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Blogs by Members of SP Class of April 24-30, 2011

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  • Everyone has an Angel

    2/5/2016 1:42:33 PM, by PALMY5

    So much loss...My family has had a great deal of loss in the past few years-we lost our oldest son, my husband and I both lost our fathers,my hus... Read more

  • What Doesn't Kill You...Right?

    2/3/2016 7:05:35 PM, by PALMY5

    Yeah, I guess pain can make you stronger, and I guess there are plenty of people with worse pain than me. I don't have pain when I am sitting or ... Read more

  • One Small Sentence

    1/29/2016 7:05:21 PM, by PALMY5

    It is amazing to me how one small sentence can send me into a tail spin, depending on who says it. My husband made a very innocent comment, that... Read more

  • Back From Hiatus...Again!

    1/29/2016 6:50:41 AM, by LUVBUNNYKK

    Well, it seems that every time I have every intention of taking care of myself, others need me more. My mom and dad were both in the hospital rec... Read more

  • No Disappointment

    1/25/2016 4:52:08 PM, by PALMY5

    Well I finally got a new scale, and while I was looking forward to getting back on track with it, I was also scared to look at the number, knowin... Read more

  • No Depriving This Time

    1/19/2016 9:59:30 AM, by PALMY5

    Every other time I have tried to lose weight, I have done the deprivation route to one extent or the other. There was always something I would no... Read more

  • It's Not All About The Scale

    1/15/2016 10:04:54 AM, by PALMY5

    I couldn't weigh myself this week because I need to get a new scale and I can't get it until next week. However, I found something interesting ha... Read more

  • As The Saying Goes...

    1/9/2016 2:49:33 PM, by PALMY5

    The most important thing we can have is our health.Thats what people say, I have heard it all my life, and I never paid much attention to it. I a... Read more

  • Starting Over Again

    11/19/2015 11:47:12 AM, by MINDYSLATER

    I started this journey in March of 2011, and by Nov 2011 I had lost close to 60 pounds. I was so proud of myself. I had lost 60 pounds while my... Read more

  • Family Crisis...

    11/13/2015 3:17:55 AM, by LUVBUNNYKK

    Every time I try to start taking time for myself and my health, something happens that prevents me from progress. Usually I get the flu, or bronc... Read more

  • Introduction; here we go again!

    11/7/2015 8:50:03 PM, by IMMA89

    This is a new step for me. I think it was last Thursday when I came across a SparkPeople blog post on my Facebook page (which I'm sorry to say I ... Read more

  • I'm on the highway to health....

    11/6/2015 2:52:41 AM, by LUVBUNNYKK

    Did you get my cheesy AC/DC reference? Just had to say that tonight I got on my treadmill for the first time in a long time. I only walked for 10... Read more

  • Made it through Halloween!!!

    11/3/2015 5:22:03 AM, by LUVBUNNYKK

    Thank goodness Halloween is over and the candy bars are out of the house! Stress eating is a big issue of mine, especially right now with my dad ... Read more

  • Back To The Drawing Board

    11/1/2015 5:26:08 AM, by LUVBUNNYKK

    Keeping this one short and sweet...I am back. I gave up on myself again after finding out that I have fibromyalgia and having yet another abdomin... Read more

  • My Journey into The Paleo Cure

    10/13/2015 9:10:00 PM, by MISHAMW

    Well, my test results finally came back on Monday, and thankfully were NEGATIVE for Celiac's. I am extremely happy but then still concerned as t... Read more

  • Feeling Sick and Tired

    10/6/2015 11:04:13 AM, by MISHAMW

    So last Tuesday I had my appointment with my allergist, which was very enlightening. He said he gets many patients that come in with similar com... Read more

  • I LOVE This Time Of Year!

    9/28/2015 1:45:39 PM, by MISHAMW

    I love this time of year. It's just so...magical. I think it's the cooler weather paired with the fall fun. I am so decorating for Hallo... Read more

  • Getting Back To Normal...

    9/15/2015 2:11:19 PM, by MISHAMW

    Man, has it been a tough few weeks. Wilson is doing better, but gave me a scare yesterday. Again he wasn't eating, leaking urine and being ... Read more

  • Week from H.E. Double Hockey Sticks

    9/9/2015 1:57:30 PM, by MISHAMW

    This week has been awful. It was fine until last Saturday, September 5th when all heck broke lose. Work has been especially awful because once ... Read more

  • Update on Nothing and 5k News!

    9/2/2015 6:32:39 PM, by MISHAMW

    So nothing has really changed. I just realize though, I haven't written a blog in a while, so I am sorry about that. I went to the doctor a... Read more

  • Itchy Itchy Mish-y

    8/12/2015 12:14:59 PM, by MISHAMW

    So yesterday was good. I tracked everything I ate, got the right amount of water, and even did well eating some veggies and fruit. I didn't dep... Read more

  • Got To Get Back On Track...

    8/11/2015 10:11:39 AM, by MISHAMW

    So my vacation was....okay. Not exactly what I excepted or want we would have hoped. I forgot how rural things are in Oklahoma, and how wel... Read more

  • Vacation in T Minus....

    7/30/2015 11:09:38 PM, by MISHAMW

    10 HOURS!!! Well my real vacation happened the moment I clocked out of work tonight. Work was, well bad. Like super bad. Like I am being ... Read more

  • Doing it all over again

    7/22/2015 3:14:24 PM, by RLWALKER75

    In november of 2011 I had a back injury at work, over the last 4 years I have had 2 back surgeries the last a fussion at the L5-S1 in April of 20... Read more

  • New Adventures in Running...

    7/22/2015 2:41:11 PM, by MISHAMW

    Sunday, July 19, 2015 I completed my Couch to 10K Running App by Zen Labs. And now I am kinda at a lost to what to do next. The run was gre... Read more

  • New Adventures in Running...

    7/22/2015 2:41:11 PM, by MISHAMW

    Sunday, July 19, 2015 I completed my Couch to 10K Running App by Zen Labs. And now I am kinda at a lost to what to do next. The run was gre... Read more

  • Quick Blog Before Work...

    7/18/2015 8:49:48 AM, by MISHAMW

    First off... THANK YOU SO MUCH, for all your awesome comments. They made my day!!!!!! Okay! So I have two weeks before ... Read more

  • Another

    7/14/2015 12:28:22 PM, by MISHAMW

    Disclaimer****Sorry the photos on the side, but I am too tired and being lazy to change them to normal view! Sorry!***** So I did it. ... Read more

  • Almost There...

    7/8/2015 10:06:34 AM, by MISHAMW

    So today I was able to complete my last run before I attempt a 60 minute straight run/jog or shuffle. Hehe. I was able to do 30 minutes of... Read more

  • In Two Weeks....

    7/1/2015 11:53:36 AM, by MISHAMW

    In two weeks...I will be running for 60 minutes straight. In two weeks I will have completed the 10k program. In two weeks...I will start on th... Read more

  • On My Way...

    6/30/2015 12:41:45 PM, by MISHAMW

    Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been very active on here. I am tired and worn out most of the week and barely even get on my computer. I have been r... Read more

  • Running in the Rain!

    6/14/2015 9:33:44 AM, by MISHAMW

    Good Mornin'...Good Mornin'! How is everyone this fine Sunday morning? I myself, am doing wonderful! I got up e... Read more

  • It's Been SOOO Long Since My Last Blog!

    6/10/2015 10:08:05 AM, by MISHAMW

    And I'm sorry about that. Though, let's face it, I really write this for me more than anything. Work has been so hectic, I can barely breat... Read more

  • Its been a while....

    6/7/2015 8:33:02 PM, by LISAKAY881

    So, I have kind of turned into a lurker here on SP. I am trying out this program called Saba from one of my friends and it makes me feel amazing.... Read more

  • I am back!

    6/7/2015 7:36:45 PM, by JACKIE_HAPPY

    So. .. I'm back! After many years, many pounds, and... Read more

  • Day 6--tada 😄

    6/2/2015 2:36:13 AM, by OLSONRAC

    I didn't make it to T25 today but I ate in range and got some good cardio push mowing my yard. Flash flood notice put a damper on that but I'm re... Read more

  • Day 5--success!

    6/1/2015 1:37:44 AM, by OLSONRAC

    Today I completed another day of eating in range and it feels amazing. I splurged a little with my dinner but still kept myself in line!!! Big W... Read more

  • Day 4...doing this!

    5/31/2015 2:22:04 AM, by OLSONRAC

    A Saturday done, 7 calories over and I am okay with that!! I've been on a roll since I "reset" myself and I feel fantastic!! Just need to keep go... Read more

  • Day 3--woo hop

    5/30/2015 2:41:16 AM, by OLSONRAC

    I have great momentum going into this weekend and I am really committed to not ruining my hard work the last 3 days--I've eaten in range and feel... Read more

  • Day 2

    5/29/2015 1:30:50 AM, by OLSONRAC

    Ive officially reset 😄 two days in a row and I'm feeling fantastic!! Thank you spark friends for the support!! My high school reunion is in 28... Read more

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