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Spark coach assignment 4
7/8/2014 8:51:24 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Three positive things that happened this week: 1. Met my step goal for the first time in a few weeks 2. Had a good chat w/coworkers resulting in l...  Read more


SparkCoach assignment 3
7/7/2014 7:56:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

"Clothes shopping makes me feel:______" Stressed; cheap (I don't like to spend $ on clothes); inadequate....  Read more


SparkCoach assignment 2
7/1/2014 11:26:55 PM,  1 COMMENTS

"What would you do to take care of you if you had an extra hour every day" I'd do one of the following, depending which I felt was more important...  Read more


SparkCoach Assignment #1
6/30/2014 7:30:29 PM,  2 COMMENTS

"Today I am thankful for ______ because of ______" 1. Coworkers; helping see the humor in the day, listening and giving positive feedback 2. Fa...  Read more


10 Months After Baby
6/18/2014 6:08:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Haven't posted here in a long time. Been kind of busy with my "new" little one. She's now 10 months old and I'm starting to think about weaning and be...  Read more


Starting on Monday - how many times?
6/13/2014 9:14:58 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I looked in the mirror this morning and was, once again, upset with myself. I always think, "Oh, I'll start on Monday." But today is Friday and I'm st...  Read more


Food as Medicine
6/6/2014 2:18:18 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Holy crow, medical care in our country is expensive! It's the first thing that comes to mind when I hear complaints about how healthy food is mo...  Read more


bacon and eggs
5/11/2014 10:55:30 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Today I woke up to my cat barfing. But I saw the blue sky and knew it was going to be a great day! I weighed myself and finally, FINALLY the scales ha...  Read more


BLC 25 - GOALS/ Vision Board
5/2/2014 11:57:04 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Mostly self explanatory...I just need to make it through the next few weeks at least maintaining my weight, then I can really buckle down......  Read more


Amazing blood sugar numbers!
4/29/2014 4:44:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I finally got myself a blood glucose meter. In the last 24 hours I've gone pretty crazy monitoring my levels. It's really easy! My results have been...  Read more


Chocolate Cravings
4/23/2014 2:35:05 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I realized something a little bothersome yesterday. Chocolate is my one weakness. And it's got to go. I have given it up before, when I started losing...  Read more


It's Been a While!
4/18/2014 9:06:57 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm not sure if any of my old pals are around anymore, but life has undergone a lot of changes lately. They've been really great changes! But alas, it...  Read more


Focus on adding instead of taking away
4/1/2014 6:35:05 PM,  0 COMMENTS

One small change at a time! I've decided I need to cut a certain unhealthy carb source out of my life. The item that needs to go is sweetened greek yo...  Read more


Chemo catch up...
3/29/2014 4:18:43 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So the first time a round was NOT a pleasant experience…in my head, I honestly thought it was going to be better…well It didn’t turn out the way had p...  Read more


Breast cancer catch up...
3/29/2014 4:17:06 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Thought it might be time to just get it all out there...will try and keep this a little DEC/JAN I had my first evermammogram…well!!...  Read more


Success at eating at ILs
3/16/2014 5:34:22 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Ah yes, always the challenge... My in-laws like to eat. They like to eat good food. They like to eat a lot. They like us to eat a lot. They like to fe...  Read more


Book review, The end to Overeating
3/3/2014 3:55:53 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Just finished this great book that really got me thinking. Okay so maybe the message is the same as everything that's commonsense anyway, but the main...  Read more


Squat & Push-up Challenge...
3/3/2014 2:34:29 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I have had several people ask about the Squat & Push-up Challenge that I did in February, so here it is... ...  Read more


Attention: Nascar Fans...
2/11/2014 12:16:22 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Hey there ya'll... a new season is upon us... Once again this year, we've got a "Pick Five" game going for the Nascar season. We'd love to have...  Read more


Biggest Loser Winter Challenge: Special Challenge for Week #8
2/5/2014 3:34:54 AM,  5 COMMENTS

So this week's special challenge is to blog about my goals & action plan, so here goes... SHORT-TERM GOALS: I have my short-term goals broke...  Read more


January 2014 Results...
1/29/2014 5:28:57 PM,  4 COMMENTS

So this has been a pretty good month for me... I've done a great job w/ my nutrition, and stayed on track "fairly well" w/ my fitness. So, here a...  Read more


New goal
1/14/2014 4:17:18 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I was just thinking about how I've been trying to lose the last 10 lbs for like 6 months and how silly it is. It seems like every month I lose like 3...  Read more


BLC 24 CAMO GOALS - Vision Board!!!
1/12/2014 1:42:39 PM,  8 COMMENTS

This round is a FOCUS of me and ME ALONE!! 1. Down 10 lbs 2. 4% bodyfat gone 3. BodyPUMP program 4. Bodycombat 3x/wk 5.Spin class 2...  Read more


New Year, New You poem...
1/1/2014 8:15:46 PM,  4 COMMENTS

(I can not take credit for writing this... and I'm afraid that I can not give credit to the person who did as I don't remember who shared it w/ me las...  Read more


2013 in Review...
1/1/2014 4:17:09 PM,  4 COMMENTS

2013 was a roller coaster year... The first 1/3 of the year I was all gung-ho... participating in a Lifestyle Change class at my gym w/ my futur...  Read more


AdvoCare 24 day challenge results
12/26/2013 5:07:13 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I finished my 24 day AdvoCare challenge. My goal was 10 lbs & 10 inches. I lost 13 lbs & 12.75 inches. I will continue to stick to the basics of this...  Read more


Gained 2 lbs
12/12/2013 9:53:06 AM,  2 COMMENTS

from yesterday....  Read more


Crappy day goodbye
12/12/2013 12:16:22 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Gets so annoying when so many things go wrong that you end up stuffing your face.. it's like the impulse control just goes bye-bye in the face of stre...  Read more


December goals
12/2/2013 10:16:14 AM,  5 COMMENTS

1. to exercise at least 4 days every week this month. 2. to get back in the habit of tracking all that I eat. 91...  Read more


Results from BL FALL INTO FITNESS Challenge...
11/20/2013 4:22:21 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Back in September, I joined the Biggest Loser "Fall Into Fitness" challenge... and I am so excited about the results I've achieved from it! My goal w...  Read more


Candy battle
11/4/2013 10:34:34 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Problem: huge pile of Halloween candy. Victims: me and my 2 kids... It was really really difficult there for a couple of days. Even I ate quite...  Read more


{Rediscovering My Spark} Inspired
9/25/2013 4:25:30 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Find a quote that speaks to you, then spread the word. ~~~~~~~ I sort of do this (almost) every Monday with my Motivate Me Monday series(tyr...  Read more


BLC 23 CAMO GOALS- vision board!!!
9/25/2013 12:26:00 PM,  9 COMMENTS

MY GOALS......  Read more


{Rediscovering my Spark} Excuses
9/24/2013 8:21:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Blog today about the most common excuses that get in the way of your workouts--and plan to counter each excuse to stay on track! ~~~~~~~~~~...  Read more


A Hobbit's Walk to Mordor
9/24/2013 7:09:49 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Yesterday I started the Hobbit Walk Challenge (
ng/) . The idea is to track your miles in walking/running/...  Read more


Saturday 09/14/13
9/14/2013 8:12:20 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Another great day, but not for my food choices. Went to a craft show today. I knew I was not going to fret over my food choices. It is what it is s...  Read more


Friday 09/13/13
9/13/2013 7:07:11 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Another great day for me...took the stairs again today, that makes all week I have not used the elevators! Had one walk around the path at work (.6 m...  Read more


9/12/2013 7:39:46 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Giving myself a big Woohoo!! 244 Had my weigh in today and lost 2.2 lbs! Felt good with my food choices. Wanted to walk the path at work but it...  Read more


I feel motivated!
9/11/2013 5:54:46 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today was another successful day! My motivation has kicked into high gear...I made healthy choices for eating, tracked my food, and went for a walk....  Read more


Day One of my life to go!
9/10/2013 5:34:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I completed day one of my renewed commitment to myself to get healthy! The realization hit me that I am the only one that I have to be accountable to...  Read more


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