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  • Another Stress Blog

    8/21/2014 2:59:36 AM, by MRSKJUSTICE

    The most intense stressors I have encountered this week have been the anxiety of whether I have been hired for this job I have been talking about... Read more

  • Vacation Pictures

    8/12/2014 9:56:52 PM, by BECKYSKEL

    We went on two vacations this summer. The first one was to New Mexico and Colorado so here we are at Pikes Peak. Read more

  • Day 1...

    8/2/2014 7:45:18 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Headed to Ireland...am worried aboutputtingon pounds over vacation so will track my food which I normally don't do. ... Read more

  • Rough day...

    7/30/2014 5:51:14 PM, by WANABHOT2

    So tempted to just go home and comfort food...yes I'm using that as a verb...... Read more

  • Oh no - weight has not budged!

    7/30/2014 8:48:51 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Yikes!... Read more

  • Help!

    7/29/2014 8:21:18 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Spark friends your messages are so inspirational! Husband is traveling for next few days so I will be juggling work and drop offs for kids on my ... Read more

  • Wish me luck!

    7/28/2014 8:46:37 AM, by WANABHOT2

    I am just a half pound away from pre vacation weight! Yesterday I had the opppurtunity to go out w/ girlfriends but I knew the night would be a l... Read more

  • Race recovery...

    7/25/2014 6:23:53 AM, by WANABHOT2

    After the half marathon I took a few days off working out but made a conscious effort to eat healthy. I had to remind myself while it was a great... Read more

  • Motivated!

    7/22/2014 8:47:31 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Yes the weight is slowly coming off...am really focusing on eating healthy since I don't mind running - trying to squeeze yoga back in as well. Y... Read more

  • Back from vaca...

    7/21/2014 8:22:19 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Yes a week after my vaca - I did put on some poundage! I have not lost it all - but like one of the Spark peeps mentioned - it's likely due to so... Read more

  • Yup...gained 6 lbs. from vacation

    7/15/2014 8:23:21 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Good news is I've lost 2 of them. So over next week just going to focus on eating well...I did not resist the brownie or pizza yesterday otherwis... Read more

  • Just Need the Push

    7/14/2014 12:47:15 AM, by SGRENNEK

    It has been a while (oh, 4 years or so, haha) since I have blogged and I have 2 more kiddos than I did then and am STILL struggling with weight. ... Read more

  • Short workout is better than none!

    7/2/2014 8:25:42 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Yesterday I was going to try to get in my full 4 miler...but decided instead to start our vacation 'early.' We leave for our vacation on Saturday... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday!

    7/1/2014 8:25:21 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Had my best friend over and her boys over weekend. I did not plan on working out but we both got in some mileage on Sunday. We ate a lot as usual... Read more

  • if i had an extra hour

    6/28/2014 12:51:33 PM, by LDWATKINS1

    If I had an extra hour every day my house would always be clean. My laundry would be done and I would never be late for work! Who am I kidding I ... Read more

  • Just what I needed!

    6/27/2014 11:59:29 AM, by LDWATKINS1

    If you are stuck in a rut or hit a plateau I highly recommend you find a group challenge. I have been sitting at about 164 for about a month. S... Read more

  • Love your positive feedback!

    6/25/2014 8:32:37 AM, by WANABHOT2

    I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't like preachy people based on the spark remarks I got back yesterday! Thank you peeps :0) It has been a l... Read more

  • Negative people please stay off my page...

    6/24/2014 8:38:14 AM, by WANABHOT2

    And do yourself a favor...get a sense of humor. Really? Someone tried to lecture me about white castles as 'fast food.' This person must have a p... Read more

  • Detoxing...

    6/23/2014 8:36:37 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Watched a bit of soccer yesterday / and had 3 glasses of wine w/ dinner...but I did manage to run 4 miles. Having my girlfriend and her family ov... Read more

  • Went out last night...

    6/21/2014 4:36:03 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Ate a little too much after having drinks w/ girlfriend. But the good part is I still managed to get in a 4 mile run. Goal for rest of day is jus... Read more

  • Went out last night...

    6/21/2014 4:35:54 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Ate a little too much after having drinks w/ girlfriend. But the good part is I still managed to get in a 4 mile run. Goal for rest of day is jus... Read more

  • Ready to go!

    6/20/2014 12:24:38 PM, by LDWATKINS1

    Getting ready to start a 5% challenge! I am going to rock this! I will lose 5%, make new friends, and become a healthier person. Can't wait to... Read more

  • Restart.

    6/20/2014 12:58:58 AM, by VARINDA54

    Ok, so the first time I was on here and feeling motivated I was pregnant with my first little kiddo. I now have two! Yikes how time flies! After ... Read more

  • Was doing so well...for awhile!

    6/18/2014 8:35:28 AM, by WANABHOT2

    But then had lots of family events...and we like to eat...and drink. So I put back on the 5 lbs again. Same old story I know - but I can't think ... Read more

  • Feeling good! Need to keep it up!

    5/28/2014 8:18:29 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Yesterday I limited my processed foods to my probiotic yogurt. Got lots of water in and ran 4 miles. Since I will be going away for the weekend m... Read more

  • Need some motivation...wish me luck!

    5/27/2014 8:36:19 AM, by WANABHOT2

    Had a wonderful holiday weekend with my family...but ended up putting on 5 lbs! Who knew I could do that in just 4 nights! But I know it's mostly... Read more

  • I guess you just have to keep going!!

    5/20/2014 2:51:44 PM, by BIKERBABE76

    Yes, this is seriously me!! I started to work out about 10 months ago. I have... Read more

  • Willpower

    5/15/2014 11:02:12 AM, by LDWATKINS1

    Why is it that I can tell people no when they offer me food, but I can't say no to myself. I find myself randomly eating a handful of marshmallo... Read more

  • Yay!

    5/15/2014 10:42:57 AM, by MEDNICOLE84

    I did my workout this morning, but I still didn't even complete week 1 day 1 of C25K. My shins started hurting so badly that I wasn't sure I coul... Read more

  • No Excuses!

    5/15/2014 12:58:07 AM, by MEDNICOLE84

    I have my workout clothes ready to put on when I wake up. I shaved my legs. I have music on my phone now! I figured out how to pla... Read more

  • Not so bad!

    5/14/2014 10:54:32 PM, by MEDNICOLE84

    My legs were sore today. Not sore like I injured myself, but sore like I had a great workout! I guess what I thought was a failure yesterday wasn... Read more

  • w1d1 = fail

    5/13/2014 9:42:31 AM, by MEDNICOLE84

    Okay, I am glad that I got outside and gave it a go... I need to figure out how to make my phone actually give me the alerts. I was holding... Read more

  • Starting again... again

    5/13/2014 12:17:58 AM, by MEDNICOLE84

    I keep giving up and then starting again. So... here I am, weighing even more than when I started last time. I know that if I don't give up, I wi... Read more

  • Back on track plan

    5/12/2014 11:20:47 PM, by LUVMYHEC

    Basically my plan is to not beat myself up if I make a mistake. I have a hard time with this. I also need to work on each aspect. I've always ... Read more

  • Getting Back on Track

    5/12/2014 8:29:11 PM, by BECKYSKEL

    So I'm to blog about what I will do if I get off track. Yikes is all I can say. In fact, I'm really struggling this round of BLC. Last round, ... Read more

  • Mother's Day Weekend

    5/12/2014 11:20:49 AM, by BIGTNLITTLET

    This weekend was mother's day and it was such a lovely weekend.We had beautiful, if sometimes stormy, weather. Last year for mother's day I wante... Read more

  • Not letting others get to me...

    5/10/2014 5:03:48 PM, by WANABHOT2

    Yes my own father told me that I needed to make sure I get exercise. Yes I know I am still over 7 lbs where I should be 2 years after my son was ... Read more

  • How to change an ingrained mindset

    5/6/2014 3:40:22 PM, by BIGTNLITTLET

    Something my husband and I have been talking about for a while has been the ability to throw food away. When he grew up resources were scarce. He... Read more

  • Coughing up a storm

    5/5/2014 11:19:00 PM, by MINNIEMOM

    My asthma and allergies are giving me hell. I fell like I have a dump truck on my chest. I have coughed so much that my side hurts every time I b... Read more

  • Coughing up a storm

    5/5/2014 11:18:56 PM, by MINNIEMOM

    My asthma and allergies are giving me hell. I fell like I have a dump truck on my chest. I have coughed so much that my side hurts every time I b... Read more

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