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  • time travel

    3/13/2015 11:06:10 AM, by JESUSLIGHTSMEUP

    There is no distance nor time in the Spirit. This is the last days of the last day and the end of time. When He sees us He sees the beg... Read more

  • who am I?

    3/12/2015 12:24:10 PM, by JESUSLIGHTSMEUP

    I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I am a brand new creation in Christ Jesus. I am made in His image and likeness. I am the rig... Read more

  • personal experience.

    12/21/2014 12:21:10 PM, by JESUSLIGHTSMEUP

    I had a personal face to face and heart to heart experience with Jesus who is the one true God of Israel which has taken me from October of 1984 ... Read more

  • I think this might count as strength training:)

    11/22/2014 8:48:14 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    Today for the first time I helped haul wood:) I walked from one side of o... Read more

  • Here's Where I Am Now

    11/21/2014 10:18:40 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    My Spark Coach program set my activity for today to post a picture of me n... Read more

  • I Can Be a Super Hero

    11/3/2014 9:38:48 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    I'm not really sure I've ever exhibited "Super Hero" strength! But as I've thought - and thought - about this over the weekend, the ... Read more


    10/6/2014 1:06:30 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    Yes, I am! One of the blocks on the week 3 WEC for BLC26 is to think about a disappointment...(This is the item I chose) and then t... Read more

  • BLC26

    9/22/2014 9:07:24 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    Part of Week One Challenge is to blog about my expectations for BLC26. When I signed up, I wasn't sure what this was all about, but knew I neede... Read more


    9/1/2014 9:00:05 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    This weekend my DH and I and our 3 sons went to my SIL & her husband's surprise 40th anniversary party. The day started out as a surprise for th... Read more

  • I keep trying, I keep smiling, I will keep going.....

    8/17/2014 7:12:43 PM, by FLPALM

    I keep trying, I keep smiling, I will keep going..... Still a long way ... Read more

  • Got My Exercise!

    8/14/2014 11:21:10 AM, by GAILRUU

    It took about an hour for me to find my little dog who got off her leash this morning. I live in a rural neighborhood along a lake and she manag... Read more

  • Busy Days of Summer

    8/13/2014 9:46:08 AM, by GAILRUU

    I got through 2 days of being back on track. That is a biggie for me. Yesterday was a busy one with quilting at church followed by a tour of a... Read more

  • Starting Over

    8/11/2014 9:18:31 AM, by GAILRUU

    I should have titled this starting WAY OVER since I have regained all I lost plus a little more. I got on the scale this morning and started usi... Read more

  • My Story

    8/8/2014 4:58:49 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    Today's Spark Coach assignment is to share my story. I guess I'd better not go into the whole thing - it would take a l-o-n-g time to tell almos... Read more

  • open book

    8/8/2014 9:14:42 AM, by JESUSLIGHTSMEUP

    Because of Jesus I am now able to appreciate life especially my own life more then I was able to do before I met Jesus. Life with Jesus livi... Read more

  • A Great BLOG, I'm inspired!

    8/6/2014 5:25:30 PM, by FLPALM

    Reading through my articles, I read about Amanda, and she totally inspired me! Reading her BLOG and how she said about "making small changes, an... Read more

  • the shaking

    8/6/2014 10:01:21 AM, by JESUSLIGHTSMEUP

    Our Lord God is shaking all that can be shaken and what is left and standing belongs to Him. He is cleansing and getting ready for the retur... Read more

  • Wacky Walking!

    8/2/2014 9:11:11 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    Recently I decided to try to think of a different way to get in 10 minutes of walking. I like to call it 'Wacky walking':) I had to pic... Read more

  • Calling all my SPF's,

    7/29/2014 1:43:29 PM, by FLPALM

    Hi my SPF's, and I mean, my besties, my BFF, my friends that I honestly feel are my FAMILY! We, my DH and I, have been trying to make his ... Read more

  • living in Jesus

    7/25/2014 8:26:12 AM, by JESUSLIGHTSMEUP

    His love surrounds me and holds me and heals me. I am kept alive by wave after wave after wave of His love, grace and truth. Jesus my a... Read more

  • Do you have a plan?

    7/18/2014 5:57:32 PM, by FLPALM

    I mentioned to you before about my "Lifestyle Pass Program" conducted at a "Senior Assisted Living Complex." I absolutely love, love, love going... Read more

  • July 14, 2014

    7/14/2014 3:03:47 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    So it's been about 6 weeks since my last blog entry. I haven't done a very go... Read more

  • Yes, we have been busy too!

    7/5/2014 4:53:22 PM, by FLPALM

    Yes, we have been going like crazy, as so many of you are doing as well. I have been working my program, even though I am, and have been, at a s... Read more

  • Busy Day.....

    7/5/2014 4:09:46 PM, by FLPALM

    I have talked about our littlest grandchild, 2 years old and already a spit... Read more

  • Walk, walk, walk...but for a cause!

    6/21/2014 10:01:41 PM, by FLPALM

    As many of you know, my DH is a cancer survivor, going on 11 years! WooHoo! Our DD along with many others, participate, organize, and work thei... Read more

  • Thank You

    6/19/2014 11:55:02 AM, by CAROLE914

    I want to thank you all for the words of encouragement.... Read more

  • Chemo

    6/18/2014 8:21:56 PM, by CAROLE914

    Thursday I go for my first chemo treatment, it will be four hours long. The second and third week each treatment will be a little over an h... Read more

  • Surgery

    6/13/2014 8:20:17 PM, by CAROLE914

    I had cancer surgery on May 28th. They could not get out the tumor. I will be starting six months of chemo soon. I first need to heal from ... Read more

  • Project Life

    6/2/2014 3:41:00 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    HI! I decided this is a good time to begin a Project Life album. There have been SO MANY changes in my life recently. At church I am involv... Read more

  • Climb every Mountain.....

    5/1/2014 5:32:21 PM, by FLPALM

    Boy, does it ever seem like a long, long time, since I have written a BLOG! So here are a few of the highlights! First, like many of you, I hav... Read more

  • Happy Good Friday

    4/18/2014 2:03:43 PM, by MERMAID524

    So, all these companies are getting away from the "religious" holidays and we all end up working Good Friday. Oh, well ... no biggie. No big plan... Read more

  • TGTF (Thank God Tomorrow's Friday)

    4/17/2014 9:54:33 AM, by MERMAID524

    Not much to report today. Weather is clearing up ... should be in the low to mid 60's by Easter Sunday. Going to try to get to the gym after work... Read more

  • Happy Hump Day

    4/16/2014 9:46:51 AM, by MERMAID524

    Went to the gym last night and met with a personal trainer for about 10 minutes. They don't give you much time. But, he gave me a little insight ... Read more

  • Tax Day

    4/15/2014 10:46:40 AM, by MERMAID524

    They should redo the song to say "Rainy Days and Tuesdays ..." Raining like crazy out there today ... then possibly turn to a snowy slush before ... Read more

  • Beautiful Monday!

    4/14/2014 9:15:19 AM, by MERMAID524

    Don't get to say that often "Beautiful Monday!" But, it is. The temps were up around 80-82 degrees yesterday ... had all the windows open yesterd... Read more

  • TGIF!

    4/11/2014 8:22:43 AM, by MERMAID524

    Another dreary, going-to-rain, central PA Friday. I guess it's better than rain and snow. Just itching for summer. Well, I'm making a change to m... Read more

  • Is it Friday, yet?

    4/10/2014 8:29:01 AM, by MERMAID524

    It's been a slow week here. My one boss has been out since Friday due to a death in the family and my other boss is on vacation. Finding things t... Read more

  • Happy Hump Day

    4/9/2014 8:43:18 AM, by MERMAID524

    Received a flier in the mail yesterday about a special membership offer from Planet Fitness (a local one is moving to a new location). So, I'm se... Read more

  • Totally Tuesday

    4/8/2014 10:27:45 AM, by MERMAID524

    Not much to say this morning. Things are still going slow, but at least they're going. LOL It was kind of dreary this morning ... overcast, foggy... Read more

  • Rainy Days and Mondays ....

    4/7/2014 10:47:53 AM, by MERMAID524

    Looks like I didn't get a chance to blog on Friday. it was a VERY busy day. I was really happy when 5 o'clock rolled around. PHEW! I've gott... Read more

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