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  • Tired

    4/13/2017 6:24:53 PM, by LAURIEWY

    I'm sure I'm coming down with something. I keep telling myself I can't get sick and right now tired and ache. But working it out. Had great day... Read more

  • Goodmorning

    4/10/2017 8:29:31 AM, by LAURIEWY

    Ready for the day. ... Read more

  • Sunday last day of spring break

    4/9/2017 1:17:08 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Last day of spring break and we have snow and high winds. Not very spring like. Doing some cleaning and laundry. Hoping tomorrow's back on ... Read more

  • .??????

    4/8/2017 12:14:13 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Have you had those days you just don't know what to say. That's today. Working on myself is hard focusing on logging in everyday and tracki... Read more

  • Candy bar Plunge

    4/7/2017 1:12:55 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Ok yesterday was a horrible day. After pizza for dinner I finished it up with Milky Way simple Carmel and then turned around and gobbled down a w... Read more

  • Mini-goal update

    4/5/2017 2:14:35 PM, by GRACEANNE46

    As of this morning, I am down 100 lbs from Jan2013. I actually hit this milestone in Sept2013 and again last year but things fluctuate somewhat... Read more

  • New day, New start

    4/4/2017 2:13:27 PM, by CRANBEARIE

    Its been funny, reading my past blog posts. I've neve... Read more

  • Spring Break

    4/4/2017 11:44:13 AM, by LAURIEWY

    We started spring break and have no great Elaborate plans but yet I'm in a hotel room. I'm out of town with my sister in law the fitness woman an... Read more

  • Transition

    4/3/2017 12:47:56 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Due to money I am leaving weight watchers and starting back at sparkpeople. This transition is hard, but much needed. I've been stagnant for almo... Read more

  • approaching mini-goals

    3/22/2017 1:39:54 PM, by GRACEANNE46

    I have been really struggling this year. I really tried but then burned out after 6 weeks. I got back on track and my average loss per week is no... Read more

  • test

    3/22/2017 1:27:16 PM, by GRACEANNE46

    test ... Read more

  • Another year flies by.

    3/20/2017 1:38:08 PM, by TERRRI

    I just reread my last blog entry from a year ago and things have changed in some ways and not in others. I ended up trying keto and had good... Read more

  • Say what??

    3/18/2017 9:05:09 AM, by RUNNING_SNAIL

    Hey guys, how have you been? Let me wish h... Read more

  • Still Not Quitting

    3/7/2017 10:48:16 AM, by NOE1234

    Honestly some days I think I'm just going to quit!! But what does that even mean ? Quit what ? I tell myself this; " Why even bother... Read more

  • March, already??? Oh my!!!!

    3/5/2017 2:35:25 PM, by RUNNING_SNAIL

    Well folks, February has come and gone and I'm ... Read more

  • You Make It

    3/5/2017 2:09:34 AM, by NOE1234

    You do not find the happy life; you make it. ~unknown I'm having trouble coming up with satisfying dinners. I love breakfast and lunch, but ... Read more

  • The Secret to My Future

    3/2/2017 6:47:16 PM, by NOE1234

    The Secret to my future is in my daily routine. Routine can have a boring connotation. I'm all for creating BORING healthy habits over and over a... Read more

  • Reclaiming my life

    3/1/2017 6:30:36 PM, by DTSOBEL

    In January, I learned about a website for nerds that want to lose weight. On this website you can either join a asynchronous team to do challenge... Read more

  • Falling In LOVE With The Process

    2/28/2017 4:38:11 PM, by NOE1234

    Simply deciding to love the process. In the past I would fall in love with the RESULTS. Because you know you're not successful if you can't show ... Read more

  • Fake It Till You Make It

    2/25/2017 8:06:01 PM, by NOE1234

    Man o man today was a doozy ! It was one of those days that I needed to get into the "just do it" zone. No thinking just doing. Fortunately I ... Read more

  • Week 7 results

    2/24/2017 1:28:45 PM, by RUNNING_SNAIL

    An other week has come and gone and I'm still g... Read more

  • I Only Fail When I Stop Trying

    2/22/2017 7:57:57 PM, by NOE1234

    Here I go again. I keep trying, I keep going. Feeling super grateful that my work schedule lines up really well to attend classes at the gym. I... Read more

  • When Motivation Doesn't Work

    2/21/2017 11:01:53 AM, by NOE1234

    I may not always be motivated. It feels great to be motivated and excited to head to the gym. Hopefully most of the time I will. What I really ne... Read more

  • Have an Unshakable Vision

    2/20/2017 12:25:18 PM, by NOE1234

    I was actually a little shaky typing that down. But, I'm working towards becoming more steady in my focus. The thing is, I need to carry that un... Read more

  • Sunday Musings

    2/19/2017 11:46:25 AM, by NOE1234

    Pheww!! I got back on track Saturday; after Fridays derailing and mindless snacking. Still scratching my head on what happened there. Pretty su... Read more

  • Cardio Makes Me Extra Hungry

    2/18/2017 12:06:48 PM, by NOE1234

    I was super off yesterday and was eating mindlessly. I didn't follow any of my inspiration or motivation that I have blogged about. I didn't take... Read more

  • Oopsy!

    2/17/2017 4:56:52 PM, by RUNNING_SNAIL

    I just realized I haven't posted a blog last week. Read more

  • I Have Skills Too

    2/16/2017 10:46:52 AM, by NOE1234

    I have skills too ! Loved this community blog post. It had great reminders from someone who's kept off 80lbs. I thought I'd think about what h... Read more

  • 30 minutes or 30 Pounds

    2/15/2017 10:26:00 AM, by NOE1234

    Which is harder? Finding 30 minutes for some form of body movement or carrying around 30 pounds? It's a legitimate question. Sitting arou... Read more

  • Keeping it Consistent

    2/14/2017 10:56:48 AM, by NOE1234

    Keeping it boring today! In other words CONSISTENT ! SUCCESS is the sum of SMALL efforts REPEATED day in and day out. ~unknown My ti... Read more

  • Focus on the positive

    2/13/2017 8:26:01 AM, by IMAHAPPYSTEPPER

    Hi everyone! So I stepped on the scale - and it is still the same as last November. (Sigh) It is making me reflect while drinking my cup of ... Read more

  • Sunday Musings

    2/12/2017 8:59:33 PM, by NOE1234

    Taking a deep BREATH. It's time to prepare for the week. I'm going to move forward with ,JOY, APPRECIATION and EXCITEMENT for what's to come.... Read more

  • Saturday; A Test of Will

    2/11/2017 2:55:53 PM, by NOE1234

    When it seems like nothing is happening that's when my will is tested. Do I have the will power to continue when there isn't a reward or prize? ... Read more

  • Wow! Thanks So Much

    2/10/2017 12:39:57 PM, by NOE1234

    My EXPECTATION vs APPRECIATION blog entry was a Spark Featured post the other day. I was wondering why I was getting so many comments. I certainl... Read more

  • The 21/90 Rule

    2/9/2017 2:35:47 PM, by NOE1234

    It's been said that it takes 21 days to create a habit; it takes 90 days to create a lifestyle. 21 days is a lot longer than it seems. Today is m... Read more

  • The Sun Doesn't Rise...........I Rise

    2/8/2017 10:53:54 AM, by NOE1234

    Just caught a commercial using this quote, I think it was for a hotel. Anyway, it resonated with me. The sun rises everyday, we don't question it... Read more

  • Staying the Course

    2/6/2017 10:24:26 PM, by NOE1234

    Still can't point to a tangible 'victory', but I'm not going to fixate on that. Just hopping on here to remind myself to stay the course, that is... Read more

  • Exercise and nutrition

    2/5/2017 4:11:57 PM, by IMAHAPPYSTEPPER

    Hi everyone! Here is an update on my progress..... I have increased my exercise a little at a time since my accident. I have been exercisi... Read more

  • Saturday Simplicity

    2/4/2017 10:38:52 AM, by NOE1234

    I had to move around some furniture and clutter around it to install a new cable box. And WOW; what a difference the room feels like without the ... Read more

  • First month's results.

    2/3/2017 4:44:31 PM, by RUNNING_SNAIL

    Drum roll........ Well, January went very well. A... Read more

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