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  • blogstreak day 17 - blink, it's friday!

    6/17/2016 11:33:38 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    goodness. company is here, and i can't hide in my office. but i didn't want to break the streak. soooooo..... more tomorrow. but for today:... Read more

  • blogstreak day 16

    6/16/2016 11:34:37 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    another day, another hike... we've lived here over ten years, and are still finding wonderful walks just a few miles from home, as the crow flies... Read more

  • Enjoying some whole grains

    6/16/2016 7:26:54 PM, by IRETA49

    This week I've been allowing myself some whole grains as long as I've prepared them from scratch. Today I made homemade whole wheat tortill... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog

    6/16/2016 8:33:07 AM, by SUNSHINEYSHARON

    Lost 7.2 pounds in first 9 Day of restarting Plant based diet!... Read more

  • blogstreak day 15

    6/15/2016 11:31:40 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    phew! i really did plan to write a blog earlier today... went for what i planned to be a shorter, easier run this morning - well, it was shorter.... Read more

  • Day 3 - doing good

    6/15/2016 7:41:38 PM, by IRETA49

    I'm feeling like things are going good but I have to say that bread is such a pitfall for me. I have been working on a replacement for a bre... Read more

  • Time to get REALLY serious ...

    6/15/2016 2:35:55 PM, by DJBTOO

    To be honest I've not been seriously committed to my plans ... just interested (a la Linda Spangle lesson - meaning I let other things distract m... Read more

  • blogstreak day 14

    6/15/2016 12:32:29 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    uh boy. it's even later than it was yesterday. we drove over the mountains and back again. some snow flurries at the pass. pouring rain on the we... Read more

  • So Far So Good

    6/14/2016 6:55:41 PM, by IRETA49

    Second day and still feeling good about my decision to make some changes. Nothing big happening. Just plugging along.... Read more

  • Swamped, but hanging on

    6/14/2016 1:11:50 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    I used to highly value being super busy without a second to think. Now I despise it. I miss my calm, boring life, lol! But it's only been a week ... Read more

  • blogstreak day 13

    6/13/2016 11:32:42 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    quickie before bed. was busy living life today - had planned to work, but... oh well... we returned to the beautiful flower hike we had taken a ... Read more

  • Day 1 (again)

    6/13/2016 2:01:41 PM, by IRETA49

    Today is Day 1 of recommitment to eating right.. Also, day one of making better choices with the Eat to Live plan. I will allow myself no m... Read more

  • It's not fair... (BDS)

    6/13/2016 10:49:25 AM, by WINACHST

    I have owned the book The Beck Diet Solution for many years. I have yet to make it through all 6 weeks and have started and restarted many times... Read more

  • I am that rat...

    6/13/2016 9:43:13 AM, by OSONIYE

    I read a study a while ago where they did an experiment with rats. They gave some rats access to a variety of healthy foods and found that the ra... Read more

  • Team Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA)

    6/13/2016 8:21:32 AM, by PETALIA

    "Every individual must have the possibility of practi... Read more

  • blogstreak day 12

    6/12/2016 7:17:27 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    taking it easy day. a little work. a little walking. a little rest. preplanned meals (AKA leftovers). tracked. maintaining... Read more

  • Restarting Beck Diet Solution

    6/12/2016 11:14:58 AM, by WINACHST

    Well, I finally got my books out again and I am going to restart the Beck Diet Solution. I am getting tired of letting my cravings for junk have ... Read more

  • Half of a Half Race Results

    6/12/2016 10:29:03 AM, by WINACHST

    6.55 miles -- trail run with lots of hills 1:19:04 (12:04 minute per mile) I was hoping to come in under 80 minutes and wishfully wan... Read more

  • blogstreak day 11

    6/11/2016 6:46:32 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    sleep sure makes a difference. this is the first weekend i do not have to work (or travel) since about january. slept with no alarm last night, a... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Need support to keep going - Plant based diet

    6/11/2016 6:31:44 PM, by SUNSHINEYSHARON

    Lost 45 pounds on a plant based diet, but havent been dutiful to it for 3 months. I maintained my loss but I have 75 pounds more to go and lookin... Read more

  • detox?

    6/11/2016 5:05:54 PM, by DAEGLO

    The last few days I feel like I've been coming down with a cold. Except, it wasn't like my normal head cold, just some weird lung congestion. Now... Read more

  • Schedule your Workouts like it's your JOB

    6/11/2016 3:08:02 PM, by FINDING_LOUISA

    I've heard this phrase so many times this last year. Apparently it took almost a year to really sink in. If I want to make my health and fitness ... Read more

  • blogstreak day 10 - better.

    6/10/2016 6:17:37 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    definite improvement today; water weight dropping off, and the wine holiday continues. beautiful walk this morning, though not sure if we got (wi... Read more

  • Quinoa!

    6/10/2016 3:53:14 PM, by DAEGLO

    I tried my hand at cooking quinoa for the first time today. It was literally just as easy as cooking rice. Why did I think it would be harder? Wh... Read more

  • Humble brag

    6/10/2016 11:50:35 AM, by IRETA49

    I will be eating off plan for supper, My daughter is graduating from her residency program tonight and will then be legally allowed to practice m... Read more

  • Reset, rewind, recommitt, renew

    6/9/2016 10:47:39 PM, by IRETA49

    After my heart to heart with my doctor yesterday, I need to find a new approach to getting exercise. It's ok to have him tell me I'm doing v... Read more

  • blogstreak day 9 - scream weight

    6/9/2016 5:04:51 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    it's official. this morning i weighed in at scream weight. my highest weight now is 10 lbs more than my lowest was in january. salt may be respon... Read more

  • I have a great pain specialist

    6/8/2016 9:46:57 PM, by IRETA49

    Today I had a routine visit with my pain specialist. I liked having him as a doctor right away because he does not just throw narcotics at the pa... Read more

  • The big move is done and I'm exhausted

    6/8/2016 7:19:28 PM, by WUMPASTAR

    So last Saturday I moved. It was a stressful week and now is another one, even more stressful. The move itself went well. My boyfriend got t... Read more

  • blogstreak day 8

    6/8/2016 6:32:04 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    it's raining! it's cooler! phew! after several days of temps in the 90s, the clouds were welcome today. we still got in a lovely 5 mile walk this... Read more

  • Hold the front page... 50-something woman loses 60lbs! (With pic to prove it!)

    6/7/2016 12:41:19 PM, by THEGOKTOR

    One of the reasons I wanted to share this image - apart from chums asking me to - is because so often I read about women who, like me, are in the... Read more

  • blogstreak day 7 - 400 days spinning the wheel...

    6/7/2016 12:23:57 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    another day, another streak - 400 days worth. another reminder how important it is to keep on trying to refocus. because i am *not* getting back ... Read more

  • Challenges of Summer

    6/7/2016 11:19:29 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    YUCK IT'S ALREADY HOT!!... Especially here in Texas! I can't wait to go visit Washington state again... Read more

  • NSVs

    6/7/2016 9:41:20 AM, by STOLIBOLICHEERS

    Early in this journey, my doctor said "don't you feel better from losing some weight?" And my honest response was "no, not really, I don't notic... Read more

  • Another good day

    6/6/2016 8:51:19 PM, by IRETA49

    Working on staying under 1200 calories and using the Eat to Live program as a blueprint. The main change is no or little fruit. I don't act... Read more

  • Lessons Well-Learned

    6/6/2016 6:40:39 AM, by THEGOKTOR

    Since January last year, I have kept a daily record of my caloric allowance and consumption, and I've just been reviewing the data, and comparing... Read more

  • blogstreak day 6

    6/6/2016 5:19:52 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yesterday didn't quite turn out as planned - we were supposed to hike with friends, but they begged off, so we decided to take a flower walk - wh... Read more

  • Enough feeling sorry for myself

    6/5/2016 8:59:40 PM, by IRETA49

    I've had a rough time with pain this past week, all brought on by eating poorly. To much sugar always adds up to increased pain and fatigue. ... Read more

  • Shopping My Pantry

    6/5/2016 10:25:38 AM, by OSONIYE

    I am becoming determined to shop my pantry. My motivation is both financial and driven by limited storage space. My goal is to buy things to go w... Read more

  • blogstreak day 5

    6/5/2016 6:20:22 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    it was a hot one yesterday! we took it fairly easy on the morning walk, and pelle did not mind the swim in the river at all. a few shorter walks ... Read more

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