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  • Days 21-23 of 100 Days of Weight Loss

    9/23/2014 1:00:56 PM, by ROCKPORT9

    The lessons in Linda Spangle's book for Days 21 -23 are on how to eat with more awareness. Day 21- Remember the two purposes of eating--- ... Read more

  • reading an artical yesterday

    9/23/2014 12:43:50 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Ok well i was looking up yesterday about Pilates to see how many cals it would burn and came across an artical talking about how pilates isnt the... Read more

  • Emotional eater

    9/23/2014 12:08:31 PM, by PINCKPRINCESS

    I decide to eat bad because I had a bad day. I will now decide to each or walk healthy for the next 3 days. Rome' wasn't buildt in a day. Same ... Read more

  • Strong for a girl

    9/23/2014 12:00:03 PM, by RAVEN_X13

    Last week, when I was doing my leg workout, I had this phrase said to me. "You're really strong for a girl." Bear in mind, at this particular poi... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    9/23/2014 11:10:56 AM, by MOMMY445

    i have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. i am going through what i have for it, so i am well prepared. my daughter is doing well and says hi. a... Read more

  • iron pressing...

    9/23/2014 9:51:56 AM, by NELLIEH1

    A second beautiful beginning-of-Autumn day... with the sun skimming the tre... Read more

  • PiYo Week 7 - Day 2

    9/23/2014 9:25:48 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    Last night I decided to get in a bonus workout as I had all this energy to spare. And because it was a bonus workout I decided to do a workout I ... Read more


    9/23/2014 8:54:27 AM, by STILLWATERSSB

    We always tell our teams we expect PARTICIPATION NOT PERFECTION. To me, this means that in order to participate, we need to plan ahead and w... Read more

  • Day 22 ...almost there

    9/23/2014 8:05:45 AM, by LILSHINE

    I've had such a hard time getting spark to load on my iPad that I just gave up waiting. When I'm at work I'm using a MiFi so it's slow sometimes.... Read more

  • Feeling ready for a FALL running challenge

    9/23/2014 7:41:43 AM, by DSCROW

    My friend, who has been pacing me when we run to improve my one mile time, wants me to run a 15 K with her. We will walk at minimum of 3 miles ... Read more

  • Less Tummy Trouble

    9/23/2014 7:16:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    Thank you for all your suggestions to help my stomach! There was one detail that I did not consider..... I have not been eating food with my ... Read more

  • Spring cleaning!

    9/23/2014 6:57:35 AM, by LIBBYFITZ

    Well hello everyone. Day 2 into my holidays and the house is clean. Yesterday I spent the day getting rid of unwanted items in the shed as ... Read more

  • Day 2: P90X

    9/23/2014 4:48:44 AM, by KATRENIAH

    I learned quite a few things yesterday, and I thought I'd share: 1) The word "plyometrics" actually means future thigh and butt soreness. ... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    9/23/2014 2:28:01 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Create the legacy of a better world. Leave this world a better place than you found it." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Dream... Read more

  • BLC26 Expectations

    9/22/2014 11:50:45 PM, by TLWARE9

    My expectations for BLC is to get myself back on track in a few areas. 1. Track my food each day. 2. Do better about actually staying within ... Read more

  • Magnificent Monday

    9/22/2014 11:15:22 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Monday, September 22, 2014... Read more

  • My BLC 26 Expectations

    9/22/2014 10:17:30 PM, by CANDRIES

    I had to really think about this. I guess I have more expectations of myself than that of the challenge. I need to get myself on Track. I've bee... Read more

  • My goals for BLC26

    9/22/2014 10:00:21 PM, by BREEZE70

    This round of BLC 26 I have many goals I wish to accomplish . *** To be more discipline with my eating habits. No more mindless snacking ***... Read more

  • update on the nineteenth of this month

    9/22/2014 8:36:32 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    The doctor I seen wants to try a cortisone shot under x-ray before he does a partial release. I am to go in at 9:15 am on Wednesday to the pain m... Read more


    9/22/2014 8:24:31 PM, by JENNAAW

    My main goal for BLC26 is to be motivated to a live a healthy lifestyle. I was nervous and shaky the previous rounds; it took me this long to... Read more

  • My 34 Week Challenge: Week 1, Day 1

    9/22/2014 6:03:06 PM, by DARTHA

    Arbitrary Goal: To lose 34 pounds or more in 34 weeks. Reason: My health is deplorable. My depression is out of control. I'm tired of feel... Read more

  • Monday

    9/22/2014 5:10:32 PM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Keep getting tripped up on my cleaning. the fridge inside is done,,all but one small door shelf and not the freezer. but i should have had the wh... Read more

  • it's monday

    9/22/2014 3:47:46 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter's field trip went very well. now she wants to go on another one. i have a job interview on wednesday afternoon. with a different comp... Read more

  • 100 days of weight loss day 22

    9/22/2014 3:37:55 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    first! i am .2 pounds away from losing the weight i gained in august! oh yeah! that was so motivating! i realized saturday after i weighed in tha... Read more

  • The year of Marcia

    9/22/2014 2:16:52 PM, by FIT2BETHIN

    Next July, I will turn 59. It is a number that I have been dreading for 18 years. My mother was 59 when she passed away 18 years ago. Her deat... Read more

  • New fun classes!

    9/22/2014 1:55:13 PM, by JUDITHROXANA

    I am so happy that I am finally seeing some progress! The Gold's Gym weight loss journal is great! I love that it comes with a calculator and m... Read more

  • The smile that wont fade

    9/22/2014 1:06:41 PM, by JAHAR929

    Ah, this weekend. Today, I am happy. The weather screams of fall: brisk, cool air. The smell of leaves changing. The feel of a dull sun on my lig... Read more

  • Day 501

    9/22/2014 1:01:09 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • I haven't really left, but...

    9/22/2014 12:59:44 PM, by AEBROWNSON

    I haven't really been participating in SP either. Since my last blog, I've: Done a face plant while walking the dog that scraped my chin and... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Concert Sneak Peak

    9/22/2014 10:46:12 AM, by BERGBA7

    This is a recording of one of the songs by Jonathan Kulp (born 1970-USA) from his cycle 5 Poems by Emily Dickinson for voice and guitar (from 200... Read more

  • Is it fun yet?

    9/22/2014 9:53:24 AM, by NELLIEH1

    In her blog on Saturday called "Cleaning Woes", RACHELSUZANNAH asked the question: "Any tips for motivation when it comes to cleaning?" I though... Read more

  • PiYo - End of Week 6, Beginning Week 7

    9/22/2014 9:35:38 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    This weekend turned out to be really nice. It kept looking grey and gloomy and then suddently the sun would come out and it was beautiful. ... Read more

  • Busy week ahead and my schedule is going to stink but we'll get there

    9/22/2014 8:02:29 AM, by KPETSCHE

    I'm getting more behind every day! Not good! It seems that I'm just spinning wheels and hoping that something grabs and sticks. Ugh! All thes... Read more

  • Tummy trouble

    9/22/2014 7:46:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am looking for a new morning hot drink that is low in sugar, and not as bitter as tea or coffee. Any ideas? My stomach is sore, and I will h... Read more

  • Happy Monday

    9/22/2014 7:41:50 AM, by DSCROW

    Awoke feeling good. Sitting right now posting and smiling. I feel good. This past week has been hard and well the news yesterday my sister in ... Read more

  • gym clothes i want

    9/22/2014 7:15:20 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    I was looking on amazon yesterday for gym clothes, they just didn't have the style i wanted where i work. I'm more into the more crazy punk style... Read more

  • Its Important to do Strength Training

    9/22/2014 7:13:40 AM, by MOONCHILD8

    I woke up after eight hours of sleep and decided to look on Spark people for strength training. I found a workout from the generator. I started ... Read more

  • New Week

    9/22/2014 1:39:22 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    praying to get out of the hospital please surroung with with light prayers and blessings I need to get out of the hospital hugz... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    9/22/2014 1:12:57 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    Teri, a friend of SparkPeople says : " Helen Keller explained the purpose of community best, when she said, " Alone we can do so little. Toge... Read more

  • New Week

    9/22/2014 12:43:11 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Still in the hospital and need to grt out the closest thing I that I cansay is I AM IN A horrible hospitalhoand they do not treat you very wel... Read more

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