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June Victories!!! July Plans
6/28/2014 3:08:55 PM,  1 COMMENTS

* I started the Give it 100 Challenge *I completed round 1 and started round 2 of the 21 day fix * I have lost 6 lbs * my shirts aren'...  Read more


Warning: This Kitchen Gadget is Dangerous!
6/28/2014 1:35:25 PM,  5 COMMENTS

The other day I bought a kitchen gadget I'd wanted for a while -- a mandoline slicer. I was excited now that I'm eating so many veggies! After all, t...  Read more


Whats your Value???
6/26/2014 10:13:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I can spend a lot of time on the things that have gone wrong in my life or I can spend time and be thankful that I am still standing! I choose option...  Read more


What 5 Pounds Looks Like
6/26/2014 9:34:09 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I've lost 4.5 pounds so far, but was feeling a bit disappointed with my progress...until I came across this photo of 5 pounds of fat: That'...  Read more


T25 Days 1 & 2
6/25/2014 10:22:58 AM,  1 COMMENTS

It has been a busy last couple of days. I have been working hard to get the house in order. Decluttering and organizing everything. I have finished...  Read more


Day 9 of my Giveit100 challenge!!
6/24/2014 6:58:24 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am putting in my steps!!! I had someone tell me that they think my fitbit isn't accurate in my step count however I am busting my tail wearing my fi...  Read more


Pssst! YOU...yes, YOU.
6/24/2014 3:04:10 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Do you have boundaries, or even really know what they are? If so, do you protect them? As I read various blogs on this website, I see a lot...  Read more


Day 8 of the Giveit100 Challenge
6/23/2014 10:07:16 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am still running the race!! I reached over 16,000 steps on my fit bit and my challenge is to get over 10,000 steps per day! I am not complaining! I...  Read more


Time to reset and focus
6/23/2014 1:23:30 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Technically I am now in week 3 of summer. Wait...What?! How is this possible?! The first week of summer was workshops and doctor appointments and t...  Read more


I didn't plan for weight gain.... but I am planning for weight loss!!!
6/22/2014 12:55:02 PM,  4 COMMENTS

All of this weight to lose and I didn't plan to gain any of it. I guess you can say I did at the end of the thought because for one I didn't take the...  Read more


Hot Idea of The Day: Calorie Burning Opportunities!
6/22/2014 7:34:22 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Housekeeping and yard work used to be drudgery...until I realized they're actually CALORIE BURNING OPPORTUNITIES! Easy -- think of the calori...  Read more


Into the Garden...
6/20/2014 9:44:08 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Gardening is my new favorite way to burn a few calories. Or maybe a lot of calories! I never even...  Read more


200 Calories, GONE!
6/20/2014 10:45:12 AM,  3 COMMENTS

My favorite piece of exercise equipment, the Batwing Whacker! Two hundred calories gone, and I didn't even realize it was happening! Yesterd...  Read more


I got a FREE fitbit!
6/20/2014 9:21:49 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Hello all! I know I have been very quiet on here and in the blogosphere but don't worry, it's because I have been busy, working, working out, an...  Read more


Day 4 Still going strong!!!
6/18/2014 10:36:52 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Give it 100 Day 4 check in here!!! I hit the gym today and I got in 14,010 steps in and I did some strength training from my 21 day Fix workout progra...  Read more


Day 3 of the Give it 100 challenge!!!!
6/17/2014 5:59:17 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today I made my steps count! I really want to achieve this weightloss!!! I have hit my 10,000 steps mark. I am actually at 12,851. I am happy for that...  Read more


MCT Oil -- Can it Help with Weight Loss?
6/17/2014 9:21:54 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Today is Day 8 for me of Cycle 1 on the 17-Day Diet. My total weight loss for week one is 5 pounds! And this was without hunger pangs. My muffin...  Read more


Give it 100 Days Challenge!!!
6/16/2014 6:14:04 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Yesterday I started the Give It 100 Days Challenge!! My goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day!! I was already on that goal through my fitbit but I w...  Read more


Laughercise Me!
6/16/2014 6:02:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Apparently, laughter is a form of exercise. "Sessions of mirthful laughter dubbed "laughercise" by researchers enhance mood, reduce stress hormone...  Read more


Finally! A click...
6/15/2014 2:56:37 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Ever hear the "it will just click one day" statement? I have said it many times. Well today it clicked for me, again. Two and half years ago, I had a...  Read more


The Danger of a Perfection Mentality
6/15/2014 9:30:50 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Last night I was at a little celebration and had 2 glasses of champagne (I'd planned on just one) but I stuck to foods allowed on my diet plan. That f...  Read more


450 Fitness Choices...This Just Might Get Me Off My Rear
6/14/2014 10:13:41 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I've decided to use the "450 Choices" idea I wrote about in one of yesterday's posts in the area of fitness. If there's an excuse to put off exercise...  Read more


Why Worry?
6/13/2014 8:30:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

...  Read more


450 Good Choices
6/13/2014 7:47:47 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Last night as luck would have it, I happened upon the neatest blog ever -- "450 Good Choices." It chronicles a method of change that's the brain...  Read more


It Seems All Sauerkraut is Not Created Equal!
6/12/2014 2:13:38 PM,  2 COMMENTS

One of the probiotic food choices on the 17-Day Diet diet is sauerkraut, but with some sleuthing I found out that not all sauerkraut is created equal!...  Read more


5 % summer challenge assignment 1. casual travelers group
6/11/2014 10:22:31 PM,  6 COMMENTS

My name is Leslie I am an area captain for I really enjoy it. but I need to work on myself more. I have 2 sons and 1 grandson . dil an...  Read more


Time keeps getting away from me!
6/11/2014 9:00:23 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Thankfully I can report that my son's bump seems to be gone. I am very relieved. It was quite an experience. Of course, now that the bump is doing be...  Read more


Lunch: Scrumtuous Endive Tacos
6/11/2014 4:20:29 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I made up this simple recipe for lunch today, and it was yummy! The photo doesn't look nearly as good as the endive tacos tasted, but here they are: ...  Read more


Thoughts on Sardines and Getting Back to My Normal Way of Eating
6/11/2014 10:17:21 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Day 1 of Cycle 1 was a success! And I woke up one pound lighter, too. With all those 1's, I thought I deserved a little non-food reward: 205 I n...  Read more


6/9/2014 10:57:24 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Still working on being healthy. Keeping calories and carbs at bay. So sugar readings are in the 100's. Also I have been to the gym at least 4 times a...  Read more


couch to 10k, week one completed
6/9/2014 4:42:12 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm happy to report that I was able to complete week one with no pain in my legs whatsoever. But, I realized that my cardio has suffured from the mon...  Read more


Funny how we "see" ourselves
6/9/2014 4:23:38 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So on my mission decluttering, sorting thru clothes, etc. A while back a good friend told me she and her mother had considered recommending me for "W...  Read more


Where I'm at - for me.
6/8/2014 11:10:22 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I have gained back some of the weight I lost ( I guess I never really lost it after all since it found me). I really didn't know what weight I wanted...  Read more


21 days almost done....
6/7/2014 5:06:53 PM,  2 COMMENTS

3 more days in this round, I haven't been perfect in my eating, I cheated today. I went to a church picnic and there was nothing that I could have on...  Read more


revamped goals june 2014
6/5/2014 8:39:05 AM,  6 COMMENTS

HERE IT IS ALREADY JUNE Time sure flies by so quickly. I need to revamp my goals as I did not make the short short term goal. but I did lose 4.6 ye...  Read more


Biggest Loser Inspiration
6/3/2014 11:43:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I think its amazing that the show's Chris and Heidi Powell work together to help people lose weight. Its good to look within to help lose weight. I tr...  Read more


Busy and Crazy Time
6/3/2014 12:19:48 PM,  2 COMMENTS

We had a long night last night. My son bumped his head a week ago and last Friday we noticed a squishy, large bump on his head. It is the size of a...  Read more


Reasons Cont.....
6/3/2014 12:32:05 AM,  0 COMMENTS

14. To live a longer life 15. To feel better about me 16. To be able to inspire others 17. To INSPIRE myself 18. To live outside of my means ...  Read more


24 minutes of pure bliss
6/2/2014 2:22:43 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today, I started running again after a month's break to let my legs heal. I'm good, I decided to be kind to my body and start slow in order not t...  Read more


I must, I must........
6/2/2014 2:00:47 PM,  2 COMMENTS

get back to C1 and on plan. This is *stupid*!! While it's true that I am somewhat disabled with the hip/pelvic-now-knee thing........It will really he...  Read more


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