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Tornado pics
7/10/2014 8:41:33 PM,  13 COMMENTS

We had another (2nd in 1.5 years) tornado come through our area and lost the 31 yr old tree in our front yard. The house sustained minor damage from...  Read more


Trying Out NatureTint Hair Dye and Detoxing Heavy Metals
7/10/2014 3:55:37 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today I bit the bullet. I didn't just go get my hair cut because it looked ghastly. (I looked like a sheep dog after a wild time.) I decided to try...  Read more


It is not the food we eat...
7/10/2014 9:32:34 AM,  3 COMMENTS

The other day I was staying at a hotel and had the opportunity to watch some television shows. I do not receive any of the networks at home. I have no...  Read more


Easy Peasy Weight loss
7/10/2014 9:17:54 AM,  28 COMMENTS

274 Yesterday I made Corn Fritters, a recipe from Rawamazing. It wasn't so amazing. The texture and flavors were not right. But it was e...  Read more


Juice Fast: Day 2
7/10/2014 7:02:24 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Detox headache ALL GONE! Yes it only lasted one day, result. It left something in it's place though..... the fog, the fog....ruuuuun...  Read more


Free Videos Food is Medicine Conference at the Hippocrates Health Institute
7/9/2014 3:49:07 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I found a couple of websites for those of you who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It's top notch information.  Read more


One can not live well if they do not dine well
7/9/2014 1:41:17 PM,  24 COMMENTS

4 My fine dining has resulted in another pound released. 410 So far this week, I am down almost 3 pounds....  Read more


slipping up...
7/8/2014 9:41:26 PM,  6 COMMENTS

ok, so i haven't been blogging, but surviving jet lag and fitting in miles of walking and a few exercises a day so i can continue my ST streak, and ev...  Read more


Changes In My Life
7/8/2014 2:39:28 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I am just now ready to put into words here the issues I have been dealing with since the last of 2013. I donít want to go into details, but...  Read more


Juice Fast: Day 1
7/8/2014 1:35:41 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I'm so annoyed. I write my blogs in Open Office then copy and paste into the webpage. I do this cause I kept losing my blogs after the interne...  Read more


How To Be Thin
7/8/2014 11:35:02 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I compiled this list of reminders for me of "How To Be Thin". I am so sick of dieting it is impossible for me to follow anyone else's rules on what I...  Read more


Stress Can Cause Weight Gain, Even When People Are Dieting, Etc.
7/8/2014 11:15:51 AM,  5 COMMENTS

A short time ago, I read a National Public Radio article about how people with high stress often have far higher rates of health issues. Last night o...  Read more


UnCooking. RAW FOOD.
7/8/2014 11:06:48 AM,  22 COMMENTS

I am going RAW. Eating raw foods that is. 550 It might sound weird or hard to do, but its not. Foods that might take 20-30 minutes to pr...  Read more


Little Miss Chickpea
7/8/2014 8:23:06 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I haven't blogged much since I got to the country due to the ridiculous internet and the fact I haven't 'done' very much. I am having a lovely time t...  Read more


The Compassionate Eye - A Special Teacher
7/8/2014 3:12:09 AM,  1 COMMENTS  Read more


Who Me Health Coaching? Yes.
7/7/2014 12:31:04 PM,  26 COMMENTS

It's day two of new lifestyle changes. The scale moved downwards, indicating a release of pounds. 410 Yea. I also am helping some l...  Read more


Lucky Level 13
7/7/2014 12:28:59 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today, I hit Level 13 here on Spark People. I'm writing this blog to remind myself that in order to see progress, to "level up," all I...  Read more


Charting my course
7/7/2014 11:18:07 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I had a great honeymoon week off with my new husband, my new best friend. We had a sort of staycation honeymoon, opting not to go out of town just ye...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question #36
7/7/2014 7:28:01 AM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Diabetes? 2
7/7/2014 1:21:01 AM,  1 COMMENTS

well on tuesday i get the results from my tests and hopefully they are in my favor and be normal I really hate wating 3 weeks for results that could h...  Read more


I got to walk with my buddy!
7/6/2014 7:24:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am very happy I got to walk with my buddy today. I am afraid I may have talked her ear off! I am lucky, she's pretty forgiving about that kind of th...  Read more


4th Festivities
7/6/2014 2:22:26 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Had a wonderful holiday weekend. The weather has been terrific, if a bit cooler than normal, and my daughter came home for a visit. Here's a shot of...  Read more


10k Race Results
7/6/2014 6:52:14 AM,  5 COMMENTS

70:28, not as good as I was hoping for but it was sunny and humid and felt very hot on the road. A lot of the route was shade but those stretches in t...  Read more


Juicer Alert. Calling all juice fasters.
7/6/2014 5:52:24 AM,  26 COMMENTS

439 If your a juicing lover and need help with juicing I found a great site. It's called Juicing radio. It's packed full of long talk...  Read more


BHSM: Recap & Week 7
7/6/2014 1:11:30 AM,  8 COMMENTS

uhhh yeah so I clearly skipped week 6 43 i'm on vacation 36 244 Eating has been ON POINT!! Well err in terms of not eating any jun...  Read more


How WE MAKE YOU buy our foods
7/5/2014 2:38:49 PM,  23 COMMENTS

Below is a link on how food marketers get you convinced and hooked into purchasing their foods. It's a very short video 7 minutes. www....  Read more


My Juice Feast Plan
7/5/2014 11:07:59 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I start my Juice feast/fast on Monday!! Here's how I hope the fast will go down and what I plan to use during the next 30 days. I'm n...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question #35
7/5/2014 6:55:39 AM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Cole Slaw
7/4/2014 11:13:15 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Cole Slaw 1/2 cup Mayonnaise Vinegar A little sugar Some spices- dill, garlic powder, onion powder, Mrs. Dash 1/2 bag of cabbage...  Read more


Still going...
7/4/2014 8:35:49 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's been a month and I'm down 10 pounds. Soo rewarding. I wasn't losing weight and feeling satisfied on other programs. I think I found the one for m...  Read more


40lbs down, halfway point!
7/4/2014 6:59:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Did my weigh in today and I'm officially at the halfway point! I don't normally blog about my numbers but why not mark a milestone. Plus come...  Read more


The tough job ahead
7/4/2014 5:48:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm feeling on a roll! Already down 7 pounds, gaining my flexibility back and doing an excellent job of tracking and reducing my alcohol intake. ...  Read more


Delicious FOOD PORN
7/4/2014 1:33:11 PM,  24 COMMENTS

I decided to start making FOOD PORN. It's a way to show the world that you can make healthy substitutes in exchange for not so good foods...  Read more


Eating healthy
7/4/2014 9:37:02 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I had a conversation with my hubby the other day and he remarked at how healthy he eats and I replied that he does not eat healthy. His response was t...  Read more


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