Even though lately I have been resisting the idea of trigger warnings, I am going to issue a trigger warning for this blog. The reasons for my re... Read more

  • Day 14: Nose to the Grindstone

    8/31/2015 8:25:35 AM, by PRANA_DANCER

    Weight in time! Me: 143 - 142.3 - .7 pounds over all (0.1 gain from last week) Ginger: 14.3 - 13.9 - .4 pounds over all ( 0.8 gain from la... Read more

  • Reality is Overrated

    8/27/2015 10:25:52 PM, by LILLIPUTIANNA

    Today's just one of those days when I want to get whisked away to a magical land, because being a grown-up sucks. Read more

  • Day 7: Time Flies

    8/24/2015 8:28:16 AM, by PRANA_DANCER

    Weigh in time! Me: 143 to 142.2 - that's -.8 pounds! Ginger: 14.3 to 13.1 - that's 1.2 pounds (which is a little much but I'm wondering ho... Read more

  • On Track

    8/23/2015 11:56:53 AM, by LILLIPUTIANNA

    Four pounds in three weeks. That puts me right on track. I wish it was as easy as twenty more weeks equals twenty more pounds. (It's never that e... Read more

  • Dissociation

    8/23/2015 11:14:25 AM, by LETO0918

    I picked up the doll on the table. A crocheted thing, brown, with a red hat and a small puffball tail. I'd never seen this doll before but here i... Read more

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